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hello!! may i ask what ur motivation is when writing? bc i have so many ideas but i just can't seem to properly write my imagination.. like, im scared that ill probably keep writing "she said, then she said, then he said" so i just don't write:(( do u have any tips? thank you! -cb

hm… well, the fact still remains that i write in the first place because i wanted to read certain things or rather specific ‘scenarios’ and there wasn’t so that’s why i wrote my own so i could read it! also, because i wanted to make people happy when they read my stuff so that’s why i mainly write fluff! (and i suck in angst and pretty much everything else SO-)

as for tips! thesaurus is your best friend! i also recommend that you analyse the situation of what you want to write before resorting to ‘say’.

like if someone is grumpy you can say ‘grumbled’ or ‘groaned’ like - “oh my fucking god, you idiot,” yoongi groans, throwing his head back, rolling his eyes along in the process at the realization of how fucking idiotic hoseok’s decision was to put- and so forth, it can go on longer aha.

or if it’s something sweet you could use ‘cooed’ or ‘in a sing-song tone’ or you know, something along those lines? you can also find ‘cheat sheets’ where there’s already a compiled alternatives for the word ‘said’ and there’s tons of that in the internet! google, your best friend, shall guide you!

the thing is, you won’t know what to change or how to improve if you don’t even write it out in the first place! seriously! just write! write it out, read it through, assess it and if you’re confident with it, that should be enough! if you’re happy with it, that’s also more than enough! so the first time to it all is to start and from there, you’ll know what to do! <3

good luck!

incentivess replied to your post “Do sushi places outside of California sell California rolls???”

Yeah what the hell is a California burrito

???? My BRO

There are burritos. and then there are California Burritos. Its one of those things you have to eat before you die. Reserved for after one of those heart-racing, hunger-inducing days. Typically when you get back from swimming in the ocean or surfing. Take nearly half a pound of Carne Asada, amazingly seasoned, tons of cheese, sour cream, guacamole, and stuffed with french fries. Top it off with salsa, damn. Damn. Pico is optional. Two hands required.

If you live in San Diego its pretty much a staple. We’re constantly on the hunt for the best. It’s so simple, yet every shop does it differently. I’m particular to Estrada’s. I don’t think I could go more than a month without one. I’m wanting try out a new city after college, but man, imma need some good mexican food. 


…probably the best Rumpelstiltskin video.


My friends threw me a Ghoulies Halloween Birthday party.
They even adapted a game to Tokyo Ghoul and we played as characters from the series! It was really adorable.

The last condition imposed upon me was “fan fiction”, and my friend, @141-point-12, explained that all of my actions from then on had to be something Kaneki would do in my fanfiction. OTL
Well, my irl best friend was playing Hide, and we made it to Anteiku after a narrow escape from an Aki Matsuri in which Amon, Mado, and Juuzou nearly figured out Kaneki was a ghoul and Kaneki almost figured out Hide had a job with the CCG. At Anteiku, Hide confessed he knew about everything to Kaneki. Kaneki was very hungry and cried a bunch and begged Hide to get him a brown package from the back of the cafe. Hide got it, left it in front of Kaneki, and walked out the door. Kaneki fell apart, feeling rejected, and left the world of humans for the world of ghouls. (Also, Mado exploded some fire works to hurt humans to draw out ghouls and Tsukiyama reaped the benefits of the chaos from the explosion.)

I teased my best buddy all night about abandoning me, “Hide is supposed to let Kaneki bite him to bring him to his senses, and then his faith in himself will be restored and he’ll be on the road to recovery!! You’re my humanity!!”

And she just replied with, “I’m not going to let you eat me. That’s just not going to happen. That’s not okay.”


It was great because most of the people playing knew little to nothing about Tokyo Ghoul, but they were soooo awesome. At one point Amon used “starry-eyed loyalty” on Mado to convince him of something. It was hilarious. The people playing Mado and Touka were amazing. :D

Agh, it was wonderful. It was a great surprise and it was so much fun.

My friends are amazing. :D

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays <3 Eating lots of good food, and spending time with friends, family, and even fur babies!

This is a special thank you to my girls canyoufreakingjustnot sleeping-bee balletfever89 and luvtessascott! Not necessarily what made me join tumblr, they are a pretty big part of the reason why I stay :)

I’ve gotten to know them over these last few months and they are some of the most kind hearted, supportive, relate-able girls I have met <3 we’ve helped each other through meltdowns, had our (rather large) share of laughs, had conversations that people would for sure raise an eyebrow at (and at questionable times of day), and genuinely want the best for each other!

I just wanted you girls to know how much I appreciate you always being here for me!! <3 <3 I hope that your holidays bring you everything you deserve and more and Merry Christmas!!

Lots of love and hugsssss 

I'm just saying

If anyone wants to give me a job where I’d get to fangirl and write about Once and go to ComicCon and interview the cast (all from a VERY pro CS, pro JMo, and Pro Colin POV) I’m pretty sure I’d be up to the task.

I would take my job crazy seriously. Like, I’d relocate to Vancouver. Travel to LA and SD as needed. Pretty much travel wherever.

I’m not saying I’m the best qualified. But I am saying if you want to pay me and give me a shot, I’ll work my ass off for you.

Honestly I was terrified for a moment that something bad was gonna happen, but that was the most uplifting upd8 I’ve seen in weeks. Vriska’s recent performance had me on the verge of tears because, unlike other detestable personalities like Jack, The Condesce, Gamzee, and especially Caliborn, Vriska has always had one key quality: The potential for redemption. It’s gonna take a lot of work, but I’d be devastated if she ever quite crosses the point of no return. Luckily though, my perseverance was rewarded with:


tbqh something she, and everyone else, needed right then