1- Shroom (highlight)
2- Girlie (eyelid)
3- Mythology (crease)

1- Ricepaper (highlight)
2- Saddle (eyelid)
3- Patina (crease)

1- White frost (highlight)
2- Gleam (eyelid)
3- Antiqued (crease)

1- Vex (highlight)
2- Omega (eyelid)
3- Swiss chocolate (crease)


So i was doing some snooping around for clues and looking back into past secrets,  for example Garrett on the halloween train. And i realized something. Do you remember the ‘Jason thing’? this was Jenna and Garrett’s secret.  Jenna or Garrett must have written this note:

notice anything? Yeah, the handwriting looks JUST like A’s.

Anyway, I have more reasons to think Jenna could be A. the first one is: she definitely seems like the type of person who may want to see the liars be tortured in a dollhouse. After all, it’s their fault that she is blind. Oh, and Aria killed Shana. Maybe she knows about it. But according to the cast and director of PLL, this A has been around since the very beginning. Always lurking there. Keegan Allen mentioned once that when this person is revealed, it will make us all realise that they have been suspicious all along, and many of us failed to realise. Well, i dont know about you but i think that Jenna has ALWAYS been suspicious.

Oh! one more thing, who remembers our old friend Nigel?

This guy appears to have been one of Jenna’s love interests a while back, and even accompanied her to Wilden’s funeral. THEN, we see him at the flight office. he Claims that Cece Drake paid him to fake a flight to Delaware. but this could be a lie. What if Jenna had something to do with it, eh?

Unfortunately, I havent done very deep research into this theory, so thats all for now. Follow for more clues and theories


Maybe the biggest question about Charles is his motivation — this guy has tortured the girls and stalked them for nearly two years, but we have no idea what would drive him to being such a psycho. Charles’ reasons for taking on A  is perhaps the show’s greatest mystery, but fans aren’t at a total loss for clues — Clues peppered throughout the first series suggest that Big A’s motivation could be connected to “The Jenna Thing” which means that the answer to Charles’ torture may have been staring us in the face this entire time. (this was taken from a website article, and i couldnt agree more.)

even if Jenna isn’t the big charles, im sure that Charles’ motive has something to do with the Jenna thing.

A has been Right in our face the whole time

Every other character, besides Wren has been seen and interacted with, on multiple occasions by the four girls , and other characters ..before Labor Day

The following characters couldn’t have escaped from Radley on a Labor Day for obvious reasons.

Ezra- dated Ali while in college ( he would have had to been in Radley and not in college at that age )

Wilden- was at cape may, and went to high school at the age Charles would have had to been at Radley

Toby- grew up and went to high school during the time Charles was in Radley - too young

Byron- Too old.

Holden- too young

Cece- seen on multiple occasions the previous weeks prior to Labor Day. Dated Jason. Also a female.

Lucas- too young

Ian- ( dead ) *when living , was seen at multiple locations and stayed at the Hastings while with Melissa during the time Charles was in Radley.

Garret- ( dead ) when alive he was also in high school during the time Charles was in Radley

Maya: too young

Peter: too old

Melissa: female, went to high school while Charles was in Radley.

Noel: Too young

Jason: -_- really

Now if we use our common sense. We would know WREN is the only character that appears after Labor Day, and is actually introduced as a new person. He didn’t go to rosewood high.. He has no prior connections with anybody in that town.


He is seen in the pilot. However, he NEVER KNEW ALISON ! He was supposed to not have met her at all. Or known her. And he sits exactly at the front During the funeral, That’s Where family sits.

Now mrs D knows wren is Charles. This scenario could have played out in 2 different ways

1. She let him go to the funeral , and couldn’t refuse him because he is the killer, and her deepest secret.

2. He shows up, she can’t refuse him because he Saw the killer and is her deepest secret.

I want to also point out that Wren is the only person that wasn’t in the flashbacks on that night, and it makes sense for him to be Charles because he’s introduced in the pilot.

Normal people’s terms of endearment

- Darling
- Honey
- Sweetie
- Baby
- Sugar
- Cutie
- Sweetheart
- Angel
- Pumpkin


Bruno Mars’s terms of endearment

- Baby Squirrel
- Eager Young Bunny
- Dirty Little Lover
- Golden Star
- Little Miss Perfect
- Pretty Little Thing
- Sexy Motherfucker
- Bright-eyed Honey
- Treasure