tbh what i hate the most about sansa having jeyne poole’s storyline isn’t necessarily that it is sansa (i mean, her or jeyne poole, it’s still fucked up and awful; none of them deserve that), but mostly that i’m pretty sure the show is gonna use the storyline as pure shock and horror factor (and choosing sansa was definitely one of them btw). in the books, with no jeyne or ramsay’s POV, we never actually “see” what happens, we just vaguely hear about it, and it’s already pretty awful. but i’m 100% certain that the show won’t back away from actually showing rape scenes, and they handle it so badly that it will probably be worse than everything we already saw, and that’s what i’m not ready for and really angry at. also, they’re probably gonna add some nudity for sophie turner now that she’s 18, which is even more fucked up. 

the storyline in the books is already fucked up, and i’m really scared now that it’s in the hands of showrunners who view rape scenes as plot devices (and i’m even being nice to them because the multiple rape scenes they added weren’t even actual plot devices, but just added for no reasons at all)

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Hey im new to this whole blurryface thing can you please explain it to me, im so confused

The whole thing in general or what’s going on right now? What’s going on right now is Tumblr blowing something little out of proportion and scaring other people creating a domino effect. Anyways, Blurryface is 21ps new album (sorry I’m not sure how much you know :( ) and they’ve been releasing a new song every 21 days up until the album release date (May 19th). We already have Fairly Local and A Tear in my Heart. I believe the next one to be released is called Stressed Out. Well on Twitter Blurryface has his own Twitter and likes to post like “updates” or “clues” (I guess more like foreshadowing) and then in Tyler’s Twitter his bio/header changes a lot due to Blurryface (which is pretty much assumed to be a part of Tyler. Like his “demons” persay). Long story short they pretty much have Blurryface put stuff on Twitter and take it down and switch banners around and stuff like that. Now what tumblr is freaking about right now is people are trolling on Omegle and stuff like that pretending to be Blurryface and freaking people out which in turn they are pushing over a thing of dominos and freaking out people on here over something really little and supposed to be fun and a shared little game with 21p and the clique. BlurryFace said his Twitter was his only account. Anyone else is a fake. So I hope that helps (:


I knew, at some point, Yona would stand up and have that fire in her eyes, we’d already seen flashes ahead to how much she’d changed over time, but I didn’t know when.

So when Hak shoves her away as the Fire Tribe comes after them and he’s wounded with a poisoned arrow while protecting her, I was like, yessssss, I am pretty sure I know where this is going!


I knew what was coming at least this far.  There’s no way there would be such emphasis on her trying to rationalize why she should listen to Hak telling her to hide if it weren’t about her struggle to do the right thing.

And I felt so much for Yona in this moment.  She desperately wants to stop being an ignorant, useless princess.  She wants so badly to learn about her duty and responsibility, about her people, about how to be a better person, how to live a life that means something.

She desperately wants Hak to not be hurt because of her, she doesn’t want to slow him down.

But it feels wrong for her to just hide there and I–


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Tired ramblings.

The days are pretty much blurring into one really long day aha. I’m pretty sure it’s Friday though? Yep. Fairly certain. Little Tobias is nearly 3 days old. It doesn’t quite feel like 3 days, even though that’s such a minuscule amount of time.

I have so many people around me to thank it’s madness. Baby Tobias has been spoiled by absolutely everyone, and it’s going to be amazing to go home to a nursery that has already been set up, filled with clothes and blankets and baby stuff.

On a sillier note, having a baby.. Or how to lose 10kg in three days o.O (they weighed me every day, kidney related thing).

I knew that I’d lost at least the nearly 3kg sitting beside me but MAN I was not expecting that (mostly fluid and blood and stuff I assume).

I have great news. **life up-date**

I’ve signed up for an 8 week exercise program at the gym. This is a chance to really make a positive change for myself, health wise. It will help me with my mental health and my physical health and i`m pretty sure it`ll help to boost my confidence too. :) 

We go through a step by step process, where our teacher shows us different techniques, aerobics, weight lifting etc and how to manage our breathing, how to know we`re exercising the right way so we don`t hurt our body. I met a bunch of people and already have rides set up in advance so i`ll be able to attend the classes regularly without getting tempted to skip a session. We`re going to help motivate each other and give one another support. AIIIIIEEEEE I`M SO HAPPY! the universe has provided. :3 I am so blessed. 

that beautiful writing moment when you come up with an idea, and then you’re working on something else and you have to make the original idea fit in and it works perfectly FUCK YEAH

