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tell us about your disneyland headcanons

Ok so Hux and Kylo were non stop arguing from the car ride into the park. Everyone was so annoyed that they ditched them while they were distracted in an argument.
The boys grumpily decide to go on rides anyway, that’s the whole reason they were there. They start to argue about what ride to go on first and it comes out that Hux has never been on Space Mountain, Kylo’s favorite ride.
Kylo drags Hux over to it. While in line they realize they’re out of things to argue about, so instead they actually try small talk.
They finally get on the ride and Hux has a moment of regret. What if it’s too fast? What if it has flips? What if he hates it?
“Don’t worry, it’s a lot of fun,” Kylo tries to reassure.
And it is. Hux has never had so much fun in his life.
They get off the ride absolutely giddy from the rush. They go check out they’re picture and can’t stop laughing at their faces, Hux snaps of picture of it on his phone.
Hux asks what next? And so Kylo takes him through all his favorite places.
At some point they stop for snacks and share a Mickey Mouse pretzel together and cinnamon crisps.
They even took pictures with some of the characters.
While crossing through a large crowd, Kylo grabs on to Hux’s hand to lead him through it so they don’t get lost. Neither of them lets go.
At night they watch the fireworks together, Hux leans his head on Kylo’s shoulder who then leans back. They meet up with everyone after, finally catching up to go home.
Walking back to the car, Hux seems solemn. Kylo stops them walking and asks what’s wrong.
“I forgot to get a souvenir…”
Kylo then pulls out a sparkly Mickey shaped ring he bought when Hux wasn’t looking and gives it to him. Hux is awestruck. It fits perfectly on his ring finger.
“How can I pay you back?” Hux asks.
“With a kiss,” Kylo jokes.
But then Hux leans in and kisses him on the cheek. He pulls away smirking.
“Should’ve asked for more,” he says, then walks away to catch up with the rest of the group.
It takes Kylo a moment to realize what’s happened. He catches back up to everyone with a huge grin on his face. He’s decided to ask Hux to come back to Disneyland with him, but without the entire group tagging along.

Lucky Number Seven

Pairing: Matt Murdock x Reader 

Words: 1798

Summary/Prompt: you and Matt get chosen for a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven at a college party. 

Genres/Other: fluff, kissing, second base, yeah!! 

Notes: HERE YOU ARE YOU LOVELY PEOPLE and thank you for being so patient… here you are anonymous friend, thank you for this request! 

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hiiiii beans! here are a few simple, healthy, and yummy snacks for all ur needs. (ps i might add more as i find them, but these are the ones i eat most frequently)


  • pretzels + cream cheese
    • dab a bit of cream cheese in a small bowl or plate
    • get some pretzels (i like the flat pretzel crisps for this)
  • carrots
  • almonds
  • blue berries


  • veggie sandwiches - awesome for hot days
    • toast some bread
    • spread some cream cheese on that bad boy
    • cut up some cucumbers and tomatos
    • cut your bread into fours (or however many pieces you want)
    • place 1 cucumber and 1 tomato slice on each little square
    • done!!
  • salami rolls - again, great for hot days
    • get some salami slices (i recommend 2-3)
    • spread some cream cheese on half of the slice
    • roll it!
    • bonus: poke a toothpick in it if u want to be extra fancy and make sure it stays rolled
    • another bonus: great w/ pretzels as well
  • avocado on toast
    • toast some bread
    • (optional) cut ur avocado into thin slices
    • place/spread the avocado onto the toast
  • avocado + some tortilla chips

on the go/school

  • almonds 
  • carrots
  • dried apples (or any dried fruit u prefer)
  • those lil tangerines/clementines
  • home-made trail mix
    • cheese-itz/gold fish/whale crackers
    • peanut butter chips
    • chocolate chips
    • nuts (almonds, cashews, etc.)
    • dried fruit (apples/mangoes/bananas)
    • anything else u want!!

