i know you’d let me take you anywhere i wanted. keep seeing you pushed down against my desk, my hands at your hips leaving little bruises like purple violets. wrists crossed, wrapped and tied behind your back with a pretty little bow. soft ribbons.

all my papers shoved to the side, your breasts pressed against the cold wood and aching for friction. taut ass, little pink nipples that miss the memory of my tongue circling tightly around them. god, you’re so helpless against the motion.

kitty, you look so beautiful with your back arched, always begging me to go deeper. begging me to fuck harder.

isn’t it true? you belong to me. you’re fucking mine. now show me what a good little slut you are. let me shove your panties aside, all wet and utterly ruined. i’m going to fill you up and make you moan for me.

🌹✨ Love Altar Tips ✨🌹

Here are some things you can include in an altar centered around love - this can be any kind of love! Create one out of self-adoration, a needed boost of confidence or a boost for a current relationship, or as an ode to a lover, friend, or family member. A love shrine is sure to make the atmosphere in the room extra dreamy.

• Rose hips, petals, scented candles, essential oils, incense, and/or a bouquet of them… You can never go wrong with roses of any kind!
• Pearls or diamonds to represent strength and beauty within the feeling of love.
• A love letter (to anyone! Even you)! It doesn’t have to be visible, either - if you like, fold it and tie it with a pretty ribbon, or leave a kiss mark on it.
• A statue, photo, or representation of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love. (Venus works well, too)!
• Candles in the standard “love” shades - baby pinks, bright crimsons, deep maroons, and soft whites.
• A jar or bottle to draw love - fill it with pink Himalayan salt, flower petals, rose-scented oil, rose thorns, jasmine, peppermint leaves, or lavender, for example.
• Rose water!
• Crystals such as rose quartz (the classic love stone), Jade (peace, harmony, and tranquility), or ruby (assists in protecting the heart from unnecessary suffering in love + encourages romance). • Any object you can think of that will strengthen and tie together your shrine - a photo, locket, figurine, trinket, etc that you are attached to and that has many of your unique energies within it! ♡


Here is a Masterlist of all my fics both WIP and completed.

Multi Chapters:

In the language of flowers -E-  Reaper76 - Completed (Ao3) Artwork: Here

In which Jack owns a flower shop and makes bomb cookies and Gabriel is a veteran wading in the consequences of his past.

Fool’s Gold -E- Mchanzo- WIP (Ao3)

In which Hanzo is trying to find himself while he attempts to find his brother and Jesse is having a rough time keeping his life together.

These aching bones -E- Reaper76- ABO-WIP (Ao3) Artwork: Here, Here, and Here

An old mated pair meet on the battlefield.

Illuminate -E- Reaper76-WIP (Ao3) Artwork: Here

Where Jack is a fallen star with a heart worth stealing and the entire kingdom wants a taste.

The other half of my soul -M- Reaper76-Completed (Ao3)

Jack fell in love with a beautiful voice on the other end of his alarm clock radio. Gabriel is intrigued by the struggling college student who comes in bruised and shy every Saturday morning.

I’ll take what’s left of you -M- Reaper76 -WIP- (Tumblr) (Ao3) Artwork: Here

Gabriel falls in love with the soldier in Angela’s lab. 

One-shots and Drabbles:

Base instincts -E- Reaper76-Completed (Ao3) Artwork: Here

Reaper keeps tracking Jack down. Jack keeps letting him. They’re both too thirsty to stop.

Everything we used to be -M- Reaper76- Completed (Ao3) (Tumblr)

Memories are like gardens. Jack’s garden is a battlefield.

A fact of biology -T- Reaper76-Completed (Ao3) (Tumblr)

Winston should really keep his machines locked away.

Burn for me -E- Reaper76- Completed  (Tumblr)

Jack ties Gabriel to a chair for some fun.

At the end of the world -G- Reaper76-Completed (Ao3) (Tumblr)

In another life would everything be different? 

Reunion -M- Reaper76 - Completed (Ao3) (Pacific Rim AU)

This is not the reunion Jack dreamed of.

Tail me about it -E- Reaper76 -Completed- (Ao3) (Pacific Rim Au)

Jack decides to spice up their non-existent sex life.

More man than machine -E- Mcgenji -Completed- (Tumblr) Artwork: Here

Genji’s isn’t sure he can feel pleasure anymore. Jesse’s willing to give it a go.

All that glitters -E- Reaper76 -Completed- (Ao3) (Tumblr) 

Lipstick BJ. ‘Nuff said.

Ride ‘em -E- Mc76 -Completed- (Tumblr

Tit worship.

