hc that nursey and dex are secretly really good at what the other person is majoring in

nursey secretly is a genius and is actually super good at pretty much all STEM subjects, but he grew up reading a lot and while he’s great at all of those typical nerd subjects he’s only really passionate about lit and poetry which is why he chose english as a major

meanwhile dex is actually a literature NERD and he did really fucking well in high school english and he really loves writing, and for the longest time he wanted to pursue that, but because of his upbringing he decided to pursue comp sci as a major. and he isn’t even particularly good at comp sci and engineering and maths??? but he chose a major that was ~practical~ and would give him the most job prospects bc after his childhood in a small town where everyone knew everyone, he wanted out, he wanted to leave, and he knew to do that he needed a steady source of income, had to earn enough money to actually sustain himself.

so on top of nursey being attractive af and kinda annoying, dex kinda resents him for basically going after the future that he really wanted. dex HATES that nursey essentially has everything he wants

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Of Shadowy mountains the apocalyptic temptations
Lost in the landscape of a memory and a darkened rose
I roam the narrow streets around you

Tristan Tzara - Volt

note to self: don’t show your siblings (who were actual student athletes) the student athlete memes. they will not get it. and stare at you strangely.

no like I’m literally still heated ok and I’m on mobile or I’d put this under a read more

anakin skywalker okay. he was born a slave and that’s extremely important to keep in mind when talking about his attitude (and I’m not even touching on the whole dark side thing I’m talking about him being called whiny and pathetic and a weak character). so you have this kid who up until 9 years old was raised in captivity. he was treated like property, like his wants and needs didn’t matter. he wasn’t treated like a human (“I’m a person and my name is Anakin!”). he only had his mother there to give him any kind of affection, but as a slave herself, there’s only so much she can do. so picture this. you’ve been a slave your whole life and you think you’re earning freedom for you and your mom, the only person that’s ever given you any kind of love. instead, you’re told that’s not how things work even though slavery is illegal and to a nine year old, all you know is the jedi are supposed to protect. but they don’t. so you go alone, but you promise to come back and free her too. so yeah, you can come off whiny. who the hell wouldn’t?

now these people look down on you and think of you as inadequate because you can’t let your affection for her go in literally a matter of days. not only that, but the man that freed you dies and you’re left with his grieving friend that isn’t exactly fond of you. not only that, but every other jedi is brought in and raised from practically birth. you’re not, but you’re expected to immediately drop all of your former life and behavior and act just like them and when you don’t, you’re a failure.

it gets better as time goes on but still held to these impossible standards and no matter what you do it’s not enough to convince anyone (especially your teacher and the person you care most about other than your mom) that you’re not a complete fuck up. you never had any affection, but at least you had your mom. now instead you have a man who refuses to let his emotions show and especially not towards anyone else. but then you see a girl you haven’t in years and she treats you like a person, like you actually know something. and you fall in love with her and she falls in love with you. but this thing that keeps you grounded, keeps you sane after being without affection or validation for so long, it’s forbidden. it’s unacceptable, just like every other aspect of yourself.

then your mom gets tortured to death. she doesn’t just die, she’s tortured to death. one of the three people that ever gave a shit about you gets tortured to death after you failed to keep your promise to free her.

yeah, you’re pretty whiny . you spent the first part or your life a slave, only to be put into another kind of slavery where you can’t be human, you can’t have emotions everyone has (anger, love, fear), you can’t step out of line, you have to be perfect because everyone is looking at you as nothing more than a disaster waiting to happen. if you were in this situation, are you honestly telling me you wouldn’t complain? are you telling me you wouldn’t be angry? sad? afraid?

no. especially if you haven’t even seen the prequels to know what you’re talking about.