Dear Diary,

Seems like I’ve been going non-stop since the New Years! Progression is always welcomed though so I’m not complaining.

On today’s post I will be talking about my outfit of the night which seemed to workout great for the occasion I received many compliments by two simple items together that I had laying around in my closet.

In most style pictures of tutus the models are always very skinny and petite…. But within the last year the plus size girls have been taking over the style rules breaking them with grace and making everything look ten times better. The same with tutus I’ve seen some of the best looks featuring tutus on a plus size/curvy girl.

On this look i decided to do a fun top with glitter all over it which happens to be a bodycon dress i bought from Asos a few years ago its knee length with a scoop neckline in the back so it gives you the sex appeal without showing to much skin. I paired it with this mint green tutu that i purchased from Ebay (yes i know Ebay) ive found some very unique pieces off of Ebay of course purchase with caution. I didnt want to overly accesorize this outfit, to me the dress was already doing enough. However, i did want my shoes to make a statment so i choose a rhinestoned pump that came in the colored nude, drop chandelier earrings and a wine colored lipstick and i was good to go!

This year i will be doing more tutu looks so stay tuned


A CurvyGirl