I’ve seen a few posts going around about Rachel and how there’s no way that the Rachel they’ve met so far in game would ever go on to cheat on Chloe or betray her like that but like. This game takes place over the course of three days, and three days at the very beginning of their relationship, three YEARS before the events of the main game. We see them early on, right in the fire and excitement of them having a new thing, right when anything seems possible and they really, genuinely think they’re going to get away.

We see Rachel, who despises Arcadia Bay, and is clearly willing to do just about anything to get away. Rachel, bright and talented and clearly built for a life of big things and success and she knows that. We’ve seen so far, even just in these two episodes, that Rachel is willing to do some pretty backhanded things to get what she wants. She didn’t tell Chloe why they were going to the park in the first episode. She hid her intentions. Under the right circumstances, if she gets removed from The Tempest, she drugs Victoria just to earn back her place in the play. She doesn’t seem particularly bothered by the fire she started. She has no problem lying and manipulating to get what she wants. I’m not saying she’s a bad person, but she is, whether she wants to be or not, her father’s daughter, and she’s clearly learned some of his bad behaviors and uses them to her advantage. 

So this is all happening at the beginning. Say two years from this point, two years and a half, and Rachel is still stuck in Arcadia Bay, no closer to leaving, and at this point she clearly has a drug problem. Two years is long enough for a person to change in dark ways, and it’s no stretch to imagine the person we’ve met using Frank to get drugs. I have no issue whatsoever imagining her completely fooling him into believing she loved him only to get what she wanted. I know Frank says that Chloe is the reason for a lot of Rachel’s problems, but that seems like exactly the sort of lie she’d tell to fool Frank. I know even less about what supposedly went down with Rachel and Jefferson, but again, the idea that she genuinely loved him seems absurd. If he came into her life, when hope of getting out was starting to seem slim, and fed her lies about getting her famous with his photography, told her he had ways to get her out, I have no problem seeing her thinking she could use him when she was really the one being used.

Rachel is a complicated person. Rachel is a little bit of a dangerous person. A lot of times, people fall into the very behaviors and habits they’ve hated the most. Rachel becoming many of the things we learn about her in the original game is not out of the question. If anything, it’s all the sort of things that lead one to hate Arcadia Bay even more. It’s not the sort of town where people really get better. It’s the sort of dead end place that often leads to bright, brilliant people fizzling out until there’s nothing left. Rachel being as incredible as she is shouldn’t make the original game seem unlikely. It should make it seem like that much more the tragedy.


Gabe: You seem troubled. 

Ember: Thank you Captain Obvious - it’s just that I’m scared dude. Like this isn’t a fuck up right? I just don’t want to crash and burn out there and have to come back home to mommy and daddy for their help - 

Gabe: I’m not gonna lie - what you’re doing is pretty ballsy - but! What’s life without taking risks? You gotta go out there and spread your wings and fly. You’ll probably mess up a lot but that’s just the process of adulting right? Also, you’ve got your kiddos to drive you - you want what’s best for them correct?

Ember: Yeah… 

Gabe: Yeah! So they’ll push you to do more. You’re doing it for them as well as you. 

Ember: I know, I know…

She took a deep breath. 

Ember: Alright. I can do it. 

Gabe: That’s my girl. Anyways, if you leave and want to avoid home you can always come and live with me ;) 

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On the subject of witchy things, what are your thoughts on Wicca? I myself don't believe in it, but I do like some of their practices. And I noticed a lot of practitioners of it, also happen to know a thing or two about meditation, chakras, and such, even though those things didn't belong in the original tradition from Europe. What do you think?

I go by the maxim, “Nothing is true, everything is permitted.”

Wicca is from the 20th century. It is not bound to exclude things like chakras, meditation, and such. There is no real “original tradition” to Wicca, although it does draw inspiration from the old “pagan” nature-based spiritualities of Europe and elsewhere. 

I love witchy, magickal, and supernatural things. And because much of this “reality” is an illusion, that means the illusion can do some pretty funky things. The key, in my opinion, isn’t to get too fixated on those funky things. 

