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[PATD meme→ [7/7 songs] → When the Day Met the Night 

Spin regarded it as the centerpiece of the record, calling it “a sunshine pop sing-along that’s as blindingly bright.” Another critic called it “the track everyone will want to see the band play live,” noting that its “brass backing and glorious string-based crescendo are that of Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys.”  When the Day Met the Night is the only love song on Pretty.Odd.

Tbh if u don’t ship Ryden

I completely understand and respect your opinion and will make sure not talk about it to you. As you should respect my opinion as well. Most importantly, we should respect the real people and leave them alone and not ask them about any ship. It’s important to have boundaries and respect.

Stall me analysis

Stall Me

“Fall to your knees and kiss the ring”

This is Brendon saying how he was ready to give up -to fall- and at the same time he’s willing to do anything to get Ryan back, hence the ring kissing, because usually that’s seen as a submissive thing to do, to a person you see as higher standing.

“The crowd’s rejoicing all of my dreams”

The word rejoicing could’ve been used ironically, in a mocking way, when talking about strange characteristics, in this case Brendons feelings for Ryan, and he feels that other people don’t understand what he feels or felt and are ridiculing him for it.

“Wake up to despise the world I once loved”

This sound almost as if Brendons blaming Ryan for making him hate the memories he has from the time when everyone was still in the band, he hates the feeling of nostalgia.

“Why would you bring me in if you know what you’d become?”

This line seemed really interesting,because the way it’s written , suggests that Brendon knew from the very beginning that the thing he had with Ryan was bound to fall apart, but he was in denial about it.  And I got this from the use of ‘knew’ and ‘become’, because there is a strong sense of certainty in using past tense in this sentence.

“So curse everyone and everything, even the sun.”

This is either Brendon saying that even though he partially blames Ryan for everything,he still is mad at himself, hence the use of Sun , or this could be Brendon trying to interpret, what he thinks are, Ryan’s feelings. The fact that he used the word ‘curse’ shows his strong, negative emotions.  

“Stall me, stall me I’m all in”

Brendon is saying, he’s willing to leave everything,if only Ryan asked, it’s almost like he’s unsure of some steps he’s going to take and is asking Ryan to come back and stop him from doing so.

“Stall me, Call me up or break me in”

This is saying that if Ryan doesn’t make a move, he’s going to ‘break him in’ -he’s going to damage the relationship they had and Brendon in the process.

“A dark room in the wallflower garden at the party”

The Wallflower party is the Pretty.Odd. era and the dark room is the break up, it’s the only bad thing that happened in the period of time, when everyone was high and happy.

“She’s got four on the floor, she’s waiting to kick-start me, so just stall me”

This is where Sarah comes in , ready to take Brendon and help him get back to his old self ,but he still has the small piece of  hope that Ryan will come back.

“I had a rosy dream”

Let’s look into psychology and representations,shall we. Rose is a shade of pink and it represents unconditional love and sight of hope. But it also has a negative connotation - lack of self worth , which ties in with the next two lines.

“You gave up on you and I gave up on me”

This is as simple as it sounds, Ryan gave up by leaving him and he band and that made him give up on himself - lose self worth.

“Well, love came along and said ‘leave them be’”

Brendon now has Sarah,and the logical part of him is saying that he should forget Ryan and just leave him be.

“We were wrecked on every rock you tasted, light a cork my pretty little angel”

To me this seems like a metaphor for drugs and how, even though it was fun and all, they’re slowly ruining everyone as a person and their relationships.

“I’m singing to empty bottles everywhere,everywhere.”

Now this is a thing I might get stabbed for, but after the split Brendon started to drink a lot more, even on stage and this could be the whole singing to empty bottles, because performing without Ryan just isn’t the same and he needs a coping mechanism, and alcohol is always a go to for everyone and everything. And I’m in no way saying that he had a serious problem with it or anything, I’m just saying it became noticeable.

“She counts on stars, astrology”

This line is almost like looking at everything from Sarah’s perspective,because she’s counting on Ryan not to come back ( later on Brendon is referring to parts of Ryan as stars),she’s watching him, hence the astrology part.

“My moods are mercurial”

He’s saying that ever since Ryan left, he has become unstable in a way,because that’s what ‘mercurial’ means - unstable mood changes.

“But I know Mercury, don’t hold your breath.”

Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo, and Ryan’s Virgo, so this is a metaphor for Ryan . He’s saying that Ryan doesn’t care in a way that he does, Ryan doesn’t feel like he has to hold his breath, waiting for the other one to do something.

“Baptized in the river of you”

The feeling of pure bliss and love whenever they were together,but the use of word ‘river’ takes away that feeling and goings in an image of drowning in Ryan, because the next line isn’t as sweet as this one.

“Hold on death, the moon”

This in combination with baptizing gives off the impression of Brendon feeling like he’s drowning in his love for Ryan. And again with the metaphor for Ryan - the moon.

“The stars are a sliver of you”

It doesn’t matter if Ryan is there or not, there’s always something that’s going to remind him of the boy - even the stars.

“She said she’s got more where that came from to spark me”

This is Sarah saying that she’s willing to give him everything and even more and he wants Ryan to know this, he wants him to understand what he’s willing to give away for him.

“So just stall me”

By ending the song with this phrase , Brendon is putting out the offer one last time , just to make sure Ryan got the message. After everything he’s had offered he still is waiting for Ryan and at the time it seemed like nothing’s going to change.

But, hey , look at him now. Everyone’s happy.

Please don’t kill me for this piece of shit.

I started to notice a trend that in Fever era photos, Brendon and Ryan were always standing next to each other. But, in Pretty.Odd era phots, Ryan wasn’t always next to Brendon. Could this have shown they were drifting apart? Or am I just being paranoid?