Between watching Kathryn drool all over Cosimo and basically hanging off him like plankton on a whale, and almost dying when she discovered that the rice Odelia had boiled was steeping in fish oils, of all things, to say that tonight has been a long night would be a gross understatement–honestly, what a thrill ride, she thinks. She is feeling a little worse for wear, her mood a little soured while she watches her friends talk on the porch through the window, shaking a packet of cheese crackers open and pouring its contents into a plastic bowl. God, she can’t believe that Colonel Blimp had fucking tried to kill her–fuck if she believes it was some kind of a bullshit coincidence or some shit: it had been entirely intentional and she’s convinced this nutjob’s not gonna stop until she’s sure she hasn’t set her sights on her son–which–okay– she has, but that’s an entirely different story. Collecting the bowl and the various snacks the guys asked her to bring out (like split-pea crisps, spiced pretzel sticks and trail mix), she slips outside with a smile, doing what she can to ignore the whole Medici situation (Odelia included) while she sets the snacks aside for them to eat. 

She is toying with her hair, tugging it free of its messy bun to spill over her shoulders in long, thick curls before sitting back next to Nicholas; well, at least, this part’s gonna be fun: pretending that Captain Loser’s her boyfriend for a few hours to get Miss Grinch off her back? Worse things have definitely happened, and she is determined not to let this whole thing ruin her mood for the rest of the night. “Kiss me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right?” she asks in a low drawl, making a show of playing with the topmost buttons of his jeans; she is only half-joking.

Had 7 almonds and a fig for breakfast, and 5 pretzel crisps with a tbsp of plain hummus for a snack. Chugged two big cups of water for good measure and now I’m having a second cup of coffee (black ofc)

Hoping I don’t get too hungry around dinner time, I’d like to keep my calories under 300 today. Probably gonna have a baked sweet potato with lots of pepper but we’ll see.

Nash Grier Imagine

“Babe. Pass me the Pretzel Crisps?” Nash flashed me that famous smile of his. You handed him the blue bag. You two were babysitting Skylynn and she wanted to watch Frozen. You walked to put the disc in and felt something hit your butt. You turned to see a devious smile on Nash’s face and a pretzel on the carpet.

“Really?” You threw the pretzel back at him. Skylynn sat in the large recliner with her bowl of goldfish while you and Nash cuddled on the couch.

“I love you so much, y/n.” Nash said as he traced circles on your stomach. You looked into those famous eyes of his and kissed his nose and you turned so he could spoon you. With his arm around your waist, he clasped his hand around the back of yours. As Elsa started to sing, he placed his lips right next your ear.

“I’ll never let you go.” You smiled at him and kissed his lips.

“Okay, Prince Charming.” 

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give me your headcanons about pregnant jemma

  • Jemma Simmons, smartest witch of her age brilliant biochemist, knows EVERYTHING about pregnancy. She has read literally all of the books (that she deems scientifically accurate) by the end of her first trimester. 
  • And she is pretty positive that she can keep a level head. Because Jemma "PhD PhD” Simmons is too smart for anything as silly as hormones. 
  • NO SKYE I AM NOT CRYING “A FRICKTON” EVERYONE GETS SAD OVER THOSE COMMERCIALS WITH THE DOGS WHO NEED HOMES I HAVE A HEART. And, yes, I can see how crying over the baby clothes might be construed as “overly emotional” but……
  • Cravings. Omg cravings. She has explained to ANYONE who will listen that they indicate something lacking in the soon to be mommy’s diet and that there is a very real biological reason. 
  • But, funny thing, ALL SHE CAN EAT IS PURE JUNK. Crisps, pretzels, anything and everything with sugar. And Fitz is absolutely positive it’s because the baby takes after it’s daddy. 
  • At some point both Jemma and Fitz are doing that pregnancy pose and Skye gets a picture of it. 
  • Jemma works up until the point where it really isn’t safe to be in the lab. But that does not stop Jemma from helping out. Because she spends roughly two days resting and decides that is not her thing. So she does literally any and all science that does not require toxic chemicals. Some of it isn’t even her field? And Fitz is like what are you doing? And she is just like shhhh I read up on it I’m good to go. And he’s just responds honey, that is not how it works. 
  • But then later in her pregnancy the team just keeps finding her asleep. All over the base. The couch, one of the chairs in the meeting room, head against the kitchen table. 
  • Skye decided she wants to be a midwife. And Jemma is like, oh, well, we were thinking it would be best to have a trained doctor handle this…..
  • But through some crazy Shield shenanigans, it’s just Hunter and Skye there when Jemma goes into labor. And Skye is like MY MOMENT TO SHINE. Hunter complains for a full five minutes straight but ends up being super helpful. 
  • Fitz gets there about halfway through. And Jemma just screams at him about everything. And you know what? He holds her hand the whole time. And is the best gosh darn partner. 
  • That night, alone, holding their newborn baby, Jemma says something along the lines of, “That wasn’t all that bad. I could most definitely do it again.”
She Hates You, I Love You: Taylor Caniff

