prettyparanoia asked:

Questions 1 to 12 x

Thanks c:

1. Virgin? - Nope!

2. Shoe size - 5 in men and a 7 in women ^-^

3. Do you smoke? - Naaah.

4. Do you drink? - I use to!

5. Do you take drugs? - Naaaaaaaah

6. Age I get mistaken for - idek ahah

7. Have tattoos? - Not yet

8. Want tattoos? - OF COURSE

9. Got any piercings? - Yup.

10. Want any piercings? - I want many more!

11. Best friend? - Don’t have one of those ahaha

12. Relationship status - I’ve been with my bf for a little over a year now!

thanks again for the questions, sweetie <3

Fuck this insanity.

Fuck. Sometimes I really don’t know where you are coming from. Where your state of mind is located at? Their are days that I just want to cry because I’m so confused and nonchalant with this moment of us is at. I’m confused.

You talk about an us, talk about a relationship happening, and you talk about this whole situation with us, but there isn’t really anything going on at all. You ended this relationship. You left it broken and uncut. You clarified it. All I wanted was a few weeks break from you to clear my head from all the nonsense then the next day you jumped on board to the next fatal attraction you saw. 

If you ever had a little soul of my feelings you would know I’d go catatonic. You couldn’t hold your fucking tongue and waited about a week or two to ask her out, to welcome her into your sweet words and your loving thoughts. You couldn’t wait could you? I know you two are over now, but to be honest, did you actually think you two would’ve made the cut? Everyone saw it. I saw it, Dezerae saw it. & even you saw it. She was miserable and I’m not sure if you were, but it was a fucked up system then. 

I hate how you get mad at me for not trusting you and believing in you. How could I? You should know the answer to that already. Everything we’ve been through I get the big blow. Lately, I don’t even understand the words you are saying no more. I’m confused. Confused! CONFUSED. 

– Fuck this insanity.