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camera man: i need to up-close this prettyness. i need to.

others’ munday selfies replies: omG????!!?! WTF LIKE… HOW ARE U EVN THIS BEAUTIFL IT ISNT EVN POSSIBLE UR A FUCKIGN ANGEL??!!!!!! OH M Y GOODNESS U ABSOLUTE BABE!!!!!!! 😍 😍 😍

my munday selfie replies:

It’s like loving the sunset. You don’t expect the sunset to love you back.
—  River Song

anonymous asked:

Ya it's like a normal crown but instead of gold and stuff you make it with flowers, they look very pretty! You should try making one

“U-um, I c-couldn’t exactly… um…. f-find enough f-flowers to make the points o-on the crown… t-they didn’t look r-right, but… Did I d-do it r-right?…”

“W-wait, I w-was supposed to use a t-thread?.. I…uh… just g-grew t-them together….. and… made them i-intertwine…. d-did I f-fail?…. I’m s-sorry…”

That time of the year! Mod is off enjoying fireworks and AMERICAAA.

Get your butts ready for a ~special announcement~ on Wednesday! One concerning certain upcoming horse-related conventions…


I MET HALF OF THE SENSE8 CAST YESTERDAY!!!! They’re filming in The Netherlands and we’ve been waiting for 5 hours for them to come out. They are so lovely and beautiful! Jamie is soooo sweet and just the most inspiring and gorgeus person I know. Tuppence is so pretty and I almost died when she started talking in her British accent.. When Miguel came out I died inside. His face is so pretty and beautiful. And his voice is just so smooth and ugh. Another girl I was with asked him to record a video and he started talking Spanish.. I don’t even know how to explain how I felt about him talking Spanish. It’s so sexy. Brian looked like he didn’t want to take pictures, but took the time anyway when we carefully asked. It would’ve been okay if he didn’t want to, but he did. He is so sweet.

This cast is killing me with their kindness and prettyness. I’m in love with my picture with Jamie and can’t stop staring because of how pretty she is. I just love everyone of them

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Tell me he is not pretty. I DARE YOU.


I present my Freak du Chic Street Artist/Midway Attendant Catrine DeMew everyone!

eeeeeeeeeeeee she came out so prettyful!!! X333

ya’ll have heard me rant about Catrine and FdC before yes, good, ok moving on

was a GnB Catrine; removed the dark purple and blue streaks, added light blue and pink then styled it. i also repainted her makeup and added “paint spatters” to her tail. her dress was constructed from a Sparkle Girls dress, Catrine NS dress, a ruffle from a 1600 gift skirt, and pink and blue tule. her shoes were some FF Ghoulaura, while her hands were NS Catty hands-both of which i repainted/embellished. she’s “borrowing” Avea’s hat.

i love her, she is beautiful, now i have circus act ghoulfriends. my cat wife is flawless. she still should’ve been part of this line to begin with.