I ran into 10 slides pretty fast but i still have  a lot to say HAH

Anyway here’s me throwing out some lesser-known aspects of zexal that I find really cool. Zexal is an amazing show, and I used to be skeptical about watching it, but honestly it made my life so much better. Hope you give it a watch, or at least learn something cool!!

In summary:

  • incredible symbolism/allusions/references, LORE AF
  • characters are amazing (i could write 10 essays but we’ll leave it there)
  • plot is incredible and consistent as hell
  • music is gorgeous
  • plot twists that will blow your mind, especially in retrospect
  • really gay
  • both the lighthearted and heartbreaking, handled well and given appropriate weight

Yugioh Zexal is really good, this has been a PSA

missspock1701  asked:

Jotaro and Josuke with an s/o who is prone to wandering off, like they see a bakery and just wander over to look at cakes and stuff, but are also prone to getting HORRIBLY lost. Like they turn a corner and are like 'Fuck where am I?'

Here we go~

I hope you like it! :D


  • Should his s/o wander off to look at whatever caught their eye, Jotaro usually just keeps walking. His s/o will either catch up to him after a few moments, or they will stop him and ask him to take a look himself. If they do he’ll join them and listens to what they say about that particular thing they saw. Should it be a bakery or a café and his s/o asks Jotaro nicely, there is a high chance he’ll even buy them something. He does it wordlessly: he dips his head down, his hat covering his eyes and drops the cake (or whatever it is) in their hands. He surely notices the happy sparkle in their eyes when he does that, and he definitely remembers it for next time.
  • However, Jotaro is very tall and his steps are equally as big as they’re fast, so should his s/o not notice that he just keeps walking, Jotaro is probably gone within three steps. He might just turn a corner, but he is out of sight, and that leaves his s/o alone on the street at the shop they looked at.
  • They notice that Jotaro is gone pretty fast, but it still might be too late. So, they hurry and try to run after him. At the next junction they are already lost though. Where did he go?! His s/o simply randomly decides to go one way, because they already have no clue where they are or where Jotaro could have gone.
  • After a little while Jotaro notices though that his s/o indeed does not follow him, so he turns around to check up on them, and whether they are still fascinated by what they had to offer in these stores. Of course his s/o is nowhere to be seen. Jotaro will only look slightly irritated, since he does get mildly concerned for them. He knows his s/o has no sense of direction, and they might be anywhere already.
  • “Good grief…”
  • Jotaro is far from getting really worried, though. He stays calm and just starts walking again to look for them. They can be anywhere, but they should not have gotten that far yet. He knows the streets of the city, and he’s pretty sure he finds them in due time. This isn’t the first time this happened after all.
  • At some point his s/o will simply run into him, either because they see him on the other side of a street or they sharply turn a corner. They will throw themselves into Jotaro’s arms, rambling about how they have no idea where they were and that they are sure they weren’t even in the same town anymore. Jotaro listens to their rambling, mutters a “good grief” under his breath, but drapes an arm across their shoulders anyway. They really have to do something about their lack of a sense of direction (or about Jotaro always ‘running’ off)


  • When Josuke’s s/o wanders off to look at random stores he usually follows. He loves window shopping, and he loves cakes and sweets just as much, so when his s/o sees lovely cakes, he’s usually all over them as well.
  • So there’s not much danger for his s/o to get lost in the first place just by wandering off to a nearby store or so. If anything, Josuke is kind of grateful for them doing it, because he gets an excuse to buy some cake for them, or sometimes he even spots something really interesting he wants to buy his s/o at some later point.
  • Although sometimes Josuke gets so interested in something in a shop window that he does not notice when his s/o tells him they go ahead to the next store. Only after they already started walking off does the realization sink in, and Josuke’s face visibly pales. His s/o has a hard time finding the way to their own home, and they’re in a part of town they definitely don’t know well!
  • Josuke runs after them, calling their name, but to no avail. How far away could they have gotten within mere moments?!
  • Josuke panics slightly. He knows about their ability to get horribly lost, and he hopes they are not that far away yet. He starts looking for them by running around, calling out for them and even starting to ask around, whether people saw them. Within a very few minutes it turns into a complete search operation, and Josuke even considers asking Koichi for help. With Echoes he can probably find them within seconds. Although he still wonders how his s/o can get lost so fast…
  • At some point, after he calls their name again, he receives an answer from somewhere. He is relieved immediately, follows that voice, and he is prepared to even punch through walls and buildings, if he can reach them easier this way. By the time he sees them again, he pulls his s/o into his arms and crushes them to his chest, releasing a breath full of relief.
  •  “Seriously, babe, how do you do even that?!” he asks them, although with a smile on his face again. His s/o looks away embarrassed and shrugs their shoulders, and Josuke finds this blush so cute on their face, that he just hugs them again, hiding his face in the crook of her neck and mutters with a grin on his face that he’s just glad they’re back.
  • Josuke makes it a point from there on that either he keeps an eye on them, when they’re out together, or his stand should keep an eye out for them, because Josuke tends to get too lost in all the things some stores have in their shop windows as well…

