So how fast is it? “Faster than you think.” Ok…but I think pretty darn fast. “Still faster.” You sure? “It says faster than you think. See? I wrote it right there.”

-the assumed conversation between the Addams Family Musical composer and the conductor.

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I ran into 10 slides pretty fast but i still have  a lot to say HAH

Anyway here’s me throwing out some lesser-known aspects of zexal that I find really cool. Zexal is an amazing show, and I used to be skeptical about watching it, but honestly it made my life so much better. Hope you give it a watch, or at least learn something cool!!

In summary:

  • incredible symbolism/allusions/references, LORE AF
  • characters are amazing (i could write 10 essays but we’ll leave it there)
  • plot is incredible and consistent as hell
  • music is gorgeous
  • plot twists that will blow your mind, especially in retrospect
  • really gay
  • both the lighthearted and heartbreaking, handled well and given appropriate weight

Yugioh Zexal is really good, this has been a PSA

Jun Ships Harmonizing/Blending
Jun, The8, Jeonghan, Hoshi, Mingyu, Vernon, Wonwoo, Seungkwan & Woozi
Jun Ships Harmonizing/Blending

“Track list”
1. Shining Diamond - JunHao
2. Mansae - JunHan
3. OMG - SoonHui, JunHao
4. Rock - JunGyu
5. Pretty U - JunHao
6. Still Lonely - JunSol
7. Boom Boom - WonJunSoon
8. Highlight - JunHan
9. Fast Pace - JunKwan
10. I Don’t Know - JunHan, JunHoon

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I don't understand how you can claim ownership of a gif of content you didn't create. Like not only did you not create Mass Effect, but literally anyone could've made a gif. Guess what two copies of the same movie are gonna be the same. You just installed a program and basically recorded something that was already made. Are you gonna claim to own all rights to Andromeda? It'd be different if it was actual art but it's just a gif dude. 'Wah someone stole that picture I printed from Google'

I don’t get why you people don’t understand that reposting A N Y content is just a dick thing to do and that you shouldn’t fucking do it??

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G1 Optimus Prime discovering memes

I’m cringing and laughing help

Optimus Prime G1

He picks up a lot of earth pop culture just from being around humans, so he’d learn what memes are pretty fast. And he would definitely use them (sparingly, but still use them) around his team

His knowledge of memes is pretty limited, and most of his favorites would be pretty outdated. For example, nyan cat. He doesn’t understand why everybody is over this, it’s a poptart cat with a rainbow flying in space. Humanity is incredible 

He’s looked a team member in the eye at least once, and said ‘do it for the vine’ with a straight face 

This show gets from: Hey, aren’t you that horse from Horsin’ Around?
To: It get’s easier. Everyday, it get’s a little easier. But you got to do it everyday, that’s the hard part. Pretty fast.

Binge watched this masterpiece and I still can’t get over it. Is there gonna be a season 4, because there should be.

That’s how life changing this cheap ass flash animation cartoon of a horse is.

it’s weird that the straight characters get to tell us they aren’t into guys/girls but poor gil has to sit through sisryder flirting with him and can’t even say “im gay”

Commander Cullen

First time doing a full painting in Photoshop, may want to tweak it a little more later but I can’t put any more time into this right now. 


This is Minki.  Notice her collar?  Notice how frayed it is?  Notice how she doesn’t care?

This is the only collar she’s kept on, ever.  Until I got her this collar, she would remove them almost immediately.  Sometimes, I would find them, unlatched as if she grew thumbs and took them off.  But usually, I never did find them again.

Until this one.  It was originally a green striped flower.  When I put it on her, she was not nearly as unwilling as usual.  I told her how beautiful she was, with her pretty green flower.  She really seemed pleased.

Fast forward a year later.  She still has it, and it’s frayed as hell.  So I get her a new one - it’s green, reflective, and glows in the dark. How awesome is that.  She didn’t seem thrilled that I put it on her, and took off her old one.

Next day?  Gone.  No idea where it is.  

I can take a hint.  I put her old raggedy one back on her, and she’s happy as can be.

Cats.  I tell you.

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Bts and Exo mtl on being dominant in bed and can you put a description as to why? You don't have to if you don't want to.

1. Jungkook
2. Jin
3. Suga
4. V
5. J-Hope
6. Rap Monster
7. Jimin

1-3) So, I think Jungkook is a very sloppy dom. The boy loves to be on top and go rough, but he loses it pretty fast. He’s still learning, poor thing. Jin is calm and steady. He’s super quiet, and he loves to please you, but he’s always in charge. Suga can sometimes be a switch, but he prefers it rough with your hands tied up

4-5) V and J-Hope are switches. V prefers dom most of the time, but both totally don’t mind you taking control every once in a while

6-7) RapMon may come off as dominant outside of the bedroom, but he’s def going to need to unwind after the stress of being leader, and you taking control in the bedroom is the way to go for him. Jimin is straight up sub like he’s a whimpering mess honestly he always needs you in charge

1. Chanyeol
2. Kris
3. Suho
4. Kai
5. Sehun
6. Baekhyun
7. Lay
8. Tao
9. Xiumin
10. Luhan
11. D.O
12. Chen

1-4) Doms, doms doms doms. These four are such doms, you literally have to beg them to take control every now and then, and only sometimes will they actually let you. Chanyeol and Kris are the rough, dirty doms. They like to top and they like to drill you until you can’t feel your legs. Suho is more like Jin: he’s the quiet, type dom that’s always worshipping your body. And Kai, he’s all about your sex life being loving and emotional, but there’s a very unspoken agreement that he’s in charge

5-8) The switches. However, I think all four of them would prefer to be doms, they just wouldn’t mind you taking charge once or twice a week. Although let’s be real, Sehun and Tao are already ever going to give you that privilege; only when they’re feeling really sad will they let you boss them around. Baek and Lay like to have sweet sex, and they are totally okay with you topping and completely worshipping their bodies.

9-12) The subs. Basically, they’re all looking for a girl/guy who will boss them around and fuck them silly. They’re all going to come off as manly outside of the bedroom, but inside they just need you to use them

Did you know?

The world was so close to not having a Richard Crispin Armitage?

According to Richard, he didn’t have time to buckle up in the helicopter in Strike Back and the door was open as they were flying up and they were flying up pretty fast.

Andrew Lincoln grabbed him and held him still so he wouldn’t go flying out. I think it’s the most amazing thing ever.

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