The worst part about owning a snake and loving reptiles is when people immediately shut you down. “Lol my snake did this cute thing where he starte-” “EW YOU HAVE A SNAKE?!” “yeah?” “That’s gross. I don’t want to even hear about them.” and you sit there like “you people let your dog lick your face after it ate shit and licked his nuts and you call me gross?????”

That and some of the comments when people do want to see pictures and I think they are interested when all they say is “Wow he’s pretty, he’d make a nice belt/shoes/purse.” or “Are you going to eat him and keep his skin when he dies? I would.” Like WTF?!!! He’s my Companion!!! My little buddy, my snon (snake son). Do I look at your pets or kids and go “Hmmm I wonder if Charley or Rudy would make a nice dinner or carpet Hellen.”

Fuck people who do this. I understand if you fear or hate snakes or reptiles but some of us love them. Don’t sit there and put us and our pets down and call us ugly or gross. You’re just jealous my baby has better skin and beautiful colors that you could never achieve. Plus snakes are not slimy! They are actually very smooth and soft especially when they run between your hands. They can do silly and derpy things too, and are smarter than what most people give them credit for. Thru can also learn who their handler is and develop a trust between them and learning their personalities and body language is fun and awesome because you start to learn how to read them.


                               No matter how it all goes down, I got  YOUR  back.      

                                                   ——- And I’ve  got  YOURS.

NCT 127 reaction: you being able to speak Chinese


NCT 127 members reacting to you being able to speak Chinese.

(Requests are open: Make sure you specify which Unit/members you want)


Originally posted by moonlighting94

Taeil would be really amused that you’d be able to speak Chinese. I feel like Taeil would be the member to struggle the most with understanding this language, so he’d be pretty impressed. He’d probably ask you to teach him some phrases as a way to spend more time with you.


Originally posted by cihttaphon

Since Johnny himself speaks some Chinese, he constantly would want to have a conversation in Chinese with you. He’d really enjoy just saying things to you so the other members wouldn’t be able to understand you guys (well except the China line). If you were fluent in Chinese or knew more than him, he’d ask you to help him improve his Chinese speaking skills.


Originally posted by martina-07

Taeyong would love hearing you speak Chinese because Chinese is a beautiful language and he’d just love hearing a beautiful language being spoken by a beautiful person. Taeyong would be the type to actually make an effort to learn Chinese in order to have small conversations with you. He’d constantly ask you how to say certain phrases like:

“y/n, how do you say ‘you are so pretty’ in Chinese”

You’d blush but you would still tell him because who can resist him tf


Originally posted by y-ta

Yuta would find it really attractive if you could speak various languages, so yeah he’d like it a lot. Like Taeyong, Yuta would probably make an effort to learn phrases so he could speak with you. He’d probably ask Winwin to teach him some flirty phrases so he could flirt with you in Chinese.


Originally posted by yonges

Doyoung would find it really cute that you speak Chinese because, like Taeil, Doyoung probably finds Chinese to be a hard language. Whenever you and one (or more) of the China line are speaking in Chinese, Doyoung would probably just be sitting there admiring you.


Originally posted by mypeachprince

Jaehyun would be a mix of all of them. He’d find it so cute that you speak Chinese, so he’d love listening to you speaking with one of the China line. He would go out of his way to learn phrases so he could speak with you. Like Yuta, he’d probably wanna be able to flirt with you in Chinese. And for some reason, I see him asking you:

“Yah y/n, how do you say ‘I lived in America for four years?’”

(you’d probably face palm and cry)


Originally posted by nctinfo

He’d be really happy that there’s somebody besides one of the China line that he can speak Chinese with. Conversations in Chinese are definitely a common thing. The two of you would probably love how the other members aren’t able to understand you.


