"Adios forever"

Okay so this is a long one, sorry about that, but it was pretty cathartic to write it all out. Anyway, in 11th grade I switched schools, which was not an easy thing to do since by junior year friend groups are already well established. I was lucky, though, and ended up in the gifted program through which I was introduced to this girl, we’ll call her Mary. We became good friends pretty quickly, had a lot of similar interests, similar sense of humor, and I met basically all the other friends I made through her. My first name was the same as her middle name so she ended up calling me by my last name instead, a lot of my friends didn’t find out my first name for a long time. That never bothered me, I just found it…odd.

Other people said things about her sometimes and I would defend her because I’m very loyal, if you’re my friend, I’ll protect you. And, yeah, sometimes she would say things that irked me a little, she (and all the friends but I think it stemmed from her) had the habit of calling her friends hos and whores and other things that bothered me, but it wasn’t often and, hey, that’s just life.

Over the summer we hung out a fair bit, and I was happy because I rarely did things out of school. At my old school everyone lived too far apart to hang out, and anyway there was nothing to really do where I lived. It wasn’t until half way through senior year that I started putting the pieces together.

You see, half way through senior year I realized that nothing I said was ever good enough. If I tried to be clever, I was stupid, if I tried to be funny, I was just making a fool of myself, and if I tried to start a conversation, it wasn’t interesting at all. Then I noticed that I was the only one who she was really hanging out with, all of her other friends had steadily distanced themselves. She even told me about a text conversation she’d had with another mutual friend, who she’d known for a while and who’d basically stopped talking to her, where she begged the friend for answers. I saw how the things she said and the way she acted could drive people away, but I also knew what she’d said about her home life, her rough relationship with her parents, and I wanted to give her what support I could.

Even the kindest people have their limits, though, and I may be too nice for my own good, but I was reaching my breaking point. I started casually pulling back, and I felt terrible to be abandoning her, just like everyone else, but I didn’t know what to do. Things were tense and uncomfortable, but relatively alright. Then the senior week debacle occurred.

This is already too long so I won’t go into the senior week debacle, just know that that was the final straw. I did still give an attempt, that mutual friend and I went to her graduation party, knowing most of the people she invited would be at our other friend’s party, which we planned to leave for after a while, and everything was fine and Mary was perfectly nice, until we left. Then she turned frosty and irritable.

I didn’t talk to her after that but a few weeks on I received a thank you card from her for going to her graduation party. I don’t remember what the bulk of it said (something about her mom forcing her to write thank you notes) but I’ll never forget the ending: “Adios forever”.

I still follow her on snapchat and catch glimpses of her life through her story. I almost talked to her the other day, but I got some other old friends to talk me out of it. If you see this, old friend, I’m sorry. Not for the things you want me to apologize for, but that we couldn’t make it work. All those plans we talked about? I knew by the end they wouldn’t happen, but I still kinda wanted them to. I hope you’re happy and I hope it’s better, now that you’re away from your family. Take care.

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Tbh i think that he might understand the news about Arima, after all the things that are happening it seems like a good thing to do. I had forgotten about Hide aaaaah (im a bad person lol), do you think that they are still in contact? I believe they are, but aaaaah I hope we get to see what goes on with Marude in the next chapter, if he does go with Kaneki how will he manage to get to him, or will Kaneki go to the island, perhaps? Who knows, Ishida is a sneaky lil shit

Yes and no. For lack of better word, it took huge balls to shoot Yoshitoki in the fuckin head, especially since they seemed to be pretty good friends up until then. He may be understanding of Kaneki’s actions, but Marude does care greatly about his subordinates, and Arima was just a kid when he was put in charge of him.

I think he’s always been worried about Arima going off on his own and getting into danger, regardless of how strong he was.


And knew deep down, as a kind of father figure and all-around observant guy, knew that something was really wrong with him.

I actually think Marude will somehow end up with Arima’s medical records like Yoshitoki suggested, and that along with a few things will segue into a Washuu/Garden arc. I can’t say whether he and Hide are still in touch (since I think he probably got his information out of Hide’s will), but I think it’s possible that he’s at least still alive.

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Oh god! The pressure is on now that you have started to like me. I need to behave!They do tour a lot but unfortunately I seem to always have other plans when they are close by. And everything is expensive here. The taxes are super high. But if I ever get the chance I will go see them. Well I obviously speak Finnish fluently and English(I spent a year in America)but I also know a little bit of Spanish, Japanese, Swedish and Korean. Maybe French on day. I love learning languages! -Autumn anon

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Oh now don’t you worry about a thing! No pressure, you’re doing just fine. ;)

And unfortunately I did hear that a lot of countries in and around Europe are pretty pricey. A good friend of mine was recently in Iceland and he said it was SO expensive. Still, I’d love to visit someday (obviously during a time where I can go see them in concert there, too.) 

And heck! That’s so many languages! You’ve got a lot more on me in that way. French is great, and if you know Spanish, French comes super quickly! At least I’m assuming it does, because it works the other way around…

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I see you header image over there. Do you know goldenprinceasriel? >->

(( Yea the Nerdwagon and me are pretty good friends, we play Overwatch and talk quite a bit. Though the point of it being that was so @goldenprinceasriel and me can have the same header, was his idea after all. ))

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