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So I ordered 2-3 diff decals from this shop on Etsy months ago but I never used them… Don’t know why (yes I do, because there are too many designs I want to try and so little time!), they were so easy to work with! The shop is called ChachaCovers (check out her store… it’s worth it! She has everything from Frida to Frankenstein, donuts, pizza and mexican wrestlers decals!) - I’m about to order again since they were so amazing!

Can you tell the inspiration for the global design is from one of my all time fave nail art godess, BritneyTokyo? I just literally LOVE every single design of hers. 

 - Homage to Mani-festdestiny - 

You probably all know Anna as the Top Editor of the nail art tag - she’s one of the dopest chick that I know here on Tumblr and this mani is pretty much completely taken from a pic she posted on instagram (as Annafestdestiny) a few weeks ago.

I used the infamous Deborah Lippmann dupe from Urban Outfitters called Sea Dust, Lynnderellla Change and some few random gold glitters to do my gradient. I used an old bindi sticker I had lying around for the accent nail.

If you never heard of Homage Month (I never really did a month thing as much as random homages) it’s a brillant idea from the lovely Christina from Starlettapproved check it out HERE.