• Casimiro:Finas is out of town, so while he’s gone I’m gonna cut the sleeves off of all my shirts
  • Lamont:... why
  • Casimiro:He’s pretty much 85% of my impulse control

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tfw you just want to get on with your life but kim seokjin writes blog posts about his recipes and makes bad jokes

//muse is normally affectionate with his brother in a completely platonic sense because thats how he fucking is. To my Genji, Hanzo is his best friend. And he will act on this. He shares every thing with his brother. Not like he can tell any one else this.

//To scared to put him into Hanzos’ ask box because I don’t want people to think I am shipping. Am not, Genji is really affectionate to his brother.

// Reasons why I don’t really interact with Hanzos unless I know them.

//this fandom has me walking on egg shells and I am to scared to interact with my fav character



I have been rewatching this MV over and over. It’s pretty much the best video for Empress Ki that I have ever come across. 

If you watch this and don’t want to watch Empress Ki (warning: vid spoilery as hell though), we cannot be friends :P

But seriously, this remains my favorite long drama. Over 50 episodes long and I was obsessed from beginning to end. Ha Ji Won always slays but here, as a warrior/servant/empress, she is breathtaking enough that not only was I willing to buy both Korean King and Chinese Emperor in love with her, but thought she was actually worth even way way more than that. 

I loved the intrigues and the flights and the sometimes insane but always engrossing cast of characters but my ultimate favorite thing, the one thing that kept me desperately waiting for more and more and more was the relationship between Ha Ji Won’s pure-steel Sung Nyung and Ji Chang Wook’s tortured, intense, flawed, obsessed emperor. You know me and my dysfunctional fictional relationships thing. I mean - she wants to kill him because she blames him (rightly) for the death of her father. He views her as his one link to sanity. She teaches him how to fight and he teaches her how to scheme. They take arrows for each other and kill for each other and find it hardest to live with each other and…

I shipped them from their very first interaction and never thought the show would make them canon (because, let’s face it, in a Korean show, if a Korean King and a Chinese Emperor compete for the heroine, most likely the former will win), so I think the fact that show made my impossible ship possible made it even sweeter.  

all i know for sure is that wayn and oto are in the same universe… and so is tfs and tots and titanic and unite or die and ptw and therefore brighton and omfg why are we like this
—  pretty much the best thing ever that i stumbled upon in one of Lizzy’s comments

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Hi, I was that anon asking about HOH calling themselves Deaf, and I just wanted to thank you for your response. I'm trying to embrace my Deaf identity more these days, but part of me is afraid since I can "hear fine" in lots of situations. (cont)

(cont) I’m mostly afraid of being accidentally appropriative, but it feels good to have some sort of validation that I have a right to the word Deaf. So thank you for reminding me of that. This blog in general has been such a great find.

Don’t worry about being appropriative, as long as you are trying to engage in Deaf culture, you aren’t appropriating anything.

And I’m really glad you found this blog helpful! That’s pretty much the best thing for me to hear :3

oftd featuring. tezri propie

The Bizzare & Unromantic Origins of 11 Wedding Traditions

If you’re staunch believer in age old wedding traditions, then be prepared to discover some surprising facts we’ve uncovered that will turn your fairytale romantic wedding into a gathering of well-played marketing propaganda and morbid ancient customs. From the clever antics of an advertising team to make money by selling diamond engagement rings, to the class discriminating white wedding dress, to re-enacting primitive kidnappings as a honeymoon, the truth about these wedding traditions are wackier than you could believe! 

Keep an open mind  - these wedding rituals emerged at a time when weddings were less a romantic moment and dealt with much like a hurried and forced business transaction.

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…probably the best Rumpelstiltskin video.

So I’ve written a couple posts about corrupted gems and mental illness; and there’s one thing that a few people have brought up that I definitely wanted to address:

If corruption is truly a metaphor for mental illness, is it problematic that the so called solution is poofing and bubbling them?

It’s a question that’s been in the back of my mind since before I started writing that meta, and for all I write about the fantastic representation we’ve seen it is something that still lingers as I write. 

Let’s take a look at what we know about the process: obviously being poofed is somewhat traumatic at best. The process itself is quick, but usually it comes after being chased around for some time. Sure they may be wreaking havoc on their surroundings, but wouldn’t you lash out in every way possible if someone was effectively trying to kill you? And they would have no idea that the CGs weren’t try to kill them. Once they’re bubbled, they’re in stasis. As far as we know, they’re unaware. They may or may not heal somewhat in that time, but most likely they don’t. They’re safe, they’re not causing any more trouble, but they’re just… there. Contained, because the CGs don’t know what else to do for them. 

