pretzel nachos

bts at the mall

jin: in the food court having an emotional dilemma attempting to decide whether or not he wants a nacho cheese pretzel or a cinnamon roll

yoongi: staring forlornly at his own reflection in one of the mirrors in the makeup department

rapmon: trying to tell little children about the dangers of capitalism and also buying a new fur coat

hobi: lost in the middle of the toys r us after he got distracted by a remote controlled helicopter and followed it into the stuffed toys section

taehyung: trying on really ugly clothes and even the people who work at the store know they look bad but he looks so happy in them so when he asks if they look nice they say he looks great

jimin: like four different people convinced him to buy things he didn’t need. now he has three new phone cases, a mechanical apple slicer, and a magic 8 ball

jungkook: he told everyone that he was gonna go get some coffee and then he snuck into the hot topic so he could buy a MCR wristband and ask the cashier tips on painting his nails black