baekhyun stans:

  • probably wanting to stan the rest of the beagle line but then telling yourself that you have to be a faithful stan
  • seeing all those other baekhyun stans and feeling competitve
  • feeling overly protective of the lil beagle when the other baekhyun stans say that he’s their husband
  • feeling overly protective when the other stans sass the baekhyun stans
  • feeling like you stan another exo member but constantly hearing the beagle’s screams in your ears 
  • wanting baekhyun to release more solo tracks
  • seeing people hating on baekhyun’s mullet and wanting to give them a shit storm but wanting to be classy
  • seeing other baekhyun stans making themselves look stupid and desperate and knowing doing something about it will just make all baekhyun stans look immature

chanyeol stans:

  • constantly being annoyed at how people think chanyeol is annoying for being “constantly happy”
  • having eyes rolled at you when you explain that chanyeol has his harsh times too
  • having people tell you that chanyeol’s happiness is fake
  • having a slight liking to kyungsoo (even if you don’t think you do you do)
  • having your ovaries killed whenever he dyes his hair a dark color
  • being annoyed the “you lovin’ the size” meme is used incorrectly and not being able to do anything about it
  • seeing people mock his english
  • having people tell you you’re “too obsessed”

jongdae stans:

  • seeing all those posts talking about how jongdae stans are trolls when you deep inside know you’re not that much of a troll
  • seeing posts about how people should be appreciating jongdae more but nobody listens
  • people mocking his vocals
  • seeing the constantly recycled joke about jongdae being an absolute troll like he’s not just five letters go
  • seeing all these xiuchen shippers and even though you might not feel like it’s your type knowing deep down that you should just give in because you secretly love it
  • seeing people saying that jongdae gets “too many lines” and that he should “just go solo at this point”
  • seeing people not appreciate jongdae
  • people using the dino roar meme incorrectly

kyungsoo stans:

  • seeing that 78% of meme text posts that include kyungsoo have to include a reference to “satansoo”
  • being pissed off at recycled memes
  • having people make fun of kyungsoo’s height when he isn’t even that short if you look at it
  • seeing all those inaccurate posts about kyungsoo being mean
  • probably wanting to stan chanyeol on the side but being scared that kyungsoo might be sad
  • seeing kyungsoo pout with those big ass cute ass sexy ass lips
  • people bullying kyungsoo
  • wanting an actual squishysoo

jongin stans:

  • people not seeing the cute fatherly side of jongin
  • people saying that his skin is too dark and therefore calling it “ugly” despite you thinking it’s sexy af
  • people thinking that jongin is only in exo bc he’s a good dancer and therefore not appreciating his vocals
  • trying to find a decent smut that doesn’t involve intense dance breaks
  • finding a decent smut but after reading it you’re either traumatized af or thirsty af
  • feeling genuinely thirsty every time you see a picture of jongin
  • or a video of jongin
  • basically being turned on by someone saying his name

kris stans:

  • people saying he’s ugly
  • feeling both embarrassed and thirsty whenever he actually tried to be a leader (esp that time he hit his arm lol)
  • people saying “he’s good for nothing”
  • knowing that no matter how hard you try to explain people won’t understand how funny he is
  • seeing “manga hair” kris and just
  • wanting to stan someone from exo-k but that’d totally make you feel bad and guilty
  • watching ot12 days and getting the feels
  • seeing him with his hair shaved off and suddenly realizing that kris doesn’t give any fucks and wanting to be like that but you’re busy being thirsty

yixing stans:

  • go fighting episodes take forever to load
  • listening to the exo’s new album and suddenly realizing that yixing’s voice would’ve been so nice in the eve
  • despite being supportive of yixing you still wonder what diamond would’ve sounded like with his voice
  • seeing him with luhan laughing as their good ol’ selves and remembering that you probably used to stan luhan and getting emotional
  • seeing yixing getting shit on for no apparent reason
  • seeing people saying that yixing might as well leave exo because they’re pro ot8 !!
  • give !! yixing !! lines !!
  • literally seeing yixing and wondering if he’s hot, sexy, or cute in this photo and just questioning life bc he’s so innocent while being literal sex

luhan stans:

  • wishing you were as pretty as him
  • watching videos of ot12 and suddenly feeling really empty because he was so pretty
  • seeing his new content and being like “it’s so good ogm” but secretly wondering what it’d be like if he was still with exo
  • seeing people say that he used exo as a way to get famous and was secretly “selfish”
  • watching hardcore hunhan shippers in the comments section of ever exo, sehun, or luhan related video and literally dying of embarrassment
  • people that are at war because they don’t know whether to call luhan manly or pretty
  • your friends thinking luhan is a girl
  • seeing all the other luhan stans and wanting to fight

junmyeon stans:

  • knowing that junmyeon is underrated and needs love
  • people only knowing junmyeon for being “that cringey stereotypical mother of exo”
  • not seeing enough junmyeon stans
  • people saying that junmyeon isn’t as good looking as the rest of exo and wanting to punch those people in the face
  • just wanting junmyeon to be happy and stress-free
  • watching all the other fanwars and getting the feeling that you should stop them but you can’t be bothered
  • but then watching exo-ls embarrassing themselves badly and feeling guilty for not doing anything
  • knowing that junmyeon needs to be appreciated

sehun stans:

  • seeing other sehun stans embarrassing themselves
  • being called a brat when the only thing you did was say “i’m a sehun stan” 
  • being annoyed when people call sehun ugly
  • give !! sehun !! more !! lines !!
  • people saying that sehun is overrated
  • people saying that sehun stans are insane and shouldn’t stan him bc they only stan him bc he’s handsome (ugly then handsome?? make up your minds you snakes lmao)
  • seeing other sehun stans and feeling v competitive
  • watching sehun grow up and the feels

tao stans:

  • feeling annoyed when the only joke they know is showers
  • or the other joke is his love for gucci 
  • angry bc tao should’ve been treated better because he’s human and has human needs
  • seeing old videos and being emotional
  • seeing all his new content and feeling happy but then feeling pissed bc you think nobody knows or cares about his career
  • wanting to stan someone else in exo but then the memories of tao got you like
  • looking up smut and seeing him being portrayed poorly
  • people not caring about exo-m versions of songs and not appreciating tao’s rap parts

minseok stans:

  • your insensitive aunts and uncles calling minseok “fat”
  • people saying minseok is ugly and doesn’t deserve to be a part of exo and that really hurts
  • wanting minseok to be appreciated more but nobody hears you
  • wanting to stan xiuchen because “he’s like a wife to me” but wanting minseok to yourself too
  • looking up smut and being confused as to why the most obscure smuts were made
  • getting thirsty and turned on at the incorrect times
  • people not appreciating his vocals
  • people not knowing that under those cute clothes is a fuCKING XIUDADDY READY TO GET YOU PREGNANT THROUGH YOUR EARS