MY PRETTY LITTLE LIARS THEORY after 5x25: Charles is Toby’s brother.

After ‘Welcome to the Dollhouse’, everyone is thinking that Charles is Jason’s twin and older brother of Alison. WHY? We only got to see seconds from that video and we saw “Jessica” holding a baby girl and two little boys playing around. WHO said anything about Jason, Alison or Charles in the video? 

Do you see twins? I see two little boys and one is older than the other one.

In the video, we saw Jessica holding a baby girl and two little boys playing around but… Why do you think they’re Jason, Charles and Alison? I think the baby girl is Bethany Young, one of the boys is Toby and the other one is Charles. So… Jessica is holding her niece and her nephews. // The other possibility is that Jessica is holding Bethany Young (her niece), the kid who kisses her is Charles and the other kid is Jason (since Jessica only say YOUR SISTER to one of the little boys) So, it would be Aunty Jessica. YES, I’M STILL THINKING JESSICA AND MARION ARE SISTERS (MAYBE TWINS SISTERS!)

Actually, I think ‘Charles’ is his real name but he uses a fake name in Rosewood (Maybe Lucas?)

Andrew is helping Big A since the A’s lair is Campbells’ property. They could also know each other because Lucas, Andrew and Mona were nerds back in the day.

Furthermore, all the german references make me think about Lucas. I could be wrong, but who knows?

What do you think about Charles? It’s almost obvious he’s not Jason’s twin, maybe an older brother but… I think he’s not Mrs. D son but her nephew. Do you remember that Mrs. D wanted Bethany to call her ‘Aunty Jessica’?

He would be Charles Cavanaugh and it sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Could Mrs. D (Jessica) and Mrs. C (Marion) be twin sisters? I think so.

Huge. Huge. Huge.

Wrens conversation with Hanna about his dad. It didnt have any meaning to me beside the fact he was in a psych ward, until after the finale. If this isnt a huge connection/clue then I doubt my existence!

Hanna: “your dad was in a nut house? ”

Wren: “ For years, He checked out of my life when I was 10. He traded our family room for the chaos inside his head.”


BOOM. Charles is Wren or his dad. If its his dad we of course dont know he is Wrens dad. But we have seen him before as Charles “is no stranger to Rosewood”. If so im betting on Ted. The Run Ali Ted is Charles anagram supports that theory too. If ots Wren he must be out for vengeance for something that happened to his dad that affected him.
Please Help Me!!!!!!

I’m having difficulty understanding the timeline of the Season 5 finale. As I am rewatching the episode, I couldn’t help but let Toby throw my understanding of the events off. 

Here’s why: 

First, Toby goes to the Hastings and tells them what happened. He’s wearing a police uniform & it’s day light outside. (He tells them about the drivers being drugged, etc.) 

Next, we see Toby trying to figure out the location of the truck/van with Ezra & Caleb. They are in Toby’s apartment. He is wearing a green tshirt. 

We then see him with Detective Tanner trying to show that A is behind this. What is he wearing? His police uniform. Detective Tanner puts out an APB for Caleb and she asks Toby if she knows where he’s at, to which he replies “I haven’t seen him for days.” So either Toby is clearly lying to Detective Tanner or my sense of understanding of the order of events is completely off. 

But here’s where I get more thrown off. Next scene of Toby, he is back at his apartment w/Caleb & Ezra. The Hastings show up at his door step after having visited Alison in prison and learning A is back in town.  

When the Hastings invite themselves in, the face Toby made was quite strange. Like an “o’ shit” kind of face. I don’t want to read too much into it, but it was weird nonetheless. Take a look for yourself. (Reminded me of the face he made when he was revealed to be A/on the A-Team.) 

But back to my confusion. Now they’re all at the apartment and Ezra gets a message that the police are looking for Caleb. Caleb gets up and is basically getting ready to go to the police department. Toby tries to intervene and the Hastings tell him to let Caleb go because they need Tanner on their side. Ok, great. 

Next we see Caleb being all badass at the precinct, while Toby is standing behind him wearing….. his police uniform. 

How/why did he go back from a green shirt to police uniform, back to a green shirt, back to the uniform?! Caleb & Ezra are still in their same clothes, so I am lost! Is the sequence of events different than what I’m making it out to be? 

PLEASE LET ME KNOW YOUR OPINIONS because this is making my head hurt more than #CharlesIsA. 


Remember in “Thrown from the Ride” (5x04) Aria was checking her email… Well, going back we see an email that may not have meant anything at the time but just may serve as a clue now about little Miss Aria. She received this email:
Harvey D.
Subject: Fence Install
I would like to go over the materials options available for the fence project that we have been d…

WHAT Fencing project has Aria been discussing with someone? Why would she be involved in a fence project in the first place?
After “Welcome to the Dollhouse” (5x25) we now know that -A has ALSO been working on a pretty elaborate “fence project?”
VERY suspicious, Aria! 

