We are happy to show our first frame made with KVA Stainless steel tubing. In this case matched with a Columbus Minimal fork painted as well as stem. Pretty impressive weight for frame of about 1.5kg. And brushed rear part as well as logos.

I am pretty much “nocturnal,” though. 

Once in a while I am able to get into a good sleep routine where I am naturally sleepy around 11pm-1am, and I do often need it to be pitch black in order to be relaxed enough for sleep. 

However, routines never last very long.

Most of the time, I feel more awake and lively at night. Even when I was younger, I used to be one of the last ones asleep at sleepovers (seriously falling asleep when the sun was coming up.)

One of my friends and I used to stay up together talking the entire time because she couldn’t sleep either, but her inability to sleep pretty much stemmed from manic phases.

Me? I’m more or less always like this. I prefer working at night. I prefer shopping at night. I prefer walking at night. I preferred night classes in college. I prefer showering at night. I prefer doing most things at night. 

Night is the time where I’ve felt most calm and comfortable. 

Daytime stresses me out. Too much light gives me panic attacks and anger attacks. I’m not very productive. At all. I’m always tired or excessively hungry or both. There’s too many people around too (and I’m an “extrovert.”)

I don’t know if this is result of a sleep disorder, or what’s going on. There are sleep disorders in my family, but I don’t know many family members who have the same experiences with night and day, light and dark, as I do.