04.23.17 // wrote up 30 invitations to an upcoming orchestra concert and reviewed some korean notes to help prep for upcoming finals! :)

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I was tagged by @randomcoffeesimmer to show off my chicken scratch. It’s messy! It’s inconsistent! It’s my handwriting!

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i think the anon wanted to know your age to see if their art level is up to their age age? like how scribs is 14 and they're an art god, bunblevee is also a god, squidlepi is an almost king at art, something like that?

ohhhhhh,, well im in that age area kinda, if that helps :o

Idea giver and requester: @jerallmountains and @caprideus “Vivec falling asleep where ever he wants and even if that means shoving his knee into Nerevars face”

I have really bad news for everyone who follows me for tittys. I swing both way. Violently. With a stick.


OC Rambles (Late?)

Oh, my I’ve never done this before, can I still talk about my inquisitor? Oh, and please mind my English it isn’t my first nor second language.

 So, my inquisitor Adisa Trevelyan is a mage who’s romancing Cullen. During their romance or before, I would like to think that Adisa despised him. All circles have fraternities according to the previous games and wikia. Adisa used to be part of the libertarian fraternity, they desire the Circle to become an autonomous, self-regulating order without Chantry involvement at any level. While many Libertarians advocate the use of peaceful means to ensure their independence, there were some who would rather use extreme means for their freedom.

 Now because of that Adisa favours the rebel mages much more rather than the Templars, she believes that Templars exist for a good reason but because of the misbalance of power the Templars act in corrupted evil ways. Adisa spent most of her time in the circle angry, she wasn’t very vocal about her opinions in front of the Templars. Ostwick circle compared to the other fortresses was a lot more “nicer” to their charges. Adisa would still see it as a structural problem, she felt like the mages were systematically oppressed. Whilst many argue that the circle exists solely because of the risk of mages becoming abominations Adisa would disagree and say that it is the circle that increases those risks because of isolation and oppression, everyone is equally exposed to demons.

When she met Cullen for the first time at the war table and it was mentioned that he was a Templar, Adisa recoiled, took a few steps back and glared at him. She didn’t like him, she felt like she had no reason to like him given that fact that he was a Templar and worked under Knight-commander Meredith and worked in Kirkwall’s circles. There were some one-sided enemies to friends type of relationship, Adisa never initiated their conversations at the beginning she would rather have nothing to do with him, but when she saw that he was trying hard to redeem himself and become a better person, Adisa slowly became less prejudiced against Templars, and would respect his opinion.

 Nonetheless, still after they finally become a thing and confess their feelings towards each other most of their disputes would always be about their different beliefs in the system and towards mages and Templars, they would almost never find any common ground. Their relationship suffered heavily and Adisa had to call it off. They got together again after a while and their relationship became somewhat strained after that

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A sequel to the animation of the seven I made almost 2 years ago. I thought it was about time for another one. The order is Nico, Will, Thalia, Reyna, Grover, Tyson, and Calypso. There are too many characters, 7 is my max.