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My Binge-Avoiding and Weight Loss Tips

- always eat at least 700-800 calories a day, that’s what your body needs to function and any less will actually slow down your weight loss and just make you feel sick
- drink only water and tea. If you like alcohol, stick to drinking once a week at the most because even hard liquor by itself has a lot more calories than you’d think
- cleaning is great exercise! If you’re doing it right, then you’ll be moving your entire body, and at the end of the exercise you’ll feel even better because you have both a thinner body and a clean room to show for it!
- if you feel like binging, paint your nails. You won’t be able to eat until after your nails are dry, and by that time you probably won’t even feel like binging anymore
- you really can eat junk food and lose weight! If you get a box of crackers or whatever, immediately divide the box into sandwich bags, putting one serving in each. Only have one bag near you at a time. Snacks like pretzels and cheeze-its often have 100-150 calories per serving, so it’s a tasty and safe way to reward yourself for eating healthy the rest of the day

I’ve lost almost 80 lbs sticking to these tips and similar strategies. You don’t have to eat 200 calories a day and fast 3 days a week to lose weight. There’s a safe and effective way to do it! Please be safe!

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Sleepover with the chocobros! What movies do they like to watch in the middle of the night? What's their kind of snacks do they have?

Noctis would be the most down to marathon a TV show rather than a movie. Something like WestWorld where it’s an intense drama and he can really test his marathoning skills. Which, let’s be honest, are not that great because he’s usually the first one to fall asleep at these functions. You’d probably get through the first two episodes before you noticed that his eyes were closed behind the fringe of his bangs.

As for snacks, he’d want anything sweet. Maybe matcha flavoured Kit-Kats, or mochi filled with ice cream. 

Prompto would want to watch a feel-good movie. Depending on what you’d prefer, because he’d always ask your opinion first, he’d either go for a buddy cop comedy like Rush Hour 2 or something where friendship is a strong theme, like the Breakfast Club. He’d probably also like stand-up comedy specials, anything where the comedian talks about pop-culture related things.

He’d also be the one to prefer savoury dry snacks, like pretzels or chips.

Gladio is that guy who just wants to watch horror movies so that when you get scared, you’ll cling to him. He likes to tease you when you jump or pry your hands away when you try to cover your eyes or ears during a really scary part, because he loves you but is also a giant troll. He’d probably want to watch something like The Conjuring, or anything with a lot of jump scares. 

On the flip side, he’s also totally down for action thrillers like 300 and Gladiator. He’ll also volun-tell you to help him recreate certain fight scenes. Most of the time, he lets you win. He’s the type to bring the alcohol to sleepovers, so get ready for a slight hangover in the morning if you’re not careful.

Ignis is down to watch whatever you want to watch. He’s pretty open-minded, but prefers movies with interesting dialogue. He also has a deep, unspoken love for Meryl Streep. He doesn’t really admit it out loud, but The Devil Wears Prada is one of his favourite films. He’s filed away that speech that Miranda gives about cerulean away in his mental rolodex and is planning on finding a reason to recite to at some point in the future.

Iggy also doesn’t bring snacks, he makes them himself. Expect fresh pastries and little hors d’oeuvres fresh from the oven when you arrive.

Kaiju Attacks Support Group

“Hello, I’m Tal, and welcome to Bringspring’s first ever Kaiju victims support group meeting.” a middle-aged balding man introduced himself.

He was sitting on a lawnchair in the middle of a suburban basement. The place was lit well enough, and relatively furnished, with a nice carpet, some paintings and a TV, but the atmosphere was still dreary.

“10 years ago, Kajuro, the radioactive mega-turtle, attacked my city and destroyed the apartment building I lived in.” Tal shared. “It was only by a miracle that I survived under the rubble. After living 2 years in various refugee camps, the government provided me with this home in Bringspring, where I met my wife, Eliza.” he gestured to the woman who was just done arranging snacks on a nearby table.

In front of him, sitting in similarly cheap chairs, were two more individuals, a man and woman.

“Now, why don’t we all introduce ourselves and our experiences?” he looked at the woman sitting left to him.

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Sebastian Headcannons

- Sebastian is a total softie despite trying to act tough

- He brings Robin flowers once a week

- His favorite pair of boxers are covered in little frogs

- His favorite gaming snack is pretzels

- After Sebastian moves in with the farmer, he has Maru over for dinner once a month

- Maru is actually the one who gave him the idea to style his hair like that

Here's how a poor 6th grader(me) got paid in public school during one quarter of the school year.