What we call magick, the yogis call “siddhis.” A siddhi is a magickal power that a person can develop as a result of meditation or spiritual practice. We are always cautioned to avoid taking an interest in them because they can distract from enlightenment. My guru says it’s like focusing on a lollipop when you can own the factory. 

Personally I appreciate the similarities shared between Wicca and Taoism. Both have a closeness with nature and an awareness of the cycles playing out therein. Wicca interacts with deities and spirits similar to how yogis interact with deities and dead saints.

Lastly, the path of Tantra has much magick in it as well. 

So it’s stuff that I find cool and fun. However, my focus is devoted to enlightenment. For me, this doesn’t exclude such supernatural things but it also doesn’t focus on them either. 

Namaste my friend!

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Hey Papyrus (I'm a huge fan!), I'm in the middle of a massive exam period for the next two weeks and feeling pretty stressed out, do you have any motivational advice to get me through it? pretty please?




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What narcs me the most about this NR defence is that NR has all the power in this, carylers and MMB fans on tumblr are powerless, all we can do is call him out online, TWD is a show written by white douchebro men and is now apparently largely about the man pain of other douchebro men, like trump and Weinstein and all the others it's like all these powerful men can say what they want and still have amazing careers and wealth and yet are given sympathy while we're told to 'take a joke'

The fact all these Norman fans DON’T GET the connection between Norman casually and easily referring to a female character being the object of attention from a couple of men as “tarting around”, and the culture that leads to the Weinstiens and Trumps of this world, is beyond tragic.

It’s not about defending an actress (pretty sure Melissa can do that herself), or a fictional character (although certainly Carol deserves it), it’s about the gross slut shaming dripping from the mouth of a man with power and influence over men and women. 

I mean of course it was a “joke”, of course he chose his words badly (duh!). The problem is the fact THAT was how his mind thought to try and phrase “Carol’s got some guys interested in her romantically”, was to put the “blame” on the woman cast her as a slut selling her wares.

His instinct wasn’t to say “well, I don’t know, she has a few guys interested in her, I’m not sure how that makes Daryl feel.” or “I don’t know, it looks like Daryl would have to join the queue of men interested in winning her heart.” or “I don’t know what Carol feels about Daryl, but she certainly has a few options to her now Tobin and Ezekiel are on the scene, so who knows if she’d even want Daryl”. See? Easy. Took me seconds to come up with that, and none of them put the action onto Carol who has done nothing to seek out interest from anyone.

It’s just like the whole PewPieDie thing. An offensive word won’t just slip out of your mouth accidentally if it’s not one you think or use regularly. The fact this framing of the situation is what instinctively came out of Norman’s mouth says so much about him - and none of it good.

Do I think he was TRYING to go for an amusing “Daryl is jealous” thing? Yup, I do and that would have been nice. But sadly it’s tainted by Norman’s own view of relationships or women, and that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

The thing I want those defending him to think about is, if Norman had been alone with Dalton, if he hadn’t have had the reaction of the more mature men around him, would he have had the SLIGHTEST CLUE what he said was wrong? Because all evidence suggests he wouldn’t.

the backing vocals near the end of “do you know what i’m seeing?” makes me cry for some reason it’s weird i don’t know why

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I befriended one of Dean's friends for the obvious reason that he's friends with Dean. we've really connected on a personal level mostly because we're miles apart and don't know each other so we can tell each other stuff without judgement I feel like such a bad person though because our friendship's foundation is based on me being a shitty person and basically being a user LMAO please tell me I'm not a horrible person and that you would do the same 😩

That’s a pretty shitty thing to do and I’m not gonna make you feel better about it. But at the end of the day, you guys are real friends now so *shrugs*

I wouldn’t do the same. I’ve never been the type to be friends or get involved with someone just because I wanted something from them. In the future don’t do that. It’s not cool at all. 

Inktober for Writers/Fictober:

Day 19- Nature (Darejones)

Not a lot to say today- just that I love these two idiots. Have I mentioned that? Because I do. Anyway, pretty general, so could fit with my other stuff, but specifically with themes from the Start of Something series as well as Day 7, Day 16, & Day 17. Prompt list here, just in case, and links at the bottom to previous day. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy!

Day 19- Nature

She lets it slip one night as they are taking turns bullshitting and drinking in his apartment, discussing recent cases and adventures in vigilante-ing.

