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Imagine all the corny puns Barry would be making and cheesy pick up lines. As well, so when the two of them are alone but since Barry's suit has the sensors and stuff the team back at STAR Labs could hear what the two are saying. “Are you a pokemon? Because I’d like to peek-at-chu.”

Remember, Felicity and Diggle can also hear Oliver through his mic, so literally both teams can hear what they’re saying, and they’re simultaneously sick of it and in awe of the adorableness, and Oliver and Barry keep forgetting to TURN THEIR DAMN MICS OFF. So when they get a bit, er… frisky, things must get uncomfortable pretty damn fast at STAR Labs/the Verdant basement (They’ve still not called it the Quiver yet, right?)

More importantly, though - SUPERHERO PICK-UP LINES! Imagine the possibilities!

Barry: I might have been struck by lightening, but the sparks between us are the strongest I’ve ever felt!
Oliver: You don’t need to keep running to chase your dreams. I’m right here! 
Barry: I might have super speed but I know how to take my time where it counts
Oliver: I know how to make your body quiver
Barry: I might be the runner, but you’ve been running through my mind all night.
Oliver: You run faster than my WiFi - can you sign me up for high speed access?
Barry: You can hit my bullseye with your arrow any time!
Caitlin (over the mic): OH MY GOD EW BARRY. STOP.

All the while Cisco is cackling madly in the background, Felicity has just gone completely pale and speechless and Diggle has already left the room because he does NOT have time to deal with these dorks!

(If anyone can think of other superhero pick-up lines, I feel that it’s extremely important that you send them to me like right now and I will love you forever!)

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story about the weirdest thing you've ever seen while walking down the street

Oh boy have I got one for you

So my dad and I were on a walk ok and we had just reached the top of our driveway when this car came barreling down the hill

and we live like right at the part of a hill where you’ve picked up speed and it’s still pretty high but you’re going pretty fast so it’s dangerous and we generally get annoyed at people that come flying down the hill the way this guy did.  It was this old, off-white four door sedan and it looked like it was being held together with duct tape and dreams. It wasn’t, though.  You know what was holding it together?

Conspiracy theories and magic, that’s what.

Because both my dad and I, in that brief moment where we saw who was driving, recognized John Lennon in the driver’s seat.  

I know this doesn’t sound remotely possible, but bear with me here.  At first we thought it was Jesus, because he had the whole long-hair-beard thing going and once we registered the glasses and cigarette we were like “No wait John Lennon”

Well, 5 minutes into our walk, the car comes tearing back in the other direction.  We recognize it, and we stop to confirm what we already know, that John Lennon is indeed driving the car.  

Sure enough, the same man is driving, and this time, he flashes us a peace sign out the window as he flies by.

This was like 2 years ago too.  Peace signs are long since out of style.  And we both look at each other, and acknowledge that that was the confirmation we needed that John Lennon was indeed driving the car.

And that is the weirdest thing I have ever seen walking down the street

Ask me for stories please I’ll love you forever they can be about literally anything

viverridae replied to your photo:He is v small,but I am pumped af!!!!

is that a lenovo !! i bought a lenovo yoga 2 a few months ago ! they dont handle games gr8 nd u gotta watch the heat lvl + one of the usb jacks is plastic (mine snapped p quickly) but ! generally still works pretty fast and smooth !

Yeah, it’s a Lenovo Z40, so it’s probably a little more powerful. I didn’t buy it with the intention of gaming in mind, but it’s what I need to handle art and other stuff. 

None of my USB jacks are plastic so I’m probably safe. Honestly nothing could be worse than the ASUS I just got rid of lmao.

By the looks of it your Lenovo has half the specs mine does. Mines also not an Ultrabook.

But thank you for the tips anyways. I’ve put a considerable amount of research into this thing tho! :D

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Hey! Quick question for you! Where did you order your KHR! rubber straps from? (the ones with Reborn, Tsuna, and Hibari)

I bought them directly from MOVIC, the people who made them! You will need a shopping service in order to buy them unless you live in Japan!

Here’s a link to them, they’re still for sale and would ship out pretty fast!

I use FromJapan as my shopping service! It’s really easy to use and if you sign up using my referral link, you and I both get a bonus!

(2 Days til Quit) Cleanse

“Lights Out” day continues to close in fast, and I’m still feeling pretty good. I’m still dreading the withdrawals and the coughing and everything that comes with ridding your body of nicotine, but I’m more-or-less at peace with it.

A big preparation factor for quitting smoking, for me, was to cut out alcohol. Since I graduated college, I’ve been the kind of guy who likes to unwind with a nice, cold brew (or two, or four, or seven, depending on the day). I didn’t really drink (or smoke) while I was in college, save for a few occasions when I was out with friends, but getting drunk wasn’t really something I liked (brain got too fuzzy, writing got hard–that sort of thing).

Today marks day five without a wind down beer. I woke up this morning feeling like a million bucks. I’ve been sleeping a lot better, and my stress levels are dropping steadily. I’m told this only gets better the longer the cleanse goes on, so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens. Apparently I’ll feel like ten million by day ten.

As far as smoking is concerned?

Still feeling like every cigarette is a betrayal of some kind. Right now, I feel like I’m just going through the motions and not enjoying it like I once did (yes, I used to like doing this shit).

I’m worried, though. 