It doesn’t seem to be something they take particular joy in, especially Pearl and Garnet. But is something that they see as necessary. There’s a good chance that a lot of the corrupted gems they’re fighting were once friends, or at the very least allies. And let’s not forget, their number one goal is still to protect Earth. It’s certainly not the fault of the corrupted gems that their lashing out causes a large amount of damage and danger, but that doesn’t change the fact that it does. So they poof and bubble because it’s the most merciful thing they know how to do. 

But we can also see that they are clearly not forgotten. It seems that every once in a while they do try to unbubble someone and heal them. It’s something they tried with Rose Quartz, and now it’s something they try with Steven. I do think it’s important to emphasize the difference with this last attempt with Steven: He got further than Rose ever did, AND his final solution was letting Centipeetle return to her crew, despite the fact they she (and they) remained corrupted. Not “cured”, but happy.

Of course ultimately it’s decided that the best course of action is still to poof and bubble corrupted gems, because at this point it’s seen as too dangerous to do anything else. But it’s also clarified: Those corruptions are not unintelligent. They have thoughts and feelings, and the gem they were before is still inside them. They’re scared and don’t understand why they’re being attacked when all they’re trying to do is survive. 

The more Steven learns about gem history and corruption, the less satisfied he’s becoming with poofing and bubbling as a solution. And since the show is from Steven’s point of view, we’re learning with him. We’re meant to feel increasingly uncomfortable with it as well.

And we’ve seen that the crewniverse has no problem with addressing issues in a way that makes its audience feel uncomfortable, especially if it helps its message hit closer to home. So no, I don’t think that using corrupted gems as a metaphor for mental illness means they think those with mental illness should be rounded up and institutionalized. I think this is a slow burn that’s building up to something bigger, and we’re starting to reach a turning point.

I’d place a little more faith in the people who manage to pack more depth into 11 minutes than most series manage to produce in their entire run. 


My friends threw me a Ghoulies Halloween Birthday party.
They even adapted a game to Tokyo Ghoul and we played as characters from the series! It was really adorable.

The last condition imposed upon me was “fan fiction”, and my friend, @141-point-12, explained that all of my actions from then on had to be something Kaneki would do in my fanfiction. OTL
Well, my irl best friend was playing Hide, and we made it to Anteiku after a narrow escape from an Aki Matsuri in which Amon, Mado, and Juuzou nearly figured out Kaneki was a ghoul and Kaneki almost figured out Hide had a job with the CCG. At Anteiku, Hide confessed he knew about everything to Kaneki. Kaneki was very hungry and cried a bunch and begged Hide to get him a brown package from the back of the cafe. Hide got it, left it in front of Kaneki, and walked out the door. Kaneki fell apart, feeling rejected, and left the world of humans for the world of ghouls. (Also, Mado exploded some fire works to hurt humans to draw out ghouls and Tsukiyama reaped the benefits of the chaos from the explosion.)

I teased my best buddy all night about abandoning me, “Hide is supposed to let Kaneki bite him to bring him to his senses, and then his faith in himself will be restored and he’ll be on the road to recovery!! You’re my humanity!!”

And she just replied with, “I’m not going to let you eat me. That’s just not going to happen. That’s not okay.”


It was great because most of the people playing knew little to nothing about Tokyo Ghoul, but they were soooo awesome. At one point Amon used “starry-eyed loyalty” on Mado to convince him of something. It was hilarious. The people playing Mado and Touka were amazing. :D

Agh, it was wonderful. It was a great surprise and it was so much fun.

My friends are amazing. :D

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays <3 Eating lots of good food, and spending time with friends, family, and even fur babies!

This is a special thank you to my girls canyoufreakingjustnot sleeping-bee balletfever89 and luvtessascott! Not necessarily what made me join tumblr, they are a pretty big part of the reason why I stay :)

I’ve gotten to know them over these last few months and they are some of the most kind hearted, supportive, relate-able girls I have met <3 we’ve helped each other through meltdowns, had our (rather large) share of laughs, had conversations that people would for sure raise an eyebrow at (and at questionable times of day), and genuinely want the best for each other!

I just wanted you girls to know how much I appreciate you always being here for me!! <3 <3 I hope that your holidays bring you everything you deserve and more and Merry Christmas!!

Lots of love and hugsssss 

I hope you all have an amazing day today~ I’m cheering you on