Shipping Container House & Stuff

Prepare to read a lot of vital information.

House Info

Located on a custom placed Lot in Lucky Palms, so I would recommend using my save if you don’t want things to get all shifted around.

Please read the instructions thoroughly included with the download.I would also recommend installing the set along with the house because I didn’t use the entire set with this house.

Download the House here

Mega | Mediafire

Modular Container Set info

The actual container objects function as windows, arches and columns.I think its pretty self explanatory how it works when you start to mess around a bit with it but if you can’t quite grasp how it works, I will gladly make a quick tutorial for you. (Send me a message via PM if you would like a tutorial).

I have also included with this set, Wall Shadows or a Faux Ambient Occlusion.One thing I kinda liked about TS4′s artistic direction was the “occlusion” that makes the shadows in the corners of the walls, floors and ceiling.Mine is a bit “overdone” but, I like it nonetheless.

Download That stuff here.

Mega | Mediafire

Collection file here

Mega | Mediafire

Bistro Table and Chair.

Just a simple table and chair. You can see in the second to last picture.

Download here

Mega | Mediafire

View additional pics here

Sticky Icky Apron!

Made by zoidberg656

So, a lot of you wanted more Cloud. I also wanted to draw more of her because there wasn’t a lot said in that other one i drew, “Cloud The Cook”. Also the title is pretty self explanatory. I’m so smrt smart.


for people with paranoia(or the need to hide from people) :

facebook is able to determine who you interact with irl with things such as:
geolocating:  (where you check in, and gps on your phone and computer)
IP addresses: (the digital address your computer has, they give rough locations to where you are, a lot of computers share these addresses)
what school and workplace you go to
photos:  (if you upload a photo, it will suggest people who have you in their photos)
workplaces, schools, events etc (pretty self explanatory)
and phone contact lists.

FB recommended friends can be eerily accurate because of this  (i’ve had long distance friends secret profiles, that I’ve known about but not seen, with no friends in common at all, not even a photo was up, recommended to me)

FB or the people recommended are  not stalking or targetting you, this is how FB works.

if you need to hide:
there are settings to hide your profile, use them. check reccomended  friends, block people you don’t want to see. don’t add schools or workplaces, don’t attend events, don’t check into places, turn gps off on your computer and your phone.  don’t put photos up, and definitely don’t tag them. proxies and vpns can hide your IP, i think (double check this)