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Hanna: [on Wilden] I mean I wanted him gone, and I’ll probably go to hell for saying that, but…
Ashley: I hope not; then you’ll have to see him again.
—  Pretty Little Liars: Hanna Marin about Darren Wilden to Ashley Marin - 04x02 Turn of the Shoe
My reaction to CeCe being “A” and “Game Over, Charles”:

1.       Timeline inconsistencies. Timeline inconsistencies. Timeline inconsistencies.

2.       We left the PLL moms in the basement for the five years? Poor moms!

3.       Mona, Spencer, Emily, Hanna and Aria and their respective families, after CeCe stole the game from Mona and became “Big A”, are actually irrelevant and faced pointless torment and trauma for the past years over something they had no control over whatsoever.  

4.       Marlene, how do you explain that Alison and Toby had a scene with Marion, but CeCe was a child when we saw Bethany push Marion off the roof? When Marion was killed, according to the logic in “Game Over, Charles”, Toby and Alison would have had to have been children as well. However, we have a flashback of an alive Marion with Toby and Alison in their mid-teens? So, is Marion a supernatural being? Is Marion a time traveler? What a joke.

5.       In the 6A finale, CeCe claims that she needed to know that Alison was alive and the only way to do that is to lure her out of hiding. However, CeCe already knew that Alison was alive. CeCe was one of Alison’s helpers when she was hiding. Hmm, okay…

6.       CeCe was Rosewood High School Prom Queen, in Drama and in the Debate Club, but she never attended the school? How does that work? Yes, you tried to explain that in the finale, but it was weak—at best.

7.       Incest. CeCe knowingly dated her brother? Wonderful. According to the finale, she didn’t do “anything wrong”, but the idea of someone knowingly dating her brother is just appalling.

8.       Also, congratulations to Jason on dating not one, but two of his four sisters. Big “kudos” there, buddy.

9.       CeCe was able to complete gender reassignment with no problem at a mental institution – apparently.

10.   The idea that a mental institution would allow one of its patients “in-and-out” access is ridiculous. So, you’re going to tell me that a mental institution knowingly let one of its patients spend a whole summer on vacation. Wonderful!

11.   Radley Sanatorium gives out day passes so its patients can go and come as they please to attend funerals and the university? Awesome.  

12.   The idea that a mental institution would allow three of its patients access to a rooftop unsupervised. Another wonderful idea.

13.   Charles or Charlotte/CeCe should be five years older than Bethany, but in the rooftop scene between CeCe, Bethany and later Marion, Bethany looks older or even the exact same age as CeCe.

14.   The escalation of the argument between Marion and Bethany was unbelievably fast. Also, the lack of explanation for why Bethany killed Marion.

15.   Wren gave CeCe a visitor’s pass to visit Mona at Radley. However, CeCe was already a patient when Mona became a patient. CeCe would have had no need for a visitor’s pass if she was a patient. Even then, someone visiting an unstable patient at a mental institution seems unlikely.

16.   Also, Wren was almost suspended for letting CeCe into Radley when CeCe was already a patient at Radley? Great work there.

17.   We were told that CeCe got kicked out of UPenn because of Alison. That was a lie. She got herself kicked out when she hit Alison in the head.

18.   CeCe supposedly snuck into Radley and pretended to be Alison, but CeCe already lived there? Wouldn’t the staff recognize one of their own patients? No? Okay, that makes total sense.

19.   Also, why would Jessica be angry that she got a call from Radley because her daughter was “sitting in Radley” and it turned out to be CeCe Drake? CeCe is her daughter. Her daughter was already in Radley. Shouldn’t she have known that? Why would have Jessica been angry that her daughter was where she was supposed to be?  

20.   The poor excuse how CeCe had the income to be “A” in the first place.

21.   Wilden changed the report for Marion’s death to protect CeCe. However, how does that logic work? If Wilden was only a couple years older than or roughly the same age as CeCe, then he would have had to have been a kid when the crime took place. Unless Wilden is a vampire or has been the same age his whole life, he couldn’t have been a police officer when the crime took place.

22.   Sara as both Red Coat #3 and Black Veil. Are you serious? What motive did Sara have to join CeCe’s revenge? You’re telling me that a stranger ran away to join another stranger’s revenge against five other strangers. Makes sense.

23.   Ian killed himself, according to a recent interview with Marlene. Why would Ian have killed himself? Wasn’t Melissa on her way to help Ian? Doesn’t add up.

24.   In episode 19 of season 3, Jason claims he saw CeCe speaking with Melissa “that night”. Okay, yes, Jason was drugged that night, but… In the season 6A finale, CeCe claims that Bethany stole her clothes and snuck out of Radley. Alison calls her out and says that Emily was told by Jason he thought he saw CeCe wearing the infamous yellow top that night. CeCe claims that he must have seen Bethany or Alison that night because “he didn’t see me”. Yet, also in season three, CeCe says to Emily that she WAS there that night because Alison called her. Alison was freaking out because everyone wanted the N.A.T. videos, specifically Melissa. CeCe said she was talking to Melissa that night and Melissa begged her to talk to Alison. So, what is it? Were you there or not, CeCe? If what CeCe says is true and Melissa was actually talking to Bethany, that makes zero sense. What would Melissa have had to discuss with Bethany? Bethany and Melissa never even met. YEP. This makes so much sense Marlene.

25.   When Spencer was recalling the night she met Charles/Charlotte/CeCe, she said that there was something “really familiar” about Charles. Can someone explain to me how CeCe would be familiar to Spencer if they weren’t even close or even friends? They were acquaintances at best.  

26.   The “stand-in” that they used in place of CeCe at the dollhouse was bigger and taller than Spencer. Spencer is clearly taller than CeCe.

27.   Alison became a teacher at Rosewood High within five years. Let’s remember that Alison missed most of high school because she was “missing” or “dead”. Seems legit.

28.   At the fake prom in the dollhouse, CeCe yearned to be Prom king with “Ali” a.k.a Mona as her queen. That’s strange for someone who identifies as a female.

29.   If CeCe wanted to be a woman so badly, why did she dress-up as a man in the dollhouse?

30.   We were promised a “gender reveal” in the season 5 finale. “A” was presented as a man in the episode, and not a transgender woman.

31.   Marlene said I would feel “heartbroken” and “surprised” when I found out who Big A was. Nope. I was disappointed. Why would I feel “heartbroken” about a woman who tortured other women for entertainment and because it was “like a drug” to her? That’s not heartbreaking. That’s disturbing.

Shoutout to prettylittleliartheorie-s for making me re-watch Season 3′s The Kahn Game.

So CeCe said some people from high school are throwing a party and her friend from high school is working in admissions at UPENN now. 

So you went to high school… but you were in Radley nearly all your life… YEAH THIS IS MAKING SO MUCH SENSE *sarcasm at it’s finest*