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1. Tell me the top 8 of your favorite songs: I don’t know… These kinds of questions torture me. I’ve been listening to lots of Chopin lately so I guess just choose 8 of his waltz’s and there you go.

2. If you had a super power, what would it be and what would  you do with it? I’d want to have an invisibility cone so I can see people’s true character when nobody’s around :O

3. Tell me a person you know in real life who is your inspiration in life. My professor for part of my degree who later became my mentor. He’s an Iraqi Kurd who is insanely intelligent, well-traveled, wise, fearless. He is the one who inspired me (and continues to inspire me) in my studies. He’s written a lot of books and knows everything about everything; his office is filled wall-to-wall with books and articles. I love that! 

4. 3 favorite books: Noam Chomsky - Media Control, Naomi Klein - The Shock Doctrine, Eat to Live - Joel Furhman

5. What are your best memories from childhood? Probably when we were really young and we had a family friend who was a farmer, and my mom brought home chicks from their farm into the house and my mom (and us) got to play with them for a couple days. They were so cute.

6. Something you’d like to be talented at: SINGING! I love singing along to music but my voice is just SO terrible… 

7. One random (and strange) fact about you is: Umm, maybe that I have sleep apnea.

8. why did you choose your actual URL? 7odoud means “borders” in Arabic, so I chose it as more of a concept of borders and immigrants, people traveling, national/ethnic identity, and so on. 

9. Do you regret something? I regret many things. Mostly being foolish and giving too much of myself in my past relationships. 

10. What has been the most embarrasing moment in your life? My ultimately most embarrassing moment is far too embarrassing to post on tumblr… If anyone really wants to know they can ask me I guess. Other than that I’d have to say slipping and falling off a yacht on a snorkelling trip in Egypt was my most embarrassing moment.

11. Tell me something you really, really want. I really, REALLY want to stop holding bitterness towards people that upset me or annoy me. It’s so hard to do though.

My Questions (I borrowed some, because I’m not creative):

1. Tell me five things you are most thankful for.

2. What is your biggest fear?

3. Tell us something that people in your life off-tumblr do not know about you.

4. What is your vice?

5. What is the nicest thing someone’s ever done or said to you?

6. What is something that you find very unattractive in other people? (not physical)

7. What is the album/artist that impacted you the most and how?

8. Favorite author/book?

9. What do you regret the most?

10. What is a quality that you find very admirable and you wish to have?

11. Would you amputate your left hand for 10 million dollars?