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The Signs as Strange Shit Found in Space


Taurus: Galactic Cannibalism; where galaxies literally devour each other. Those savages.

Gemini: Gliese 581 c; May be a candidate for future colonization. Only thing is that one side will melt your face off and the other will freeze you to death :). But there is a little strip in the middle that is a-okay. 

Cancer: Universe’s largest water reservoir; contains 140 trillion times more water than Earth, makes a kick-ass water slide. Also a big ass black hole :/ 

Leo: The Diamond Planet; pretty self-explanatory, worth 29.2 nonillion dollars. Take that Bill Gates. 

Virgo: The Cold Star; thinks its the shit, really aint. Our sun is hot af and this star is only 80 degrees. That’s a regular day in LA basically. 

Libra: El Gordo Galaxy; Spanish for “the fat one”. Has a lot of galaxies in there.

Scorpio: The Planet of Burning Ice; its literally an ice ball that is literally on fire. 

Sagittarius: Sagittarius B2; basically a fucking huge cloud that is “a giant river of raspberry-flavored rum” 

Capricorn: Dark Energy; we don’t know what the fuck it is that’s why its called “dark” energy. it’s making the universe expand faster. how? we don’t know. just does its own thang. 

Aquarius: White Holes; the opposite of black holes, may be the key to time travel. Only exists in theory. 

Pisces: Pillars of Creation; makes little star babies (✿◠‿◠) 

  • Dazai: Help! I am going to die! [sends it to every contact on his phone]
  • [The Replies: ]
  • Kunikida: Finally!
  • Akutagawa: Bye.
  • Yosano: Congratulations.
  • Kenji: Rest in peace! (‐^▽^‐)
  • Junichirou: [Naomi replies] Do Not Disturb us!
  • Edogawa: Seen at 2:11 ✔️ [3 hours ago]
  • Fukuzawa: [hasn't checked his phone yet]
helping your bpd pals

if you’re reading this post you’re already off to a wonderful start with helping your borderline friends! it can be hard for us to admit we need specialized attention, and you going out of your way to learn how to help us is amazing. here are some simple things you can do for us (and the reasoning behind them)

•enthusiasm! borderlines have very black & white thinking, meaning if we aren’t positive you’re happy with us we will assume you are angry. really simple things like exclamation points and smiles can go a long way!

•let us know when you’re going to be hard to reach! this one is pretty self explanatory, and if you’ve read any other post of this sort i’m sure you’ve seen this, but it’s important! we are terribly scared of you abandoning us so let us know that you aren’t and that you’re just busy. (we’re kinda like those dogs that freak out and destroy the house when their owner leaves because they think they’ve been abandoned)

•reassurance! we will rarely come out and ask for this one out of fear of being labeled a “manipulative borderline,,” but if you take anything from this post it’s that your bpd friends need to be reassured that you care about us as much as possible. we usually lack emotional permanance which makes it hard for us to believe you still love us, even if you told us a few days- or hours- before.

•don’t get angry over our impulsive behavior! if we aren’t getting the attention that we’re desperate for, us borderlines will most likely do an “attention seeking” and often self destructive action in order to gain attention. you should definetly express your concerns and etc. over the behavior, but please don’t act angry. that will often lead to more impulsive thoughts on our part

•don’t show annoyance over us apologizing a lot! we constantly feel like a burden since we can’t handle things “"normally”“ this will lead us to apologize constantly (and apologize for apologizing) please just tell us it’s alright or that we don’t need to worry about it.

•if we start acting cold, don’t stress about it! this one is more for the friends or fps of us borderlines. a lot of us do what is called “splitting” where we will swap from idolizing you to hating you very abruptly. it is completely temporary!! we still love you!!

•compliment our appearance! complimenting our personalities can be tricky, since we have such a hard time thinking for ourselves. a lot of people with bpd are obsessed with their appearance and changing it, so compliment us occasionally!

•random affection! people with bpd are usually so worried that they are manipulating affection out of people. you telling us sweet or reassuring things without us initiating it is appreciated beyond belief. keep in mind we frequently don’t know how to react to things, but i promise we will be so happy.

~i don’t speak for the entire bpd community!! you should ask your borderline pal if these things apply to them if you aren’t sure.
~i’m not trying to tell you that we need a certain high level of attention or nothing, we know that you have problems to deal with too. just knowing you care and recognize our illness enough to read this post is amazing and relieving.

9x22 "Stairway to Heaven"
6x20 "The Man Who Would Be King"
10x02 "Reichenbach"

That Tricky Thing Called Free Will

Smash Instructional: Melee Techs.

Say you’ve been playing Smash 4 and you’re switching to Melee, you might not be familiar with the techs. 

Allow me to explain them in layman’s terms: 

Wavedashing: Hiring a person to wave at your friend and then dashing to their controller to unplug it.

L-Cancelling: Or -Canceing if you’re doing it right. Get rid of all of the letter L in your speech pattern to confuse your enemy.

Shine: Pretty self-explanatory. Shine a flashlight into your enemy’s eyes.

Desync: Remove the kitchen sink and use it to bludgeon your foe.

SHFFL: Suddenly Hit Face with Flaming Logs.

Hope this helps!!


More Mystic Messenger doodles because I’m in HELL

They  are pretty self explanatory I guess! …I was very tired at the end of Zen’s route, that’s thee motive of the last mini-comic haha

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