Kink: Cumming in pants

Summary: Bucky get’s off watching you train..

Warnings: Pretty self explanatory don’t you think?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

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(This gif has nothing to do with the story, I just really like it lol!)

When I got to the gym today for my daily practice sessions, I wasn’t expecting to see Bucky, my boyfriend, in there as well. Bucky usually waits till the gym is empty to make an appearance there. Today he must have made a different call. I am however, apparently not ready for what he has in store.

“Hey, (Y/N)! You ready to train? Buck won’t be a distraction will he? We can go somewhere else if he is.” I roll my eyes, Steve treats us like we’re a bunch of horny teenagers.

“I’m fine, Rogers. I think I can practise with my boyfriend in the distance, he’s not THAT gorgeous you know.” I throw a wink to Buck for the added effect. Buck rolls his eyes while Steve laughs.

“I’m gonna make you eat those words, doll.” He winks back at me.

“Bring it on, Buckaroo.” He laughs, and rolls his eyes. Steve and I resume our training, and for a while everything is going smoothly. It all changes when I see out of the corner of my eye, Bucky stick his hands down his pants….I think for a second he’s just adjusting himself, because you know men do that and shit. But…it doesn’t fact, he has a tent in his boxers, a tent that I myself am very used to seeing. I stare long enough to see his hand pumping back and forth inside his pants.

The bastard is masturbating, with his pants on while he watches me! I can only hope Steve doesn’t turn back and see this, we’d both be in serious trouble if he knew this was happening. I’m so enamored by this that I can’t look away, and Steve manages to knock me on my ass. Bucky smirks and stops, pulling his hand out of his pants and going back to lifting weights.

“What the hell was that, (Y/N)?” I roll my eyes, trying to play off the blush that’s made it’s way across my face.

“Sorry, I guess I just distracted.” I look back down on the ground, and Steve helps me up.

“Be careful, doll. You know out on the field-”

“You won’t survive being distracted, yes Steve I know.” I roll my eyes. He’s such a worry wart. I turn to look at Bucky and he smirks, winking at me.

Son of a bitch.

We go at it again, and Bucky continues to stroke himself through his pants. I don’t know what’s killing me more, the fact that he’s doing it, or the fact that I can’t actually watch him do it..

“Alright. I’ll be right back, (Y/N). I’m gonna go grab our next course. Don’t go anywhere.”

‘Oh believe me, Captain. I won’t’

Steve leaves the gym, and I turn to look at Bucky just as he finishes, and I can watch his cum leak out of the pants he’s wearing, and leak onto the floor. He looks from the floor, the cum that he’s just spilled, and up into my eyes, biting his lip.

“Well, you better get over here and clean up this mess before Steve gets back doll.” He winks, and it’s enough for my resolve to crack and run up to him, getting on my knees in front of him. I lick the cum from the tip of his jeans and he rolls his head back, moaning all the while.

“Mmm.. get back up, doll. If you kick Steve’s ass daddy’ll give you a reward tonight.” He winks at me, before strutting out the door. I can’t wait for training to be over…

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snow-plow  asked:

Excuse me, but will there be any straight characters in the game? Also, why is everyone female?

there are straight characters in slarpg’s world, and also men. you just haven’t seen any of the men because i’ve only revealed like… the four party members and six NPCs? out of the entire game? i’ve mainly focused on revealing major characters first and most of the major characters are women. not all of them, but a majority. also noel is nonbinary, not female

i mean i don’t think it should really be surprising that so many important characters in a game with “lesbian” in the title, made by a bisexual trans girl, are women who aren’t straight? i think that part is pretty self explanatory

A little while ago, I made a theory that if Lotor is the Weblum Galra, then he might be a mute in VLD. (x) It made me wonder…if Lotor is mute in this version, how did that happen…? I can see it happening in a few different ways.

1. He’s mute from birth

This is pretty self explanatory. If this was the case, I can see Zarkon keeping Lotor alive as a symbolic heir to say that he has everything planned, but still seeing Lotor as a disgrace because he is not the son he wanted. Then the other Galra would belittle Lotor and not pay much attention to him because he is a spindly mute. Lotor tries to overcome his disability and prove himself even harder than before, but still struggles with it obviously.

2. Zarkon or Haggar did it as punishment.

@ladygryphoninia mentioned this in another post. It peeked my interest, making me wonder if something like this happened to Lotor in Go Lion before. Well after doing a little digging, I found out there is.

