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Not the One

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Raphael x Reader

Not the One

Prompt: It was hella long and hella good and basically, it’s a soulmate AU with a twist and aaaaaaaaaah I’m in love with this idea.

Note: AAAAAAAAAAAH I’M DYINGGGGG I’M SO EXCITED TO WRITE THISSSSSSS. Edit: this took so much longer than intended, but it came out a lot longer than I intended too, so…

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“Yer kidding. A week. We have an entire week like this?” Raph looked at his very human fingers on his very human hands attached to his very (temporarily) human body. “An entire week?”

“Possibly longer.” Donatello scanned himself and his brothers. What had been a lab accident while handling the purple ooze had resulted in whatever this was. Raph had another concern. His soulmate timer was within hours now, and maybe being like this would help him meet the person he was meant to spend his entire life with.

“So…” Leo tried to come up with a plan. But if he was being honest, he had no idea how to handle this.

“We’ve gotta seize the opportunity, dudes. We’re only ever going to be normal once, we have to take advantage of it.”

“And?” Leo raised an eyebrow.

“We’re gonna go to school.”


“So these are your…” The counselor from the high school looked up to April and Casey, the boys standing in a line behind them.

“These are my nephews.” April said. “They’re kind of transfer students, but only for a week or so. It’s part of a program to let Queens students experience what school is like in the rest of New York City.”

“Sounds doable. Do you have their grades and records and such on hand, or do I need to contact their other school for the information?”

“It should all be here, but I can call Principal Mayweather if we’re missing anything.” April pushed her glasses up her nose and handed the counselor a flash drive Donnie had thrown together that morning.

“Great. Thank you so much.”

Raph glanced down at his timer. Minutes. Minutes now. The counselor gave them their schedules and sent them on their way. It was about ten minutes until class was supposed to start, and about ten until Raph was supposed to meet his soulmate. God, his heart was racing in his unusual human chest. He felt like he couldn’t breathe.

April and Casey said goodbye to the boys and told them they’d come pick them up after school. Next, they attempted to find their lockers. All the way up on the third floor above the art wing. Raph scanned the numbers for the four that belonged to himself and his brothers. It took a few minutes, but they found them. God, combination locks were confusing, but Donnie helped him figure it out with his clumsy human fingers. He wasn’t used to having so many. What were the extra two good for anyway?

He grabbed his math book and his notebook and calculator and dumped it into the red backpack that sort of made him feel like he had a shell again. It was a comforting weight, sort of. It gave an illusion that he was still who he had always been, despite looking and feeling so different now. Needing all of the same core classes meant that the boys were together for their first two hours, but they broke off in the afternoon to do the specials they had chosen.

So off they headed to Geometry, where they were sure Donnie would have to explain everything to them. When they got to the classroom, they were greeted by a group of fresh faces. Nerds, jocks, preps, goths, rockers, it seemed that everyone was represented. A few of the girls whispered to one another, subtly pointing to the group of attractive boys in front of them and giggling about the endless possibilities.

“Transfer students, huh? There are some seats over there in the back of the room. What are your names?”

“Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo.” Leo answered. Mrs. Russo’s skeptical face told them he should have given her their nicknames instead. “Our uh, parents are huge art geeks.” He offered.

“I can tell. Well, Renaissance gang, you can sit in the four seats to the left of Ms. (L/N). (Y/N), raise your hand please.”

You didn’t lower the book from your face when you raised your hand. Raph didn’t know what it was about you that was throwing him off, but there was something there. It felt like a wire had wrapped around his heart and was starting to squeeze. Great. A heart attack what- twenty seconds- before he met his soulmate. Wonderful.

He walked over and took the seat beside you, his brothers settling into the other seats. As the bell rang to signal class had started, you folded your bookmark into the center of the book and set it on the desk beside your math stuff. Finally, you glanced over at Raph just as his counter hit zero.

His green eyes widened as he took in everything about you. The cute black plastic frames that sat on your nose, the perfect bun of soft locks that sat atop your head, the music notes painted onto your fingernails and the piano key suspenders that held up your black skirt. You were so goddamned cute he could barely stand it. His heart hammered in his chest. And then he spotted the timer on your wrist.

You still had ten days left.

He looked around to see if anyone else had finished their timer, but there wasn’t anyone. Just him.

“You’re the new kids?” You asked. God, your voice was so sweet. It hurt. Maybe you weren’t meant to be with him, but he knew with all of his beating heart that he was meant to be with you.

“Y-yeah.” Raph replied. “I’m Raphael. Call me Raph.” He smiled at your unknowing gaze. You didn’t know how much you had crushed him in the instants he had known you.

“(Y/N) (L/N).” His eyes wandered to the book on your desk.

“What’cha reading?”

Beastly.” You replied, handing him the worn book. “I’ve read it like seven thousand times. It’s honestly amazing. I’m in love with Beauty and the Beast, so this is just- ugh it’s so good.”

“Hmm.” He flipped through the pages before handing it back to you. “I’ll have ta check it out sometime. Never seen it.”

“You what?! We’ve gotta change that.” You smiled at the little interaction.

“Might just have to take ya up on that offer.” He grinned. You felt your heart melt a little.

Mrs. Russo started the lesson, and it didn’t take long for Raph to become completely and utterly confused. Donnie was busy helping Mikey and Leo seemed to understand what was happening, but Raph was so lost. And based on the notes on your page, you seemed to get it.

“Hey,” he whispered. “Can you uh, I don’t get it.”

“Sure!” you nodded. “What do you need help with?”

“How are ya supposed to use the whatever-it-is to find the side? I keep getting’ the wrong numbers.”

“Okay so this is the hypotenuse.”


“And so you just add the squares of the other sides to-”

“This is a triangle, what do squares have to do with it?” he asked. You giggled.

“You’ve never taken Geometry before, have you?”

“How’d ya guess?” he offered a sheepish chuckle and shook his head. “It may as well be written in Chinese.”

“Well, tell you what, I don’t have any plans after school. If you need a tutor, you could come to my apartment. We’ll watch Beauty and the Beast and do math. Two birds in one stone.”

“Sounds great.” He felt his heart start hammering again and wished it would stop. He couldn’t have you. You weren’t his to have. He wasn’t your soulmate. The universe didn’t care about his feelings. And yet, he accepted the invitation knowing full well that the more he built up momentum, the harder he’d fall when he lost you.


“I can’t believe you’ve never seen this movie.” You told him as you sat down with the popcorn on the couch of your apartment. The math was done, and now all that was left was to expose him to the movie you held nearest and dearest to your heart.

