lolepopenon  asked:

61: what's the stupidest gift you've ever given? the stupidest one you've ever received?

oh god uhhhhh… stupidest gift I’ve ever given…

I’m going to mash up stupid with VERY DESPERATE ^^;

When I was 11 me and my only friend went to secondary school and she made friends with someone who hated me. In a desperate attempt to keep my friend, I started giving them both loads of gifts… Including a pair of my sisters mittens that I straight up stole. Except they were covered in glue so I tried to wash them in the sink but they just would not dry, so I lied and said I’d had them imported and I’d soaked them in lavender water to make them EXTRA NICE

they did not believe me and my sister still doesn’t know where her pretty purple mittens went…

the stupidest one I ever received… I feel mean calling gifts stupid ;A;

So I guess… this really pink and girly glitzy crop top an aunt gave me when I was 16. This was about 2 years into my HARDCORE GOTH phase ^^;

Prince’s mugshot from Mississippi for stealing a megaphone off an airplane, 1979