Knowing PLL, I think we just figured out who the Big Bad is. It’s freaking Leslie Stone. Leslie appeared again after the trial in S6, episode ‘She’s no Angel’ First of all, the title clearly says it all. She was wearing mostly yellow, which in PLL has a meaning. Mona met Leslie in Radley, where she also met Charlotte. Therefore, Leslie and Charlotte definitely knew each other. Now, here’s the exciting part! Spencer mentioned that Bethany and Leslie were roommates. In Bethany’s drawings (I posted about this long ago) you’re able to see drawings of a suspicious girl. We all thought it was Jessica, however, the girl had ginger-red hair like Leslie’s. This does make a difference because Bethany did draw Jessica with BLOND hair, gardening at her front yard. Now, if it was Leslie Stone who she drew, why did she write 'LIAR’ all over her? Theory: Leslie Stone pushed Marion off the roof at the asylum and blamed it on Bethany. Mona helped killed Charlotte to repair her friendship with Leslie. Here’s the most epic part, y'all ready? Bethany also drew Leslie with DEVIL MOTHERFUCKING HORNS. The new Big Bad is identified as a devil emoji. I’M DONE. *drops mic*

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things i wrote pt.17

I don’t remember many things about me.
i know i like soft things. and the sun.
something about glitter makes me wide-eyed. virtually stuck in the moment when i speak.
and art sets off ideas in my mind that i can’t capture.

holographic surfaces of anything i own keeps me occupied for hours on end as i wonder how something can be so beautiful in colour and reflect with such a spectrum that my naked eye feels filthy. princess with her hair down most of the time and she never brushes out the knots because the pain isn’t worth the stab in the dark compliment. provoke me.

i am nature’s very own rejected wildlife, existing with nobody to help me flourish.
i’m like cake batter without the flour and i cannot rise to the occasion without a little sugar, but you know this.

i don’t remember many things about me.