Originally posted by neotechs

Literally, hearing you speak in Chinese would probably be his favorite thing. He’d listen to you speak with Winwin or even one of the minis while just admiring you. Mark would be the type of guy to ask Renjun and Chenle to help him learn a few phrases to impress you. And he’d probably be good at speaking it because he seems to be good at everything!


Originally posted by nct127

Oh god. Haechan would really love that you speak more than one language. He’d wanna be able to tease you in Chinese so he’d wanna learn phrases. He’s the type to constantly ask you to teach him bad words in Chinese even after you refuse to hundreds of times. He’d probably persuade Winwin or even Renjun or Chenle to teach him.

The Last

Dean x HunteressReader

Warnings: Blood, Swearing, SPN violence, mentions of Suicidal thoughts and family members death.

Summary: The reader and the Winchesters go on a witch hunt. The reader is a White Witch and during the hunt gets captured. The Winchesters find her but not in time. Dean and the reader have feelings for each other but neither of them are brave enough to say so.


The Winchesters and you were on a witch hunt in Rockport, Massachusetts. A small town with a population of only 7,000. Among them a pretty powerful witch!

You’d been drawn to the case due to its victims. You knew them all. They were your friends from High School you still kept in contact with and your brother. He was a year older but ran from the life you couldn’t get out of. He bettered himself, got a job, married a gorgeous girl and had kids.

Your little Neice and Nephew were twins and the most beautiful children you’d ever seen. You seen them often as you could and everytime you did you brought them presents and their favourite candies.

Your brother wasn’t born with the gift like you were. It’s only passed down from mother to daughter. Your little Neice was born with it but you were asked to bind her powers. He wanted her to live a normal life.

You didn’t tell the boys why you were so addimant on taking this case. You just needed to avenge your brothers death for your Sister in law and your Neice and Nephew. This was crushing you but you knew how those kids felt. You too lost your father at a young age. Werewolf in New York killed your father and almost you.

This hunt had taken a bad turn! You were the next on the list. She’d drawn you in but she wasn’t gonna kill you like she’d killed your brother and your friends. Leaving alone in the night wasn’t a good idea

As you crept into the house alone you noticed something strange. This place was way too clean.

“Ei mihi, quod nunc pellibus”

The room became what it truly was. The room that looked like a normal living room was actually covered in blood

“Finally” you heard before you were hit on the back of the head with something.

~Dean P.O.V ~

To save money on the room Sam, Y/N and I just got a double room. I was sharing with Y/N and Sam had the bed to himself.

I woke up to see I was alone in the bed. I turned to see if Y/N was just in the bathroom but the light wasn’t on and Sam was still snoring his brains out.

Originally posted by faith-in-dean

I sat up and seen what looked like a load of papers on the table. I went to them and seen lists. A list of names.


Wait a second! These are the vics. Y/N’s brother was one of them?! No wonder she’s been so distant. She hasn’t been herself and barely eating or sleeping.

She’s gone after her alone! Y/N you idiot! Even with your mojo you’re screwed! She’s the most powerful out there but with her grieving she won’t be thinking straight.

I got dressed in a hurry and woke Sam.


“Y/N went after the Witch alone Sammy!” He shot up out of bed then. And got dressed faster than the freaking roadrunner. We got on the road in no time and I got Sam to read through Y/N’s notes. 

 "Why didn’t she tell us her brother was killed" 

"I don’t know Sammy! Maybe she felt like she couldn’t. All she wants now is revenge but I think this witch is targeting her” I explained. 

 "Dean. She’s the last of her kind! What if it’s witch is trying to wipe out the good Witches?“ 

 It makes sense. By killing her friends and her brother this witch brought Y/N here! I stepped on the gas. I need to get to her! 

 ~Y/N P.O.V~ 

 My head was spinning as I awoke. I wasn’t tied down or anything but I was being watched. I turned and seen that witch from before holding my gun. She was entranced it seemed. 

 "So you’re the Last White Witch? I was expecting something more" 

 "Like what? A fucking confetti following me?" 