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Bts and Exo mtl on being dominant in bed and can you put a description as to why? You don't have to if you don't want to.

1. Jungkook
2. Jin
3. Suga
4. V
5. J-Hope
6. Rap Monster
7. Jimin

1-3) So, I think Jungkook is a very sloppy dom. The boy loves to be on top and go rough, but he loses it pretty fast. He’s still learning, poor thing. Jin is calm and steady. He’s super quiet, and he loves to please you, but he’s always in charge. Suga can sometimes be a switch, but he prefers it rough with your hands tied up

4-5) V and J-Hope are switches. V prefers dom most of the time, but both totally don’t mind you taking control every once in a while

6-7) RapMon may come off as dominant outside of the bedroom, but he’s def going to need to unwind after the stress of being leader, and you taking control in the bedroom is the way to go for him. Jimin is straight up sub like he’s a whimpering mess honestly he always needs you in charge

1. Chanyeol
2. Kris
3. Suho
4. Kai
5. Sehun
6. Baekhyun
7. Lay
8. Tao
9. Xiumin
10. Luhan
11. D.O
12. Chen

1-4) Doms, doms doms doms. These four are such doms, you literally have to beg them to take control every now and then, and only sometimes will they actually let you. Chanyeol and Kris are the rough, dirty doms. They like to top and they like to drill you until you can’t feel your legs. Suho is more like Jin: he’s the quiet, type dom that’s always worshipping your body. And Kai, he’s all about your sex life being loving and emotional, but there’s a very unspoken agreement that he’s in charge

5-8) The switches. However, I think all four of them would prefer to be doms, they just wouldn’t mind you taking charge once or twice a week. Although let’s be real, Sehun and Tao are already ever going to give you that privilege; only when they’re feeling really sad will they let you boss them around. Baek and Lay like to have sweet sex, and they are totally okay with you topping and completely worshipping their bodies.

9-12) The subs. Basically, they’re all looking for a girl/guy who will boss them around and fuck them silly. They’re all going to come off as manly outside of the bedroom, but inside they just need you to use them

So how fast is it? “Faster than you think.” Ok…but I think pretty darn fast. “Still faster.” You sure? “It says faster than you think. See? I wrote it right there.”

-the assumed conversation between the Addams Family Musical composer and the conductor.

submitted by @enshanomusicbro

i spend half of last night in the chat of a delightful drunken art stream and the other half being completely unable to sleep, so i finally finished this fucking two year old draft.

this fic comes with some warnings for semi-graphic gross injuries, lots and lots of cursing and, as ever, with beautiful art by the extremely lovable beren

“So are we close yet? To your- I dunno, secret gay forest cabin? ‘Cause my feet are starting to hurt and I mean I’m no Vagabond, but you probably won’t want to carry me.”

Nobody replies and Gavin sighs, because he’s an idiot. He got snatched right out of the middle of a job and they immediately ditched his phone and then later on his comm and he didn’t bring any extra ones because he’s an idiot. So now he’s walking through a dark forest in a massive thunderstorm, completely drenched, one guy with a gun behind and one in front of him and they’d tied the longest rope known to mankind around his torso like some kind of cartoon, except that it actually holds up really well and his only escape attempt so far ended with his face in the mud, because he’s an idiot.