It’s the hat that makes the man -E- Mc76 -Completed- (Tumblr) Artwork: Here

Jack likes Jesse’s hat.

Reunion -M- Mc76 -Completed- (Tumblr) Artwork: Here

It’s been a long, long time. 

Three’s not a crowd -M- Mcreyeson A/B/O -Completed- (Tumblr) Artwork: Here

Jack is a spoiled omega. 

Pretty Ribbons -M- Mcreaper76 -Completed- (Tumblr)

It’s been a long time since Jack’s been touched by his lovers. They go a little overboard.

I want to thank @infinite-atmosphere​ for letting me use their signature Kitty!Jack chibis in my banner. I couldn’t resist.

I want to thank everyone for their support, kudos, comments, and artwork. You guys keep me going and these stories would not be possible without your help and motivation. 

Also, feel free to message me with links to any artwork and I’ll add them here and on Ao3!  

Taehyung Scenario: You Can Be The Boss.


Genre: Fluff - CEO Reader AU

It wasn’t even nine in the morning and you’d already had to handle two emergencies through your pone, sometimes you thanked the heaven for living in a time were connections were easily handled. The quiet background buzz at the reception felt like home, and you greeted the secretaries there wit a quick nod and a short good morning, walking straight to the elevators while your heels clicked on the polished floor.

Some days, you still couldn’t believe how far you’d gotten, and other days, just like this one, you were proud of yourself, of being able to laugh at the faces of those who only thought you were simply a dreamer, that women couldn’t make it far into the business world. You looked at the reflection that the elevator’s doors gave you and smiled satisfied. This was your world, you’d taken onto it with a lot of brain, charm and effort, you weren’t the CEO of your own telephone company for nothing.

Your office was located at the fifteenth floor, you enjoyed a pretty view of the city from the huge glass windows and it was decorated to your own liking. It was just nice to be the boss. When the elevator reached your floor and you made your way to your office, some of your employee’s greeted you, some others just got to the side to let you pass and maybe they were just a little scared you thought, intimidated more likely but you’d stopped being worried about that, whoever got past the initial prejudice and supposition would know that you were just a normal girl in a position of power and control, not a monster in disguise.

The door to your office was opened and you eyed your assistant’s desk but he wasn’t there, he was the most capable person you’d had on your side, sharp minded, witty, managed to keep almost every one happy and delighted them with a quick chatter. You stopped your train of thoughts when you saw a coffee mug ready and waiting for you at your desk, accompanied by some biscuits.

–Good day sunshine! – oh, there he was. Taehyung was like no other worker you had, that for sure, with his deep voice and animated demeanor that sometimes bordered on overwhelming. You dissimulated your smile while taking off your long coat and giving a sip to your coffee; it was perfect, Taehyung never brought it wrong.

–It’s really inappropriate of you to call me that Taehyung, I’m your boss – he just smiled at you, all teeth and joy so you looked down at the papers in front of you to stop yourself from staring. –With that being said, what do we have for today? –

–Meeting at nine thirty with the chief engineer about the new program he’s working on, reviewing on two new apps by ten and a half, have a call with the investors so I reserved you forty minutes after eleven for that, oh and the new interns arrive today, I did a preselection and reduced the group to five and they’ll have a private interview with you starting at two so you have enough time to go to see your parents after midday because their anniversary is today – he said, already on his efficient mode.

You gulped on your coffee, looking surprised at him. –Oh my god, I forgot… I need to get them a gift Taehyung –

–I already did – Taehyung said, signaling to one of your couches where a box with a pretty ribbon laid. –Since I knew you were most likely going to forget it, I took the liberty of planning a one week trip for them, and they should have a special lunch delivered with the catering service at their house by twelve, so you only need to take the box with you to give them their tickets and congratulate them –

You stared dumbfounded at him, sometimes, Taehyung went too fast but that was good, that was specifically good when he never let escape details like this and managed to save your day. You stayed silent for a moment and Taehyung talked again, he wasn’t one to do well with silence.

–Don’t you have the greatest assistant in the country? – he smiled again while looking at you. His tie was a little crooked, and who wore ties with little comic whales to work? Taehyung, that’s who; the indeed greatest assistant in the country who worked for you.

–Thanks Taehyung, you did well – you smiled softly at him and Taehyung shrugged.

–At your service boss, call me if you need me – he checked something else on his iPad and then exited your office, leaving you wondering how you’d managed to do without him before.

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How do I get Closer to a Deity?

There are lots of ways to develop a relationship and get closer to a deity. In Hellenism, it boils down to worship. Give praise. Let the deity you want to get closer to know how much you love Them.

