BTS Reaction to: Them telling you that they’re mermaids

Author’s note: I’m lowkey obsessed with mermaid AU’s so that’s how I came up with this. Gifs aren’t mine.x 


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He stared at your wide eyes as he nervously swashed his tail back and forth.

“A mermaid?”

“Well merman actually.”

He lifted his tail up a bit so it was above the water and you could see it. Your jaw dropped as you instantly reached out to touch it.

“Woah that’s so cool!”

“So you’re not mad at me for not telling you?”

You shook your head no as you gently touched his tail, smiling up at him as you watched him in awe.

“I knew there was something different about you but I never expected this.”

Seokjin laughed as he pulled you into the water with him, letting you take a deep breath before he pulled you underwater with him. Showing you the beautiful underwater world.


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“So you’re like Ariel?”

Yoongi rolled his eyes at your comment as you started laughing.

“Very funny. I’ll just go-”

“-No wait! Yoongi I’m sorry.”

He laughs as he rests his arms on your thighs, looking up at you lovingly. Yoongi was very glad that you took it well. He had expected you to leave just like everyone else did, but you were different and he really liked that.


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“That’s so cool! You must be able to swim so fast!”

Hoseok laughed at your excitement as he moved his tail in front of your face, making you laugh even more. He was so happy that you were excited about it, instead of scared like the other people he met.

“Yeah I’m a pretty fast swimmer. Do you still like me now you know?”

“Of course I still like you Hoseok. Merman or not, I still like you.”

He smiled brightly as he pulled you into the water with him, laughing hysterically.


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“Wait so mermaids actually exist?” You asked, still in complete shock that they weren’t just mystical creatures people talked about in fairy tales. 


“And you’re one of them?”

“Well I’m a merman but yeah I’m one of them.”

“That’s so cool!”

Namjoon gave you a bright smile, flashing you his dimples as he leaned closer so his nose was touching yours. He was very glad that you didn’t just ran away now you knew his secret. 

“So you’re okay with it?" 

"More than okay with it.”

That was all Namjoon needed to hear. Knowing that you weren’t gonna leave made him feel 10 times better. 


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“I-I’m a m-merman.” He mumbled nervously, scared for your reaction. 

“Well that explains a lot.”

Jimin nervously laughed at your words as he ran his hand through his hair. You sensed his nervousness so you gently brushed your thump over his cheek as you said,

“Jimin. This doesn’t change my feelings for you. I still like you a lot.”

He stared at you in disbelief as a wide smile spread across his cute face. He couldn’t be happier that you were okay with it.

“Do you really mean that?”

 "Of course I do cutie.“ 

Jimin blushed furiously at the nickname as he pulled you in for a hug, burying his face in the crook of your neck as he pressed a kiss against it. 


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"That’s so cool! Can I see your tail?”

Taehyung smiled brightly as he lifted his tail up so you could see.


Taehyung laughed as he leaned onto your thighs so he was closer to you. He couldn’t be happier that you were so excited about it. He leaned in so his nose was brushing against yours. Taehyung stared at your lips before he pressed his soft lips against yours. You were taken back at first but soon started to kiss back. Taehyung smiled against your lips before he pulled back. Flashing you his signature boxy smile.

“I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too my handsome merman.”


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“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”.

“I was scared..”

“Why? Sure this is a pretty big deal but I really like you Jungkook. It doesn’t matter to me what you are. I’ll like you no matter what.”

Jungkook blushed at your words as he pressed a kiss against your cheek. He was terrified to tell you and it made him happy that you were okay with it. 

“That means a or to me. I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too Jungkook.”

He smiled as he brought his hand up to caress your cheek, his thump brushing over your soft skin. Jungkook was very relieved that you were okay with it.


I ran into 10 slides pretty fast but i still have  a lot to say HAH

Anyway here’s me throwing out some lesser-known aspects of zexal that I find really cool. Zexal is an amazing show, and I used to be skeptical about watching it, but honestly it made my life so much better. Hope you give it a watch, or at least learn something cool!!

In summary:

  • incredible symbolism/allusions/references, LORE AF
  • characters are amazing (i could write 10 essays but we’ll leave it there)
  • plot is incredible and consistent as hell
  • music is gorgeous
  • plot twists that will blow your mind, especially in retrospect
  • really gay
  • both the lighthearted and heartbreaking, handled well and given appropriate weight

Yugioh Zexal is really good, this has been a PSA

Taking notes on the iPad Pro - is it really efficient? (With pictures)

So I’ve received a lot of questions asking if the iPad really is efficient, doesn’t it take too long time taking the notes on the iPad pro? The easiest way to answer this was to test it out.

So here’s what I did:

  • I picked out a paragraph in one of my textbooks
  • started a timer
  • and began to write.
  • I was trying to write as much as possible, so I did not focus on getting the notes pretty.
  • When I was finished writing the text I stopped the timer.

And here’s the result! 

Writing with paper and pen: 7 minutes and 3 seconds 

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king of the court // min yoongi part 1

Pairing: min yoongi x reader

Word count: 1.6k

Genre: fluffs


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Being a part of the girls basketball team meant that there would be inevitable clashes with the boys team and trainings would immediately become a bonded session. It was fun, learning from the boys and vice versa but when these bonded sessions were announced, you couldn’t help but think about Min Yoongi.