If he’s lucky, there’s a nice amount of torture in his future, and then death.

“Coming right up, one secret gay forest cabin,” the guy in front drawls languidly and stops in front of a well, waving Gavin forward with his gun.

Peering down into the well, he can’t see anything but absolute darkness. “You’re kidding, right?” His voice is a little higher than he’d like to admit.

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taimproblem  asked:

6 & 11 for fic ask meme: the latest edition!

First fic/pairing you wrote for? (If no pairing, describe the plot)

It was a crackfic for Harry Potter. Actually. I don’t really think of that as my “first fic”, though - I think my first actual fic was the fic I started writing about Min’s backstory, where I was going to write all about her childhood and growing up and etcetera. It got abandoned pretty fast. 

Yeah, you can still read it, if you really want to.

Weirdest thing you’ve ever written/thought about writing/etc.?

Probably the weirdest thing I’ve ever actually written might be the Morgoth/Cthulhu crossover fic. That sure was something. (This one, I am not going to link.) Though I’ve written some weird shit in my day. The weirdest not crack thing would probably be the Maeglin/Viserys fic I wrote that one time, which I actually somewhat stand by. 

Oh, but there was also the really awful Phantom of the Opera Mary Sue “parody” I wrote with a friend as a very young teen. The best part of that one was the chapter where all the dialogue was Google Translated French. 

I have…some regrets.

angeldevil99-88  asked:

Can you write a jikook Alpha and omega too Jungkook and bottom Jimin au

(I’m a jikook ship writer now folks. This is my destiny.)

Jungkook isn’t what you would consider your…typical alpha.

It’s not that he wasn’t strong, far from it. He’s a good athlete, he runs, he works out, he lifts and he has the muscles to prove it. No he’s definitely strong.

Alphas are supposed to have a commanding presence. They draw your attention when they enter a room. When they speak, everyone pays attention, that kind of thing. Yeah, that? Jungkook doesn’t have.

Talking in front of people? No thanks. Jungkook can’t even hold a conversation with most people that doesn’t involve him only using one word syllables.

Commanding presence? Yeah right. Jungkook spends most of his time in the corner of the library studying, or in his room playing video games. (He plays D.Va on Overwatch and not to brag or anything but he’s in the top 500 in Competitive play. He’s kind of a big deal in the online competitive scene.)

He’s sitting at his favorite corner in the library, Jungkook is surfing the internet on his laptop. He’s taking a break okay? He studies hard, gets good grades, he’s a bit of an overachiever academically. The lack of a social life has been pretty great for that. He works well on his own. Who needs friends?

He hears a sound that makes him pull out his ear buds. Sniffling?

Jungkook should just ignore it, but something compels him to stand and take a look around, following the sound. He finds it in the form of an omega curled into a ball in the corner, crying. The smell overpowers all of his senses, the omega is in heat. Jungkook swallows hard, it explains the crying, why the man is here in this corner of the library.

“Um…Hey…” He ventures, making sure to keep his distance. The Omega smells amazing, like some kind of flower he doesn’t know the name of. He’s not a botany major.

The man’s head snaps up, eyes wide he scurries back. “Please I-I don’t w-want.”

Jungkook raises his hands. “Don’t worry I’m not going to do anything.”

The man bites his lip. “I’m kind of stuck here. I can’t go out there. Not with all those people. Not like this.”

He’s really pretty, like, SO pretty Jungkook wants to die. There’s desire in his bones from the heat, but he can tell already there’s more to it than that.

Jungkook nods, wracking his mind to think of something to say. “Okay well…Um. I’ll just be over there studying. Let me know if you want a drink or anything. I can go get you something. Or maybe you want food, I’m, like, SO good at getting food. I’m a really picky eater though so the staff at the cafeteria cringe when I walk up because I ask all these obscure questions about Gluten because I have Celiac disease. Did you know even Gluten Free stuff still has a bit of gluten in it and doesn’t actually help me out at all? I’m pretty pissed at the diet trends…and I’m babbling I’m sorry.”

The man looks a little surprised. “Aren’t you an Alpha?”