A/N: Requested for Anon

     You glance at your clock. 12.15 pm. A heavy sigh escapes from your mouth, as you throw your back onto your bed. You reminisced to a few weeks ago, when your parents and you had the whole fight about Taylor, your bad boy of a boyfriend.
      He wasn’t exactly a bad boy. He was inapropriate. He could be a little arrogant at times. But regardless, he was the best boyfriend you could ever ask for. Not in your parents’ eyes though.
       Ever since your mom had seen you and Taylor making out, nearly having sex, she was furious. You could see the anger swirling through her darkened eyes. And that had caused Taylor to be banned from your house, or presence. You were also grounded for a month, which didn’t make anything better. 
        Your parents were away for a get together with a bunch of their work-friends. You being grounded, you stayed home, and found yourself watching Netflix and eating pretzel crisps like you usually spent your weekends. 
          In the middle of one of your Gossip Girl episodes, there was a sudden knock at your door. You were a bit startled, but calmed down when you saw the familiar, yet precious, face of Taylor. You slid your window up, and he climbed into your room. 
          “Hello (Y/N). Long time, no see.” he said, smiling down at you, as you gently pecked his lips and giggled. He plopped down onto your bed, and opened his arms, signaling that you should cuddle with him, and you did so. 
           "It’s only been a few weeks, babe.“ you say, as your head rests on his chest, and his hand gently strokes your hair. "3 weeks, and 4 days.” he comments. You look up at him, and see a proud grin plastered on his glowinging expression. “You’re a goof.” you playfully remarked, as you pushed yourself off of him, so the both of your were facing each other.
          He pouted. You giggled. “Wow. That’s mean. You’re a fucking bully.” he said. “I’m sorry!” you exclaimed, yet he still showed his silly ‘upset’ face. “Will you accept my apology if I do this?" 
          You face moves in front of his, and you connect your lips with his. He pressed back at your lips, hard. You mirrored his actions, except a bit harder, until your kiss was hot and passionate. His tongues slid across your bottom lip, awaiting for entry, which you didn’t oppose, and allowed him. Your tongues twirled around each other, and soon, his shirt was off, revealing his delicious abs. 
            You were pressed against your duvet covers, and his body hovered above yours. The moment was one that you had missed. You missed those intense make-out sessions, like the one you were having. You missed the way he always joked around with you, but never meant any harm, for he loved you more than anything. You simply missed him.
             Moments later, you hear the loud creak of the front door swing open, and you and Taylor jerk away from each other. As footsteps grew louder and louder, you panicked, resulting in shoving Taylor into your small closet, and manically fixing your sheets and hair. 
              Your mom opens your door quickly, and she gazes into your room, and smiles. Score, you thought, realizing that your mom noticed that there was 'nothing’ going on. 
               "So… How was the party?” you asked, trying to sound as natural as possible. “Great. It’s actually nice to see that you haven’t snuck out to see that irrational boy you like. You should get some sleep, it’s late.” she said, then left for her room. 
                You frantically open your closet and whisper, “Go!” Taylor knows that if he catches you here, you would’ve been dead, so he listened, and stepped out of the window. 
               Just before he left, he quietly said, “She hates me, but I love you." 