He was captain of the boys basketball team and so were you but both of you rarely hit up an actual conversation, not even once. Well, that was probably due to the cold and dark aura that surrounded him that made it impossible for even a simple ‘hello’. But he was very attractive, and even more so when he was on the court; the face of determination and concentration as beads of sweat rolled down his flushed cheeks, was something that made your knees wobble and heart throb just by the sight of him.

And so the training began, his team against yours. Boy, were you lucky.

Before your friend tossed the ball to signal the beginning of the game, Yoongi had his eyes on you, sharp and daunting. It was as though he knew all your weaknesses, making your legs weak under his gaze. But to him, it was actually an act of acknowledgement of your skills, trying to figure out how you got the position of captain even though your skills before you’ve attained the position wasn’t anything to be crazy about.

As the whistle was blown, you jumped as high as possible to reach the ball. Yoongi did the same but you were able to push the ball towards your teammates, just as your hands brushed against his. Physical interaction was bound to happen in sports but this touch made your heart thump just like the sound of a basketball being dribbled.

But you returned your attention towards the game as your team mate screamed your name. Your reflexes saved your face from being pummeled by the basketball when it was thrown towards you. Yoongi was getting into your head without having to do more than just touch you. And you weren’t having any of it.

Frustration took over as you dribbled past your opponents before passing it towards your team mate. You didn’t even realize that Yoongi was shadowing you, finding the opportunity to get the game into his grasps and turn the tables. And he did just that when the ball had left your sweaty palms and into his instead. You were shocked to see him come out from behind you and swoop in for the ball. This fueled your determination to win. Letting your teammates down because of a crush was the last thing you wanted to leave this game with.

You ran to the sidelines, where Yoongi was approaching. As he began to pass the ball between his teammates, you intercepted once they neared the goal, a sly grin replaced your tired expression. After a few more passes, you took the chance and threw the ball right into the hoop, scoring a three-pointer. But the game was not over yet.

After a few more scores being added up, the game was left with a tie and a promise that the next game will announce the true champion. You and your teammates bid your farewells with the boys and thank them for the exciting game. And lastly, you waved goodbye towards Yoongi, a small smile tugging at your lips. You were presented with a smile on his end, a small gesture that pulled at your heartstrings.

After a brief wrap-up - complimenting your members for their hard work and announcing the dates of the upcoming competitions - you headed home, leaving the campus with fatigue tugging at your eyelids and a smile on your lips. But you froze once your name was called.

“Hey, (Y/N)! You did well today,” he huffed, jogging towards you.

“O-oh thank you!” Yoongi, the King of the court, was complimenting you. And the presumed cold and dark aura was simply a myth.

“This is pretty sudden but you played moves out there that I’ve never really seen before. Would you mind if I asked you to teach me?” Your perception of him being cold and ignorant was shattered as a flustered Yoongi requested for some tips.

“I’m not really a pro but I won’t mind,” You chuckled as a he sighed in relief at your answer.

“Then it’s set,” he grinned, “ We can start next week. Straight after school?” You nodded, attempting to hide the wide smile and blatantly failing as the end of your lips escaped from your control. School didn’t seem so boring after all.


Days had turned into weeks as your coaching session with Yoongi continued. And in this short span, you had learnt that Yoongi was indeed just a soft person under all that scary exterior. He loved Kumamon with a burning passion and he was just as dorky as everyone else. 

“You wanna bet that I can score while being blindfolded?” He smirked, dribbling the ball as he focused his gaze on you. Not only did you learn more about him, Yoongi did too. He found out about how you worked day and night to get to where you were now, the captain of the girls basketball team, and how you preferred your drinks to be in such a peculiar way when both of you went to the cafe for breaks. And he loved that about you. How you were comfortable with being in your own skin. He admired that, was what he would say but he knew, deep down, that he loved every single bit of you.

“Bet on. If you don’t score, you’ll have to wear a tutu to my next competition,” You giggled at the idea while Yoongi still seemed confident that his fate was not destined to be in a tutu.

“And if I do, you go on a date with me,” Yoongi smirked, but this time it was hesitant. Afraid of what your reaction would be. 

“Then what are you waiting for?” You could feel your heart beating hard on your eardrums and that your palms were sweaty for a different reason than the eventful game a few minutes ago. You still couldn’t believe your ears when Yoongi initiated the date.

The guy who you used to admire from afar was now one of your closest friends. And now that you thought it through, you were terrified. Everything was going pretty fast and you still couldn’t grasp the reality that Yoongi might have feelings for you. But you can’t turn back now.


Yoongi tied his towel around his head, ensuring that he was completely blocked from seeing the goalpost. After a few more tugs at the towel to tighten it up, he dribbled the ball on the spot, estimating the length and power he had to execute to score a goal, and score a date with you. Yoongi didn’t mind if he didn’t have a chance to go on that date, but he wanted to take the opportunity to take your relationship another step further. He couldn’t bare to feel the deafening sound of his heart beat because it felt wrong to feel these things for someone that didn’t reciprocate it. And he wanted to change that.

After a distressed huff, he threw the ball and ensured that he didn’t ruin his chances. He took off the make-shift blindfold slowly, watching as the ball bounced off the ground.


You eyed Yoongi’s movements thoroughly. What if he managed to get the shot? Will things between you change for better? Or for worse? 

You inhaled sharply as the sight of the ball entering the hoop made you light-headed. Yoongi made the shot. Both of you were going on a date. What were you going to wear? What were you two going to do on that date? Are things going to end well? A wave of questions bombarded your mind as Yoongi slipped the towel away from his eyes and returned his gaze to you.