“I mean. I’m sure I smell like one but I think the genetic gods thought I was a big joke or something.” OMG STOP TALKING JUNGKOOK.

But the man giggles. “You don’t seem like most Alphas.”

“I have all of the awkwardness and none of the coolness.” Something about the man is comforting, makes it easy for Jungkook to talk to him. It’s nice for a change, just being able to say what’s in his mind.

The man giggles again. “What’s your name. I could call you Awkward Alpha if you want but…”

Jungkook winces. “Oh god. Please don’t. It’s Jungkook. My name. It’s Jungkook. Yeah.” Way to say your name twice, Casanova.

“My name is Jimin.” The man says with another giggle. He’s really cute, like SO cute, and pretty. He’s really cute and pretty and Jungkook is kind of already in love? “Why aren’t you trying to rip my clothes off right now?”

Jungkook’s eyes widen. “Uh…” He coughs. “Probably because I can control my sexual urges like most Alpha’s should be able to do? Any Alpha that insists the urges control them is a liar.”

Jimin is nodding enthusiastically. “I think so too! They’re so full of shit when they say they can’t! They just want any excuse to sexually harass us and…” Jimin groans, curling on himself a little. “Fuck. Sorry.”

Jungkook squats. “Do you need anything.”

Jimin buries his face in his knees. “To go home.”

“Do you need a ride? I have a scooter. It’s not pretty fast but it’s still pretty badass.

Jimin bites his lip, it looks like he’s hesitating.

“Or if you want to stay here for now that’s fine! I’m not trying to be fresh with you.”

Jimin looks down at his knees, then nods. “Okay. Sure.”

“Yeah?” Wow he said yes. Don’t screw this up Jungkook. “Okay um, let me just get my bag.”


It amazes Jimin that someone like Jungkook isn’t mated to anyone. He’s awkward sure, but he’s cute, kind of sweet (He gave Jimin his jacket, aw.), and doesn’t pretend that an omega in heat turns him into some kind of sex craving monster.

With the Alpha close by, most people leave them alone. Jimin can see that other alphas can smell his heat, but wearing Jungkook’s jacket with the man standing close by, they don’t bother him.

“Jimin, meet Princess.” Jungkook waves his arm dramatically to his little scooter. It seems like a nice scooter as far as scooters go. It’s painted red, with an iron man sticker on the front (cute).

Jimin goes for theatric as well, and bows. “Nice to meet you, Princess. Please get me home safely~”

Jungkook laughs and hands Jimin a helmet. “Safety first.” He says. He means it too, because he has his own helmet with fancy Iron Man themed art on it.

Jungkook is cute. He’s a bit taller than Jimin, broad, and ripped (as Jimin finds out when he gets on the scooter and puts his arms around Jungkook’s waist.)

The ride home is VERY distracting for Jimin because Jungkook smells AMAZING and he’s trying to stop himself from fanning his hands over Jungkook’s torso and moving downwards to the man’s muscular thighs. He doesn’t though, because despite the urges and the discomfort heats don’t control his life.

Jungkook is actually great at following Jimin’s directions and gets to his apartment building in no time. The entire ride is spent mostly in silence, with Jimin attempting to keep his hormones under control.

“This it?” Jungkook asks, snapping Jimin out of it.

“Oh. Oh yeah.” Jimin says, a bit breathless. Quickly he scrambles of the scooter and rips his helmet off to give to Jungkook. “Thank you. Thank you so much!”

Jungkook takes off his own helmet and smiles, his ears pink. “Um, no problem. You can keep my jacket for now.”

Jimin tilts his head to the side. “You’re not cold?”

“Oh haha I’m totally freezing but I heard the smell helps during heats? I mean…unless you don’t want to smell me which is totally understandable and wow I didn’t think this through.”

“Um sure. I’ll keep the jacket.” Jimin says, hugging the jacket to him for emphasis.

“Oh. Really?”

Jimin smiles. “Yeah.”

“Okay.” Jungkook puts his helmet on his head. “Well, hope you get through it soon. Have a good day!”

“Wait!” Jimin says hands forward. Jungkook stops to look at him. “Aren’t you going to like…ask for my number?”