I am pretty sure this is exactly what happened in JRRT’s soul when he realized that the stem lanta- for fall- that he’d already invented would produce atalantië for ‘downfallen’

Percy walked away from Calypso, dialing the number for Annabeth he knew by heart already. Even though they were always told not to have phones Percy had gotten one anyways and he knew Annabeth already had one because they were both pretty sure they could take care of themselves. As soon as she answered he heard a lot of laughing and Annabeth’s voice out of breath. “Hey babe, I’m a little busy right now, Dad is showing me one of his planes I’ll call you later.” Percy agreed quickly before hanging up, a little peeved that the one person he wanted to talk to, to make his anger go down, was too busy for him. “Damnit.” He said to no one in particular.  

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hi! can i get a jr scenario where you're in college and he's the quiet guy who sits in the far top corner of the lecture room and you've always noticed him and where curious of him and one day you bump into him (literally) in the halls and you guys exchange numbers? thank you!

This is a little too AU so I’m going to change it a bit.

Your wet sneakers kept slipping on the pavement. Of course today of all days it would rain.  You were already having one of the worst days your semester.  You woke up late, you missed the bus, and you were pretty sure you were going to fail your math test.  Now, you could barely stand on your two feet without sliding all over the place.

You tripped and catapulted forward into someone walking toward you.  Your both crashed on the floor, scrambling to pick up your missing stuff.

“I’m so sorry.” You said over and over.

“It’s fine, really.” The young man replied to each of your apologies.

You glanced up to see it was Jinyoung from Got7.  Everyone knew who he was, the Kpop star who came to your college occasionally for classes. You know when his schedule permitted.  You never heard him talk before.  For an idol, he was very quiet in your classes and didn’t really do anything to make himself stand out.  

“Hey, you’re in my history class right?” He asked, extending a hand to help you up as he stood himself.

“Yeah,” You said taking his hand.  “I sit kinda towards the back.”

“You’re always staring out the window.” He said with a smile.

“I get that a lot…” You said rubbing the back of your neck. You slung your bag over your shoulder.  “Sorry about running into you.”

“It’s totally fine.” Jinyoung said with a grin.  “It gave me chance to finally talk to you.”

“Oh?” You asked in surprise. “What do you mean by that?”

“Well,” Jinyoung said in a measured tone. “You seem really kind and you’re also very pretty.”

“Oh?” You said again, this time with a more bashful tone.  “I’m flattered. Thank you.”

“So…” Jinyoung said with a sheepish grin.

“So…” You repeated waiting for him to finish his sentence.

“Can I get your number?”

You laughed a bit and gestured for him to add to his phone. He smiled widely as you typed it in and sent you a text for you to store his number.

“Where are you heading now?” He asked,

“History class?” You asked quirking a brow.

“Oh right,” He laughed nervously with a blush.  “I was going to skip…but I have a reason to go now.”

“Well as long as you don’t take my seat.” You teased, walking to the class.

“I already will have the best seat in the room.” He said with a cheesy grin.

“Oh and what’s that?”

“The one next to you.” He grinned at you and winked before walking you to class.


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I am serious

then let’s do it tbh!! i actually have no idea how to go about this but i guess people who want to be in it should let me know??? and give me their skypes?? please come off anon though i promise i wont bite. i just don’t want to post everyone’s name publicly. 

you know, i think i’ll just make a post about it with rules and all that jazz so everyone can see it. that seems easier, yeah?

in the mean time maybe like this post if you’d be interested?? this is in no way official but i’d like to get a rough estimate of how many people might be into this *shrUG*

another one? / eunji & rome

[ atxngledmess ]

The symptoms were all there and Eunji had been through this enough that she knew exactly what they were pointing to. She had begun feeling some sort of morning sickness the week before and, having had four kids already, she bought a pregnancy test just to make sure her suspicions were correct. They were. She and Rome were going to have a fifth kid, and she was pretty sure they needed a bigger house. She sighed and tied her hair up into a ponytail before heading down the hall to find her husband, she assumed he was cooking breakfast for their little ones.

In the hallway, she came across their youngest and she picked the giggling two year old up, “Hey baby, where’s your appa?” she asked as she walked, squirming two year old in her arms, down to the kitchen. “Kitchen!” her son said, giggling more. She smiled fondly and set the little one down, “Go find your siblings hm? Breakfast should be ready soon,” she told him and he nodded, wobbling off to find his older siblings. Eunji smiled when she saw Rome and approached him, wrapping her arms around him from behind. 