“Grew up with four boys, there’s not a whole lot of Disneying that goes on.”

“Well, I guess that’s what I’m around for, right?” You asked, tossing a few kernels of fluffy popcorn into your mouth. Raph grabbed a handful too.

“Guess so. That and math assistance.” He chuckled. You pressed play and draped a blanket over your legs and his. You had only met Raph that afternoon, but it felt like you had known him for years. Maybe he was just meant to be your best friend. Maybe there was a secret internal clock that had stopped ticking while the one counting down her true love was still running.

As the movie started, Raph watched every second. He loved every minute of it, but maybe only because he had you beside him, reciting every word right along with it. He was surprised the DVD even worked at all with how many times you had probably watched it. It was unhealthy, but this perfect little quirk was one of the many things he’d miss when he’d have to let you go.


After morning classes the next day, you found Raph and his brothers at lunch and took a seat with them instead of sitting with your other friends as you usually did. The other three smiled at you. They had talked to Raph the night before in a conversation that had basically consisted of Raph telling them about his soulmate that wasn’t his soulmate and the movie they had watched about loving people beyond their exterior. Donnie had called it beautifully tragic and pretty damn ironic. Raph agreed. But he was determined to be friends with you at least. He wanted to get to know you. He’d rather know you for a week and then never see you again than never know you for who you really were before it was too late.

“Hey guys.”

“Hey (Y/N),” Raph grinned.

“So, I figured, if this is your only week here, we’ve gotta make the best of it. Mall. Tonight. Do you have plans?”

“No.” Leo answered. “No plans.”

“Good. I have a car. Meet me by my locker after school.”

“All right, angelcakes.” Mikey winked. “We’ll be there.”


Here they were. The mall. It wasn’t what they had expected, but in a way, it was. There were pretzel stands and pop-up Chinese food places, a bunch of clothing stores that they could smell from the other end of the mall, and of course the movie theater. You and the boys nestled into the corner booth of the food court with giant pretzels, nachos, and giant red slushies. And they just watched.

“You guys act like you’ve never been to a mall before.” You chuckled, taking a sip of your slushy. They offered apologetic shrugs.

“Would it be bad if we told ya we haven’t?” Raph asked. You raised an eyebrow.

“Seriously?! This trip has taken on a new importance. After we finish these pretzels, we have a mission.”

“What are we gonna do?” Leo asked.


You had promised everything, and you had pretty much delivered. Hollister? Check. Target? Check. The arcade? Check. Photo booth? Check. Movie? In progress. Raph as seated beside you with Mikey on his other side. Mikey kept making attempts at signaling his older brother to get him to make a move on you. Raph shook his head. The move wasn’t his to make. He couldn’t push himself on you. Not like this.

But when there was a huge jump scare, you clung to his bicep, causing both of your heart rates to soar. A slow smile crept across his lips.

“Oh, I-I’m sorry.” You apologized. Raph leaned into whisper a reply.

“No harm done. If ya need someone to protect ya from the monsters, I’m right here.”

“Oh hush, you.” You giggled as a timid blush settling across your cheeks and gave his shoulder a tiny shove, earning a deep chuckle. Another distorted creature jumped out of the shadows on the screen. Mikey spilled popcorn, and you pulled one of Raph’s large hands in front of your face. He laughed and smiled at you, a soft smile that his brothers had never seen before.

But it faded just as fast as it had formed with the realization that he only had a few more days with you before he’d have to say goodbye. Forever. He had been human for so long now that he had forgotten he’d have to go back. The clock was ticking. He had to take advantage of this while he could because before he knew it, he’d lose his soulmate just as fast as he had found her.


The week passed in a breeze. Your school days consisted of helping Raph with math and having lunch with him and his brothers. After school hours, all five of you would pile into your car and go back to your apartment for pizza and movies. But today…today was different. Today was goodbye. Raph wanted to make it special. If he was going to let you go, he certainly didn’t want you to forget him.

April had helped him pack a picnic basket and assisted him with his surprise present. So at noon on Saturday, he arrived at your apartment to pick you up and then you took the train to Central Park.

He had told you that the rest of the boys were busy packing up, but really they just wanted to give their brother space to say goodbye to you on his own. After all, he was the one losing the most when they became turtles again. He had hours.

You sat down on the red and white checkered blanket and helped him unpack the food and such. You popped a bright strawberry into your mouth. It was a few minutes before Raph brought up the topic of goodbye.

“So uh, we’re goin’ back to Queens tomorrow.” Raph said. You nodded. “So uh, I wanted to say goodbye.”

“It’s not like we can’t still hang out, right? We can still be friends.” You looked at him. He smiled sadly. “Can’t we?”

“I don’t know. I just…I’m not what you think I am…I’m not who you think I am. You’re meeting your soulmate in three days and-”

“How did you know about that?” you asked, heart racing at the thought of the future being so close. Too close.

“It’s on yer wrist.” Raph shrugged. A sad look formed in his green eyes and a sudden wave of realization washed over you. You grabbed Raph’s hand, pulling his wrist so you could see it. He tried to pull it back from you, but didn’t want to fight you, and he didn’t want to lie to you either. Well, more than he already was anyway.

“Your timer…” Your face scrunched up. “Who’s your soulmate?”

“That’s a…complicated question.” Raph answered. You looked at him slowly, hesitating to meet his gaze. As soon as your eyes fell on his, his hand tensed up.

“No.” your voice was quiet, eyes wide and heart trying to escape your chest. “It can’t…I can’t…Mine is still…” Your eyes locked onto the numbers as they ticked lower and lower. You denied it, and yet maybe you had known the moment you met him. Something was off. Something about the way h talked to you, the way he interacted with you.

“I know. It’s impossible. But uh, I never really expected to have a soulmate anyway, so…I guess at least I got to know ya before I gotta say goodbye.”


“It’s all right.” Raph read the hurt on your face. The broken that came with the hand the universe had dealt the two of you. “I’ll be all right. So will you when you meet him.” He reached into the basket. “I got ya something to remember me by.”

Raph pulled out a little velvet box and opened it. Inside was a necklace: a silver turtle pendant on a leather cord. “I…I know it ain’t much, but-”

“I love it.” You told him. You wish you could tell him more. That you loved him, that you were his soulmate, but one of those statements wasn’t true. Raph did the clasp around your neck and pulled your hair over the cord. He smiled sadly. You took his hand in your own. “No matter what happens…no matter what the universe has in store for either of us…I will never forget you, Raphael. I promise. And I know it doesn’t matter much, but…I love you.” You stated quietly. He pulled you into his arms and held you as though you would disappear.

“It matters more that ya could ever know. I love you too.”