“Did I make it?” He smiled sheepishly. Even in his disheveled state, he manage to bump up the rate of your heart beat. 

“Yeah, you did,” You giggled as a coy grin adorned his face.

“Or did it not go in? You’re just saying yes because who could resist me, right?” He smirked, making his way towards you as he wiped the sweat off of his face with his towel. You rolled your eyes at his teasing, packing your bag and leaving the basketball court.

“I have second thoughts on that date now,” Before you could even step out of the court, Yoongi grabbed your wrist and the momentum made you lose your balance. He immediately caught you in his arms, a hand at your waist and the other still on your wrist.

“You sure about that?” He smirked as your face was inches away from his. Seconds felt like painful long hours as Yoongi inched his face closer to yours. But you wanted your revenge. Your lips were centimeters apart but you interrupted him with your index finger to his soft lips.

“Kissing before the first date? What a turn off,” Your eyes twinkled with mischief as you looked into his, soft yet intense. You pushed him away from you hesitantly, his touch still lingering. Yoongi was dumbfounded by your actions as you left him frozen in place.

“Pick me up at 8 tomorrow?” You flashed a devilish grin towards him.

“S-sure. Wait… You can’t just leave me like that, brat!”


part 2 maybe? 🙊

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Jotaro and Josuke with an s/o who is prone to wandering off, like they see a bakery and just wander over to look at cakes and stuff, but are also prone to getting HORRIBLY lost. Like they turn a corner and are like 'Fuck where am I?'

Here we go~

I hope you like it! :D


  • Should his s/o wander off to look at whatever caught their eye, Jotaro usually just keeps walking. His s/o will either catch up to him after a few moments, or they will stop him and ask him to take a look himself. If they do he’ll join them and listens to what they say about that particular thing they saw. Should it be a bakery or a café and his s/o asks Jotaro nicely, there is a high chance he’ll even buy them something. He does it wordlessly: he dips his head down, his hat covering his eyes and drops the cake (or whatever it is) in their hands. He surely notices the happy sparkle in their eyes when he does that, and he definitely remembers it for next time.
  • However, Jotaro is very tall and his steps are equally as big as they’re fast, so should his s/o not notice that he just keeps walking, Jotaro is probably gone within three steps. He might just turn a corner, but he is out of sight, and that leaves his s/o alone on the street at the shop they looked at.
  • They notice that Jotaro is gone pretty fast, but it still might be too late. So, they hurry and try to run after him. At the next junction they are already lost though. Where did he go?! His s/o simply randomly decides to go one way, because they already have no clue where they are or where Jotaro could have gone.
  • After a little while Jotaro notices though that his s/o indeed does not follow him, so he turns around to check up on them, and whether they are still fascinated by what they had to offer in these stores. Of course his s/o is nowhere to be seen. Jotaro will only look slightly irritated, since he does get mildly concerned for them. He knows his s/o has no sense of direction, and they might be anywhere already.
  • “Good grief…”
  • Jotaro is far from getting really worried, though. He stays calm and just starts walking again to look for them. They can be anywhere, but they should not have gotten that far yet. He knows the streets of the city, and he’s pretty sure he finds them in due time. This isn’t the first time this happened after all.
  • At some point his s/o will simply run into him, either because they see him on the other side of a street or they sharply turn a corner. They will throw themselves into Jotaro’s arms, rambling about how they have no idea where they were and that they are sure they weren’t even in the same town anymore. Jotaro listens to their rambling, mutters a “good grief” under his breath, but drapes an arm across their shoulders anyway. They really have to do something about their lack of a sense of direction (or about Jotaro always ‘running’ off)


  • When Josuke’s s/o wanders off to look at random stores he usually follows. He loves window shopping, and he loves cakes and sweets just as much, so when his s/o sees lovely cakes, he’s usually all over them as well.
  • So there’s not much danger for his s/o to get lost in the first place just by wandering off to a nearby store or so. If anything, Josuke is kind of grateful for them doing it, because he gets an excuse to buy some cake for them, or sometimes he even spots something really interesting he wants to buy his s/o at some later point.
  • Although sometimes Josuke gets so interested in something in a shop window that he does not notice when his s/o tells him they go ahead to the next store. Only after they already started walking off does the realization sink in, and Josuke’s face visibly pales. His s/o has a hard time finding the way to their own home, and they’re in a part of town they definitely don’t know well!
  • Josuke runs after them, calling their name, but to no avail. How far away could they have gotten within mere moments?!
  • Josuke panics slightly. He knows about their ability to get horribly lost, and he hopes they are not that far away yet. He starts looking for them by running around, calling out for them and even starting to ask around, whether people saw them. Within a very few minutes it turns into a complete search operation, and Josuke even considers asking Koichi for help. With Echoes he can probably find them within seconds. Although he still wonders how his s/o can get lost so fast…
  • At some point, after he calls their name again, he receives an answer from somewhere. He is relieved immediately, follows that voice, and he is prepared to even punch through walls and buildings, if he can reach them easier this way. By the time he sees them again, he pulls his s/o into his arms and crushes them to his chest, releasing a breath full of relief.
  •  “Seriously, babe, how do you do even that?!” he asks them, although with a smile on his face again. His s/o looks away embarrassed and shrugs their shoulders, and Josuke finds this blush so cute on their face, that he just hugs them again, hiding his face in the crook of her neck and mutters with a grin on his face that he’s just glad they’re back.
  • Josuke makes it a point from there on that either he keeps an eye on them, when they’re out together, or his stand should keep an eye out for them, because Josuke tends to get too lost in all the things some stores have in their shop windows as well…
Shattered (Chapter 3.5)