In Sewing Class, the teacher only taught basic stitching. She then left us to do whatever. My mom, being poor, couldn’t afford to get me a lot of clothes, so it was always sewing our own and fixing holes and tears. I was the only person with experience and I wanted to make my mom a decorative pillow because I would be using the school’s supplies and got to keep what I made.

I get the room full of fabrics and take the black cloth. Then the dark green cloth. I grab a piece of chalk from the black board, and start sketching a rose on the center of the black fabric I had cut up. It took most of the class to embroider the fabric. Sewing the pieces together was easy then.

Everyone decided pillows were the thing. That and small purses. And what was I asked?

Embroider their shit so they can look good in the eyes of their parents.

I demanded payment.

I got money, people’s lunches, debts for some to buy me cheese filled pretzels at the snack bar. The girl who was always selling gum even gave me a free pack of gum each time. I once got someone’s unused Hall Pass.

The only good thing that happened in 6th grade tbh.

I’ve been managing to run every other day for nearly five weeks. I’m using the term “run” loosely, as I’m following a 5k app so it’s a combo of running and walking. I’m moving through the app slowly. For example, this past week, I did week four, day one three runs in a row. I’m trying to listen to my knees, but also give the whole exercise thing a shot.

I feel super out of shape. As in, it’s hard for me and I’m averaging about 2.5 miles in 35ish minutes. No speed records here. I’m also having to get out there before work which has been okay because DH has been home. However, once he’s getting sub calls, I’ll have to get up earlier if I want to sneak it in before he leaves for work (he has to leave about an hour before me). For right now though, it’s working.

I can’t say that I feel awesome, but it feels awesome to be doing something. My eating habits at work are okay (I say this as I’m snacking on pretzels and M&Ms at 10:09am). With DS being on a sort of limited diet, I’m eating a lot of peanut butter and rice cakes or rice and veggies with some chicken thrown in for protein.

I may fall off the bandwagon in a week and need to delete this.

AND I’M BACK!!!!! i’m officially on summer vacation yay. tbh i’m a bit rusty so this is just a thing i pulled outta my ass lmao send in more prompts WOO

Among the many things that Jean Moreau did not embody, it was the hatred for being single.

He supposed he wasn’t missing out on anything, given the fact that being a new addition to the USC Trojans didn’t mean he should be big on putting himself out there. The Ravens — moments and memories, people and places — were what he wanted behind him, and this, if anything, was a chance at a fresh start. He wanted to do all of this right.

He knows he can. Jeremy thinks so.

In fact, if anything, Jean thought he should completely erase the possibility of being taken. Being a new backliner meant he had to focus on learning the ropes - the team’s dynamic, how he factored into the hierarchy, who he shouldn’t cross, who he should befriend.

Getting a boyfriend was, for all the reasons there should and would be, far from his list of priorities.

Jean supposed it was something else tugging at his heart then, when at an Exy college teams mixer, Jeremy looked just about ready to charm his way into the pants of some goalkeeper.

Well, no. That was probably an exaggeration. Jeremy was, after all, only flashing said goalkeeper one of his signature glinting smiles.

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Our final four’s all filled out already.

Peanut Butter Polka Dot Bars
Reese’s Pretzel Snacks
Slam Dunk Cookies
Fan Favorite Snack Mix

Seijou Headcanons

(im bored, tired, and my Karasuno headcanons got a lot of love so how about the Seijou beans)