Raph woke up the next morning the way he grew up. A turtle. Big and bulky and covered in muscle. His scales and shell had reappeared as his extra fingers and hair had disappeared. He rolled over and stared at the wall. You were gone. He had lost you forever, and two nights from now, you would move on. You would forget about him.

He rolled onto his shell and stared at the ceiling, cursing the universe for everything. He wanted to punch something, so off to the dojo he went to punch the shit out of their punching bag. This went on for two days. Raph listened to his loud music and punched their bag until it fell off of its hook, only to pick it up and repeat the cycle. He barely ate, and every time he tried to sleep, all he could see was your face and the sadness in your eyes when you realized you were his but he couldn’t be yours. The heartbreak he had caused. The heartbreak he had received.

He should have just left you at the very beginning. Then he wouldn’t be like this.

When Leo announced a patrol on the night you were going to move on from him, he was ready to bust some heads. How else was the emotion supposed to get out of him? His anger, his sadness, his regret, he was going to get rid of all of it.

And so out they went, out of the sewers and onto the surface, hopping from building to building until finally, they found what they were looking for: crime. Some lowlife gang members were harassing some chick, and they were going to put a stop to it. Except, the chick wasn’t just any old girl. It was you. Raph stopped in his tracks, the anger bubbling up inside of him before diving in to pull the guys off of you. The guys were going to help him, but he didn’t need it. He was so powerful, zipping through the shadows like, well, a ninja. The guys left standing ran for the hills, terrified of the huge green creature that had beat up their friends.

You took a few shaky steps backwards. What if whatever had helped was coming for you next. You couldn’t see him in the dark, but Raph could see you. Even now, you were stunning. You took a few steps forward, causing him to step back.


“I ain’t who ya think, (Y/N).” Raph said. Your breath hitched, eyes awash in realization.

“Raphael?” Your broken voice sliced through the silence. He didn’t answer. “Y-your voice sounds d-different.”

“Ya don’t gotta be afraid.” He tried to reassure you. His voice came from much higher than it had in the past. Had he always been this tall? Your heart hammered and your face reddened and you didn’t know why you were scared, but you were. “It’s okay.”


“Raph, let me see you.”

“I uh…don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Please.” You whispered. You glanced down at your wrist. There were seconds left. “Please.”

“I want ya tah remember me that way. Not like…this.”

“What do you mean?” You knew what he meant.

“Please, just go home, (Y/N)! Forget about me!”

“I…I can’t, Raph! I can’t just pretend you don’t exist!” You stared at the numbers before holding up your wrist to show him, if he could even see. “I think you’re my soulmate! And for some reason the wires got twisted somewhere, but…Please, Raphael. I love you.” You looked up at where he stood in the dark for a few more seconds before collapsing to your knees, tears rolling down your soft cheeks. Raph carefully, slowly knelt before you so quietly you hadn’t heard him.

He pressed his hand against your cheek, wiping away the tears with his large green fingers. Your eyes opened gradually, rising to look up at his tear-filled green eyes in time with the ding of your timer. The large, rough green face in front of you was a little more than a shock. Your eyes widened. He began to pull away, but you grabbed his huge green hand, keeping him there.

“I’m sorry. About all of this.” He didn’t dare to look at you. Not now that you knew what he truly was. Your small hand ventured up to his cheek, gently travelling across the scales there. Your tentative touches sent shivers up his spine.

“Sorry for what?”

“I’m sorry yer stuck with-”

“Shhhhh…” You shushed him, wrapping your arms around him tightly. He held you against his chest, his arms moving slowly to embrace you. He had never imagined you could love him. Not like this. But here you were, hugging him as though he was human.

“But I’m a freak.” Were the only words he could manage to put together.

“You’re not a freak.” You pulled away so you could look at him. “You’re a hero. If it weren’t for you and your brothers, I would be dead three times over.” You paused, watching the slow smile that formed on his cheeks. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” His voice was muffled by the fabric of your sweatshirt as he buried his face in the crook of your neck. “I love you so freakin’ much.”

Slushie Sweetheart

Rated: T
Category: M/M
Warnings: None
Relationship: Castiel/Dean Winchester
Summary: Dean finally musters up the courage to ask Cas out to the movies…but forgets to mention it’s a date. Cue some awkward, increasingly-less subtle attempts to clue Cas in.
AO3 Link:

Dean was on a date with Cas.

Dean was on a date with Cas.

His heart fluttered in his chest as he followed Cas down a row of seats in the middle of the auditorium, both crab-stepping to avoid bumping into any of the hostile movie-goers already seated. They located an area with relatively sparse population and nestled down, juggling with their armfuls of concession stand food as previews blared in the background.

“This is very exciting,” Cas admitted. “I’ve never done this before.”

Dean’s stomach was butterflies. “Yeah.”

Cas used a blue razzberry slushie to gesture to the screen that yawned wide before them. “Humanity’s idea of entertainment has transformed so much. It feels like only yesterday you were still making ritualistic human sacrifices and playing the game of twenty squares for fun.”

“Times change,” Dean agreed, and made a grab for the slushie. “Quit throwing my slushie around,” he complained.

“Sorry, Dean,” Cas said, handing it to him. “Which one is mine?”

“Super lime blast.”

Cas nodded solemnly. “Oh right. Help me look?”

They rooted through their combined heaps of french fries, corn dogs, nachos, pretzels, and popcorn in search of Cas’s drink as the theater lights helpfully dimmed. Hardly ten seconds had passed before their hands bumped against each other, and Dean felt his cheeks flush.

Cas was on a date with him.

And then Cas moved on, unfazed, to pull his slushie out of the pile. Dean’s heart leapt into his throat and squatted there awkwardly.

If only Cas knew this was a date.

Dean looked away, feeling hollow, and shoved a handful of popcorn into his mouth as the opening credits rolled onto the screen over picturesque landscape shots of grassy fields and mountain ranges.

Cas was still new to being human, and the ambiguities of social interaction largely flew over his head. When Dean had proposed that Cas go see a movie with him, Sam had snapped his head up, eyebrows raised, whereas Cas had merely shrugged his consent and muttered something about bees.

Dean knew he should’ve been more explicit with Cas, but it was hard; it was hard to look Cas in the eye and say “Let’s go out on a date.” It was hard not to make things more convoluted than they had to be, and there was comfort in simultaneously pretending they weren’t.

“Did you know,” Cas announced as a bumblebee hummed lazily over a field of sunflowers and script editors’ names, “bees say ‘whoop’ when they bump into each other?”

“Shh!” someone hissed behind them.