Credit: for the screenshots used to make this edit. <3

I have questions...

About the PLL finale.

• What was Andrew listening to?
• How is A so rich?
• Why does A care about Mona? (she wasn’t in the clique)
• How does Bethany Young fit into all this?
• Wouldn’t Spencer’s dad HAVE to know he had 2 sons?

Who has A targeted?

I’m trying to take note of everyone who A has manipulated and taken credit for- there’s subtle clues. Then can assume they are not A. Please add anything I missed!

Aria, Spencer, Emily, Hanna, Alison, Mona (no explanation needed)


Mike Montgomery- tied him up with tetherball, 

Ella Montgomery -bees

Ashley Marin- put her in jail  

Pam Fields- almost killed hit with car into the house, called Fam services

Wayne Fields- called Fam services

Jessica DiLaurentis- “I buried her like I watched her bury you" 

Jason DiLaurentis -(NAT club member) “i know what you did”, the beer bottles on porch, the elevator accident (did A ever take credit for that?)


Toby Cavanaugh (the rv and his mom) 

Maya St. Germain? Was killed by Nate (allegedly) but seems like she had info about Ali’s disappearance and that she may have gotten messages from A - she talked about being scared in the video on her website

Caleb Rivers- ran his mom off road, locked him in kiln.

Travis Hobbs -tried to buy him off to keep Ashley in jail

Jake- knives in his punching bag

Ezra-  shot on rooftop in NY (so hesitant to add this, because I thought it seemed staged,, but listing for reference)


Darren Wilden (was in Cape May) (see you at our little BBQ), killed 

CeCe Drake (was in Cape May) -turned in by A when she was wanted for Wilden’s murder - A told the cops which hotel she was at.

Garret Reynolds (NAT CLUB MEMBER)(I think that’s who the April rose note was for: Wilden, like Spencer, was trying to figure it out-when Hanna replaced the note to say meet at church, Wilden showed up)  killed

Ian Thomas: (NAT CLUB MEMBER left A messages encoded In fake suicide note. killed

Jenna Marshall : (NAT CLUB MEMBER "I am still a target”, lured to Jasons house and fire, drowning at Em’s bday party- not sure if that was really A) tried to kill her

Cyrus Petrillo- if we assume Varjak is A- burned him - attempted murder

and finally…


Melissa Hastings: NAT CLUB MEMBER (Mona manipulated her into the Black Swan costume, not A —– A did not force Melissa to wear the Queen of Hearts costume, that was a scheme she engaged in with Wilden

Why hasn’t A targeted Bethany’s killer?

The Hastings Parents- only indirectly targeted by Spencers suffering/being kidnapped

Wren Kingston

Byron Montgomery - the letter to Ella about Mredith was Mona, not A

Noel Kahn - is blackmailed by Alison - how and why - we don’t know

Andrew Campbell

Meredith Sorenson - Lucas took credit for the burn on her arm

Paige McCullers - kidnapped by Nate but not targeted by A that we know of. The text to meet in the graveyard the night the body was dug up was from Mona.

Tom Marin only indirectly targeted by Hanna’s suffering/being kidnapped (Mona was the A that forced Hanna to stop the wedding)

Pastor Ted Wilson

Lucas Gottesman (was only blackmailed by Mona that we know about)  

Kenneth Dilaurentis only indirectly targeted by Alisons suffering/being kidnapped


This is what im thinking, so obviously Charles and Jason are twins and Alison is there sister. Peter H and Jessica D were the boys birth parents. So at some point either Jessica and Peter or Jessica and Ali’s dad (cant remember his name) decided something was wrong with Charles. They sent Charles to Radley at a young age and he resented them for it. All he wanted was to be close with his baby sister Alison. But i think Charles and Toby’s mom were in Radley at the same time and Charles was involved with Maron’s death. And because of that Jessica had to get on the board at Radley to hide the fact that her son killed a patient (could have been an accident or murder). Charles must have been shut out as a kid and feeling not wanted by his family. They shipped him away and didn’t look back. All Jessica wanted was two perfect little children and obviously Charles knew that and wanted to get revenge. This is why I’m thinking Mar said we would feel bad for A. Charles i don’t think meant to hurt anyone i just think he wanted his little sister Alison back. The girls got dragged in to help Charles get in touch with Alison. I think its going to end up being a very innocent thing on his end. Having a mental issue and whatnot. I think his minions and when Mona was in charge made the game dirty. I think he stole the game from inside Radley when both him and Mona were patients. I think Charles meant in a very innocent way and it just got extremely out of hand when other people got involved. PHEW! I could be so off but im really sticking with this new theory! What do yaaa think?