We want to start off by saying HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! We love you..and of course your music we want to thank you for letting us hear your music and actually talk to you we thank you so much for an amazing opportunity that you have given us! Tomarrow is your day do not let ANYTHING NOR NOBODY BRING YOU DOWN its all about YOUUUUU and only YOU!!!! We want to say also that you are only not just the best unsigned artist but the nicest person a girl could ever talk/meet. We want to have that opportunity to finally meet you. #TeamPDM ALLL THE WAY EVERYDAY!!!! Always remember that you have two amazing most faithful and loving and caring fan ever!!! We simply Love you…we can keep on n on n on but your other fans would get jealous lol For our conclusion: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR TONY SANCHEZ/PHANTOMDAMONSTA HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY MUAHHHH YOU DESERVE EVERY GOOD THING THAT CROSES YOUR LIFE YOU<3 keep you head up forget the haters haters gon hate :) muahhhhhhhhhhhhhh WE LOVEEEEEEEEEE YOUUUU @almighty_phantom