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Can I get some random cuteness with SF Paps and his s/o at a fair please and thank you? 😊

He loves it!!  Generally he dislikes going out and about; the stares make him profoundly uncomfortable and they’re more or less unavoidable, him being a nearly seven foot tall skeleton monster and all.  That usually doesn’t keep him from going on dates, he’s not letting his antisocial ass keep you from having a fun time, and it’s worth it to spend time with you anyway.  But the fair?  The fair is something he can get into.  Wildly unhealthy food, fun rides and games, a fairly chill environment, he’s down.

It isn’t often he feels like he can show off.  The sketchbook he showed you a while ago, filled with beautiful drawings, he was too embarrassed and nervous about to have any real pride in.  But cheating on the carnival games and handing you a giant stuffed animal- well, that just makes him feel all warm inside.  He juggles the balls at skeeball, pops the balloons with darts without even looking, every horseshoe is hooked clean as can be on the pole.  All with a lazy lopsided grin.  His Papyrus is showing for once.  Praise him, pat his head, he is a good boy.

He loves the rides.  After the events Underground, you wouldn’t think the adrenaline rush from a roller-coaster would do much for him.  But this is a nice, safe way for him to get his kicks, to get a rush without the actual danger inherent in simply living in a Fell verse.  If he had blood it would be pumping, and he likes the wind on his face, the subtle hint of vertigo when he goes upside down.  His favorite one is the pirate ship. 

And of course the food is a plus.  Elephant ears, snowcones, pretzels, blooming onions, cotton candy, popcorn, funnel cake, onion rings, caramel apples, fries, corn dogs; Puppy stuffs his face.  Not as good as Muffet’s, obviously, but damn good.  He dabs a bit of powdered sugar on your nose and laughs, leaning back on his elbows.  He seems less tense than he ever does in public, light glistening on his golden fang as his head tilts just so, his smile loose.  The piano wire tenseness of his shoulders untaught; he can finally breath.

There’s only one ride which rivals his love for the pirate ship.  The ferris wheel, once the sky goes dark enough for the lights to get turned on.  Now the whole fair is glowing, you both can see it from the very top.  He yawns, stretching his legs as far as they can go, and his arms too- looping one around your shoulder.  God, what a dork.  He shoots you a wink, pulling you close and nuzzling into the top of your head.  He seems happy.  “heh… yeah.  i am.  i had a great time today.  wanna know the best part?”  I wonder what it could be.  Is it me?  “pfft, nah.  it was that ship ride.  man, i seriously thought i was gonna fall out for a second there.  did ya see that shit?  haha… fine fine, it was you.”  He runs his fingers through your hair, tucking your head under his chin with a satisfied sigh.  On top of the ferris wheel it feels like a whole other world.  This whole day feels perfect, crystallized, an impossibly happy event.  He holds onto it, thinking back to it even years later, taking this shining memory out and feeling it like a smooth and familiar stone in his hand.  “i wish every day could be like this.”

Murasakibara Speaking English
Murasakibara Speaking English

Recorded from KnB 3DS game Shouri he no Kiseki playthrough video, unfortunately deleted (´・ω・`) In which Himuro and Kagami teaches Murasakibara to pronounce some English words. Enjoy the Engrish

Edit: changed the yosh part into its English equivalent because it looks weird xD Special thanks to neiribelin for pointing it out

Edit 2: found someone that uploaded the video here! Also edited Mukkun’s last line.

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The Dance can, with the aid of music, rise to the heights of poetry. On the other hand, through an excess of gymnastics it can also degenerate into buffoonery. So-called “difficult” feats can be executed by countless adepts, but the appearance of ease is achieved only by the chosen few
—  August Bournonville

Every year the Bavarian themed town of Leavenworth in the state of Washington hosts a very large Oktoberfest celebration. In 2014 I got to attend the celebration with a gorgeous scenery of mountains all around and beautifully constructed Bavarian stores. Anything you can assume to be present at this festival was, from pretzels, local beer, elephant ears, mugs, fashion, decor, and bratwurst, and of course live music. The entire “cafeteria” seating area was filled with people listening to the folk music, dancing, eating, drinking, and waving their mugs in the air from side to side to the sound of the music. I really did feel like I was in Germany. It was one of the most fun and amazing Oktoberfest’s I have yet to experience without being in Germany itself.