Jungkook’s eyes widen, it reminds Jimin of a deer. “Do…you want me to ask for your number?”

Jimin laughs. “You really are awkward.”

“I tried to warn you!”

“Here.” Jimin puts a palm out. “Gimme your phone.”

Jungkook pulls his phone out of his back pocket, the screen is cracked, but seems to work fine. Jimin puts his contact name (Jiminnie~ <3) and his real number in and texts himself (Because Jungkook doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that’s going to text him first).

He gives the phone back to Jungkook when he’s done. “There!”

“Cool.” Jungkook says, and the way he says it makes it sound like no one cool has given him their number before. There’s a soft pang in his chest at the thought that maybe that’s true. “Thanks.” Jungkook smiles, full and wide, and it’s the cutest thing Jimin has seen in a while.

“Text me okay?” Jimin asks.

“Yeah. Yeah I will.” Jungkook says. “Get well soon.”

“I will.” Jimin says.

Jungkook speeds off (well, as fast as a scooter can actually “speed”) and Jimin watches him go.  He was mortified to have his heat start at school, but it worked out. He raises the collar of Jungkook’s jacket and takes a long smell, then goes inside.

Send me a pairing and an au and I’ll write a short fic.


Word count: 653

It was the last day of college; you and your group of friends decided to have a house party. It wasn’t a crazy one which you were thankful for. Nonetheless, there were lots of drinks involved and of course loud music. After midnight when everyone started to get sleepy, you all agreed to play a game. Someone suggested twister and spin the bottle but not everyone was keen. You suggested truth or dare and everyone was up for it. You all sat in a circle, Wonho sitting next to you. One of the girls announced that she wanted to go first. You asked, “truth or dare?” She immediately said, “dare!” You pursed your lips and thought of an easy dare to start with. “Kiss the person who you think is the most good looking one in this room.” Much to your dismay, she went ahead and kissed Wonho on the cheek. 

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Jealous Gray

It was getting pretty late and I needed to get some sleep for tomorrow. Tomorrow I was meeting all the boys. Grayson wanted me to come along with him and Ethan to go meet the “homies” out in LA. It was a pretty big deal to me. One because I’m leaving Jersey and flying across the country with just my boyfriend and his brother! And secondly because his friends approvals really do mean a lot to me. I was getting so nervous I couldn’t fall asleep. I had to get up in 2 hours to catch our flight…looks like I’m not sleeping tonight. Mrs. Dolan picked me up at my house around 4am to catch our flight at 5. I hopped in the backseat to sit next to Gray. “Morning beautiful!” He mumbled still half asleep. I loved hearing his morning voice! I kissed him on the cheek and whispered “morning!”. We finally got through security and headed to board our plane. I sat in the middle of the two. Grayson looked over at me in concern. “Babe please tell me you weren’t up all night over thinking?” I just put my head down and looked at my fingers. Gray quickly put his arm around me and squeezed me tight into a hug and whispered in my ear “don’t worry, everything is going to be okay. I promise. They’re going to love you!”. The flight went pretty fast surprisingly. Still didn’t get any sleep though. We got off the plane and got our suitcases and sat down to wait for Cameron, who was suppose to be picking us up. After waiting about 15 minutes I heard someone say “hey chumps” from behind us. It was Cameron. The boys gave him a “bro hug” and Grayson introduced him to me. “Well hello there beautiful” he said making me blush. I didn’t mean to blush it just happened and I could tell Gray got pissed. “Hi! It’s nice to finally meet you” I said to clear the air. We got back to Cameron’s place and met the rest of the guys. They were all so down to earth and so freaking hilarious. They made me feel so welcomed and at home. As the day went on and the boys filmed video after video it was getting pretty late and I still haven’t slept in the last 18 hours. We all decided to rent a movie and just chill. I haven’t gotten any alone time with Grayson all day so I snuggled up to him on the couch. About halfway through the movie Gray fell asleep so I got up off the couch and repositioned him so he was more comfortable. So I grabbed a blanket and pillow and laid on the floor. It wasn’t to much longer until I fell asleep. I was exhausted. The next morning I woke up to the sound of the coffee maker. I looked behind me and Cameron was sleeping…very close to me. I just kinda laughed to myself because of he had really bad bed head! I got up quietly so no one would wake up. Grayson was the one up making coffee. Him and I were the only ones up so far. I walked over and sat next to him and kissed his cheek and then his neck and then rested my head on his shoulder. “Morning babe” I said. He tensed up and didn’t say anything back. He got up and went to go pour more coffee in his mug. I was confused. I got up and followed him. Wrapping my arms around his waist from behind. “What’s wrong with you grumpy?” He turned around to face me and looked me in the eyes and said “I’d rather wake up in the morning holding my girlfriend, instead of finding her basically spooning one of my friends” I was in shock of what he just said. “Gray what are you talking about?” I snapped back at him. “Did you not notice how close you two were last night?” He said. “I fell asleep before he did and no I didn’t and I had no intention being that close to him” I said getting angry. “Why do you always get so jealous?” I asked him. “Because Y/N I love you and I don’t want any other guy to have you.” He said seriously as his jaw clenched showing his perfect jaw line. “Baby I love you more than you know. You’re the only guy I want. No one else. I promise.” I reassured him. He pulled in close and crashed our lips together. It felt so good to kiss him. He kisses me so passionately but this time it was a little more intense because he wanted to make sure I knew he loved me and that’s why I loved him!