Summary: Hinami tries to deal with her sorrows through seeking Ayato out. Ayato can never turn away the girl he loves far more than he should. Two people with unrequited feelings, dealing with them in very different ways. Human AU. (1.7k words)

A/N: I ended up writing this mini-scene to at least give some insights into Ayato’s head about the events that went on in chapter 3, though not too in-depth as well to maintain the intensity for subsequent chapters. Mainly it’s because I wanted to write a morning after where Ayato wakes up first HAHA. 
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Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3


Another blatant lie, another terrible attempt at hiding it. He winces at the sound of his voice, turning away from her, using the need for sugar as an excuse to hide his expression. He’s not going to see his sister. He knows he won’t go at all and even if he makes an attempt to, he’ll only turn back midway. He can’t face her, not after acting like a huge ass kid, not after hurting her and definitely not after endangering her child. Honestly, what would he even do if something had happened to that kid– his own niece or nephew– and what if it affected Touka as well? He can try to continue being the biggest asshole around; he can try to convince the whole world he hates his sister more than anything. But there’s more to their relationship that just that. A mere fallout isn’t enough to erase every second they’re spent by each other’s side; a mere argument isn’t enough to make him forget what she’s done for him.

His stomach falls. Being an ungrateful piece of shit is one thing, but it is incomparable to actually hurting her and even though she seemed to have walked out unscathed, he wonders if that’s truly the case. How frighten must Touka have been when she’s falling? Her hands had immediately gone to her belly, her face had gone ashen white and she had totally stiffened. She was terrified, not for herself, but for her baby– the poor, innocent foetus that’s barely even given a chance to live, yet was almost destroyed by someone of its own blood.

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annetagonist  asked:

Sheriff Stilinski shows Derek pictures of Stiles as a baby and child, and Derek realises that he doesn't have anyone to do the same to Stiles, or any pictures to show at all, due to the fire.

( it took me some time but i done did it!!!! i hope you like it love!!!! )

Derek was sitting on the Stilinski’s couch, drinking his beer slowly as the Sheriff showed him baby pictures of Stiles. Stiles had gotten home from work and run up to take a quick shower before dinner. Derek wasn’t sure how these weekly dinners had started. But before he knew what was happening he ended up at their house one night a week for dinner and beers with the sheriff. He doesn’t know when it started to feel like home either. All he knows is that every time the sheriff opens the door with his warm smile and his usual “hey kid, come on in.”, Derek’s insides seem to calm.

The sheriff has tears in his eyes from laughing, and Derek’s ribs hurt. They’d been looking at a picture of Stiles when he was about four or five. They’d been at the beach. Stiles’ mother was chasing him, a distraught look on her face because Stiles had apparently wiggled out of his swim trunks and was now running across the sand naked. The picture was a little blurry, Derek figured the camera had been shaking because John had been laughing and trying to take a picture all at the same time. Derek took a deep breath and leaned back on the couch, his hand on his ribs. John relaxed next to him and wiped at his face.

“It took almost twenty minutes to catch him. He was a fast little shit.” John said, smiling up at the ceiling and shaking his head. Derek nodded and smiled at the ceiling too.

“I believe it. He’s still pretty fast. And he’s definitely still a little shit.” Derek said, glancing at John. John looked at him and then they were both laughing again. John cleared his throat after a moment and then turned the page in the photo album. He chuckled and shook his head.

The picture was clearly after Claudia had finally managed to catch him and get his shorts back on. They were both smiling brightly at the camera, Stiles wrapped in her arms, his legs dangling free and his hands held out as he waved at John. They looked so much alike, Stiles and his mother. Their smiles and bright eyes nearly identical. Derek smiled down at the picture, his hand reaching out without his permission, his finger gently touching the edge of the photograph. He loved seeing Stiles’ childhood. Loved seeing him look so happy and carefree. And he looked that way in almost all the pictures John had shown him. He’d been a happy child. And Derek was grateful for that.

Derek looked down at the photo and felt an ache in his chest. He’d been a happy child too. And there had been pictures. Derek’s mother had found a way to get pictures of the family without their eyes causing problems. Derek remembered the family always taking pictures. A house full of wolves and children was constantly producing photo opportunities. But all those pictures were gone now.

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before the game, part five

a/n: read part four here if you need to catch up! there’s a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of this one ;-)

warning: smut

“We can have sex, you know,” she finally says, a smirk playing on her lips. “Unless you just want to keep dry humping me.”

Roman stops moving and pulls away to look at her. He looks like a mess – his lips are red and swollen and his erection is prominently noticeable underneath his boxers.


They’ve been laying in her bed for the last 15 minutes, engrossed in a heavy make out session, but Roman needed some form of relief so he finally started to grind himself against her in hopes that the friction would help.

(It didn’t. It only made things worse.)

“Do you want to have sex?” she asks. “I know we haven’t gone all the way yet, but I’m ready if you are.”

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anonymous asked:

Bts and Exo mtl on being dominant in bed and can you put a description as to why? You don't have to if you don't want to.

