imagine calum proposing to you

so you’d be chillin one night and you would be kinda waiting around for calum to get home so you were a bit worried because wasn’t he supposed to be home like an hour ago??? he would have totally texted you if he knew he’d be home late so what’s up with that?? but you would just shrug it off, telling yourself that you were overreacting and that he would be home any minute. so like he texts you saying something like “hey my car broke down, sorry for not getting to you sooner. do you mind picking me up? im on 49th street by the restaurant” and you’d be like!! awh cal! so you would drive to 49th as soon as you could without endangering yourself of course but when you would finally see calum, you’d see him wearing a suit and tie and you’d belike what? i dont remember him wearing that when he left? so anyway you would run over to him and all of a sudden to see this trail of flower petals that ran up the hill across the street, overlooking the bay. and you’d be like gushing like omg what?? he’d be smiling so much and he would grab your hand and lead you across the street, following the petals and now you would be starting to think his car never broke down in the first place. and so once you would get up the hill there would be a little blanket and a picnic basket but you didnt really notice cause you would be staring at cal the whole time and his cheeks were getting SO red omg how cute! so he would get down on one knee in front of you, holding the most stunning piece of jewlery you’d ever seen, and at this point you were in tears because omg!!! so not expected!!!! he’d give this long speech telling you how much he fuckin adored the hell out of you and how there would be no other person he would ever want to spend the rest of his life with and like!!!!! oh my god he’s actually doing this!!!! he’d finally pop the big question and you’d yell “yes yes yes of course” so excitedly and he would pick you up and do one of those really cliche spins and kiss the hell out of you and oh goD imagine spending the rest of your life with him im


Tale as old as Time,

Song as old as Rhyme,

Beauty and The Beast!”

(Click on each picture to read the captions.)

(Eren & Mikasa plushies: hand-made. Beast Prince suit and Belle dress with shoes: Build a bear workshop. Backgrounds: Palace backdrops from Disney’s “Beauty & The Beast” 1991.)

this fandom is so terrible i’ll see a pretty edit or a funny text post and i’ll go to reblog it but then i’ll read the op’s about description and there’s always something along the lines of “sh@ladin and its shippers burned my house down and killed my family” in it and i’ll have to scroll by and pretend i never saw it