Pregnancy Preference #14: Cravings

Harry: Ice chips. You could not get enough of the chips. At the early hours of the morning, you would drag your swollen belly of bed to indulge the frozen water chips. Harry found it was weird how the ice wasn’t really a food group that you were craving, but was happy that you always had ice in the house, not food he would have to purchase late in the night.

Niall: Applesauce. Applesauce had because your new favorite food. You could put it on basically anything and everything, no matter how weird people thought you were. Crisps, pickles, pretzels, any crunchy food. Niall ended up buying jars by the ton because of how much you went through a day!

Louis: Orange juice. It seemed that the little Tommos couldn’t get even of the citrusy fruit juice. You would go through at least one carton on a good day. To top it off, you loved to poor the juice on vanilla ice cream. Louis never thought anything less of you for the puzzling cravings.

Liam: Pasta sauce. Your whole life, you despised tomatoes, until you got pregnant. Tomato sauce and spaghetti became your basic food group. You could sit all day with a bowl of sauce with some bread and eat it. Nothing else made you or your baby happier. Well, maybe a foot rub from Liam.

Zayn: Chocolate. You never really had a sweet tooth until you became pregnant. Milk chocolate, white chocolate, even dark which you hated your whole life. Zayn didn’t mind buying you different types of chocolates; he thought it gave him an excuse to buy you fancy chocolate boxes. 

Sorry for the long wait!

Coffee Shop Luke Hemmings Part 2 Imagine

Hey guys! Here is a Part 2 for Coffee Shop Luke Hemmings imagine. Thank you to the requester and I hope you all enjoy! :] xx


Part 2: 2,936 words 

requested: yes no

*the asterisks are text messages*

*Luke’s POV*

“Hey guys!” I yelled as I stepped into the house. “Someone’s excited,” Ashton says, “We are in the kitchen!” Wow. Surprise there. I walk in and all the boys are waiting for me. “THE ALIENS ARE COMING! NO, THE ZOMBIE APACOLYPSE!” Michael screamed. “Ha Ha,” I cut him off, “So I was just at the coffee house and there was this girl-“ “Oh no, Luke found a girl!” Calum joked. My patience was shortening by the second. “Guys I’m serious,”  I said. “I bought her coffee and we started talking. Turns out, she is a fan and I dunno how big, she never said and so I never asked. Anyway, I want you guys to meet her so she is coming over tomorrow.” I look back at them to see their reaction and they are all staring at me wide-eyed. “So you really like this chick?” Ashton asks. “No, its not like that. She was really cool and seemed like someone we could be friends with. We don’t get to make many new friends.” They nod and trade glances. “So how hot is she?” Michael asks the question I knew they were all thinking and the one I really don’t want to answer. “She’s hot.” I try to make that the end of the conversation but they are all still staring at me for more. “She’s really short. Like 5 foot,” I say trying to hide my smile as I leave the kitchen and take a breath. It went pretty well. I know they are still gonna talk when I leave, so I stand just outside the door where they won’t be able to see me. “If that’s all we got about how hot she is, I’d say he’s pretty into her,” Michael whispers, but still loud enough for me to hear. Before they can say anything else I walk back in and ask what time she should come over. “How bout she comes over around 2 and we can spend all day chilling?” asks Ashton. “Great idea! What time should she leave?” No one says anything until Michael blurts, “She could spend the night with me,” with a dirty look on his face. I try not to glare but that wasn’t funny. “You will be sad to know that she is 15” I replied icily and stormed out.