  • Lit group chat
    • AKA Makki and Mattsun sending memes, Oikawa sending selfies n stupid shit, and the rest of them having random conversations
  • Watari hoards water bottles literally the team cleaned out his bag and counted 36 water bottles
  • Makki and Mattsun blare dubstep in the locker rooms much to everyone’s protestations (MAINLY YAHABA AND KINDAICHI)
  • Makki is the only third year who can drive and he drives a sedan so the whole team (9 PEOPLE) fit themselves into 5 seats and drive to the gas station at least once a week to get snacks/slushies (PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS)
  • Oikawa once chucked a volleyball across the gym and told Kyoutani “fetch!”
    • It only happened once because Kyoutani slapped him (Iwaizumi just laughed his ass off)
  • The team once did a month long prank on Kindaichi trying to convince him that the storage room was haunted and it ended after he almost shit his pants after they set up a projector with a ghost playing and locked him in the storage closet
  • Out of everyone on the team Kunimi has the biggest appetite and it took everyone a few months to realize that their food that had been disappearing from their bags was from Kunimi taking it
  • Cards Against Humanity is what happens in the locker rooms whenever they’re free
    • Yahaba may or may not be the best at it
  • Iwaizumi can chug a water bottle in 4 seconds
  • Yahaba was once late to practice because he found 3 abandoned baby ducks aND HAD TO SAVE THE CHILDREN
    • They became the team’s pets for a day until the coaches called a wildlife center and they had to deliver them there
    • Lots of tears
  • Third year sleepovers happen like every weekend and it mainly consists of them playing video games, having water-gun fights and playing truth or dare
  • They’re banned from having piggy-back ride races because… because
    • Iwaizumi carrying Oikawa, Mattsun carrying Makki, Yahaba carrying Watari, and Kindaichi carrying Kunimi
    • Kindaichi tripped first and the two got bloody noses, then Yahaba tripped and he and Watari got their legs and arms tangled together (IT TOOK SO LONG TO FIGURE OUT WHO’S LEG WAS WHO’S), and then Mattsun and Makki shoved Oikawa off of Iwaizumi and a screaming Oikawa brought Iwaizumi down
  • Kyoutani’s deodorant is the best tbh
  • Oikawa gets pantsed… a lot
  • When they shower Iwaizumi just shakes his head and then his hair’s dry and then there’s Oikawa who like applies 20 different products, blow-dries his hair, and brushes it out
  • Watari hates thunderstorms and whenever there is one the team hides in the locker room with him and they just hang out
    • Their coach thinks it’s ridiculous but doesn’t really care
  • Yahaba bakes the best cookies and brings them for the team and they’re gone in like .2 seconds
  • Kindaichi makes the best funny faces and everyone on the team has an album on their phones for it
  • Once a month the team has their “Monthly Grub Day” and bring in food… Yahaba handles the cookies, Makki brings creampuffs, Mattsun brings soda, Iwaizumi brings chips, Oikawa brings more chips, Watari brings pretzels, Kyoutani brings fruit snacks (YES), Kindaichi brings candy, and Kunimi brings apples (they try to be healthy)
  • All the third years are pretty popular like Makki and Mattsun get along with everyone and they’re hilarious, the girls obviously love Oikawa and all the guys like Iwaizumi
  • Kyoutani once tried to stay late to practice and Oikawa went to talk to him; Iwaizumi thought he was gonna say he would join him and was about to beat his ass but then Oikawa invited Kyoutani to hang out with him instead and it was the sweetest thing ever okay
    • Iwaizumi joined them and the three played mariokart the whole time
  • The whole team sits together during lunch and are usually the loudest ones in the cafeteria
  • Snapchat dominates theirs lives it’s so bad like from when they wake up, go to bed, and even in the middle of the night they send each other stuff
    • Makki and Mattsun use the face filters all the time
  • Oikawa once had a bad hair day and was upset about it so the rest of the team messed up their hair and everyone thought it was something they planned on purpose
  • Yahaba draws on himself in pen and often on Watari buT WILL WRITE INAPPROPRIATE SHIT WITH SHARPIE SO DURING PRACTICE THEY'L SEE “suck my ass” ON WATARI’S ARMS AND STUFF
  • Oikawa, Yahaba, and Kindaichi are the only ones who wear their uniforms correctly
  • Kunimi five stars everyone when they least expect it aND MAKES IT SEEM LIKE SOMEONE ELSE DID IT
  • Iwaizumi lost a bet once and had to wear bunny ears all day at school once… It was amazing
  • Watari is the team’s gum dealer he actually has like 30 packs of gum on him at all times
  • Kindaichi has 0 sense of direction and got lost and separated from the group during a jog and they spent all of their practice time looking for him
    • They found him eating at a fast food restaurant bc the workers felt bad for him and gave him food
  • Kyoutani has the best shoes and Oikawa is so jealous about it tbh he has a ton of cool sneakers and converse
  • Makki and Mattsun started the “seijou sprint” their second year, where all the second and third years (who want to participate) go to the farthest wing of the school and wait for the minute-bell to ring, then they sprint to class before they’re tardy
    • Oikawa almost got trampled and now the volleyball team no longer participates in it (IT STILL HAPPENS THOUGH)

Stuffed pretzel appreciation post.  Jalapeño stuffed pretzel and Cream cheese stuffed pretzel. Unfortunately, neither pretzel are available in any of the parks.