Okay, I hear you asking though, “Lizzie, how am I supposed to do that? What does that mean?” and of course, “What if I have to keep my worship secret? How am I supposed to build kharis if I can’t have a shrine, can’t make ‘proper’ offerings, and can’t recite prayers? What then?” Well, I’ve got you covered. Here are some of my favorite methods of developing a relationship with a Theos.

Keep in mind though, there is no one way to do this, and there is no one way that a relationship with a Theos will look. Someone people will consistently and clearly feel the Theoi when They’re near. Some get visions or have a solid GodPhone. Some have to rely on signs. Some just have to go on faith. And just because one Theos gets close to you, doesn’t mean all of Them will. Just like with people, not everyone is going to be as interested in hanging out with you. Don’t let that stop you from expressing your affection if you want to. The Theoi ask us to give worship, They aren’t turning you away just because you can’t clearly perceive an enthusiastic response from Them.

Now, on to things you can do to build a relationship.

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A Tender Thing

Started writing fics from prompts! Feel free to send me some, here’s the first

On  AO3

Rosaline looked at her neat, curly script clearing stating the message ‘To my Schmoopie, Love your Schnookums.’

“People are weird.” she muttered, delicately placing the card among the dozen bright pink roses, finishing off the flowers for delivery. She had just placed them about the back when she heard the little bell on the door ring. She made it to the counter in time to see the whole spectacle.

A young man with reddish brown hair and a light beard marched up to the counter, slapped twenty dollars down and looked her right in the eyes.

“How do I passive-aggressively say ‘fuck you’ with flowers?”

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Affordable Basics for a New Witch

A Wand - 

Fasten your own out of a stick from your favorite tree (don’t cut a branch without asking the tree first). Paint a chopstick with colors that inspire you and your magic. Tie a pretty ribbon to the end.

A Chalice -

Used to represent water or make offerings to whomever you choose. Find a  dish that can hold water. Find a lovely shot glass at a thrift store. Use a mug or old bowl you fancy.

Blackbook or Book of Spells -

A place to keep notes throughout your journey. Keep track of ways you feel when interacting with different magickal things in your environment and in nature. Keep track of your progress and journal what you wish to someday accomplish in your craft.

Altar Cloth - 

Use a bandana in colors you enjoy. Cut some cloth from an old shirt that doesn’t fit anymore. Paint and old pillow case.

Stones - 

Find stones that draw you in when you walk around in nature. Go to a beach and pick a few stones that speak to you. Invest in your first quartz stone, useful for almost any purpose and to develop your magick ability. Display them on a windowsill or somewhere you can see them everyday.

Jars -

Use containers found around your house. Old salsa jars. Soap tins. Match boxes. Decorate them to your fancy with stickers, paint, or markers.

! Tips !

- Gather things for your environment. Pick up rocks, sticks, and feathers from a walk through nature. Bring a jar to the beach to take home some sand.

- String goes a longer way. Macramé your stones to hang them around your room. Tie closed notes for yourself or your friends. Braid strings and tie them around your jars for decoration or for labels.

- Salt is useful for all starts of spells starting off, as it’s cleansing property makes it easier to start fresh in any environment. It is also cheap and can be found in most households.

Remember that beginning anything is difficult. Don’t give up, and never let physical objects stand in your way. Send out good vibes and they are sure to come back to you.

~ Selenite

The summer I met David.

(warning: really really long story)

This is how I first met David. Before our relationship went to shit, and he devoted his everything to making my life hell. While there are several more stories involving him, and some far more unsettling than this one, this is when I first realized he wasn’t who he told me he was. It’s by far the most unsettling memory I have of him.

When I was young, we lived in an old farm house. I remember my father telling me that it was more than one hundred years old, and that was the cause for the strange noises in the middle of the night. I never believed him. I was convinced that the noises were just David messing around downstairs. But in those early weeks of our friendship, no one in my family believed it was him. I never bothered to question why.

My father had inherited a sixty-five acre pig farm that he and his father had built from the ground up. I can’t remember how many pigs we had, but it was enough to warrant two barns.

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The Misunderstanding Part Three
  • Prompt 42: Everlark gets a puppy/kitten/other baby animal. Kill me with cuteness :) [submitted by Anonymous]
  • This is a wonderful prompt, I couldn’t resist…Prim reminded me of my sister at fourteen, she didn’t bring home a cat but a pigeon that when it looked at me it I got chills.
  • PS not betaed’ all mistakes are sadly mine.

Prompt 42: by @mega-aulover

Rated: G

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