“Oh come on, it’s just the credits,” Dean hissed back.

“Bees are so whimsical,” Cas continued to himself at a low whisper, and Dean felt the hairs on the back of his neck prickle. The movie had started but all he could watch was Cas and the way the light of the big screen danced on his face.

Dean spent the first third of the movie unable to decide between making a move on Cas or keeping up with the plot of the film. By the time the robot butler had gone psycho on a hedge, everything was electric, and Dean was done pretending. His arm rose hesitantly, like a trepid snake from the grass, and he swung his arm around Cas’s shoulders, mouth a barren desert.

No reaction from Cas.

Dean coughed, then coughed again, and Cas glanced at him.

“Are you all right, Dean?”

“Uh, yeah.”

Cas smiled, sending a spike through Dean’s heart, and turned away.

Because of course he didn’t get it.

There was a moment of embarrassment, of oh-god-what-was-I-thinking, in which Dean was effectively paralyzed. Then the terror passed, ebbing away slowly like a low tide from the shore, and he decided his arm belonged there. He drew his arm closer until it hung over Cas’s shoulders, and he held his breath, waiting.

Nothing. Cas sat, enraptured with the screen as the rogue robot made out with one very kinky woman.

The waters had been tested. No sharks yet. Dean waded deeper in, bending his arm so his hand could sift easily through Cas’s thick, dark hair. It was ridiculously soft, and Dean felt himself melting. Cas didn’t so much as side-eye him, so Dean leaned to the side and rested his head against Cas’s free shoulder, a couple curly fries falling to the scummy floor below.

There were always casualties.

Cas did not so much as shift beneath the new weight of Dean’s head, and the hunter was beginning to feel a little affronted. How could someone be that invested in a B-film about a horny robot with skewed morals? Cas liked horny? Dean would show him horny.

He turned and began kissing Cas’s shoulder, working slowly up to his neck. Upon reaching his destination, he started nibbling. When that failed to get any reaction at all, Dean pulled away and fell back into his chair with crossed arms, rejected.

“Why’d you stop?”

Dean looked over at Cas, surprised. “What?”

“Why’d you stop? That was nice.”

“I—I didn’t think you’d noticed,” Dean stammered.

Cas furrowed his brow. “Of course I noticed, Dean. How could I not notice you on our first date?”

Dean blinked. “Our what?”

“Our first date. That is why you asked me to the movies, isn’t it?”

“Oh. Yeah. Yeah, it is,” Dean said, a smile playing on his lips.

“So why’d you stop?” Cas repeated, leaning forward so their faces were only inches apart.

His breath was hot on Dean’s face.

“If you want, I could…I could…” Even now, the words stuck in Dean’s throat, and he was forced to swallow them down.

Cas smiled. “I would like that,” he said, and smashed his lips into Dean’s. The world washed away, colorless, until all that was left was Cas and him, snogging in the middle of a dark auditorium as the light of the screen cast dim illumination on their fevered passion. Their hands rose and fell, searching the other’s body, drawing themselves closer to each other as their snacks fell away and someone began to throw popcorn at them.

But there was only one thing Dean noticed.

Cas tasted like super lime blast.

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Fall Dates with Tyjo and Jishwa


  • Tyler and you would go immediately go get all the blankets you could scrounge up and make a fort.
  • But this fort wouldnt’ be just a normal fort, no… it would be a fort that included the TV so you could binge watch Netflix or watch movies together. And because Tyler is such a loving person, he would include all of your favorite snacks like: popcorn, skittles, pretzel bites, nachos, a giant soda, crunch bars, and so much more.
  • The two of you would then watch all the scary movies you could find, and you, being the smart person you are, held the popcorn and spilled everywhere when something jumped out at you. That would lead to Tyler laughing his ass off beCAUSE HE WOULD DO THE FUCKING SAME THING!!!!
  • After the movie marathon, you guys decided to make fall inspired cookies late at night. You got on Pinterest and found some really cute Halloween shaped sugar cookies. You loved to bake so you thought this would be easy.
  • Baking with Tyler was fun, but it was MESSY AS HELL.
  • Tyler would turn on the KitchenAid too fast. That made the flour go everywhere. It was almost like it was glitter getting everywhere. But WORSE. He would start laughing even more while you tried to clean it up, then grabbing the frosting you prepared and wiped it on your face.
  • So, being the cute and cheesy thing it was, you started fighting back, You threw flour at him and put frosting all over his face. He begins to chase you around the kitchen, trying to give you a hug. Unfortunately, he slips on some flour and falls, causing you to laugh. You try to help him up but he ultimately drags you on the ground with him, wiping his messy face, then placing the flour and frosting combo on your face.
  • You glare at him and give him a kiss, transferring some of it back onto him.
  • Soon after, you wanted to make a fresh apple pie for his family. So he decides to take you to pick your own apples! You both had baskets, and you went through the apple trees and picked out the best ones. Tyler purposely tried to go for the tall ones to see how high he could jump. You took videos of him trying to reach one that you saw and wanted, but he ultimately failed.
  • Luckily for you, a nice, tall family came to your rescue and grabbed that beautiful red apple for you. Tyler was a bit embarrassed, but you thought it was cute that he wanted to impress not only himself, but you as well.
  • “I wanted to get you that apple…” Tyler sighed.
  • “It’s okay, Ty. You tried.” you slightly laugh. “That’s all that matters.”
  • After the apple picking, the two of you run to the store to get some caramel to make caramel apples. You wanted to “boo” the neighbors with them.
  • “Boo”ing the neighbors was a tradition in your neighborhood. Someone would start it off by making a flyer that says something like, “You’ve been booed!” and the gist of it was to give that ghost to another neighbor with another treat. It was a fun way to get the Halloween spirit going. Plus, you get free food??? What was wrong with that???
  • So Tyler helps you melt the caramel and puts the sticks in the apples. You start on the decorations. You decided you wanted to make some Jack Skellington themed ones, as well as the apple from Snow White. Then you made some regular old caramel apples, and placed them on a cookie sheet to dry and harden more. Afterwards, you put them all in a cute little baggie, and printed out the flyer.
  • You decided to let Tyler ding-dong ditch the neighbor, because you believed him to be a better and faster runner.
  • But… you were abso-fucking-lutely wrong.
  • You watched through the window as he placed the apples on the doorstep, ringing the bell and running. But as he was running to hide, he tripped. He was army crawling to get behind the bushes.
  • You shook your head and chuckled as he got to the bushes unnoticed. He gives you a thumbs up and you shake your head.
  • After the neighbors grab the apples and head back in, Tyler comes back home. The first thing he says to you is:
  • “Nailed it.”
  • “No, Ty. You didn’t. What did you even trip on?”
  • He begins to blush and looks away.
  • “I would say I tripped on a rock…. But…”
  • “But what…?”
  • “That’s a lie. I tripped on my own foot.”
  • Okay so after that disaster, you and Tyler would go to a Halloween party.
  • He didn’t really want to dress up, so you came up with the brilliant idea of him dressing as Josh, and you would dress as him.
  • So, you grabbed his signature black paint and put it all over your neck and hands, borrowing his red beanie and outfit from the stressed out video. Tyler called Josh and borrowed his red eye makeup and got a spraycan to “dye” his hair. You took pictures together and posted on social media.
  • Comments were flooding in, and you couldn’t be more proud of this idea. You even sent a video to Josh of Tyler saying, “Hi, my name is Josh dun and… I love Tyler.”
  • Josh responded with, “This is accurate.”
  • You got to the party with Tyler, and everyone commented on how genius it was. You simply told them that Tyler was too lazy to dress up as anything else so this was the best thing you could come up with. And it worked.
  • Whilst there, they had pumpkins you could carve and decorate. So, Tyler decides to go a non-traditional route, and made the “|-/” symbol for the fans. You decided to carve Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas seeing as it was your favorite movie.
  • You took them home and placed them in front of your door.
  • After the party, you made hot apple cider and cozied up to Tyler, deciding to finally watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. The night ended with the two of you cuddled on the couch, entangled with blankets.