“Hey, uh… thanks for being less reckless, by the way. I’m glad to keep you around. At least for a little longer.”

The comment catches him a little off guard, and by the awkward huff of an aborted laugh that she gives, she may have also caught herself off guard with it. He listens to her blood-pressure start to rise as a blush forms on her cheeks, But as he really thinks about it, it’s kind of funny.

He knows by now that she’s a very private person. Part of him would be willing to guess that was true even P.K. (which is what he’s taken to calling her life before Kilgrave- at least in his own head), if only because Trish appears to be the only friend in her life from that time period. He knows that her trust is not won quickly and that establishing any kind of relationship with her is a thing that happens over time, with intention, in steps and pieces. He has come to appreciate the journey of that. And he can definitely appreciate the fact that sharing is not a thing she does easily or lightly. To be honest, he has a somewhat similar perspective.

Until very recently, he had not felt as if he could be completely honest about himself with anyone in his life. That’s a direct result of the way he had to hide such an integral part of himself for years, in not being able to explain his abilities to others. And because that was the case since he was a child, duality and secrecy are automatic habits- part of an ingrained reaction, things which were part of the fabric of his life for so long that he grew oblivious to their existence. He used to believe that he would always need to hide important things about himself, used to take it as an immutable fact of his existence. But, he has recently come to believe that, maybe, it isn’t. Or that it doesn’t have to be. Maybe complete transparency could be possible with the correct person.

Because the truth is, he and Jessica Jones are remarkably alike in surprising ways. Despite the differences in their personalities- with his idealistic charm versus her snarky realism- they are typically coming at the world from the same angle and struggling with the same issues, even if their struggles end up looking a little bit different. By nature they are both very secretive, suspicious, and private. But if anyone has ever made him want to rip himself open, nose to navel, and proudly put all of his secrets and insecurities on display, it is Jessica Jones. Because he thinks that if he did, she would be able to look at him and shrug before scoffing that his shit was “nothing” compared to hers. And even as he can hear the flippant tone she would use to say such things, he imagines it would be the sweetest sound he’s ever heard. Because that would be her way of expressing her acceptance of him, which is all he’s ever wanted. To be seen for who he truly is and validated, without reservation. And he would offer her no less in exchange, because something tells him that she has been longing for the same acceptance and validation for just as long as he has.

But he knows her well enough to know that she’ll never be able to say that. It’s just not in her nature. But that is not truly a problem for him. Because he understands enough about her to know that he can say it for her, and she will reluctantly, but gratefully (if silently) accept what he is offering. So that’s what he strives to do, in every interaction, no matter how seemingly insignificant.

He gives her space when she needs it, sometimes before she verbally requests it. He allows her to doubt and create distance when she gets overwhelmed and afraid. He is as steady and consistent as he can be, her anchor when things get stormy. He meets her where she is and always helps her find her way off the ledge, no matter the thing that causes her strife. And he is always there, whenever and however she may need him.

Because all of that is in his nature- being the rescuer. The savior. He is making a conscious effort to do less of that, if only because she specifically asked him. And he knows how difficult that must have been for her, how much it must mean to her that she has made such an effort. But that doesn’t mean that he can’t help her out a little right now, in this moment, as she reels from the honesty she has shown him.

He tilts his head at her, a knowing smile on his face. “Are you trying to say you’re fond of me, Jones?”

She just scoffs at him. “You wish.”

But through the put-upon sarcasm and exasperation, he hears the truth in her voice- the thing she can’t find it in her to actually say.

Yes, I care about you. Please stay safe.

And he can’t help but smile at her. It’s not in his nature to be transparent either, and he’s guessing she’ll understand what he’s really trying to tell her.

“Maybe a little.”

I hear you, and I know this is hard for you. So I’ll try, because I care about you too.

He hears her huff at him, short and harsh, like it’s covering a laugh. But then he also hears her exhale and notices the way her shoulders sink, like they’re losing some amount of tension. And he can’t help but breathe his own sigh of relief at that, because he will always want to save and protect others, helping them in whatever way he can. That’s just part of who he is. But in this case, he thinks he can get away with helping her out just a little.

Day 18