Hi! I built a house and want to share it with you. This is my first finished house I give to download. I hope you enjoy!

The house includes : 
- bedroom
- living room
- toilet 
- kitchen 

…And a good place to stay for your sims! Easy chair, a small pond, beautiful trees, shrubs, grass! Paradise!


Enjoy the game, friends ^o^

                             Myron & Loreen (by Pretty Big Sim)
                                 | Shirt | Pants | Shoes | Bag |
    |  Dress | Jacket | Shoes | Stockings | Necklace | Redness on the skin |
                            Thanks to all cc creators of these!


Part 1.

Last year, on my birthday, appeared Sam. Today is his birthday too and as many of you know, I decided to celebrate.
Guys, I did a lot of screenshots. Unfortunately, in one post i can only add 10 pictures. I decided to stretch the party for several days. Each day I will post pictures from the party, I hope you don’t kill me)))