  • As soon as the leaves started changing color and falling, you know this fucker is going to want to play in the leaves.
  • You would help him rake the leaves and pile them up, putting them in garbage bags. Josh dumped the bags of leaves on the trampoline, moving it over to where he could jump off the balcony.
  • “Are you sure this is a good idea?” you ask.
  • “Of course babe! It’ll be so fun! Just you wait and see.”
  • He flashes you that damn smile of his and you succumb to his dangerous ways.
  • He gets onto the balcony and looks to you, giving you a big thumbs up.
  • “Are you snapping this?” he asks.
  • “Just tell me when, Josh.”
  • “NOW!”
  • You start recording, and he does a backflip into the pile of leaves on the trampoline.
  • “WOOHOO!”
  • He begins to jump around and roll in the leaves, then sprawls out.
  • “Come on! You need to get down here!”
  • You smile and nod, getting on the balcony. You look down and instantly regret it.
  • He holds his arms out to you and nods, encouraging you to jump.
  • You jump and scream, and land into a familiar pair of arms. You look up and smile, your heart beating a million miles a minute. He grins, knowing you are just as much of an adrenaline junkie as he is.
  • “THAT WAS SO FUN!” you yell.
  • The two of you begin bouncing around the trampoline, having butt wars to just cuddling in the pile of leaves. Josh eventually makes the decision that he wants to sleep out here. He goes into the house and grabs plenty of blankets, and a small tent that he sets up later.
  • He grabs some flashlights and some snacks, putting them in after the tent is on the trampoline. He swaddles the two of you in blankets, holding you close to his larger and more muscular frame. You take in his scent and kiss him, the two of you falling asleep afterwards.
  • Alright motherfuckers time for some pumpkin carving.
  • Josh takes you to a pumpkin patch, wanting to pick out his own pumpkin to carve.
  • “I’m going to choose the biggest one here.” he states happily.
  • You chuckle and nod, deciding to choose a smaller pumpkin yourself. After Josh finds one that he is content with on size, you bring it home and wait until evening to carve it.
  • In the meantime, you two go on a scenic hike, the nice, cool breeze making it the perfect weather to go hiking. You sit at the top of the hike on a bench overlooking the city. The sun is setting and the two of you sit in silence, not needing words to enjoy each other’s companies.
  • After it begins to get darker and cooler, you head back home and begin carving your pumpkins. You decide to take it a more traditional route and make a simple jak-o-lantern, while Josh makes a pumpkin dedicated to some of his favorite bands and artists.
  • You set it outside on the porch and decide to go to a haunted house with some friends.
  • You immediately get scared as you’re walking to the entrance, Josh laughing hysterically in front of you.
  • “Babe it isn’t that scary!”
  • You glare and hit his arm, then held onto it for dear life.
  • “Maybe not to you!” you whine.
  • “I promise I will protect you. I will lead you through this rough time.”
  • You glare once more and reluctantly nod, clinging onto him for dear life.
  • As the two of you enter, you instantly close your eyes.You may have blocked one sense out, but you couldn’t block out the noise. That’s what got you the most. Even with Josh, you screamed until your throat hurt from screaming too much. Josh tried to cover you as best he could, but the workers knew that you were afraid. They used it to their advantage to get some good scares out of you.
  • Eventually, you made your way out of the haunted house, kneeling over, trying to catch your breath.
  • “I hate you for making me go through that.”
  • “(Y/N), I told you, the more you scream the more they’re going to go after you.”
  • “I can’t help it! You know I scare easily.” you take in a deep breath and grab his hand, leading him to the car.
  • As soon as you got home, you changed into pajamas and Josh made you your favorite hot cocoa. He adds whipped cream on top with a wafer cookie stick, and puts caramel and chocolate syrup. He hands you the warm mug as he turns Netflix on, putting Stranger Things on screen.
  • He rubs your arm to comfort you as you drink the warm liquid. It fills your stomach and you instantly feel relieved.
  • “Are you okay?” he asks quietly.
  • You simply nod your head and put the mug down, placing your head on his shoulder. You eventually fall asleep. He turns the TV off and carries you to your shared room, placing you under the covers and cuddling up to you.
  • The next day you head to your favorite amusement park. It was in the spooky season so you expected that there would be people trying to scare you, but at least there were more people so it was less likely that they would come to you.
  • You took Josh’s hand and dragged him to all of your favorite rides first, the both of you laughing and screaming as the rides twisted and turned, looped and looped.
  • Josh goes to a concession stand and buys a funnel cake, topped with strawberries and whipped cream, with a chocolate sauce drizzle. You lick your lips and dig in, sighing happily as you taste all the different flavors of the funnel cake.
  • Josh takes a picture of you and posts it on his snap story, captioning it: “My person.”
  • You look at him suspiciously, grabbing his phone to make sure it was a good photo.
  • He smiles and takes it back before you can see.
  • “It looks good, I promise.” he takes your hand and takes one more photo, posting it to his Instagram.
  • “I love them more than I love my drums. And that says a lot.”
  • You check your phone when it lights up with a notification saying that you were tagged in a photo.
  • You look and smile, swallowing your bite of funnel cake.
  • “I love you too, Josh Dun. Now help me finish this funnel cake!”

