Finally finished that WIP that I uploaded yesterday. Been wanting to draw Rose for a VERY long time. I was so intimidated with her curls, that it’s kept me from drawing her, because I felt like I would mess them up….I did it anyways :’D 


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AHHHH. Please do baby Shiro. That was cute.

I’m glad you thought so <3. But we ALL know what kind of baby Shiro was:

  • Pretends not to understand the word “no.” 
  • First word is “dada” but really means “mama” (pretty common for kids, actually, but ryoma is le crushed)
  • A fantastically, unfairly skilled climber. Climbs up and down steps. Climbs onto chairs and then tabletops. Climbs out of his crib. YOU CAN NOT CONTAIN SHIRO, THE LITTLE CHEESE. 
  • And as soon as he learns to walk, it’s OVER. He’s GONE.
  • Always eats all his food. A very good boy in that regard.
  • No matter how neatly he’s tied up in his yukata, he always finds a way to get naked, and FAST.
  • Plays very well with other children! 
    • Also naturally looks after toddlers younger than himself (mimicking the worried poses his parents/servants always make over him when he’s about to misbehave).
  • NO NAPTIME! NO!!!!!!
    • (Always crashes 15 minutes later) 
  • A quick learner. Picks up new words when his parents think he’s not paying attention. 
  • You can get him to listen if you pretend to cry. He HATES when people cry. Everyone smile!! No be cry!!
  • Very fond of the game where he keeps dropping/throwing something and someone else keeps picking it up for him.
  • A very drooly baby. So much drool. 
  • But so many smiles! Sometimes he just laughs for no reason.
  • Plays with Ryoma’s hair when he gets sleepy. Very content to just lie there on his shoulder and twirl it around his fingers. 

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You were a curious child, you’d always been. But on this late afternoon you were not only curious but also very bored. So you had sneaked away, telling your mama you had needed to go to the loo. At first, she had wanted to go with you but you had assured you still knew where the restrooms were.

The flying ship you were on was an adventure in itself. So many rooms, so many things you could see. Truly, it was the best  adventure. No other child in kindergarten had a pretty cool mama like you had. 

You opened a door, sneaking inside, hiding from the agents that were suddenly marching down the hallway. You peaked througth the slit between door and door frame until they were gone, and sighed. You did not want to end your adventure yet.  

“Well, look what the cat dragged in.” Startled you looked up. A dark haired man, you recognised him from pictures your mother had on her tablet, grinned down at you. “What is a child doing on a war ship?” You pressed your lips together and noticed his strange clothes, and the fact he was in a glass cage. Who was he, you asked yourself. An angel? He certainly did look like a knight in shining armour from your bedtime stories. Why would someone put him in a glass cage?

“Mama took me to work. Kindergarten got cancelled and my nanny is ill.” You answered, seeing no harm in telling the truth. Your mama always told you not to lie. “Why are you in there?” 

“Bad men put me in here, young one. And now, I fear I can not get out.” He seemed amused by something you could not comprehend. “Would you be so nice and push the button over there, please? The big one.” 

You shook your head, hair bouncing up and down. “Mama told me not to touch anything.” Your mama would get very angry if you pushed buttons. She had told you that you could break something and hurt people because of that. You didn’t want to hurt mama’s co-workers.  

“I promise you, it’s fine.” He bent down to your level and smiled innocently. “The bad men want to hurt your mama and the agents here. I only want to help.” His green eyes begged you to push the big botton, and you didn’t want your mama to get hurt. So you went over to the control console. 

“[Y/N]!” You suddenly heard your mama’s voice boom. Instantly, you backed away and looked ashamed down. “What are you doing? I’ve told you not to run away. Come.” She made her way over to you and grabbed your hand. She frowned and gazed at Loki, eying him up and down. “Has he said something to you?” You could hear the worry and disgust in her now soft voice. You bit your lip, glanced at the man in the cage. 

“No, mama.”

She nodded and dragged you out of the room. You peeked over your shoulder, catching the man cracking a small smile. 

There’s nothing quite so sweet as lying in bed on a Sunday morning cuddling with your cat and listening to her purr. I’ve had this lovely old girl for 17 years. She’s going through a slow decline due to kidney failure but she’s still active and affectionate and doesn’t seem uncomfortable. I’m not sure how much longer she’ll be with us, but I’ll treasure the time we have left.