I grab my phone to text (y/n).

*Hey (y/n) its Luke! I talked to the boys and they are excited to meet you. Come over around 2? :-)*

My phone goes off just a few minutes later. It’s cool that she didn’t feel the need to wait before texting back. I check the message.

*Sounds great. Do I need to bring anything? :]*

*I think we will just be chilling tomorrow. Watch some movies or something. So no, but there are a few rules. 1- no makeup 2- no doing your hair 3- come in sweats. That is all.*

*I think I can do that ;] I’m looking forward to it*

*Me too. Can’t wait ;-)*

~~Next Day~~

*y/n POV*

“Mom I’m hanging out with some friends today, so I might get home a little late.” I speak into the phone. “Don’t be too late,” she warns from the other end. I hang up ending our conversation quickly. Luke didn’t tell me when I was leaving so I really have no clue what time it will be. I don’t remember the last time I hung out with people past  11 so this could be interesting. I slept in until noon. I don’t have anything to do because I can’t “get ready” in the girly sense because of Luke’s rules. I don’t know why he made them, but I’m glad he did. It’s nice to just be able to be with friends and look like a complete mess.  But I am meeting the band today and I refuse to look too shitty. I shower so I can at least smell good. I brush my hair and put some anti-frizz product in it and then leave it at its natural wavy state. I brush my teeth after lunch to get the food out of my teeth. Luke said to wear sweats, but I might have to bend the rules a bit. Leggings are like half sweats, right? I have to look presentable and if my face doesn’t look good at least my ass will. I throw on an old crew neck and my white converse high tops before looking in the mirror. Not too bad. I have a half hour yet before I leave so I make the boys some food. I raid the pantry but don’t have much luck because y/bff/n barely eats and doesn’t feel the need to buy snacks. I come out unsuccessful with just pretzel crisps, peanut butter, and goldfish. Wow. Much nutrition. Whatever.  It’s better than nothing, really.

 I hop in the cab and read off the address that Luke sent me. I arrive five minutes after 2 which is perfect. The house big but it’s what I would’ve expected them to be staying at. I go up to the door and knock a few times. I can hear a lot of screaming from inside. “I’ll get it!” “No, I am!” “I AM.” I start laughing but have it under control by the time Luke gets to the door. I’m still smiling when he opens it. “Hey y/n,” he says in between panting breaths. “You look lovely today.” I feel my cheeks heat up. “Thank you Luke. As do you. I brought some pretzels and goldfish.” I say with a smile. “You are a sneaky one. I told you not to bring anything. And to wear sweats when, in fact, those are leggings.” He gives me a knowing look. I give him a little smile, “I have never been one to follow the rules.” I bite my lip and he gives me a big smile. “Come on in.”

“And this is the living room,” Luke finishes the tour. I walk in and see the other three boys sitting on the couch with waiting eyes. I quickly notice that Ashton is shirtless but do my best not to stare. “Guys, this is y/n,” Luke introduces me. “Hi,” They all go around and share their names even though I know them already. “Do you guys like pretzels and goldfish?” I ask with a hopeful smile. They all cheer and I laugh. Michael puts on a serious face, “I only eat pretzels with peanut butter,” he gives me a shaming look. I put on my best game face, “I got you covered,” and hold up the butter and they all start cheering again.

“So. Do we watch horror, comedy, chick flick, action…?” Calum brings up the movie options. They all turn to look at me. “Im up for anything,” I answer but they don’t accept. “Honestly guys, I’m really not gonna chose.” They all bicker for a while but we all agree on We Are The Millers. Everyone loves that movie. We go down to the movie room to take our seats but I just hang back for a minute, not knowing where to go. Luke is on one of the couches and calls to me, “Sit over here, y/n” I really try not to get butterflies. It’s stupid of me but I can’t help it. I join him on the couch, not sitting on the edge but not sitting too close for comfort either. He was sweet and made jokes during the film and laughed with me when something was funny. I felt like we were being watched by the other guys though. By the end of the movie his arm was around me and we were as close to cuddling as friends could get. I was very okay with it and extremely comfortable.