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I just want HC for Balem on earth. Lol Like, him randomly spending a day with reader on earth and going shopping and eating ice cream

I need a movie of this idea. Lol

-He’s reluctant at first, insisting there’s no need to go down there because he has no interest in anything earthling made.
-All reader has to do is look disappointed and sad, and he becomes putty in her hands. Though, he doesn’t openly admit this.
-He grumbles about how annoying she is, but it’s his way of dealing with his own frustrations for giving in to her. And she knows that, so she just smiles and kisses his cheek.
-Which only makes him more grumpy.
-He has Mr. Night figure it all out, and he insists on going somewhere ‘decently nice’ because he refuses to be stuck on a gross planet with filthy earthlings.
-She chooses California or something equally fashionable. (You can pick your own city I don’t care lol )
-He doesn’t bother changing, because he’s Lord Balem Abrasax, head of one of the richest and most powerful dynasties.
-She has to drag him into a store to find new clothes because she can only take so many weird looks.
-He finally settles on a rich black suit, with a gold tie. And, admittedly, he looks damn good.
-It took about 5 hours to find the perfect outfit, lets be honest. She probably fell asleep waiting on him. Mr. Night has to carry all the shopping bags. I’m sure there’s technology that helps hide his unnatural features…
-Eating is a hassle, because he critiques everything, but he’s not above taking free samples of food the ladies are giving out at the mall.
-He actually likes the Chinese samples.
-She ends up buying him a bowl after he steals all the free samples…
-She finally realizes just how much this man can eat. He ends up having Chinese, a pretzel, nachos, and let’s not forget ice cream.
-It’s his new favorite food. Tries to buy the entire tub they get scoops from. Becomes angry when they explain they can’t.
-She has to drag him away and apologize.
-By this point, poor Mr. Night is buried under a pile of new clothes, items, and food.

And don’t even get me started on Disneyland…

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The Kiss Cam

I got a prompt about Jasper ending up on a kiss cam but I guess I deleted it by accident =/

Jason enjoys watching sports, he loves cheering for his team and being on the edge of his seat. What he doesn’t enjoy are awkward pseudo double dates his best friend sets up by inviting very attractive girls. He can handle being a third wheel for Percy and Annabeth, it’s not that bad actually, it’s when they invite Piper along that things get weird. Jason’s not good with weird. Really he’s not good with Piper, not because he doesn’t want to, but because he can’t. Jason is aware that he’s not bad looking, he has a steady job, and he believes he’s a good boyfriend, but that knowledge doesn’t help him when he tries to talk to Piper. She’s as witty and sarcastic as Percy, with the same passion as Annabeth, though instead of architecture it’s directed towards the injustice of women’s clothing. Her goal is to design functional and cute clothing for women, having it all as she calls it. She’s also a huge flirt.

Normally that’s not an issue for Jason, he’s dealt with forward women and can conduct himself properly. When it’s Piper though it’s different. His calm exterior melts, slipping away from him and leaving him defenseless against the thinly veiled innuendos she makes. It’s probably because he’s pretty sure she’s only half joking, and definitely because he’s found himself thinking about her comments more than he should. Annabeth obviously approves or she wouldn’t let them hang out, and it’s doubtful that Percy cares, but Jason has never been able to make a move. The reason for that is simple, he’s an idiot.

Self doubt sucks, and Jason has plenty of it when it comes to dealing with Piper. He had thought himself above typical wishy-washy teenage romance when he’d been in high school, he’d been wrong. In reality it had just been slow to catch up, and now here he is five years later unable to look his crush in the eye for more than a second.

Thankfully the Knicks are paying one hell of a game, and Percy won’t stop talking. Jason had been worried he’d wind up sitting next to Piper when they’d filed into their row but Annabeth had taken pity and sat on one side of him and shoved Percy into the seat on his other side. At the time Jason had flashed her a thankful smile, now he’s not sure it wasn’t a trap. Percy keeps whooping and hollering, occasionally tossing popcorn on to Jason. Jason reminds himself things could be far worse.

“You know Piper likes pretzels. And nachos,” Annabeth whispers into his ear.

Jason turns to look at her, trying to pick out any hint of her plan but she has one hell of a poker face. His best bet is to come straight out and ask, Annabeth is too smart for him and this thing between him and Piper is too dangerous a game.

“Is that your plan? I give her stadium food and she’ll fall for me?”

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One Direction Imagine

for werethemeaningoflife :)

You and Niall had been dating for a little over 2 years now. And they had been the greatest 2 years of your life! You two had met at a soccer game that your friend had dragged you to and that he attended while touring. You both went to get food at the concessions and immanently hit it off. You had already been a huge fan of one direction so when you met you had to contain your excitement and play it cool, which you must have done because he asked for your number and the next day he took you out for lunch. After that all the time he had free was spend talking with you or flying out to see you. Even though all the travel was hard at times you still always came back together. 

Right now you two were getting ready to go to a soccer game in the same place that you had met, which was near where you live. Slipping on you shoes Niall came down and kissed the top of your head, heading on to grab your jackets. After he helped you put it on he grabbed your hand and lead you to the car. 

After an hour and a half drive you finally made it to the soccer stadium. You went inside and grabbed your seats loving the environment of the game and the fans. The first half was GREAT! Your team had the lead, winning 3-1 and you were so happy because winning this game would mean winning it all, bringing home a nice big trophy and bragging rights. Since it was now half time tons of people where getting up to use the bathrooms and get food. Niall got up to get you guys food but seemed to be gone for a while. “No problem,” you thought to yourself, “there is just a bunch of people in the lines.” A couple minutes later he was back with nachos and pretzels and drinks. He sat down and had a cold sweat on his forehead. 

“Ni, are you ok? ”

“Perfect, just really warm by the concessions,” but they way he looked away after seemed off. The game continued and the other team scored again but your team fired back quickly and scored one to match. There was 2 minutes left when Niall said that you should make your way to the stairs so it would be easier to leave. Slightly upset you followed anyway. “Where are we going?” The path he was taking you on wasn’t what you remembered. 

“You’ll see,” he smile illuminated the darker hallways. You saw light ahead and ended up on the field entrance just as the game was ending.

“What the heck Ni…” before you could finish the announcer spoke. “Can I have everyone’s attention at half field,” Niall began walking you to half. Stopping in the middle he looked lovingly at you, someone ran up with a mic holding it close to you both.