 "Aww. Look at you! You inherited your mother’s Sarcastic streak" 

 What? How did she know my mother? 

 "How do you know my mother?!” 

 "I was the last person to see her alive" 

 The rage that was rising in me made the earth quake and the witch looked at me in fear. I appeared in front of her and she went flying against the wall. Sam and Dean kicked the door in and when I seen Dean I lost all concentration. 

 The boys were sent flying back and so were you. She suddenly ran to you and pulled you up by your hair. As she turned both Sam and Dean had their guns on you Dean was holding yours.

 "Shoot and I’ll break her neck!“ She screamed. The boys didn’t know but she also had a dagger to my back. 

 "Dean! Shoot me!”

 "I can’t do that Y/N!“ 

 "You’re the only one who can” He seemed to piece together what you meant. You’d forgotten to switch your silver bullets for witch killing bullets. You’d be safe enough. There would be a high chance you’d still die from blood loss but you trusted Dean. 

 Dean looked you in the eye and you could see the tear rolling down his face before the shot rang in your ear. The bullet entered your abdomen. You both fell to the floor from the shock. 

 "The great Y/N Y/L/N taken down by her own gun” you were suddenly dragged up by your hair. 

 “It’s hilarious to think that in mere moments you’ll be dead and so will those Winchesters” 

 “One thing about me is, I’m forgetful. I’m not dying, I forgot to switch my bullets” you say with a smile. You head butted her sending her flying back. Pure adrenaline was pumping through your veins. Your fight or flight response kicking in.

Dean threw his gun to you and you pointed it at her head. She was absolutely terrified now.

“This is for my friends, my brother and my mother you bitch! ” I said before the boom of the shot and the bullet entered her skull. She was dead instantly. You fell down beside her and looked to see she’d actually stabbed you with the dagger when you head butted her. Dean was by your side in seconds. 

 “Oh god Y/! Why did you make me do that?!” He screamed as he held my face. Tears were streaming down his face as he tried to rip the dagger from your stomach. 

 When he did you screamed so loudly you frightened him and Sam. Dean took off his plaid shirt and tied it around your stomach. 

 "N-No" you said. 

 The blood loss was getting to you making you dizzy and hallucinate your family around you. They were screaming “It’s your fault” over and over. 

 "What d'you mean no?!“ 

 "I’ve no reason to live anymore. My family is dead. It’s m-my fault” 

 "No its not!“ He said stubbornly as he pressed down on your stomach. You let out a pained whimper as he did.

 "Your family dying was not your fault! The things we hunt are at fault here! Your mom and brother have been avenged. Your father was the night he died! If you won’t fight for your Neice and Nephew then fight for me!" 

 "Why? I’m easily replaced. They have their mom and their Aunt Lucy”

 "Because I love you Damn it! I’m not loosing you now!“ He said before he kissed your lips. You kissed him back as he lifted you up off the floor. 

 "It’s about damn time you admitted it Dean” Sam said from the door. He’d gotton the car ready to lay you in the back. 

 "Vade revertere in viam, et ego youd ‘amo ut.“ You recited before you slipped into unconsciousness 


@popunkash Honest opinion of this?

freezing-and-crimson  asked:

Question. Aside from Naruto and Bleach(I think it was Bleach) what other anime fandoms are you part of/what other anime do you like??? ;o; Also thank you for writing that fic for me ^^ it really made me feel better :D


I love Katekyou Hitman Reborn, and I’m still pretty fond of D. Gray-Man. Jjinjuu Houretsuden is another all-time favorite, and I enjoy Loveless when I’m in the right mood. Silver Diamond is amazing, and anything by Kaori Yuki tends to tear my heart out in the best way. Also Black Cat, xxxHolic, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, and Yami no Matsuei.  

anonymous asked:

How would Lithuania, Iceland, America and Prussia react to their s/o crying because of the stress and their parents being harsh on them? I'm sorry, I need some mood lifting words...