1. Jungkook
2. Jin
3. Suga
4. V
5. J-Hope
6. Rap Monster
7. Jimin

1-3) So, I think Jungkook is a very sloppy dom. The boy loves to be on top and go rough, but he loses it pretty fast. He’s still learning, poor thing. Jin is calm and steady. He’s super quiet, and he loves to please you, but he’s always in charge. Suga can sometimes be a switch, but he prefers it rough with your hands tied up

4-5) V and J-Hope are switches. V prefers dom most of the time, but both totally don’t mind you taking control every once in a while

6-7) RapMon may come off as dominant outside of the bedroom, but he’s def going to need to unwind after the stress of being leader, and you taking control in the bedroom is the way to go for him. Jimin is straight up sub like he’s a whimpering mess honestly he always needs you in charge

1. Chanyeol
2. Kris
3. Suho
4. Kai
5. Sehun
6. Baekhyun
7. Lay
8. Tao
9. Xiumin
10. Luhan
11. D.O
12. Chen

1-4) Doms, doms doms doms. These four are such doms, you literally have to beg them to take control every now and then, and only sometimes will they actually let you. Chanyeol and Kris are the rough, dirty doms. They like to top and they like to drill you until you can’t feel your legs. Suho is more like Jin: he’s the quiet, type dom that’s always worshipping your body. And Kai, he’s all about your sex life being loving and emotional, but there’s a very unspoken agreement that he’s in charge

5-8) The switches. However, I think all four of them would prefer to be doms, they just wouldn’t mind you taking charge once or twice a week. Although let’s be real, Sehun and Tao are already ever going to give you that privilege; only when they’re feeling really sad will they let you boss them around. Baek and Lay like to have sweet sex, and they are totally okay with you topping and completely worshipping their bodies.

9-12) The subs. Basically, they’re all looking for a girl/guy who will boss them around and fuck them silly. They’re all going to come off as manly outside of the bedroom, but inside they just need you to use them

Barry Allen x Reader : Change The Story Pt 3

3 months

that’s all it took for your love for Barry Allen to grow. During those 3 months you and Barry grew closer and closer. You had a couple of awkward moments from time to time but the both of you got over it pretty fast. You still haven’t told him about your encounter in the hallway but then again you’re pretty sure you won’t tell him at all. Currently you and Barry were on the floor laughing your asses off, you told him how you tripped over your own 2 feet when you first saw Robert.

you laughed so hard tears started coming out of your eyes and Barry’s smile got wider as he looked at you.

“control yourself y/n” Barry chuckled as he grabbed your shoulder before you fell back on the floor.

“oh hush Bartholomew” you stick your tongue out at him and he glares at you jokingly but gets quiet.

“oh what are you giving me the silent treatment now” Barry just smirks at you  and looks the other way.

“oh come on Barr you can’t stay mad at me you love me to much” you jump in front of him and Barry’s eyes flick down to your low cut shirt and back to your face. Barry always thought you were hot he just didn’t want to embarrass himself by getting caught staring at your ass when you walked in front of him when you two would go out and look for food. It didn’t help either that you stay in the same room when you would change to your night clothes, him facing the wall of course but him being the fastest man alive he can turn around and peek at you without you noticing.

“earth to Barry” you wave a hand in front of his face.

“sorry I was thinking about something” Barry blushes as you put a hand on his shoulder

“wanna talk about it” you ask quietly and Barry’s heart starts racing, he felt something different with you it was weird because he never felt it with Iris.

“um I just miss Iris” you sigh as you look at the floor. He rarely talks about Iris now but when he does it always feels like your heart shatters, of course it would you were in love with an engaged man. It may sound selfish but you don’t want Barry to leave the speed force, the thought of him leaving you and getting married to Iris pained you.

“I’m sure she misses you too Barry but you can’t let this tear you apart, you’ll be out of here sooner than you think”you weakly smile at him and he looks into your eyes.

“what about you”he whispers

“good question Barr but I don’t think i’m leaving anytime soon I’ve been here for half my life” your voice wavers as your eyes filled with tears that you were not going to let fall.

“No you will get out of here y/n, just gotta have hope”

“Barry I lost hope a long time ago”you tilt your head and grab his hand.

“well it’s up to me to restore it in you y/n” Barry squeezes your hand and smiles at you as you stifle a yawn.

“let’s go to bed Barr” you say tiredly and Barry laughs at your cuteness as he stands up.

“get up y/n”

“Carry meeee” you say with closed eyes and held your arms up and Barry shakes his head but carries you to bed anyway.


you wake up on Barry’s chest and smile. You knew you were letting yourself get too attached to him but you really didn’t care at this point. Barry made you feel sane,protected, and loved. You look up at his closed eyes and run your hand through his hair then trailed down to his nose then his lips then traced his perfect moles, he was like a fallen angel.

“ Don’t leave me Barr” you whisper as you fall back to sleep but Barry heard you. He was awake the whole time, he smiled and pulled you closer to him but right before he lets sleep consume him he whispers

“I don’t plan on it y/n”


“y/n wake up” you open your eyes to see a fully dressed Barry and 2 other guys leaning over you. You jump up quickly and stare at the two unfamiliar men

“who the hell are you” your voice was stone cold as Barry puts a hand on your shoulder to calm you down.

“Hey y/n it’s alright this is Wally and this is Cisco” He points to the 2 men and they wave at you and your stare softens.

“What are they doing here”

“y/n they found a way out, we can get out of here” Barry smiles but you saw cisco’s frown behind him

“um Barry we can only get YOU out of here” Cisco awkwardly smiles and you step back away from Barry.

