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Character flaws : Conner 3

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Character: Conner Howell
Fandom: Fandomless
Position: Human gone Naga

3. Name one or more of their bad habits.

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   It’s obvious that Conners great weakness is snakes and pretty much reptiles of all kind. Snakes just being the major one. Because of this , it has caused plenty of injuries. Broken wrist due to a constrictor ‘hugging’ it too tightly. Nearly getting the life squeezed out of him. ‘Playfully nipped” by a gator here and there and so forth.

  With Conners new living arrangements though he is forever surrounded by some of the most amazing reptiles. His nieces being two of those. One in particular happens to love to give every one kisses. Slimy wet ones that are actually coated in her venom. Which many forget. Conner being one. He can never keep his hands off of them when they visit so they actually had to slowly work his body to become immune to it so he doesn’t accidentally die one day.