13-Year-Old Boy Wins Competition Geared Towards Getting Girls Interested in STEM
EDF Energy in the UK held a competition that was listed as a "girls in tech" competition, but Joshua, a 13-year-old boy, won the #PrettyCuriousChallenge.

This “mixup” is a pretty stark example of the kind of two-timing manipulation many women face at the hands of male scientists.

Of Shadowy mountains the apocalyptic temptations
Lost in the landscape of a memory and a darkened rose
I roam the narrow streets around you

Tristan Tzara - Volt

his favorite chair

jimin would like to think he is quite well versed in the area of expertise concerning butts.

and frankly speaking, he’d have to be when, as a chair, all he gets to see and feel are butts pressing and sliding against his wooden surface from morning to night, day after day, month after month.

he has but one job, and that is to hold and support every different kind of butt out there. and he has, because jimin is a very good chair.

so yeah, jimin is pretty damn knowledgeable with regards to the topic of the human rear end, thank you very much.

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30,000th Post - Soulmates - Troyler One-Shot

This was my 30,000th Tumblr Post and I was really excited, so I wrote a pretty short fic stemming from a post I’d seen floating around Tumblr at the time talking about soul mates and seeing in colors and black and white. These are the premises of the AU.

  1. Everyone has colored vision until the moment they turn 16.
  2.  At age 16, everyone’s vision goes black and white.
  3.  You always see your soul mate in color regardless.
  4.  If your soul mate is looking at you, you see everything in color, but they only see you in color, unless you’re also looking at them.
  5.  If you are in physical contact with your soul mate, you both see everything in color.

Now for the fic:


We’d never met in person. I almost hoped he would be in color when we did, but even if not, Tyler Oakley was going to be a great friend. I made my way through the backstage area of the convention center until I found the entrance to the stage where Tyler’s panel was being held. I waited behind the curtain, not daring to look around it until I heard the crowd begin applauding, signaling the panel was over. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. As I opened my eyes, I stepped onto the stage from behind, and my eyes landed on Tyler immediately. He was standing next to Hannah Hart and as soon as my eyes fell on him, he grabbed her arm.


“Tyler?” I turned to him with a confused expression. “What’s wrong?”

 “Colors,” he said stupidly.

 “What?” I shrieked. “You’re seeing color?”

He nodded vigorously, still gripping my arm. “But there’s so many people looking at me right now. I don’t understand.”

 “Did you notice anyone during the panel?” I asked searching the crowd in front of us as if I’d be able to see the person he sought.

 “No,” he said, shaking his head.

 “Have you ever seen color before?”

 He shook his head again. “Not since I turned 16. 8 years of black and white today.”

 I could see his eyes still darting around the crowd. “Hey! HEY!” I shouted, getting the people’s attention. “Could you all do us a favor and just not look at Tyler for a minute.”

 I heard a whisper pass through the crowd until someone screamed. “TYLER OAKLEY IS SEEING COLORS!” And that was it, they were lost again.


 Everyone stared for a minute but then slowly, one by one, they turned around, until no one was looking at Tyler. “So?” I asked eagerly. “Who is it?”

 “I don’t know! Someone is still looking at me!” He huffed, exasperated and crossed his arms. I heard someone clear their throat behind us and turned around immediately.


I turned around with Hannah to find none other than the Troye Sivan still staring at me. Of course. Troye and I had talked on Skype so many times, but never in person. That must mean… “Look away,” I said softly. He smiled at me as he closed his eyes and turned his head to one side. My vision went back to black and white immediately, except for one person. There he stood, in all his perfection. Troye Sivan, the little 18 year old kid from Australia, the kid who had become something of my best friend since we’d started talking on Tumblr all those months ago, with his perfect quiff and his bright blue eyes which had reopened and refocused on me during the long minute I took to just stare at him, was in color and always would be. Troye Sivan was my soul mate. We stared at each other for a long moment, smiles slowly taking over our faces. “Come…here…” I said breathlessly, and he listened.

 Troye’s slim body fit perfectly in my arms and his embrace felt like the most incredible thing in the world. I would never let him go again if I could help it. Troye Sivan was suddenly the only thing that mattered in my world and I was perfectly okay with that.