How am I going to keep myself busy the first three to four days? On day one, I’ll have work to get me through, but what’s after that? I’ve never really been the type to sit at home and watch Netflix. When I’m not working on fiction of some kind, I feel like a useless loaf. While I’m skeptical I’ll get any kind of writing done while I’m in nicotine-traction, I want to try. Apparently dedicating yourself to your passion helps.

We’ll see. Maybe I’ll just wind up walking around a lot.

Tomorrow is Thursday. Last day with a pack on me. I’ve already chucked all the lighters and and smoking-related crap from my room. Once I’ve gotten through the first four days, I’m going to wash all my clothes to get the smell out.

Still ready. I’m going to do this.

ugh thanks. i mean yeah what it really comes down to is I’ve never seen anything like that before its a tiny little spot but bleeding a lot pretty fast so in that moment when he was about to leave while still bleeding my anxiety was SO bad like i wasn’t going with cause i work in the morning and now I’m up late as hell anyway… and he’s seriously pissed. like i love him but he knows how i am and is all “i told you so” now. i truly thought something awful would happen if he didn’t go to the ER…so i’m an asshole cause it was just a waste of time but how the hell was i supposed to know… and now i can’t stop questioning if I’m just selfish and paranoid like i legitimately cannot help it and I hate all of this…

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For Aggie: ♖ and ♛. For Jane: ♘ and ♗

♖- Their First Friend

Oh, he was some kid back in Jersey.  Real excitable type, really funny and full of energy.  He brought out the good in me, got me talking to other people… She laughs. I was five years old and he saved me from getting mauled by a dog that lived in the alley beside the corner store near our school.  We were fast friends.

We’re still pretty good friends…

♛ - Marriage and Wedding Ceremonies

She glances behind her, checking to see if she’s alone.  I have never been married.  I’ve only ever had the one boyfriend and we skipped marriage and made a baby first. He didn’t stick around… So after that I wasn’t to keen on letting anyone get close to me like that again.  I settled to be alone.  I never wanted to…

Who’d wanna’ marry and old Witch, anyway?

♘- Their first kiss

I was nineteen.  I had always abstained from men for the sake of my family.  I had to help my mother care for my younger siblings.  Naturally this made me much more ‘fascinating’ to the local boys.  I was in my father’s barn reading when three boys from my brother’s school came in.  One of them asked me to kiss him.  I said no.  So he kissed me instead. 

She looks up.

His mouth tasted like tobacco and his hands felt like stone. 

♗ - Their first relationship

She looks up, trying to remember. 

I was courted by a young man named Adam when I was in my early twenties. Our fathers were very good friends so they thought he and I would be a suitable match, but I did not like him.

He was a sweet boy but had no nerve.  He was a bit of a coward.  When I’d try to climb trees he’d panic and beg me to climb down.  He was a sweet boy.  But I did not love him.  He ended up marrying another woman about a year later.  I attended their wedding.  They had four beautiful children together.  I’m glad it worked out for him!


Another belly dance squad project!
Had to finish it fast for a producer but im still pretty proud 😊

Day 23 → How long does it usu­ally take you to com­plete an entire story?

I mostly write with somebody else or RP nowadays, buuut it depends. It might take a day, or a week. I used to be a pretty fast writer and I’m still that, when my head just allows it.

One thing that I’ll give Sonic X is that I feel, at least for these first couple episodes, they got Knuckles pretty right.  Originally, he was essentially “Sonic, but cooler.”  He was super strong, still really fast, and generally pretty good at tricking and trapping Sonic in various ways.  Plus, he had his whole guardian of the master emerald situation going on.  He was the original Sonic rival, and he was awesome.  Later on Sonic would get other rivals, most notably Shadow, and that facet of him would go away soon after, and later still the fact that he guarded the master emerald or had any major job at all would start going completely ignored.  Not long after that, Knuckles would lose basically all of his cool, as his gullibleness would be flanderized into straight-up stupidity.

I do enjoy the way Sonic Boom portrays Knuckles, he has some great and hilarious moments and is quite entertaining, but I feel Sonic X got Knuckles’ original inception much more accurately here.

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Ohhhhh my gosh! They started it so why are they the one freaking out?!?! This went from amusing to confusing and annoying really fast

It’s still pretty amusing though

Today’s training

Power snatch 5x3 @ 155

Snatch high pull 5x3 @ 185

5 snatch push presses + 1 overhead squat 5 sets @ 165

Ring dips 4x8
SS ring rows 4x8
SS abs

Speed and positions today. Still felt pretty fast even though kinda wrecked. Rest day tomorrow then heavy Saturday.

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Hell yeah. Let’s see:

“It’s All Over” by Three Days Grace

When you’re on the edge and falling off
It’s all over for you
For you

“Pretty Good Year” by Tori Amos

Hold onto nothing
As fast as you can
Well still pretty good year

“Hey Ya” by OutKast (Obadiah Parker cover. I love this hell out of this cover.)

Thank God for Mom and Dad
For sticking to together
Like we don’t know how

Send me a  ♪ and I will shuffle my iPod, tell you our song and my favourite line from it.

Day 6


Good day but still got pretty full pretty fast. 

Had a lot at breakfast so that threw off my calorie count for the day - 544 calories

364 for lunch and 340 in snacks left me no room for dinner.

So i had a box of salad with some balsamic and olive oil and stomach still hurt at night.

This is hard and this sucks.

Need to stop nibbling and actually eating within the calorie count