During episode 31 of Go Lion, Lotor, or Sincline as he was called in that version, had to battle his father to prove his self worth and as punishment for being a disgrace in general. Lotor lost the fight. Zarkon points his spear towards his son, willing to do the final strike. Haggar steps in, bagging for Zarkon to spare him and saying that they need him for their plans.

Who does that sound like?

Originally posted by zeroraws

Granted, there are some differences here since Lotor does actually fight his father instead of backing down like Zuko and it partly as punishment for being fixated on his own agenda, but it’s still very similar.

(If Lotor in the old versions didn’t see even more Proto-Zuko to me, now Sincline is starting to have those traits too)

With Lotor being already painted as more of possible antihero/conflicted villain in VLD by the showrunners during interviews and them both working on Avatar before, I can see something similar to that Go Lion episode happening here, except earlier in the time line.  Like maybe Lotor had to battle his father because he made some kind of mistake or to prove himself, loosing the fight. Zarkon or another Galra is ready to kill him. Haggar intervenes, saying they need him alive as a symbol of the empire, even if he is a blight on their legacy. But the twist is – Lotor is still punished by her by him being transformed into a lab rat by taking his voice in some sort of experiment, being silenced forever.

My only problem with this is that it is way to close to Prince Zuko’s backstory. I can see the writers wanting to change things up with Lotor. With that said, it’s still possible.

3. Lotor became mute during a mission gone wrong.

This is a theory @radioactivesupersonic brought up to me during a conversation.

With Zarkon being a huge figure in the empire, anyone who knows Lotor exists might come after him as a way to get at Zarkon. I mean, Zarkon already has enemies in the form of the Blade of Marmora amongst many others in universe already, so it is possible.

If Lotor was in a hostage situation and Zarkon refused to negotiate, then Lotor basically had to fight his way out of that situation on his own. If this was the case, then maybe he got injured, by getting his throat cut and damaged during the whole ordeal.  He managed to survive, but he is forever silenced.

Like @radioactivesupersonic said to me, that might explain Lotor’s attitude in the Weblum, assuming that was him, he's  traumatised from the ordeal, but dead set on the attitude that no one will ever watch your back and you just have to take care of yourself; and yet, at the same time, he’s the one who is willing to work with the others. He’s probably be conflicted on the subject in that he doesn’t expect anyone to take pity on him or try to help him, but a part of him desperately wants connect and befriend others.  

The more I think about it, that makes him seem like Kaiba from YGO where he wants to depend on himself and is still willing to work with the others, except Lotor still wants to reach out to others and befriend others a lot more than him.    (Does that mean that Lance will start spouting out friendship speeches next season? *smack*)

Either way, if Lotor turns out to be the Weblum Galra and is mute, I’m curious to see how the show staff will handle him. I’m excited to see what they will do with him in general.

Living Next-Door to Teamiplier

This was fun to do. I couldn’t stop smiling while writing this! 
It’s pretty self-explanatory, this is a list of what it would be like living next to Mark, Ethan, Tyler, Amy and Katherine.  
Hope you guys enjoy!

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-You begin to question your neighbors sanity. 

-At first, you thought they were a bunch of hilarious nut-jobs. Maybe have a few screws loose and you should probably be worried for yourself. 

-But after meeting them personally and Mark explaining what he does for a living, EVERYTHING MADE SENSE! 

-After meeting everyone, you sort of fell into a sense of understanding and acceptance. 

-The first few times you caught the boys in dresses, you couldn’t help but laugh and crack jokes. 

-They flipped you off, jokingly criticizing whatever you were wearing at the time.

-Now, when you see Tyler in a massive turkey outfit, you just sip your coffee and wave at them from across the fence. 

-They’ve apologized many times for the weird noises coming from inside their house. 

-They give you some warning if they’re going to be doing stuff outside. Usually accompanied by Mark’s cooking because he felt bad about the loud music the night before.

-You actually went over and knocked on their door to make sure they were ok after hearing lots of screaming. 

-You found out they were just making a video. 

-They invited you inside to watch. 

-Funniest afternoon of your life. You still laugh about it weeks afterwards. 

-Amy and Katherine chat with you over the fence. They ask for cooking ingredients sometimes because Mark and the boys used it in their videos. 

-Anything you see through the windows, is entirely restricted to be spoken about between you and them. 

-You at first thought they were doing it for fun. (Which they were of course).

