So I made some rotating Stitchers Valentine’s cards a little while back, and in honor of today’s joyous holiday I’d like to send some to you guys! I know it’s a little late and they won’t reach you before the 14th, but I thought it might be a fun thing to have before we get ~*all new nicknames*~ next season.

I have 4 more cards to give out, and on Friday I’ll be randomly choosing 4 people who have reblogged this post to send them to! (February 12th, most likely during my lunch hour ~12pm CST) Leave your message thingies open so I can ask you for your addresses if you win! Open to all followers, US and International. 

If we’ve talked on Instagram, I’ll be sending yours out on Friday after work 😘 [@stitching-in @sorry-cupcake-not-without-you @pretty-mar]

I’ll be in Philly all next week for this boring thing at Wharton so if I don’t hear from you by Sunday, they’ll be mailed the following week!