Missing Parts - Mr. Talkative- A Reverse Portal Au

((This is part six of the series based off busket’s AU. Links to Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, and Part Five))

“Look, Sixer– Ford. Ford, I didn’t mean it. You know I didn’t mean it. It was just– it was stupid. I shouldn’t have drank. I know it fucks with my head but I did it anyway like the moron I am. I swear…if you just open your stupid, dork eyes that don’t even work, I’ll never drink again. I swear to whoever the hell is up there. Paul Bunyan. I don’t care. Whoever. Just wake up…please.”

Stanley Pines sighed and stared dismally at his unconscious brother when the man only responded to his heartfelt words with the slow but steady rise and fall of his chest. Then again, the machines and the tube down Stanford’s were the only things keeping his brother going. He wasn’t breathing on his own and it was all Stanley’s fault.

Stan gripped his hair and leaned his forehead against his brother’s arm. The hospital bed’s blanket was scratchy and thin and Ford’s skin felt so cold. Stanford’s complex was pallid, and his matted gray hair had lost its spike and fluff. It drooped into his face, making Ford look younger and more frail than he ever had before.

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condemnedbysunset  asked:

waking up with amnesia au [ also this one ]

Ace survived the war.

It was a miracle by itself that he had survived Akainu’s blow. Sabo had been so relieved and delighted when he heard the news that he had sank to his knees and couldn’t move for minutes, his bones practically melting in his skin from the tension being released. 

He hadn’t realize that he was so tense before his informant delivered news of Portgas D. Ace’s survival. The Whitebeard Pirates had managed to keep their 2nd Division Commander’s survival quiet, but it wasn’t long before the secret had leaked out. 

And here he was, on the ship of the Whitebeard Pirates, staring at the crumbled remains of a great crew with their legend of a captain dead and gone. 

He had been met with suspicion and hostility at first — no surprise, after what just happened — but the appearance of the most wanted man in the world helped verified his identity. 

He owned Dragon, and could only be grateful that the man has a soft spot for him. 

“So you’re Ace’s brother, yoi.” Was the first thing the blonde Commander said when he stepped foot on the Moby Dick.

“Yes.” He nodded distractedly, eyes flickering around when he saw no sight of Ace. 

Marco watched him thoughtfully, before shaking his head and beckoning for him to follow. 

“His injuries look worse than it actually is.” The older blonde said. “He healed up pretty fast, although he’s still sentenced to bed rest.” They stopped outside a closed door and Marco turned to look at him. Sabo felt the dread and apprehension returned at the uncharacteristic grave look on the man’s face. 

“What is it?” He asked anxiously.

“I thought I’d tell you this before we head in so you can prepare yourself first.” Marco said quietly. “Ace survived without any fatal injuries, but when he woke up, he couldn’t remember anything.”