-But after watching a few of Mark’s videos and vlogs and live-streams, you’re safe to say you admire Mark and his work even more. 

-You donate to his live-streams and he shouts a thank you from the upstairs window. 

-You give him a thumbs-up from your side of the fence. 

-Ethan sometimes running to your house to hide from the others. 

-“They want me to do weird things, (Y/N)! Strange, unnatural things! Don’t let them find me!” 

-When this happens, you feign ignorance of Ethan’s location. 

-But Mark brings you over home-cooked meals and you give the blue-boy up instantly. 

-Ethan calling you over the fence because he doesn’t want to live with these “weirdos” anymore. 

-“I’ll sleep on the couch! I’ll rub your feet and clean! I beg you!”

-Him silently crying in your direction and mouthing, “Help” every time they shoot a video outside and you’re watching.

-Tyler is tall enough to see over the fence. 

-He leans over the top and chats with you while you’re gardening. 

-If you’re having trouble with something in the house, he’ll come over and help fix/move it. 

-Chica met you once and now escapes to go see you. 

-She’ll sleep on the front mat and wait for you to come to the door. 

-Tyler lifts her up so you can pat her over the fence. 

-You dog-sit when Teamiplier go away.

-The rest of the street think you’re all nuts. 

-Which is fine because you don’t like people coming uninvited to your door. 

-Except Teamiplier. 

-They pretty much treat your home like their own. (Within respective reason) 

-Mark knocks and enters.

-Ethan just waltzes right in. 

-Tyler knocks and waits patiently for you to open the door and allow him inside.

-Whenever something is thrown onto your side of the fence, the boys will try to clamber/jump over to get it. 

-This ends in a lot of swearing, sometimes a scrape or two.-Usually you throw it back over. But then it comes back a few more times. 

-So you sat on your side of the fence hitting whatever came over with a tennis-racket. 

-”Ignore the person on the other side of the fence!” Mark told the camera.
“They’re not important! They’re a nobody!” Ethan waved his hand in your direction.
“I’m keeping this ball now!” 

-Mark’s community have only seen glimpses of you. An arm or the top of your head peeking over the fence. 

-But you’re still a huge part of the channel since the boys call out for you in most of the videos that are filmed outside. 

-You answer them either with a loud, rude noise or a sarcastic comment that they all laugh at. 

-You had pretended to be annoyed when a stray foam arrow had flown through the open window of your kitchen. 

-But you couldn’t help but find the whole thing funny. 

-“Who the fuck just tried to assassinate me?” 
“Sorry! We’re really sorry!” 
“Next time aim better!” 

-Being Neighbors with Teamiplier is never dull. There is always something to smile or laugh at, and you have grown close to the bunch of weirdos over the fence.

Being Sebastian Stan's love interest would include... (Headcanon)


Summary: The title is pretty self-explanatory…

Word count: 478

Warnings: None

A/N: If you have any other ideas related to this headcanon, PLEASE TELL ME THEM!!!

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Seb being the perfect gentleman in public
Opening doors for you/helping you up the stairs
But on the set, it’s SOOOO different
Seb constantly tripping you up
Making you laugh behind the camera
Making you laugh during the most inappropriate moments
Director: “Y/N, we are making a horror movie, not a comedy!”
Director: “Y/N, Seb, you have just witnessed your family being killed. I don’t get the joke?”
Director: “Y/N, Seb… You know what? I give up. I retire!”
Fans shipping you to the next level
Fans calling you ‘Mum’ and 'Dad’
Awkward questions being asked at ComicCon panels
Fan: “Y/N, judging  off of the sex scenes you have filmed with Seb and any personal experience, how good is he in bed?”
Y/N: “Why do you need to know that?”
Fan: “A science project for school.”
Y/N: “Oh well if it’s a matter of life and death I guess I have to answer!”
Seb: “Wait! Hold on! What do you mean by 'personal experience’?”
Star gazing in the middle of late night shoots
Seb: “A shooting star! Make a wish!”
Y/N: “What did you wish for?”
Seb: “Another increasingly explicit sex scene.”
Pranking each other on set
Slagging each other off in interviews
Interviewer: “So, Y/N what is it like working with Sebastian?”
Y/N: “Horrific! He constantly messes around, always up to no good, ruins the set. He really is a pain in the butt.”
Seb *voice faintly heard in the distance*: “I heard that!”
Leaving weird gifts in each other’s trailers
Seb leaving you a bouquet of flowers one day and a sex toy the next
The gifts getting weirder and weirder as filming progresses 
Makeup artist: “So what did he leave you today, Y/N?”
Y/N: “A pile of loose change…”
Makeup artist *desperately trying to sound optimistic*: “You never know, it might come in handy one day.”
The loose change did indeed come in handy as you spent the whole day throwing it at Sebastian and screaming at him “PEASANT!”
Having to get over the awkwardness and slight fear of being naked in front of each other
Seb having to take a break because he’d pulled a muscle flexing so much
Filming a fight scene
Accidentally punching him in the face
Sebastian dramatic falling to the floor in pain and pretending to cry, 
Y/N *while flexing and staring straight down the lens*: “Hulk 2.0, will shortly be in a cinema near you.”
Taking pictures at the premiere together
Messing around in the screening
Throwing popcorn at each other
Having to answer questions the next day about a film you didn’t even end up watching
The press tour
Sitting next to each other on plane rides
Watching movies at the exact same time so you can laugh together
Ending up sleeping on each other
The cast picking on you both for being so cute
Being the most stereotypical tourists and pissing off all the local people

