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Hey remember that time when someone was on Nick’s show and they said that Louis was pretty and Nick AGREED? That was so great.

You know what? 

a) Louis is pretty

b) Nick agrees that Louis is pretty

c) Nick has considered Louis from all angles and has concluded on more than one occasion that Louis is pretty

d) Nick drunkenly texts Louis in the middle of the night to tell him off for being pretty

e) Louis screencaps that text

f) Louis texts Nick back to tell him he’s drunk

g) Nick replies, agreeing, but pointing out that doesn’t mean Louis isn’t pretty

h) Louis feels warm inside

i) Louis deletes his response and doesn’t send anything back

j) both of them pretend it never happened

k) Louis gets drunk in LA and it’s the middle of the night and he texts Nick asking if he really thinks Louis is pretty

l) Nick is at work but he texts back yes

m) Louis texts back did think or still think

n) still think

o) Louis falls asleep trying to screencap the text

p) when he wakes up he’s accidentally sent his screencap to nick three times

q) Nick’s texted him back saying are you trying to tell me something

r) Louis sits on the floor in his kitchen and doesn’t send a message back

s) the next time Louis is in London he sends Nick a message that just says u over me yet

t) wasn’t ever under you

u) Louis rolls his eyes, knocks back a shot of firewhisky, and texts back you could be if you wanted followed by that’s an offer in case it’s not clear

v) there’s a pause

w) Louis’s phone beeps and Nick’s texted what exactly are you offering

x) Louis doesn’t text back the world but after a minute he texts his address instead

y) Nick doesn’t reply but an hour later there’s a knock at Louis’s door

z) he ends up staying.


Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators. 

laisella said:(i am so freaking sorry for asking at such a late time) - the reader and jasper decorating their christmas tree with their child(ren)? - p.s i love your writing

A/N: Don’t worry about it, lovely! SORRY THAT THIS IS LATE!! AND FOR THE LACK OF CUTE GIF’S I TRIED FINDING THEM BUT I COULDN’T FIND ANY! This was so adorable and I truly enjoyed writing it! Please enjoy what I’ve come up with, and I’m glad that you love my writing! Thanks so much for your request. - Admin Kat 💟

Imagine: Jasper and you decorating the Christmas tree with your children.


Come on, kids!” you found yourself hollering cheerfully from the living room, the boxes of Christmas decorations revealing spontaneous sparkling emblem’s. “Dad’s going to finish it before you even get the chance to come in!” you reminded them, a smug jeer radiating off of Jasper’s countenance.

“Your mom’s telling the truth!” Jasper called, the twang in his voice causing your head to spin phenomenally.

Before you knew it, your children came rumbling in, paper and sparkles cluttered in their hair, paint smeared abstractly on their flesh, their eyes as bright as glowing crystals. “Wait, momma, pappa!” they giggled, flinging up homemade decorations.

Appreciation and love soaked you up like a sponge as your children wiggled their little string ornaments at you and your husband. “Do you think it’s prettyful enough to go on?” your son inquired up at his dad shyly.

“I think it’s more than necessary, little buddy.” Jasper smiled, lifting him up in his arms. “Where do you wanna put it?…”

And thus you watched your children clamor on their father, tugging at your t-shirt to join in and decorate the tree.

A sudden grunt left Jasper’s face as your eldest daughter jumped on his back. “Wow, there she is!” he stated in total surprise, laughing joyously.

“Can we put this on the top?” she exclaimed, pleased with herself as she held a sparkling home crafted golden star in her hands.

Jasper’s icy pale fingers cradled the object in his hands, his golden ocher orbs taking in the small family portrait in the middle. “Certainly, darlin’.” and the smile that spread across his face was priceless within itself.

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@fuwafawn Did an amazing commission of my Genealogy of the Holy War OC, Maira ( may/may not be distantly related to Saint Maira)! Super excited about this and hopefully I’ll write more about her and her adventures in Jugdral.

A Post For Trans Girls

•you are every bit as feminine as you want to be, whether it’s tons or none
•you’re gorgeous and very prettyful
•it’s okay to not tuck
•you’re still valid, even if you don’t medically transition
•it’s okay if you can’t or don’t overly feminize your voice
•you’re amazing, don’t forget that


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LOOKIT WHAT HANNAH-MUN DID FOR MEEEE SHE MADE CELL AIS! On the right I colored her in myself and changed the color of her clothes a bit to match the style of the movie, but DAMN HER ART IS SO PRETTYFUL. :3 Thanks so much, dear!!

Now I’m debating on cell verse for her and the guys.

Aislinn MacCarthy belongs to me.

Art credit goes to @hannah-the-small