“W — What.” Sabo stammered. 

Marco patted him gently on the shoulder before he turned the knob, pushing his way into the infirmary. Sabo stayed by the doorway, shocked. He could hear a soft beeping emitting from the room, Marco’s murmuring to someone. Swallowing nervously, Sabo stepped in.

He had anticipated this, but even the sight of his older brother felt like a punch in the gut. Paler than normal, his freckles standing out on his face, Ace looked weary and disoriented. But when Sabo entered, his expression visibly perked up.

Sabo nearly swallowed his tongue when wide, dark eyes swivelled towards him. 

“Hi.” He tried lamely. 

“I’ll leave the both of you.” Marco coughed, slipping out of the room. Sabo almost reached out to grab the man. Suddenly, the idea of being alone with Ace frightened him.

“So Marco told me you’re my brother.” Ace started, blinking owlishly up at him from the bed. “Uh, you look far different than I thought.“ 

"We aren’t blood-related.” Sabo said, mouth dry. Luffy and Ace were the ones that were always mistaken as biological brothers. He, with his fair skin and blond hair, was the odd one out. 

Ace’s eyes lit up with understanding. “So we’re foster brothers, huh? Well, then, come sit over here. It feels weird when you’re just standing over there.” 

Sabo jerked out of his reverie, and hesitantly sat down on the chair beside the bed. 

“So you know me since young, right?” Ace asked. “Tell me what was I like when I was young. I — um, couldn’t remember anything, but I have vague flashes of images in my head. The doctor said that I might remember more if we start from young.”

Well, he could do that. Sabo cleared his throat, lips twitching into a reluctant smile. “You were a brat when you were young.”  

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Prompt: We hate each other but apparently our teachers ship is and make I partner up all the time and sit next to each other and for the love of God if you not shut your mouth I’m gonna shove you on the desk and sNOG THE HELL OUT OF YOU

Remus cursed under his breath as he made his way next to Sirius Fucking Black. That was the third time this week that a teacher thought it would be funny to make them sit next to each other. And it was only Tuesday.

It was clear that the teachers thought it would be funny to make the sit together. Some shipping wars going on in the staff room and here Remus has to bear the blunt of it and sit next to that pain in the arse. And he hd the audacity to smile at him. Smile! Honestly, if he do not gave about his marks that much, Remus probably would have a few words o choice to say to both the English teacher and Sirius Black.

And yet, he would not do that. Because as much as that annoyed him to no end, he had been sporting a huge crush on him since some time now. That wanker was lounging his chair like it was a fucking couch, gave Remus an-honest-to-god once over and smirked at him. He resisted the urge to kick something because how dare him look so cool and beautiful in that plain classroom.

Remus simply rolls his eyes and took the chair next to Sirius.

“Why, hello my pretty moonbeam.” Remus cringed at the use of one of the many derivatives of the nickname the black-haired boy gave him when he noticed his moon phases tattoo on his underarm.

“Good morning Black,” he said tensely.

“Oh don’t worry your pretty face love-” he said close to Remus’ ear. Remus felt his face warming up from the closeness but tried to maintain his composure.

“Black, for the sake of everything that is holy, just shut your big mouth.”

“Make me,” Sirius answered in a low voice, that went straight to Remus’ groin and smirked.

The tawny-haired boy simply glared at him until his shoulders sagged forwards and he nodded.

They would be discussing ‘Candide’ by Voltaire in the first period and then, partner up for creative writing. They’d do only the outline in class and work the rest of the essay together at home.

Once they completed Voltaire, they got to work. Well everyone else got to work while Remus got to deal with a petulant Sirius. Though, in the end, they managed to complete the outline and were now packing their things away.

“So Moony, I finally get to see your bedroom now?”

Remus took a deep breath, willing himself to not give I to the desire to kick or kiss that bastard. Either option was fine with him, though he was rooting more for the first on right now.

“Here’s my address. I’m expecting you at seven. Don’t be late.”

“Oh, don’t I at least get a good bye kiss?” Sirius pouted and Remus nearly let out a whimper. How can him look so bloody gorgeous?

“No you don’t. There’s only the standard hand shake I’m afraid.” Remus extended his hand.