We walk upstairs to get more snacks after the first movie is over. I am really enjoying myself and feel really comfortable with the guys. I laugh a lot with them. I hope they like me as much as I like them. It is almost time for dinner so we discuss our dining plans. “Would 10 pizzas be enough?” Luke asks. I almost choke on my drink. “Are you serious? 10 pizzas?” I ask laughing. The boys all look at me with straight faces. “Honestly y/n, that might not be enough.” Calum explains.  “Let’s go with 10 and see what happens,” Ashton suggests. We are sitting waiting for our food when Michael says we should play truth or dare. Again, they all look at me. “I’m up for anything,” I throw out there. Then I get nervous because they give each other devilish looks. I look at them just as intensely with a come-at-me face. “Okay, Ashton, truth or dare?” “Truth,” he responds, earning noises from the guys like, “Loser,” and “Lame.” Michael thinks for a minute before asking, “Have you ever slept with more than one person at a time?” Ashton begins to explain, “No to a threesome, but two girls in one night, yes.” I suddenly began to realize that I am 15 and have done dirty things, but never gone all the way. I make it look like I stay calm. Ashton looks right at Calum, “Truth or dare?” Calum doesn’t even take a moment to think, “Dare.” “I dare you to go pee in the neighbor’s pond,” Ashton says with his eyebrows raised, waiting to see if he will take the bait. “Easy,” Calum states and starts stripping. He is down to his underwear before Luke says, “That’s enough stripper boy, you can stay in your underwear please.” Calum gives him an innocent grin and leads to the door. We all follow him outside to the neighbor’s yard. “He is actually gonna do it?” I look at Luke. He just nods laughing. After he finishes his business, we run back to the house as fast as we can. Everyone is panting once we get inside the door. And then laughter starts and we can’t stop.  We are all actually laughing on the floor and it’s so fun and all I can feel is happiness. We get back into the circle and resume the game. Calum looks at me, “How dirty can I get?” I debate this in my head. Who cares, right? I’m having such a good time. “What do you got?” He gives the devilish grin yet again. “Truth or dare y/n?” I can’t just say I am a virgin. “Dare,” I respond. My voice is full confidence. “I dare you to give me a blow job.” He says. Everyone in the room gasps but me. Luckily I have done this before. “No way dude, that’s too far,” Luke’s voice is all ice. “It’s fine,” I look at Luke. He doesn’t have to be my parent. “I’m going to get a drink,” Luke said and he left. Ashton spoke up, “Maybe that’s not such a good idea Cal.” Just then the doorbell rang. “Can you give me a hand, y/n?” Luke yelled from the kitchen.  “On my way,” I yelled back at Luke. At least I got to leave the situation. There was too much tension. I got up to the door just as Luke was paying the delivery man. He took seven of the boxes, leaving me with three. “Luke, before we go down there, nothing happened,” I whispered so only he could hear. “It’s not a big deal,” He replied, shrugging his shoulders. But I could see the relief wash over his face once I told him. We made our way downstairs with the pizzas. I was so surprised that we completely cleaned out all 10. Ashton took one of the empty boxes and started drumming a beat. He was really good. “Let’s go play something,” Michael suggests. “Give y/n here a private show.” He said winking at me. I laughed at his joke and felt Luke tense at my side. What’s his deal? “What’s your specialty?” I asked him, trying to lighten his mood. “I guess you will have to see,” he responded to me while wiggling his eyebrows. I bit my lip and held his eye contact for a few seconds longer than normal before skipping ahead of the group. ”Okay boys, please take a seat in the front row,” I told them, motioning just in front of their band equipment. They looked confused but did as I told them. “Now, give it up for 5 Seconds of Summer!” I spoke in my announcer voice. The boys were already laughing when I walked to the “center of the stage.” I grabbed my pretend microphone singing out, “Your like perfection, some kinda holiday,” pretending to be Luke. Bringing the mic real close to my mouth and moving my eyebrows. “You got me thinking, that we could run away. I’m lovin what you got, but then you push me off oh wo ah oh,” I start playing my air guitar and bending my knees like a real rockstar. I give a little jump and a kick before ending my performance. The guys are rolling on the floor laughing yet again and there is a little sparkle in Luke’s eyes. “Thank you LA!” I bow and then take my seat. “So how did I do?” I ask Luke. “You were on point,” he says with a wink and I can’t hold in my smile when he blushes a bit. “Okay, okay, now let’s see the REAL 5 Seconds of Summer.” They all take their places with their instruments. “What do you wanna hear?” Ashton asks from the back of the room. “If You Don’t Know,” I say. Michael gasps, “y/n! That is not even out in the US yet! How have you heard it?!” he says in a sarcastic tone. I shrug my shoulders and give my best innocent look. They start playing and it takes my breath away. Their voices sound so much better live and the amount of talent they have is insane. I’ve dreamed about hearing them live and its actually happening. My eyes start to water when Luke comes up to me in the bridge of the song and strokes his hand down my face before going back to playing his guitar. The song ends and the guys ask what I think.  “It was amazing,” is all I can put into words. Luke comes back over to me and gives me one of those hugs where his arms are all around you and he picks you up. I’m laughing into his shoulder when he sets me down and smiles at me. Calum breaks the moment asking, “So you are really 15?” I look back at Luke one more time to see that he is still staring at me. I turn back to Calum, “Ya, I am.” Everyone got really quiet after that. “So what do you want to be,y/n?” Ashton asks lightening the mood. “A makeup artist,” I give him a grateful smile. “I will be right back. I’m going to use the restroom.”

