hello dears! i made this follow day because some days ago an anon asked me to do it, and now i decide to do it! i tried to do as well as possible and this is the result. >.<

-egao | prettyinseoul | sakura-hime | cola-tea | mintyseoul | pyuurin | chibicky | janini | melon-tea | alisonnosekai | a-ticket-to-japan | oneinabillion93 | uyu-tea | hanakomi | s-everely | eternalmilestone | enlicious | ohmy-k-fashion | chizzu | chelshua

these are twenty among my favourite blogs, they relate to japan, korean fashion, kpop, anime&manga and cute things. i really love these blogs, so: FOLLOW THEM~

i think i’ll make a follow day every sunday with twenty blogs so i can promote all the blogs i follow. ^-^