“what? why?” Barry says in disbelief

“the speed force can go unbalanced again if someone isn’t here to hold its place” Cisco’s eyes snap to you quickly before snapping back to Barry

“it’s okay Barr go” you whisper and Barry turns to you

“no y/n i’m not leaving you” his voice was laced with concern and firmness

“Barry go, Iris needs you” you whisper and look at the ground as the tears started to form.

Barry’s shoulder slump as Wally and Cisco share a look with each other. Barry takes your hands in his and holds them up between your bodies.

“I promise I will come back for you y/n” He whispers as you let out a choked noise, fighting to not let the tears fall

“it’s okay Barr” he lifts your chin as tears slid down his face

“Just stay with me y/n” he whispers and lets go of your hands as he walks into the breach with Wally and Cisco. You felt a gust of wind push your hair back as the breach closes and a stray tear falls down your face.

Your nightmare became a reality, all this time you were trying to be strong but instead you broke.

Barry left you.


Barry steps out the Breach and Iris runs up to him immediately engulfing him into a hug.

“Barry, you’re back” she smiles as she pulls back from him and the tear streaks don’t go unnoticed by her.

“hey you okay?” she ask quietly

“yeah, i’m just really happy to see you” he fake smiles and pulls her in for another hug but the whole time his mind was on you.


It’s been a while since Barry left you and you’ve kinda had a relapse. You started getting your self into danger to forget about Barry but at the end of the day he will always be on your mind. You had hallucinations of Barry everywhere you went but you didn’t care. Your side was hurting still but you never tended to it, just simply ignoring the pain which might’ve been a terrible idea.

You were currently running away from Black Flash in a dark hallway when a sharp pain shot up your side, causing you to get caught off guard and fall, rolling backwards and hitting your head on the wall. Your vision got blurry as you heard the screeches of Black Flash get closer and you fought through the pain and crawled to the safe room.

You slammed the door as you gripped your side. You walked to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, you barely recognize yourself.

You had bags under your eyes from lack of sleep, Your eyes were bloodshot red from all the crying from Barry leaving you, You had cuts and bruises all over your arms and face from getting your self in danger purposely. Your hair was longer but also messy and dirty.

“I need you Barry” you whisper as you break down and let the tears fall


Barry was in Star Labs with Iris next to him. He had been distant ever since he came back because he was too busy thinking of a way to get you out the speed force but he needed help. He felt shock ripple through him as he heard your voice in his head “I need you Barry” it kept replaying over and over like a broken record. He stands up and rubs a hand through his hair and Iris looks at him, face turned in confusion.

“Barr what’s wrong” when she asks this everyone turns to look at him

“When I was in the speed force I met this girl named y/n and we became great friends and I left her there all alone…we need to get her back guys, please” His voice was full of desperation and for a second it looked like everyone wasn’t going to help.

“we’ll help Barry we always find a way” Joe says and everyone nods

“Thanks Joe” Barry sighs as Iris looks at him strangely but he just waved it off as he thought about you.

“Just stay with me y/n” He whispers

So how fast is it? “Faster than you think.” Ok…but I think pretty darn fast. “Still faster.” You sure? “It says faster than you think. See? I wrote it right there.”

-the assumed conversation between the Addams Family Musical composer and the conductor.

submitted by @enshanomusicbro

i spend half of last night in the chat of a delightful drunken art stream and the other half being completely unable to sleep, so i finally finished this fucking two year old draft.

this fic comes with some warnings for semi-graphic gross injuries, lots and lots of cursing and, as ever, with beautiful art by the extremely lovable beren

“So are we close yet? To your- I dunno, secret gay forest cabin? ‘Cause my feet are starting to hurt and I mean I’m no Vagabond, but you probably won’t want to carry me.”

Nobody replies and Gavin sighs, because he’s an idiot. He got snatched right out of the middle of a job and they immediately ditched his phone and then later on his comm and he didn’t bring any extra ones because he’s an idiot. So now he’s walking through a dark forest in a massive thunderstorm, completely drenched, one guy with a gun behind and one in front of him and they’d tied the longest rope known to mankind around his torso like some kind of cartoon, except that it actually holds up really well and his only escape attempt so far ended with his face in the mud, because he’s an idiot.

If he’s lucky, there’s a nice amount of torture in his future, and then death.

“Coming right up, one secret gay forest cabin,” the guy in front drawls languidly and stops in front of a well, waving Gavin forward with his gun.

Peering down into the well, he can’t see anything but absolute darkness. “You’re kidding, right?” His voice is a little higher than he’d like to admit.

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RIP possum

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Is there a headcanon about Lamiatale of Ut and Sf Brothers?

If we’re talkin’ general headcanons you’ll find those under This Link. There are headcanons on that link about the Swapfell bros already, so in this post I’ll only do Undertale.

You’ll find this post under that link as well, once I’ve tagged it. If you want to see more Lamiatale I’ve posted than just the general then go to This Link. All Lamiatale posts will be under that link, including questions, ideas, and suggestions askers have sent me.


