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What are your thoughts on the almost kiss of bawson? I really enjoyed it, like at first I wanted them to kiss tbh but like that scene killed it for me:) & now like it's gonna be all awkward between them next episode.

Honestly, I think that the way it played out was the best case scenario that Bawson shippers could have hoped for! 

Going into it, I was pretty convinced that that scene would be some huge fake-out, like a dream that Ginny wakes up from like “WTF” and they could bait the shippers while not making any huge steps forward in the progression yet (call it TVD survivor’s cynicism, lol). But what happened really wasn’t a fake-out on any level. 

It was so utterly perfect for them. I mean, look at this. It starts with Mike awkwardly grasping for something to say at this seemingly final moment, this goodbye that he’s been avoiding for the whole episode… trying to think of some way to let her know that how much he’s going to miss her goes beyond the joking stuff they talked about at the bar, that the affection he feels for her is something else entirely. He’s just called her by her first name, a new intimacy that surprises her but shows us exactly what frame of mind he’s in.

But he can’t articulate those feelings, and instead he falls back on what they do best, making each other laugh:

… And this is clearly going to be a very long post, lol. So I’ll put the rest under a cut. (This scene, rightfully, has already been giffed a million times so this may be redundant, but I’ll be posting these gifs in their own gifsets in a little while too):

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You look like someone with a lot of valuable information. Now… Tell me everything you know about DedSec.”

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What Even said about Princess Vivian and the what happens after i save you? I'll save you right back are movie references?? I really didn't get it. Thank youuu❣❣💛

Hey! Even was referring to a specific scene from ‘Pretty Woman’,! He also referenced another scene from the movie during the kitchen-scene of 8.10 part 1. Also, I’m pretty sure it was meant to be a little confusing hehe ♥ 

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lol yes to be clear I didn't mean a super graphic sex scene for Malec, but FreeForm/ABC has every ability to show that they are having sex without being graphic and I really think we'll get that for them in s2. Which I think is amazing because too many people think Alec being a virgin and only just coming out means he can't know exactly what he wants but I personally think he does and will take it once he realizes he can have. And lbr he can def have Magnus.

yeah i gotchu!! they definitely do, the cw had some pretty steamy scenes without the actual sex, and i don’t doubt freeform can go much the same way. i hope they’ll give us this since i agree with you 100%, it would be so groundbreaking for alec to not be the awful blushing virgin stereotype you see everywhere. i think it’s especially important for alec bc, as you said, he was in the closet and a lot of lgbt+ people are asked how do you know if you’ve never had sex before? which is just so insulting.

i’d also love a clear confirmation that alec is a virgin. like i know that’s the general consensus and the show hinted it strongly as well, but i just want it said explicitly. i think that’s rly significant bc you don’t see many characters like alec who are sexually inexperienced adults but whose sexual desires and character altogether are treated respectfully and not infantilized.

I feel like I need some answers on the whole Philip / Tommy situation. Like okay Lukas says “Becuase he (tommy) doesn’t like you” but if that was TRUE then why did Philip seem to have such a solid relationship with Tommy? Okay he wasn’t texting back, but that’s because we found he was with that girl (tracy I think?). Like serve me up a thing here- Philip seems to text and talk to Tommy pretty regularly. That scene where they exchange the bag was very casual and almost friendly, he wasn’t looking to hurt Philip. It was ‘hey gimme the cool jacket until I get the camera back’ kinda thing, they were friendly. 

I dunno I just keep thinking about it. How Philip just seemed so worried about Tommy, wanting to save Tommy and not being able to. What kind of devastation was that for him? Lukas was scared because the murderer got them, but Philip was hurt because this was his friend. He liked Tommy, he was friends with Tommy. I feel like that’s part of a story we never really got to see and I kind of wish they had kept Tommy in a little longer so that maybe his death would have been more meaningful to the audience, Philip missing the seminar for Lukas more meaningful. 

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What's your opinion of the new vikings episodes and the sex scenes (maybe I'm just conservative), but I hate how they're all with the same girl, and I kind of feel bad for her but I guess she's ok with it idk what do you feel? I definitley think Ivar's sex scene was weird like especially with the crying and pep talk after. I kind off wanted more direct action like between the sons to build up more brother dynamics . I understand sex happened but still I think ubbe actually likes her for real tho

I don’t think you’re being conservative, a lot of people felt like that. For me personally, I’m pretty indifferent towards sex scenes on tv, a lot of the times I’m like “can we get back to the plot” tbh. 

I wasn’t thrilled about them all banging the same girl, but I mainly hated that it was all with the same slave. The thing is Bjorn and Thorunn explored the power dynamics behind that, they addressed the fact that she didn’t have a choice and that it was complicated, that’s why they waited until Thorunn was freed and made it her choice that they were together. In this one, they had Ubbe make one line about how she’s a servant and a person and we’re meant to take that at face value. It’s really uncomfortable.

 I honestly have no idea what Margrethe feels, I think the show was trying to imply that she was cool with it with the other Ragnarssons? Because she giggled with Ubbe and she approached Sigurd? And she decided to try with Ivar because she liked Ubbe? No idea honestly, no clue, because they barely gave her a voice. We just saw her get passed around by the brothers as a way to show their dynamic and show how Ivar feels left out. And this is one case when you really need a character to talk about their motivations and desires.

Also, her entire thing with Ivar was so gross and uncomfortable. I hate that Hirst is taking his fairly progressive portrayal within the sagas (as asexual/aromantic and disabled) and just messing it up saying lol, he’s a cruel “psycho”. And like, okay, I get that the Ivar/Margrethe scene was arguably, the most “impactful”, but I would say that you could easily accomplish an equally impactful storyline focusing on Ivar’s pathos without resorting to sexual violence. And having the woman who Ivar just threatened to kill give him pep talk to soothe his bruised ego, I mean seriously. And it was delivered in such an awkward way too, it just wasn’t good.

Harley scenes in Suicide Squad that were 100% in character:

  • Harley yelling ‘Stupid Bats, you’re ruining date night!’ and trying to shoot Batman 
  • Actually most of the car chase scene
  • Harley saying ‘this is me being cool’ before stabbing a guard in the face
  • Harley going 'WHEEE’ when they wheeled her out of Belle Reve
  • Harley kissing the 'Puddin’ choker with that look on her face I can’t find an adequate word for
  • Harley asking Chato if he could light a girl’s cigarette with his pinky
  • Harley beating up the dead guy with her bat and then poking him with her toe to prove he’s moved
  • Harley smiling while trying to look like she has not just been crying her eyes out on that car when the Squad came to pick her up
  • the whole Enchantress hallucination scene, including ‘He married me!’
  • Harley demanding an espresso machine
  • Harley reading a trash romance novel while drinking espresso