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“I eat ass on Thursday”

Hey there peeps who got chosen for the “I eat ass on Thursday” raffle follower draw thing. I finally finished!~ It’s hard juggling work, school, and art all at the same time so sorry if it take so long~ But I really hope you enjoy it. I also want to thank all of my followers again. Thanks for all the support and attention you have given me~ You guys really make my day sometime with your compliments and interactions~

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Okay so I know that it’s a pretty common idea that Mama Bittle already knows that Bitty is gay (an idea that I kind of agree with as a kid who was also best friends with thier mother in high school.  they just fucking know everything.) But a hilarious possibility just occured to me so I’m going to take the other side briefly of: What if Mama Bittle still assumes that Bitty is straight?  Well I’ll tell you what’s happened.  Larissa. Fuckin. Duan. Man.  


  • She has totally answered Bitty’s phone groggily in the morning because Bitty is still asleep in her bed and massively Tub Juice Hungover “Oh hang on Mrs. Bittle, he’s right here.” Cue Lardo clearly just rolling over and shaking Bitty until he’s alert enough to take the phone and let her go back to sleep
  • She has also thrown herself on Bitty’s bed and demanded snuggles while he’s in the middle of Skyping his mom. “Yo Bits, spoon me while I smoke this, yeah?  Fuckin science requirement sucks balls.”  [scandalized silence] “…Oh…Hi, Suzanne.  Sorry bro, my b.”

  • Bitty sends her mini pies in the mail over the summer, and she Skypes him to say thank you complete with eating a pie on camera so he can laugh at her outrageously pornographic sounds of appreciation.  Bitty didn’t even think to put in his headphones because duh it’s just Lardo, but Mama can’t look him in the eye at breakfast.

Mrs. Bittle and Coach discuss the incidents and while they’re happy that Bitty is happy, they’re kind of worried that this crass stoner girl is going to be their daughter in law.  When Bitty comes out and they realize that their son in law is probably going to be the quiet and well-mannered Zimmermann boy they are tickled pink