“Oppa, I think we’re going to need a bigger house,” she told him, using the term ‘oppa’ like she always did when she wanted something from him. They were young still, a young attractive couple with four kids and one on the way, and her royalties from the songs she had released helped with their finances. She had retired from singing after she got pregnant with their third kid and had started giving vocal lessons. She had never actually done anything with her degree in Chemistry, which was a pity but she didn’t mind because it allowed her to pursue what she enjoyed and had a talent for. She hoped he got the meaning of her words, but supplied the answer just in case he didn’t. “We’re going to need another bedroom, a nursery,” she added, burying her face in his back. 

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There's another season of the TG anime out all ready, but I'm pretty sure the manga goes into far more detail from what I've read on wiki pages at odd hours of the night. I DUNNO IF THIS IS HELPFUL THO. JUST THOUGHT I'D SAY STUFF. (also you are awesome and i have enjoyed your reaction posts to TG owo)

apparently the second season is original and some people are telling me to just not watch it lol




(thanks, glad you enjoy me!)

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A++++++ One of my OTPs of all OTPs. They are my precious babies and I’m pretty sure anyone following me already knows this.

I have always, always been a sucker for ships involving one very affectionate, loving, genki half and one grump-grump. The boke-tsukkomi dynamic, if you know what that is. The moment Rin nuzzled up to Maki and Maki had that “WTF GET OFF ME ///;; B-But I do wanna be your friend” reaction, I knew I’d ship them. While Maki isn’t overtly affectionate, she very clearly loves Rin (and everyone else in μ’s for that matter, so don’t mistake what I mean by “love”). She’s supportive of Rin, and a bit more direct than some of the others. (E.g. Chopping Rin’s head when she disagrees about what Rin thinks about herself in S2E5.)

a;sldkfjadkl; I’ll just stop here. You guys get enough of me going crazy about them anyway. Especially if you follow my twitter. It’s just MakiRinPana all day long LOL.

Send me a ship and I’ll grade it!

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When's the next ashen update? (Unless chapter 10 already went up and I didn't notice)

I actually just noticed it was my turn today *laughs* I’m sorry I’m putting it together today and it’ll go up tonight or tomorrow. Actually, it will be actively posted this weekend I’m pretty sure– like 2 or 3 parts I bet :)

This is the first message I’ve gotten about ashen!! Like– you have no idea how much this means to both of us, we were kind of antsy no one was really into it for a while. Thank you so much :)

asparklethatisblue replied to your post:hmm I really like drawing comics I sorta wish I…

I am pretty sure that you could make it a webcomic on a separate website? and I think there’s this thing where you can get sponsored online somehow


I don’t really have the network necessary for that sort of things to work. People who set up a patreon usually already have an established fanbase. I know I need to advertise my stories more somehow, but I feel pretty awkward doing that… still, it’d be the first step, and it’s probably more important than drawing the comic itself orz

Toby: why is everyone such a ghost on here?… It doesn’t make sense… Hinata: we’re still getting likes and reblogs though…that’s good Toby: yeah you have a point I guess…I just wanted people to remember that this is an “ask random weird questions” blog Hinata: I know….just give it time. I’m sure they like us just as much as we like them. Toby: *nods* you got a question though already Hinata: oh, it was just one. Nothing big Toby: I will admit, that cari28ch3-me seems pretty cool Admin: *squeals* you guys are talking! That’s so cute! Hinata: *blushes darkly* Toby: shut up.


As some of you have already noticed, we have a new arrival in the slave quarters. Sage Motta has completed her introductory week and is now fair game to all Masters. But before I push her into open season, I would like to extend the offer of “first dibs” on her, just like I did with all of the slaves before her. As always, this will be handled on a first come, first serve basis.

To the people who think that it would be so great if Zelena got pregnant by Robin and used the pregnancy on Regina. I would like to direct you to this link and please, fuck you. And to remind you that just because Robin has a dick and Zelena is a woman, she is pretty much receiving and in turn raping him any time they have sexual relations through rape by fraud/deception. 

But I am sure it would be fucking hilarious if Robin gets to raise the child of his rapist who also happened to be the woman who murdered his wife, who has also in the past made sexual advantages towards another man (not sure how far she went with Gold, but there were enough scenes to be fucked up). 

And considering this show has brushed aside sexual assault against male characters in the past already, I doubt this one will be dealt with.