wow, okay, so i don’t even know where to begin here – but first & foremost ( prepare yourself for a lot of mushy stuff because i am a huge sap ), thank you. all of you. i’ve had an absolute blast writing with you guys for the few months that i’ve been here, & it’s just… been an awesome experience. i’ve had the privilege to interact with some truly incredible writers, i’ve met great people, & i’ve made amazing friends. i haven’t even been that active lately because of school, but you’re all still here & that’s just?? super crazy tbh.

harry is, by far, the most wonderful character that i’ve ever roleplayed, & i thank you all so much for allowing me the chance to write him. he’s very dear to my heart, so to have so many of you following me & wanting to write with me & actually enjoying my portrayal of him – it means a lot. it really does. i may not write or talk with all of you ( i would if i could ! ), but the sentiment still remains that you’re all so very wonderful. & before i end this, let me say it one more time – thank you. ♥

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anonymous asked:

Just wanted to tell you that I've experienced a lot of bad things in the TMNT 2012 fandom and now I mostly only ever follow you and a few other fanfic authors (like Hotmilkytea that I found through you) and your writing means a lot to me. I'm very sorry that you've been harassed too, and I pray you don't ever let it get, or more importantly, keep, you down. Thank you

Oh gosh, I am sending you so many hugs. Fandom can be amazing, but sometimes people are enormous turds and I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with that. 

Tea is pretty much the best peach on the tree, isn’t she? <3 

I hope that you don’t get harassed either, and that the rest of your fandom experience is fun and supportive and lovely – just like you are! 

I finally started watching Enterprise (on Joe’s request) and I can’t watch the opening without dying of laughter. It is such a weird early 2000′s drama sitcom vibe compared to all previous Star Trek openings (which all follow the same pattern of being shots of space set to slow, orchestral-ish music). Seeing how they tried to modernize Star Trek back then for a new generation reminds me of the new Star Trek movies.

When will the people in charge of these productions realize that their attempts at “modernizing” Star Trek are at best laughable and are pretty much the reason why the franchise died out? Enterprise basically killed Star Trek’s chances of ever being a TV show again and the new movies are killing Star Trek’s chance of ever having movies made in that universe again.

The Signs as Percy Jackson Quotes
  • ARIES:“Oh, come on! I get a little nosebleed and I wake up the entire earth? That’s not fair!”
  • TAURUS:"Am I a troubled kid? Yeah. You could say that.”
  • GEMINI:“I learned a long time ago: Never bet against Annabeth.”
  • CANCER:"Don't I get a kiss for luck? It's kind of a tradition, right?"
  • LEO:“Hercules, huh? That guy was like the Starbucks of Ancient Greece. Everywhere you turn--there he is.”
  • VIRGO:“And it was pretty much the best underwater kiss of all time.”
  • LIBRA:“Don't feel bad, I'm usually about to die.”
  • SCORPIO:"A god named Fred?”
  • SAGITTARIUS:"Donuts. Always donuts.”
  • CAPRICORN:“Oh, no! Frank is turning into a crazy dolphin!”
  • AQUARIUS:"Greeks! Let’s, um, fight stuff!"
  • PISCES:“You’re planning something. You’ve got that I’m-planning-something look.”

…probably the best Rumpelstiltskin video.

Knocking on Heaven's Door
  • Knocking on Heaven's Door
  • Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, & Stevie Nicks
  • Live 02/12/1986 Australia

Stevie Nicks joined Bob Dylan and Tom Petty on their 1986 Australian tour, jumping in for a few songs. After two shows she had to leave because she didn’t have a working permit.

But we got this decent recording of Knocking on Heaven’s Door, so…

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays <3 Eating lots of good food, and spending time with friends, family, and even fur babies!

This is a special thank you to my girls canyoufreakingjustnot sleeping-bee balletfever89 and luvtessascott! Not necessarily what made me join tumblr, they are a pretty big part of the reason why I stay :)

I’ve gotten to know them over these last few months and they are some of the most kind hearted, supportive, relate-able girls I have met <3 we’ve helped each other through meltdowns, had our (rather large) share of laughs, had conversations that people would for sure raise an eyebrow at (and at questionable times of day), and genuinely want the best for each other!

I just wanted you girls to know how much I appreciate you always being here for me!! <3 <3 I hope that your holidays bring you everything you deserve and more and Merry Christmas!!

Lots of love and hugsssss 

Thanks so so much to the amazing beautiful people that i got to hang around with during my stream, you guys are really the best! You just made it pretty much the highlight of my day, cheers! **

tattoobird asked:

Okay, I gotta ask. I just recently started following you and am so confused. What is this "It's not gay if he's dead thing" that seems to surround the Danny Phantom posts you reblog? I feel so outside the loop but laugh at nearly every one that passes by my dash. Mind clearing it up? lol

Haha oh jeez, okay. I’m gonna assume you’re at least somewhat familiar with the show. If not, oops! Sorry, I’ll try and keep it simple at least. 

So one of the big name writers in the phandom (as the DP fandom is called by the phans because shut up we’re adorable) is the lovely phantomrose96, aka Chrissy. She’s a fantastic writer, and excels at tragic fic. Serioiusly, check out this archive. There’s oodles of stories where Sad Things Happen. It’s pretty much exclusively what she’s known best for!

Until she made a mistake.

kinqdanny posted a joke what-if to the tag, of Dash (the bully) having a crush on Phantom while still happily treating Danny  (same person) like shit all the while, and then it spiraled into his whole high school crushing on Phantom, and then Chrissy struck with a bit of add-on phic. The opening line?

“It’s not gay if he’s dead.”

This beautiful disaster coupled with a lot of other big name people being mutuals with her coupled with the phandom’s absolutely crippling love of bad jokes = memetic status literally overnight. It didn’t help her birthday was this week too (which she foolishly reminded us of!!), so people everywhere had a readymade excuse to meme the hell out of her.

Basically, shit’s hilarious and nobody’s gonna let Chrissy live it down.