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hello berry! I am a cis female and I've always been sure about it, but lately I've been feeling like maybe this isn't the right body for me, but I still feel very feminine. I think I might be demigirl, but if I do start telling people I'm demigirl I'm afraid they won't believe me because I look so feminine. I know you cant tell me what I am exactly, but do you have any advice?

The way you dress yourself or express your gender doesn’t = your actual gender. I know some demi-girls who dress very feminine. Gender expression = gender identity. If your friends give you shit for it then clearly they aren’t very good friends. Pretty much be straight forward and say that this is who you are, you can’t change it even if you wanted to. How important it is for them to use the right pronouns and respect your gender. <3 


Doors at 5:30pm. Tickets are $ZERO.

This is what I wrote about Eugene Mirman to win free tickets to his show with Daniel Kitson

There is so much to love about Eugene Mirman. Born in 1974, in what was then the USSR, Eugene was the only son of Ethel Levitt, daughter of Ethel Merman, whose death was faked to conceal her defection to the Communist cause. His family moved to Massachusetts four years later, after his Commie pinko parents realized that there was more genuinely Communist scheming going on in hippie-laden New England than there was in the Soviet Union. While in college, Eugene changed his last name to Mirman in an attempt to ride the coattails of his famous comedic grandmother, but got the spelling wrong because he was too lazy to look it up. He made his fortune writing elaborate complaint letters to businesses in order to extort free goods and services from them, but he blew it all on publishing those very same letters in the relevant local newspapers. His career in comedy is actually indentured servitude, into which he was forced by the deranged millionaire John Hodgman in return for the complete payment of his numerous debts to the Mauritanian mob. But my very favorite thing about Eugene Mirman is that I once saw him standing in front of my favorite coffee shop, appearing to wait for someone, and we shared a brief instant of looking at each other to figure out if the person we were looking at was actually a familiar face or just a remarkable facsimile.

Pretty Good Friends Tour
Eugene Mirman and Daniel Kitson

Woman’s Club of Minneapolis
Sunday, May 11 | 8pm doors | All Ages

Stand-up comedy fans looking forward to seeing Eugene Mirman perform Sunday, May 11 at the Woman’s Club of Minneapolis are in for a rare treat. Mirman (Bob’s Burgers, Delocated, Flight of the Conchords) is bringing a co-pilot with him on his Pretty Good Friends tour: the obscurely-known (on this side of the Atlantic, anyway) but much-lauded UK comic Daniel Kitson. Hot off the latest Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival in Boston, Mirman hopes to introduce Kitson to a wider range of US audiences not yet exposed to Kitson and his unique approach to stand-up:

I’m going on a short US tour in May with award-winning bearded British comedian Daniel Kitson. This is Kitson’s first US tour ever (he’s done shows only in NYC previously). If you’re unfamiliar with him, here’s a great article about him. And another about him being the “reluctant hero of British comedy.” He’s won lots of international awards, including the Edinburgh Perrier Comedy Award, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Barry Award, and The Scotsman Fringe First Award (whatever that is, but he won it in 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, and 2010). A few years ago he was included in Rolling Stone Magazine’s 50 Funniest People Now.

Mirman’s comedy peers echo his praise for Kitson, but also convey the general sense that to miss these shows would mean really missing out on something special:

People over here need to be schooled on the brilliance of Daniel Kitson.

— Kristen Schaal (@kristenschaaled)

April 29, 2014

Go see @EugeneMirman and Daniel Kitson on tour. Kitson is amazing and never tours the US. Fucking go! OK?

— Aziz Ansari (@azizansari)

May 1, 2014

Check out the brilliant @EugeneMirman and Daniel Kitson on tour.

— Jim Gaffigan (@JimGaffigan)

April 30, 2014

Eugene Mirman and Daniel Kitson are touring together in May - As you know, Eugene is a perfect genius, one…

— John Hodgman (@hodgman)

April 30, 2014

The most exciting American comedy tour right now is @EugeneMirman and Daniel Kitson, two of the best in the world.

— Mike Birbiglia (@birbigs)

May 7, 2014

Anyone that can track down video of a Daniel Kitson performance which took place more recently than the mid 00’s probably wins the internet, but here’s some of what can currently be found on YouTube:
NYC's Pretty Good Friends Goes on Tour with Eugene Mirman and Daniel Kitson

Eugene Mirman’s Pretty Good Friends is taking a nice little tour to the Minnesota, Chicago, Nashville, and more. Coming along with Eugene will be UK comedian Daniel Kitson. If you’re around these cities in May, you should probably go to these shows.

5/3 – Boston, MA @ Berklee Performance Center
5/9 – Ferndale, MI @  The Loving Touch
5/11 – Minneapolis, MN @  Women’s Club Assembly Hall 
5/12 – Chicago, IL @ House of Blues
5/13 – Cincinnati, OH @ Bogart’s
5/14 – Nashville, TN @ Belcourt Theater

“I see you’ve been getting pretty cozy with my good friend Y/N.” Wanda mentioned as she was walking with her brother in Central Park.

“Oh. Yeah. She’s a good person. Im glad you found a friend like her, dear sister.” Pietro replied, smiling to himself.


“Well what?”

“Don’t be modest. Tell me what you really think of her. I promise this conversation stays between the two of us.”

“I mean. I don’t know. Y/N is such a sweet girl. She’s funny, understanding, kind, and she’s got the most heartwarming smile. She’s…perfect.” he said as his cheeks were turning slightly pink.

“Well I guess that leads to only one question then. Would you date her because I heard she’s looking for a special someone?”

“Really? I mean.. I’d like to, but I don’t know the first thing to this whole romance scheme.”

“You could always get her a flower. Get her a rose or–”

“Actually her favorite flowers are purple lilies.” he interrupted.

“Look at you, you’re already halfway there .” Wanda said as she made her way out the room, only to give you a silent high-five.Having Wanda as your best friend was amazing, but making her your wing girl was the best thing that ever happened in your life.