Birthday is done <3

So today was a pretty incredible birthday

i got a lot of really nice things from friends and family.

spend pretty much all day with @tsubaki94 @hikaru2008 and @legally-undead joined us later on. it was incredible. Dnd was amazing it finished with such an amazing cliff hanger and we played minecraft till everyone went to bed <3

A massive smootch and hug to carro for basically running the events for my birthday. i could not thank her enough for the amazing day i had. 

im exhausted. im off to bed now :’3


he is literally heaven sent ʚɞ

My opinion on the Pokémon anime.

I have seen a lot of hate for the Pokémon writers because Ash lost this season. But do you know why he lost?

Think back, to when we were kids. When Ash lost the first time. That was a pretty incredible moment. He lost, and we as kids were like “huh?? The hero lost?”

Now what happened next is the most important parts of the anime. He brushed it off. Yes it sucked to lose, but he was OK. He was going to come back next time, even better. It shaped him as a person. And it made an impression on us as kids.

Now think. He loses and comes back over and over. To those of us who have followed from the beginning, this may seem unfair.

But you forget, this is a show for children. New kids come into the fandom year after year. For some kids, this season’s loss was their first. That impression. That lesson of “it’s okay to lose, even if you have worked very hard, as long as you keep trying.” This year was the first time they learned that.

This is why it’s okay with me if Ash continues to lose leagues. New kids will learn what I believe is a very important lesson, every year.

Don’t blame the writers for sticking to a formula that works.
Step back, realize we aren’t children anymore. While it’s okay for adults to enjoy Pokémon, it’s not okay for us adults to bash Pokémon for doing the same things that made us love it all those years ago.

Let the next generation in.


KEITH HARING on Super 8mm by Hadi Salehi from Hadi Salehi on Vimeo.

For the past several years we have been searching for footage of Keith Haring painting the mural at the Hillside Campus in 1989. Thank you to everyone who contacted us with their interest in the project and leads to the footage and photography.

In late 2014, we received a tip that 1991 Photography alumnus and former faculty member, Hadi Salehi may have captured footage of the mural’s creation. We contacted his studio and were excited to discover that Salehi shot Super8 footage of Haring as he painted that he recently digitized, along with a number of photographs of various phases of the process.

It was a real treat to discover that not only did footage exist, but that it was so well cared for and preserved. It was clear that Hadi Salehi recognized the importance of the mural and Keith Haring’s visit. The mural holds incredible significance as a memorial to artists who have died of AIDS, including Haring, who died in February 1990, just a few months after his visit.

It is an amazing piece of art and integral to Art Center’s daily life and history. To see the mural come to life in the footage is truly significant. Salehi’s black and white silent film provides a documentary feel, allowing the viewer to really focus on Haring while he worked on the mural.

The act of observing and capturing Haring’s creative process continues to resonate with Salehi: “It has been 25 years since I met Keith Haring, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I spent two days filming and taking photographs of him while he painted the mural. Watching him in the video, it appears as if he is not as sick as he was. He told me that he was in tremendous pain, and that the pain was unbearable at times. But when he worked he said it seemed like there was no pain. He said that the passion of creating was greater than the pain of his illness. For me, Keith is still alive because his works still feel fresh and creative. The impact of his works still grows —I want to see more like Keith.” 



A stone I completely adore partly for its appearance, and partly for it’s unique and powerful qualities. It is intensely protective, deflecting negative and unwanted energies away from the holder. It helps the holder overcome fears and anxieties and strengthens faith in one’s self. It calms an overactive mind which allows the holder to think clearly, and can stimulate the imagination to help arise new ideas. All that, and it’s incredible pretty to look at <3

(Picture credit goes to me!)