[get to know me meme] 10 Ships (8/10): mamoru/usagi


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“And from my blood will drip your miracles”

Sorry for the modified Gamzee quote but it works so well!

Anyways, still working on those color palette things
They’re pretty much all I do these days since they’re relatively fast and I get to mix pretty colors :)
(still got a hell of a lot left though!) 

who-am-i-tree  asked:

hi so I'm still pretty new to Tumblr and I can't figure out how to block certain tags. This hasn't been a real problem before but i don't want to see spoilers for Age of Ultron. So if you know, could you tell me please? I'd really appreciate it.

download xkit here, its totally safe and i have had it on my computer for months. 

when you do, you will have this 

click on it or it just pops up i don’t remember. When you do that something like this will pop up. 

Click on Get Extensions and scroll through until you find Blacklist

click install and it should only take a second to install

Blacklist should pop with a few other extensions. Scroll to the bottom of blacklist and you should see this. Click on “add new” 

type in Age of Ultron or aou or aou spoilers 

Hit “add word” and it should now be blocked and a post tagged with your blacklisted tags will look like this

I also highly recommend looking at the other extensions. Please be kind to xkit guy. He does this all for free and only asks for donations.

Also this doesn’t work on mobile so just stay off mobile 


Oh Juvia ❤ because of her I’m loving TOO much blue hair…

Yes, I know it’s quite different and this and that but today I felt like doing something like this. Very fast but still pretty (I hope!) Looks like a dolly. In the last moment I decided to put some colour because if not is hard to recognise her but it’s her, I swear! XD (I still prefer the b&w version)

Btw I wanna say I’ve got a lot of cool requests/suggestions and I’m planning on doing some of them but keep in mind that I’m on my finals, have almost no time and NaLu week is coming (I need those prompts!!) and I’m a bit lazy sooo I may need time.

Also thank you very much to all of you for the support! I’ve just reached +1000 followers and can’t believe it! ❤ 

idk I kinda feel like shiat and these two dorks  really make me happy so I drew them to release some stress  :                                              ^) (btw the thing that rhys wears was inspired by elizabeth from bioshock )

This is the power of love guys, Cyclonus took down Ravage, ripped off whatever the hell this thing is off of Megatron’s bed and then bashed his head with in all in like 2 seconds
Vote for Alex Kingston in the Final Round of BBC America's Fan Favorites

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Fifi Hart will be playing Sybbie Branson in Downton Abbey S5 (x)

You were never a stranger to me. I always felt I knew you. You didn’t want me and I was mad for a long time but now I see that you could never be with someone like me. I know you don’t hate me either. I have not seen you in years but I always think about you. I hope you’re alive. I don’t know anyone who knows you. I’m moving pretty fast these days but I think of you still.
—  Henry Rollins.