Between my tumblr potterheads and twitter, I feel much better about my decision. Haha.

The Golden Snitch (which is what I originally went to the store to buy because I loved it as much as you guys) and the Severus ring won! I can get them both for only 25 bucks, which is a deal in my opinion…especially since she’s lengthening the golden snitch chain for free!

If you’re wondering where I got these from, I got them here! If it seems familiar, it’s because her store tends to get circulated around tumblr a lot!

It’s an amazing store for all Potterhead fans, both guys and girls! So if you’re feeling down and out about no Pottermore email, treat yourself to some Potter jewels. Hi, I’m an Infomercial.

Thanks for the help guys. I knew I could count on you. :D

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To person with no ask box who asked where my necklace came from..

This is the shop I ordered from, the girl who makes them is called Leigh, she’s really really nice and all her stuff is amazing. (It took me a week to choose what I wanted… and she’s added new stuff on there >.> )
Her service is amazing, she’s polite and lovely and everything comes delivered neat and tidy.
I cannot fault this women!!

Oh, if you decide to buy anything from her, tell her Dani sent you x)