numberone-howdareyou  asked:

22, 44, 55 (random lol)

  • 22: Do you believe what goes around comes around? Yep…seen it happen too many times. There is a karma bus..and it rolls 24/7.
  • 44: If you had to get a piercing (not ears), what would you get? Yeah, gonna need a mulligan on that one. No bodily invasions :)
  • 55: Where are you going on your next vacation? Sunny FLORIDA! Gotta go in April…can’t wait.
I had a dream..

Kim K. and Kanye were about to get married and then Kanye was like “nah… Hey Lara! You wanna jet off to [insert tropical island]?!” And of course she said yes and invited me along. So we’re packing our bags and getting ready and Lara is making a scene about it in front of Kim (girlfrannn… Really?!) and then she jumps on the helicopter that we’re going to fly off in. I finish applying my lip gloss and get on too and there’s Lara and Kim K. Just hanging out and talking like BFFs, no matter Lara just stole Kim’s fiancé. So Kim’s like “well I’m coming with you guys.” We’re all super excited and then Kylie Jenner jumps on board, she’s coming too. So it’s just the four of us hanging out on this helo waiting for Kanye to come fly this thing to paradise.

The weirdest thing about the dream is that Lara and I didn’t look like ourselves. We were like runway models, except for really pretty (because you know they mostly are just plain looking) with perfect hair and we were wearing gorgeous, red carpet worthy gowns.

And I’m pretty sure Kylie Jenner stole my phone.