  • He’s a lazy boy, likes to nap and sunbathe a lot. Best sunbath spots are on a decent rock/boulder with a flat enough surface.
  • He’s strong but hardly even uses his full strength. Not many know how strong he is and it’s a good advantage for him.
  • He’s not especially gentle but not especially rough, kinda right at the middle mark. He can lean either way depending on his mood.
  • He doesn’t especially trust humans but is just indifferent to them as long as they don’t harm his curious brother. He doesn’t usually have the energy or heart to stop his brother’s curiosity unless the human(s) present seem like a threat.
  • He’s mild mannered and will tolerate a human if they’re not hostile but it’ll take some extra effort to actually befriend him.
  • As expected, his nest is messy. Pap used to try to help him clean it but got tired of it, so now he refuses to go in it. Sans hardly ever sleeps in it.
  • He can understand human language pretty easily but won’t bother with trying to speak it unless a human that’s befriended him manages to convince him. When he’s finally convinced he picks up on it pretty fast but still lacks enthusiasm. He’ll learn enough to speak in broken sentences.


  • He’s active and almost never stops moving.
  • He knows full well how strong he is but is modest about it unless he needs to intimidate another lamia or predator.
  • Despite his strength he’s actually very gentle when interacting with others. He can turn rough in a heartbeat if he needs to defend but is very reluctant about it. He doesn’t like having to be rough.
  • He’s very curious and friendly with humans and will always approach them if given the chance. His brother is always tagging along to either watch or drag him away. Pap doesn’t like it because it feels like Sans is his babysitter.
  • He’s always really friendly, kind, and sweet. He really only gets upset when he feels like his brother is coddling him too much or if his nest is dirty. He’s almost never actually hostile unless provoked.
  • His nest is always as clean as possible and decorated with any decent flowers or other greenery.
  • He picked up on the human language quickly once he started interacting with them. Once he’s spent enough time with the friendly ones he can speak it almost perfectly.

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Can you write a jikook Alpha and omega too Jungkook and bottom Jimin au

(I’m a jikook ship writer now folks. This is my destiny.)

Jungkook isn’t what you would consider your…typical alpha.

It’s not that he wasn’t strong, far from it. He’s a good athlete, he runs, he works out, he lifts and he has the muscles to prove it. No he’s definitely strong.

Alphas are supposed to have a commanding presence. They draw your attention when they enter a room. When they speak, everyone pays attention, that kind of thing. Yeah, that? Jungkook doesn’t have.

Talking in front of people? No thanks. Jungkook can’t even hold a conversation with most people that doesn’t involve him only using one word syllables.

Commanding presence? Yeah right. Jungkook spends most of his time in the corner of the library studying, or in his room playing video games. (He plays D.Va on Overwatch and not to brag or anything but he’s in the top 500 in Competitive play. He’s kind of a big deal in the online competitive scene.)

He’s sitting at his favorite corner in the library, Jungkook is surfing the internet on his laptop. He’s taking a break okay? He studies hard, gets good grades, he’s a bit of an overachiever academically. The lack of a social life has been pretty great for that. He works well on his own. Who needs friends?

He hears a sound that makes him pull out his ear buds. Sniffling?

Jungkook should just ignore it, but something compels him to stand and take a look around, following the sound. He finds it in the form of an omega curled into a ball in the corner, crying. The smell overpowers all of his senses, the omega is in heat. Jungkook swallows hard, it explains the crying, why the man is here in this corner of the library.

“Um…Hey…” He ventures, making sure to keep his distance. The Omega smells amazing, like some kind of flower he doesn’t know the name of. He’s not a botany major.

The man’s head snaps up, eyes wide he scurries back. “Please I-I don’t w-want.”

Jungkook raises his hands. “Don’t worry I’m not going to do anything.”

The man bites his lip. “I’m kind of stuck here. I can’t go out there. Not with all those people. Not like this.”

He’s really pretty, like, SO pretty Jungkook wants to die. There’s desire in his bones from the heat, but he can tell already there’s more to it than that.

Jungkook nods, wracking his mind to think of something to say. “Okay well…Um. I’ll just be over there studying. Let me know if you want a drink or anything. I can go get you something. Or maybe you want food, I’m, like, SO good at getting food. I’m a really picky eater though so the staff at the cafeteria cringe when I walk up because I ask all these obscure questions about Gluten because I have Celiac disease. Did you know even Gluten Free stuff still has a bit of gluten in it and doesn’t actually help me out at all? I’m pretty pissed at the diet trends…and I’m babbling I’m sorry.”

The man looks a little surprised. “Aren’t you an Alpha?”

“I mean. I’m sure I smell like one but I think the genetic gods thought I was a big joke or something.” OMG STOP TALKING JUNGKOOK.

But the man giggles. “You don’t seem like most Alphas.”

“I have all of the awkwardness and none of the coolness.” Something about the man is comforting, makes it easy for Jungkook to talk to him. It’s nice for a change, just being able to say what’s in his mind.

The man giggles again. “What’s your name. I could call you Awkward Alpha if you want but…”

Jungkook winces. “Oh god. Please don’t. It’s Jungkook. My name. It’s Jungkook. Yeah.” Way to say your name twice, Casanova.

“My name is Jimin.” The man says with another giggle. He’s really cute, like SO cute, and pretty. He’s really cute and pretty and Jungkook is kind of already in love? “Why aren’t you trying to rip my clothes off right now?”

Jungkook’s eyes widen. “Uh…” He coughs. “Probably because I can control my sexual urges like most Alpha’s should be able to do? Any Alpha that insists the urges control them is a liar.”

Jimin is nodding enthusiastically. “I think so too! They’re so full of shit when they say they can’t! They just want any excuse to sexually harass us and…” Jimin groans, curling on himself a little. “Fuck. Sorry.”