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  • Dazai: Help! I am going to die! [sends it to every contact on his phone]
  • [The Replies: ]
  • Kunikida: Finally!
  • Akutagawa: Bye.
  • Yosano: Congratulations.
  • Kenji: Rest in peace! (‐^▽^‐)
  • Junichirou: [Naomi replies] Do Not Disturb us!
  • Edogawa: Seen at 2:11 ✔️ [3 hours ago]
  • Fukuzawa: [hasn't checked his phone yet]
Responses to childhood trauma.

Our therapist mentioned a while back that there are common responses to childhood trauma.  The obvious ones being fight or flight. But she said three others were freeze, submit and attach.

I don’t think I understood at the time but looking at my system now I can see examples of all of these responses in system members.

They’re pretty self explanatory I guess but I just wanted to share this for reference if anyone finds it helpful, like I have.  I think these are even more relevant in dissociative disorders such as DID because there are often conflicting feelings towards abusers - we are often attached to them despite their abuse.  For us that has been one of the most grueling things to admit.

I know freeze is very common, in later trauma/abuse as well as child abuse. It often happens when fight/flight can’t happen and is when a child will become silent and still, anything to avoid drawing the attention of their abuser. It comes with a sense of powerlessness.

If the freeze response doesn’t work, the child can “submit” by going along with whatever the abuser is doing, in the hope that if they comply it will be over quicker/they won’t be punished. This can be seen in animals - they “play dead” and hope for the attacker to leave them. Submit parts often feel a great deal of shame and take on the blame/responsibility for what has happened.

It is apparently common to have alters who represent these trauma responses within the same system. I can now see all of the responses in our system, for example, fight presents in hypervigilant alters such as protectors, flight can be seen in those alters who distance themselves from external people to avoid being hurt, freeze is obvious in very scared/traumatised/often younger alters who can be stuck in the trauma, submit parts can feel shame or appear needy, whereas attached parts have a fear of being abandoned/always try to be better.

I’m not sure if this will help anyone but it helped us to figure out why certain alters act in a particular way/believe particular things.

1. Find a study method that works for you! - I feel like this is such an overrated study tip but I honest cannot emphasise the importance of it!

  • A lot of us have a preferred and more effective way of learning, find out yours! I’ve personally never stuck to one study method because I find that different study methods worked for different subjects. For example:
    • Note Taking: This is pretty much self explanatory and I like to do this for all of my subjects except for math, since I like to just sit down and combine class notes with things from the textbook.
    • Mind Maps: I found mind maps to be incredibly useful in terms of essay writing when it comes to Literature since I was never one to memorise an essay and regurgitate. Instead, I would use a mind map to organise the topic of each of my paragraphs, the quotes I intend to use and the main dot points for my explanation. I then use this mind map to create and adapt an essay under test conditions.
    • Pictures: I like to draw or print out pictures and label them with explanations, etc. when it comes to human bio, because human bio requires a lot of diagrams when learning about the human anatomy and evolution. Using pictures allows me to recreate the image in my head during an exam helping me remember and understand the information better!
    • Use a whiteboard: I personally hate physics, and it’s one of those subjects that I just can’t sit through and write notes, so I like to sit with a whiteboard and list important notes, formulas and even drawings to help me understand the concept.
    • Flashcards: Flashcards never really worked for me because a lot of my subjects are very content heavy, but if flashcards work for you then go for it.
    • Practice! Practice! Practice! This is particularly important for subjects like maths, I know its tedious but you’ll thank yourself later!