Sirius took it and instead of shaking it, he placed a hot opened-mouth kiss on Remus’ knuckles. He felt desire pooling in his belly and wanted nothing less than to have that same kiss but on his mouth  instead now.

Sirius shot him a smug grin and winked at him before making his way out leaving Remus staring at his back.

He was so gone right now. So smitten.


Remus was pacing nervously around the house. He was a ball of nerves. How will be deal with a gorgeous Sirius Black in his room. Probably on his bed.

He heard an engine roaring in the distance and seconds later the other boy was getting off his motor bike looking like a bloody sex god. Cursing under hi breath, he made his way to the door and opened it to a smirking Sirius.

He was looking gorgeous as ever with his dark locks pulled into a high bun at the back of his head, strategically ripped jeans, a leather jacket over a light white t-shirt. Remus was staring  and clearly Sirius noticed judging by the smug look on his face.

“Hello love.”

“Sirius. It’s upstairs. You want something to drink.” His manners caught up with him.

“Nah I’m fine.”

They worked pretty fast and quite well. Sirius still blatantly flirted with him and Remus continued having his insides turned into mush each time and keeping on a stoic face. But it did not happen that much.

They were indeed working on his bed. Remus was formatting the whole document and looking for grammatical mistakes, when Sirius raised his hands to redo his bun which got loose. The issue was that his shirt raised as well, revealing a sliver of skin which Remu could not unglue his eyes from. And apparently, that encouraged Sirius to show off his seemingly unending knowledge of cheesy pick-up lines.

As always, Remus ignored him for most part. Well at least tried to.

“Okay if you don’t shut the fuck up, I will make you. Believe me I will snog your stupid face off.” Remus growled at him.

Sirius’ breath hitched and he licked his lips. “I will not stop you. That’s for sure.”

And then, Remus pounded on Sirius, effectively knocking him down and he was straddling his gorgeous classmate. He brought their faces so close that their noses were touching. Sirius licked his lips again and Remus closed the distance between them.

They were both panting slightly when they pulled away.

“If I knew all I had to do was talk to have you kiss me like that, I’d have done it ages ago.”

Remu rolled his eyes but he had a smile playing on his lips. “Shut up” he said fondly.

“Make me” Sirius said after a beat ad Remus did as he asked.

anonymous asked:

Good day Yiji-chan, how are you doing today? My question to you is has Derek become more of a mischivous Seed Wolf lately? What has he done to mess with Stiles?

Derek doesn’t do things to be outright mischievous (except sometimes when Stiles really pisses him off), but sometimes he does little irritating things to mess with Stiles, because he’s bored and wants attention.

Lately, he ate all of Stiles’ snacks while he was at work. He was bored and not even really hungry, but he ate them anyway. When Stiles got home, he was more worried that Derek might’ve made himself sick, but Seed Wolf metabolisms are pretty fast, you know.

Still. He has sour gummy worms he was looking forward to eating later.

Run With Me


Peter Maximoff x Reader

Author: Jen

Hey guys ! I’m actually really happy with how this turned out and I have so many different ideas for this story. I hope you all enjoy it ! I’m sorry for the lack of Peter in this part though. I had to maintain some sort of introduction. Also it is important to note that this is set post Days of Futures Past and pre Apocalypse!! (Also please ignore how I keep jumping from past and present tense. Thats something I have to work on :P ) 

side note: the mother in this story is inspired by vernon and petunia dursley. in no way am i trying to make fun of the religion in any way :) 

Enjoy !

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Grim had just woken up after a very long night. She had spent most of the night sending people’s souls, she didn’t even get to say goodbye to Jay, whose leg had finally healed an he decided to take off. She didn’t even get the chance to send him off. Then, when she finally got a chance to go home she had ran into an old enemy. A creature by the name of Warden. They fought for a while until Warden had ran off. Grim though didn’t make it out unhurt. She had gotten cuts and bruises all over her body, and she also had a black eye. She usually healed pretty fast, but a black eye still took a least a day or two to heal properly. She sighed, and got out of bed. She knew that Flint was coming over that day, so she decided to get dressed.