*Lukes POV*

“y/n’s really cool, mate,” Michael says smiling at me. “Ya, I think so too,” I agree.  “She wants to be a makeup artist, huh?” Ashton asks. “Ya, man you should’ve heard her talk about it earlier. She seems real passionate about it.” Its silent for a moment. “What if we brought her to the party Tuesday night and have her meet Lou?” Ashton suggests. “That’s a great idea! Lou could get her to meet people in the industry! Ashton you’re a genius,” I go over and high five him. “I’ll go call Lou and ask if it’s okay,” Ashton says as he leaves the room. This could really open a whole new door for her. “Lou agreed to it right away and said she would love to meet her,” Ashton said. “This is gonna be great.”

*Y/n’s POV*

“What’s gonna be great?” I ask stepping inside the room again. All of the boys look at Luke and he walks closer to me. “We were wondering if you would like to come with us to a party on Tuesday night?” He asks trying and failing to hold back his smile. “Like a frat party?” I ask. They all laugh at me. “No, y/n, like a party for all the people who tour with us and some of their friends. So what do you say?” It sounds like a personal party. “Are you sure it’s okay that I come? It sounds like a lot of close people,” Luke takes my hand. “y/n y/l/n, we are completely and positively sure we want you to come with us to this party. Will you please make our acquaintance?” I laugh at his unnecessary fanciness. “I would be honored,” I say in the same cheesy tone. My phone goes off telling me I should start making me way home. “I have to get home before curfew. I had a great time with you guys tonight.” They all respond similarly but look as though they are sincere with what they say. “See you all on Tuesday!” I wave to the other three boys as Luke walks me up the stairs. “Thanks for hanging out with us today,” he smirks at me. “Thank you for inviting me, Lucas,” I give him the same look. “I will text you the details on Tuesday.” “Okay. I’m excited,” I give him a hug before I leave. “See you,” I call to him over my shoulder. He stands in the doorway waving back, “See you!”

I get home right before curfew but don’t sleep at all.

Part 3??? 

Writing things like this make me really happy. If you want preferences or anything just let me know.

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