2. Make friends (or at least build a good relationship) with your teacher! This isn’t something that I learnt to do until my final two years of high school but this is honestly SO SO important! Being friends with your teachers means that you respect them and they respect you. It also helps when it comes to recommendation letters in jobs, applications for uni, and applications for scholarships. It also means that you can easily approach them when you’re having trouble in class, and they’ll be more than willing to help you. I know I had a teacher whose email was always open and was willing to stay before and after classes in order to help not only struggling student but even students who are excelling. Which brings me to my next point;

3. Even if you’re doing well, use your resources! Talk to your teacher, ask questions, there’s nothing wrong with further expanding your knowledge. My teacher finds that its the curious ones and who put in the extra effort of seeing teachers outside of class to ask for help are the ones that tend to really excel.

4. Choose subjects that you love. It makes high school more bearable.

5. Join clubs and other extracurricular activities. Do volunteer work. You’ll thank me later when the time comes for applying scholarships. It’s a competitive world out there! It’s no longer just about your grades. It’s also about connections, networking and how involved you are in the community, not only your school’s, but also your local and parish community. Not doing this, is definitely something I regretted when it came to applying for uni and scholarships.

6. Take time off. Working hard is important, but so is rest. Sure, there will be days where you have to choose your academics and studying for that important test over having lunch with your friends or going to that party of yours. But it by no means that you cut your social life altogether. Find a balance. Go to parties, but don’t go to all of them, maybe just go to the one being hosted by your close friend for her birthday instead of going to that acquaintance of yours.

7. Take chances and make no regrets. Do that thing you really wanted to do. You’ll regret it later. You’ve got 4 short years in high school. Everyone says it but it’s true. Those 4 years fly by and before you know it, you’re graduating high school and you’re about to step into the big adult world. So, make the most of it. Study hard. Live fully.


I realised it was getting to be a while since I posted any sketchdumps here, so here’s a buncha junk from Twitter! I guess it would be a little disingenuous to call this an Adventure Zone dump because it’s pretty much just Taako and a paltry offering of girls, I’m sorry. I just love Taako..?? I haven’t quite figured out how to draw him yet, I always make him either too silly or too pretty, gotta find the middle ground

By and large pretty self-explanatory, but most of the Taazed is from this perfect fanfic which has ruined my life every single day since I read it, help me!!! I’m dead!!!!!!!!!!!!

cute things exo would do (OT9)

yes guys, I am alive.


suho: being a mom? pretty self-explanatory. he treats you like a baby and girlfriend at the same time so at some times you may not realize which you are to him, but I’m pretty sure suho wouldn’t want to get smoochy with an infant

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chanyeol: honest to god let’s be real, he loves attention, so he’s going to want it from you! kinda does that pouting thing, the cute smiles thing, the cuddling thing, and trying-to-get-your-attention-the-whole-fucking-day-101 thing.. 

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baekhyun: he’s going to be a fanboy of EVERY SINGLE action you take, legitimately. like everything you do he’ll pepper you with kisses and say cute shit like “awee that’s my bbygirl” 

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jongininini: just piercing a loving gaze into the deepest, darkest pits of your soul, but with love. no talking needed, intense staring and eye contact may be one of the highlights of your relationship 

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shall we all go sin from this gif or

kyungsoo: a lot of hand-holding,, or is that just me,, he might not be a huge fan of PDA but his initial reaction would be to hold your hand whenever you’re near him because he wants you to forever be his so he can protect you i am soft

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xiumin: he may have this hot, mature, and sexy aura around him when he’s on camera but he’s just a cute, little, nugget i swear. his perfect smile is out of the sincerity on how much he loves you

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chen: i know on this blog i kind of set a stereotypical-trolling chen thing, but i feel he’d be so so so sweet to his partner. maybe a few jokes to make you laugh, but not the extreme pranks he pulls on others

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lay: him being the same person he is on camera and off camera: an innocent, sleepy puppy that is confused most of the time but still wants to be loved by the person he has found when he was lost 

Originally posted by lullabyun

wait lmao i take that back he isn’t so innocent i gu es s

sehun: i can see sehun actually being a silly guy, he may have that rest-in-bitch face and have a personality on camera set as a sassy guy, but he’s actually really loving, sincere, and fun to be around with a strong passion for choco boba

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