“(Y/N), I have loved you since the day we met here 2 years ago. You have stood strongly by me through thick and thin, and are the love of my life. I couldn’t go a day with out you and that is the honest truth. Please, do me the honor in making me that happiest man in the world…” he got down on one knee in front of the thousands in the stands,“…and let me have your hand in marriage.”  He stood kneeling before you with nervousness and kindness in his eyes and the crowed screamed with excitement  Tears trickled out of your eyes and you smiled and proudly said, “YES!” You happily threw yourself on him before he could even but the gorgeous ring on your finger. Driving back you still couldn’t believe it, this was the best day of your life. 

Picture Preference #1: You Tweet About Him


@Y/T/N: Guess who got us locked out of our hotel room….That’s right @HarryStyles everybody


@Y/T/N: Touring has started up again and my boys are hard at work! :) @Real_Liam_Payne @NiallOfficial


@y/t/n: @NiallOfficial why did @Harry_Styles send this to me?


@Y/T/N: The sassmaster from Don Caster is doing his warm-ups while I’m munching on pretzels and nachos…I feel like an under achiever. ahaha :) @Louis_Tomlinson


@Y/T/N: “Im waiting for my kiss.” -@zaynmalik1D

A/N- Credit to the owners:)

-Aria and milkxx

This is probably gonna be long sorry about it lol. So this happened back when I was like 13 (i’m 19 now) but i remember it so vividly it was my first customer service experience. The softball team (and other sports teams in town) i played for had a deal with the university in my town that we would work the concession stands and they’d give us a (tiny and i really mean tiny) portion of the profits from the night to help raise money for tournament costs and uniforms and such. Well the university in my town is HUGELY into basketball like we’re one of the best/most well known college teams in the country and almost every game is sold out so about 16,300 people come to every game. Which means there are always enormous lines at half time. So I was 13 and working with my mom and the mom of another girl on my team. We were at this combination stand it was small but it had a dippin dots cart and another cart that sold pretzels, nachos and some bottled drinks, not a ton of stuff obviously, and we only had one cash register. So my mom was working the register the other mom was getting pretzels and such and I was scooping the dots. At the beginning of half time we tried to keep only one line going since we only had one register so when people came up to me I’d ask them to go to the back of the line because they were cutting and one lady with two kids got like really pissy about that and huffed and puffed but went to the back of the line. Well shortly after that it got so busy that we were forced to make two lines and just alternate who we served. After literally about 3 minutes the lady from earlier came up to my line and just started going off about how ridiculous it was that i made her go to the back of the line and then started two lines and how i made her wait and how angry she was about having to wait (an extra 3 minutes wow halftime wasn’t even close to being over) and all this stuff and my mom hears that she’s basically yelling at me stops helping the customer she was with walks over and says “listen, i’m sorry we sent you to the back of the line we have about 50 people we’re trying to serve and one cash register, I understand you’re a little upset but you have no right to yell at my 13 year old daughter. If you want to be mad at someone try talking to an actual adult instead of getting mad at a child what kind of example are you setting for your kids? Now you can either buy something quietly or you can get out of my line” the lady just kind of stood there in shock for a second then ordered really quickly and left. The people right behind her in line apologized for her and told us its not our fault this place gets so crazy which was really nice of them.


“Where is that damn thing?” You cursed under your breath as you rummaged through your belongings in hopes to find your favourite/only jacket. You threw random things around your room and at your walls until you threw your familiar yet worn out red jacket.

“Ah there you are” you walked over to your table, where you threw it at. You picked it up and pulled it over your body while you reached for your phone and walked out the door. You ran into the kitchen while you slid with your socks making transportation fun and quick. You almost fell but you caught yourself in the last minute.

“Nice moves Y/N” You stiffened at the sudden voice which sounded like Dean and you put your head back down as you kept walking. You heard your brother sigh behind you as you made your way towards the fridge and pulled out some orange juice.

“Morning Y/N” Sam walked in and you nodded while you poured the tangy juice into your glass. Secretly you felt bad for not being as open as you should and you felt them trying but it didn’t seem worth it. Every time you tried to open up in the slightest your body and conscious would refuse that thought. You walked passed the two obvious and typical worried brothers with your juice and towards your room.

“Y/N eat something” halfway through Sam’s sentence you were already in your room, you rushed spilling some juice on your jumper and you felt your heart beat rapidly. You walked over to your bedside and placed the glass on the table next to the photo of you and John.

You smiled nostalgically at the photo missing his presence entirely. Truth was before he died you were the sunniest kid in preschool and every day you would make Sam or Dean play dress up with you. Though it all changed when that shifter ran a knife through his back leaving him for dead.

You groaned when you started crying again, frustrated at your uncontrollable emotions. You sculled your juice and jumped back onto your bed putting your back towards the door. You heard your door creek and you shut your eyes tightly.

“Kiddo?” Silence from you and a sigh from Dean. You heard his feet walk up to your bed and he picked up your empty glass and placed something instead of it.

“I don’t know what’s happening Y/N… but Sammy and I are here for you so please don’t give up. “ Dean’s feet stayed put for a second but when there was no response from you he turned around and walked out your door.

You turned around and saw what he put down, it was a plate with your favourite guilty pleasure food spread out everywhere. Poptarts, nachos and pretzel sticks. The ends of your mouth twitched and a slight smile formed on your face. You sat up and put the plate on your lap while you opened your laptop as you decided to binge watch friends.

Your neck started to strain and you woke up to your laptop on the other side of your bed while you were tucked in.

“Dammit” you cursed. They knew how much you hated physical contact and this may seem like a nice gesture but it disturbed you. You swung your legs over your bedside and you wiped your face as you yawned. You noticed the cool air directly hitting your skin and you freaked as you realised your jacket was taken off.

“Oh no” You looked around your room for your jacket and saw it was folded at the end of your bed. You felt the panic rise within you, they knew how much you despised other people seeing your body. Even after the constant reassurance by your brothers you couldn’t help but feel a tad tedious about your physical body. You groaned and pulled it back onto your body and walked out the door hungry since you realised the last time you ate was 10 hours ago.

You reached for the bowl that was placed for tall people, another trait you didn’t get. Your arms extended as far as it could until you felt someone reach there for you which made you cower in discomfort. Sam held the bowl out in front of you with a slight smile as if you were a zoo animal.

“T-thanks Sam” You whispered inaudibly and took the bowl from Sam’s hand. You heard the slight flutter of wings which only meant one thing.

“Sam, Dean I need your help” Castiel’s presence had caused you to drop the bowl onto the ground. Dean heard the crash and came running in to see your frightened state turning into a panic one. He saw the change in your posture take seconds, from average frightened Y/N to panicked won’t talk for another 6 weeks Y/N.