Jungkook squats. “Do you need anything.”

Jimin buries his face in his knees. “To go home.”

“Do you need a ride? I have a scooter. It’s not pretty fast but it’s still pretty badass.

Jimin bites his lip, it looks like he’s hesitating.

“Or if you want to stay here for now that’s fine! I’m not trying to be fresh with you.”

Jimin looks down at his knees, then nods. “Okay. Sure.”

“Yeah?” Wow he said yes. Don’t screw this up Jungkook. “Okay um, let me just get my bag.”


It amazes Jimin that someone like Jungkook isn’t mated to anyone. He’s awkward sure, but he’s cute, kind of sweet (He gave Jimin his jacket, aw.), and doesn’t pretend that an omega in heat turns him into some kind of sex craving monster.

With the Alpha close by, most people leave them alone. Jimin can see that other alphas can smell his heat, but wearing Jungkook’s jacket with the man standing close by, they don’t bother him.

“Jimin, meet Princess.” Jungkook waves his arm dramatically to his little scooter. It seems like a nice scooter as far as scooters go. It’s painted red, with an iron man sticker on the front (cute).

Jimin goes for theatric as well, and bows. “Nice to meet you, Princess. Please get me home safely~”

Jungkook laughs and hands Jimin a helmet. “Safety first.” He says. He means it too, because he has his own helmet with fancy Iron Man themed art on it.

Jungkook is cute. He’s a bit taller than Jimin, broad, and ripped (as Jimin finds out when he gets on the scooter and puts his arms around Jungkook’s waist.)

The ride home is VERY distracting for Jimin because Jungkook smells AMAZING and he’s trying to stop himself from fanning his hands over Jungkook’s torso and moving downwards to the man’s muscular thighs. He doesn’t though, because despite the urges and the discomfort heats don’t control his life.

Jungkook is actually great at following Jimin’s directions and gets to his apartment building in no time. The entire ride is spent mostly in silence, with Jimin attempting to keep his hormones under control.

“This it?” Jungkook asks, snapping Jimin out of it.

“Oh. Oh yeah.” Jimin says, a bit breathless. Quickly he scrambles of the scooter and rips his helmet off to give to Jungkook. “Thank you. Thank you so much!”

Jungkook takes off his own helmet and smiles, his ears pink. “Um, no problem. You can keep my jacket for now.”

Jimin tilts his head to the side. “You’re not cold?”

“Oh haha I’m totally freezing but I heard the smell helps during heats? I mean…unless you don’t want to smell me which is totally understandable and wow I didn’t think this through.”

“Um sure. I’ll keep the jacket.” Jimin says, hugging the jacket to him for emphasis.

“Oh. Really?”

Jimin smiles. “Yeah.”

“Okay.” Jungkook puts his helmet on his head. “Well, hope you get through it soon. Have a good day!”

“Wait!” Jimin says hands forward. Jungkook stops to look at him. “Aren’t you going to like…ask for my number?”

Jungkook’s eyes widen, it reminds Jimin of a deer. “Do…you want me to ask for your number?”

Jimin laughs. “You really are awkward.”

“I tried to warn you!”

“Here.” Jimin puts a palm out. “Gimme your phone.”

Jungkook pulls his phone out of his back pocket, the screen is cracked, but seems to work fine. Jimin puts his contact name (Jiminnie~ <3) and his real number in and texts himself (Because Jungkook doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that’s going to text him first).

He gives the phone back to Jungkook when he’s done. “There!”

“Cool.” Jungkook says, and the way he says it makes it sound like no one cool has given him their number before. There’s a soft pang in his chest at the thought that maybe that’s true. “Thanks.” Jungkook smiles, full and wide, and it’s the cutest thing Jimin has seen in a while.

“Text me okay?” Jimin asks.

“Yeah. Yeah I will.” Jungkook says. “Get well soon.”

“I will.” Jimin says.

Jungkook speeds off (well, as fast as a scooter can actually “speed”) and Jimin watches him go.  He was mortified to have his heat start at school, but it worked out. He raises the collar of Jungkook’s jacket and takes a long smell, then goes inside.

Send me a pairing and an au and I’ll write a short fic.

(Story time) my mom calls me Linus (character on the right) because I always carry around my blanket. It all started out with my Elso blanket that I had up until I was around 10, it was so old and torn apart that I had to throw it out. I loved it so much I kept a piece of it when I had my new blanket, with golden retrievers on it, because that blanket wasn’t the right texture yet… then I got another blanket the next year, with a wolf on it, but didn’t use it till I was about 13 maybe 15. My golden retriever one got torn pretty fast. I still use my wolf one though and once this ones done I already have one that ready to be used (not at the right texture yet cause it hasn’t been washed 1000 times, my wolf one is though)
ANYWAYS, I get called Linus cause I have my blanket and tbh I suck my thumb still (it’s embarrassing cause I’m 20 but I try so hard not to do it in front of people)
Ps. My friends know if they touch my blanket I will flip. My parents know if they wash my blanket without my permission I will flip also.

After hours of work running on 1 cup of coffee and no sleep + a lot more super glue than a furby should ever need

Vanilla twilight is doing a lot better
Her sync seems to mess up every once and awhile only and fixes itself pretty fast!

Her beak is still very loose I had to super glue the top part to keep it from just falling down again
As you can see I avoided feeding her because the second he bottom beak is touched it just falls down and hangs there

But at least she isn’t as bad as when she got to me