So this is another one of prettymycity’s work. Just a regular ol’ sunflower but nonetheless brings some much needed color to the decaying and wet river trail. This will be especially pleasant to look at come winter’s white and chilling hold. 

Thanks for coloring my city prettymycity. I only wish street art like this were legal to make our daily routines even brighter!


Humboldt Park is full of magic…

I heard that gnomes, elves, and fairies could be found in the park and that some of them have taken up residence in the trees, so I went to see for myself. I wandered aimlessly at first, but a chorus of crickets chiding my wood-headedness told me where to find the lair of the Blue Fairy. I found her just before the dawn, while Orion could still be seen cartwheeling across the Southeastern sky. I chose his brightest star, and being careful not to say its name (beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetle…) I did as she bade me, and made a wish.