“Dammit Cas you know how that fucks with her anxiety” With the sudden focus of attention on you, your chest began to tightened. You shook your head and pushed Sam away from you so you could run away and hide. You ended up in the middle of the kitchen before your legs gave up and you fell painfully on your knees.

“Y/N” Sam reached out for you and he saw your face go red. He looked to his elder brother in guidance who stood there, not knowing what to do.

“M-my room” You barely whispered and Sam lifted you off the ground and ran to your room. If you weren’t in the middle of a panic attack you would be crying from the physical contact but if you wanted to survive through this attack then you needed your dad.

Sam entered your room and you pointed to your cupboard. He took you there and you opened it up seeing your John’s leather jacket hang freely. You reached for the jacket and held it tight within your hands.

Sam and Dean’s jaws dropped when they saw the old jacket. The brothers knew the relationship between you and John was close and they thought they lost that jacket, turned out you still had it. Sam put you on your bed while you rocked back and forth hugging the last thing you owned of John. If you concentrated hard enough you could still smell his old cologne mixed with leather. When you felt the attack die down you heard the door close but you realised Sam and Dean were still in your room.

“Y/N why do you have that?” Dean asked and once your breathing began to regulate you softly replied.

“Dad was the only one that could calm me down and when he died he gave me this. I remember him saying “Y/N Winchester I wont be here forever but know I will be in your heart forever” and he handed me his jacket”

“Y/N” Dean sat on the bed next to you and you scooted further away from him. “We are your older brothers. You are our baby sister, you don’t have to rely on our dead dad for comfort. You have us” Dean tried to reason with you as Sam sat on the bed next to you.

“You wear the same jacket every day even if it’s 100 degrees outside. You barely eat and you’re fading day by day. You’ve been living with us for 13 years Y/N but you act as if you’ve been with us for 13 hours. Like we’re strangers… we use to be so close kiddo” never once did you speak up to your brothers or even talk back to them. Though they had no idea the pain you went through.

“Use to… that’s the key word. Before you left us, left me for Stanford.” You saw the guilt rise in Sam’s eyes then you looked over to Dean. “You… we use to be close too. But you decided you could hunt alone, so you left me too. So forgive me if I’m distancing myself it’s because i’m prepared this time”  your voice began to break and you unleashed the over compressed bottle of emotions.

“Dad h-he left and i wasn’t prepared… he left me like you guys did. Like mum did and like Uncle Bobby did. Everyone leaves so it’s just the matter of seconds before you two leave me as well” Your grip on the jacket became tighter and you began to sob harder. Your sobs grew louder and louder as Sam and Dean’s guilt intensified with every cry.

They never thought of it that way, Sam was happy he got away from John and Dean was happy he started hunting with Sammy. They never realised the mental effect it had on you. At one stage in your 13 years of life you had lost your entire family and they were oblivious. Sam stared at your vulnerable state and he did what he thought was right. He wrapped his long arms around your frail body and you stiffened at his touch.

“We’re here now…and we are never leaving you again. No matter what. I promise to always be with you Y/N Winchester. “ Sam kissed your forehead and your shaky hands reached up towards his shirt. You slowly wrapped your arms around his waist which he wasn’t expecting. You embraced his touch and you cried into him. Dean was now next to you and he kissed the back of your head.

“You are our baby sister and we were selfish pricks and we know that. So let us make it up to you kiddo. Remember the midnight Star Wars marathons? Or- uh that stupid Dr Who thing you made us watch?” You lightly chuckled at the memory and Dean smiled missing the tone of your laughter.

“I miss him so much” If anyone understood what you were feeling it was Dean. John favoured Dean more than anyone else and it was no secret but you were closer to John. Dean pulled you into a hug and he smiled when you hugged him back feeling the nostalgia of the childhood the three of you shared.

“I know you do, anklebiter. I do too… but he wouldn’t want this for you. He’d want you to carry on and kick ass with us not without.” You sighed and noticed you had stopped crying. You moved away from Dean who slightly frowned but you wiped your face with a smile. 

You got up from your seat and walked over to your cupboard. You pulled out a hanger but you gawked at the jacket for a while, wondering if the pain you feel is mostly because of it. You sighed and folded up your favourite piece of clothing and put it in a draw you barely use. Your eyes trailed to Sam and Deans who were anticipating your next move.

“R-remember the butterscotch fudge ice-cream dad use to buy? can we get some?” You asked innocently. Dean bobbed his head and Sam broke out into a huge smile.

“Sure thing. Oh but before we go why do you wear that jacket? We’re in the middle of summer” You ran your fingers across the comfortable fabric.

“One step at a time… lets go” Dean pulled out his keys for his baby and you opened the door seeing Cas stand their with his head slightly tilted. You felt your heart pump a bit faster but Dean squeezed your hand in reassurance.

“H-hello Castiel” You spoke with your slightly nervous voice. You extended your shaking hand and Cas took it instantly.

“Uh.. hello young Winchester. Sam I need your help to lo- Not now Cas. Come by tomorrow, tonight is Dr Who night” Sam interrupted a slightly disappointed Cas.

“You could uh… you could watch it with us?” You suggested and Dean smiled proudly at you.

“Thank you, Y/N. Maybe next time, I have business to attend in heaven. Bye boys” Castiel’s wings fluttered away and you released a long breathe.

“Proud of you” Dean kissed your temple and you followed your brothers to the garage.

“Ya know maybe we could watch untouchables?” Sam groaned.

“For the fiftieth time…. NO! We’ve seen that one too many times.”

“Aw c’mon Sammy don’t be a buzzkill Mr. I only have fun by reading books” You smiled as you watched your brothers bicker childishly. You felt some form of content and you thought maybe, just maybe…. you’ll even get rid of your jacket.

bts at the mall

jin: in the food court having an emotional dilemma attempting to decide whether or not he wants a nacho cheese pretzel or a cinnamon roll

yoongi: staring forlornly at his own reflection in one of the mirrors in the makeup department

rapmon: trying to tell little children about the dangers of capitalism and also buying a new fur coat

hobi: lost in the middle of the toys r us after he got distracted by a remote controlled helicopter and followed it into the stuffed toys section

taehyung: trying on really ugly clothes and even the people who work at the store know they look bad but he looks so happy in them so when he asks if they look nice they say he looks great

jimin: like four different people convinced him to buy things he didn’t need. now he has three new phone cases, a mechanical apple slicer, and a magic 8 ball

jungkook: he told everyone that he was gonna go get some coffee and then he snuck into the hot topic so he could buy a MCR wristband and ask the cashier tips on painting his nails black