Lithuania: He’d be very understanding and would listen to their problems. He’d try to calm them down and would offer his help to them on any level he can.

Iceland: he’d be rather confused by their parents reaction; in his eyes, they should be encouraging them! He’d offer to help and would tell them that everything will be fine

America: dUDE first of all he’d be pretty upset by their parents behaviour. Then, he’d say that even though school is important, their life doesn’t depend on it. Everything will be fine if they’d give their best

Prussia: “you know, that one grade won’t determine your future… It will be fine, believe me! You don’t have to win ever battle to win the war, darling!”

lolcat76  asked:

3-sentence fic. Bill/Laura, Civil War.

That’s a nice color on you had been the first words spoken in his gravely voice when he found her reading under a tree in the park, as he gestured at the pretty red dress she’d sewed herself, the one that had meant weeks of just coffee and bread for dinner, by candlelight, to save up for the fabric, the dress that would now be seen by no one, now that all the men were going off to war, and everything had changed.

A schoolteacher, Laura was both too old and too smart to fall for such an inappropriate introduction, or to allow herself an attachment to a man in a navy uniform…but there was something sad in the shape of his mouth, something lonely in the creases of his worn face, and a question about her book turned into talk that wouldn’t end, and a request for the first three (and then the last three) dances at Governor Baltar’s charity ball, and then a brand-new ring on her finger, as she waved goodbye to her brand-new husband, on a train headed south.

Seven months later, her trembling hands holding the latest casualty list, where the name William Adama was printed at the very top, the ink solid and irrefutable, she realized she’d never find out what he’d think of her in black.

celestialmatsu  asked:

listen, any of these NEETs can step on me any day and I would thank them. (this is one of my fav blogs and you have the cutest art style ever)

Omg i choked- LOL
I feel ya~;///7///; although…im pretty sure they’d prefer the other way around( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) thank you so much!!!❤️️💙💚💜💛💖✨


I’m so fucking done with antis, I think I’m going to go live on fucking mars. At least then I won’t have to see these kind of dumbass fucking comments about a humans life. This isn’t a fucking game. Killing someone, let alone Jimin just because he has haters isn’t going to resolve anything. If we done that with everyone I’m pretty sure we’d all be dead. My favourite part about this is how this person doesn’t even care about Selja as well. Just shows how fucked up people can be when they don’t even care about their own kind. Go see a doctor because there is no way in hell you’re sane if you think like this. (A lil Suga edit for the haters)

Envious that Michael Shannon has appeared in all five of Jeff Nichols’ feature films, Joel Edgerton (who has appeared in Nichols’ last two films) says he would love to continue working with the director:

“I’m literally like Mike Shannon, I’d probably do anything for Jeff. He’s that confident a filmmaker and a wonderful guy. I think his talent and personability makes him an easy guy to work with and for.”  

“I’ve hired a private investigator to find out gossip on Jeff to coerce him into hiring me on his next job,” he jokes. “I keep bombarding him with texts that ask, ‘What are we doing next?'”

"Yeah, at this point, I’d pretty much agree to be a potted plant in the next one. Or a bowl of food if Jeff wants me for that. I just want to stay part of the family." 

Nichols laughingly reassures Joel that “He’s in the family. He’s in the family.”

anonymous asked:

Ever read any LoZ manga? There's currently a "Twilight Princess" manga in the works right now in Japan, and the first volume has been released in the U.S. The art is very pretty! :D Are there any other mangas you like?

I do have the Majora’s Mask manga, but that was mostly because it was at a steep discount and I figured “why the heck not”.

I am/was a HUGE fan of Jing: King of Bandits, and I don’t know why I ever got rid of the partial collection I had. I would really love to get a full set again and re-read through that series.

The Fullmetal Alchemist manga was also very enjoyable, but I figure that’s too mainstream at this point to be an acceptable answer.

yuri250  asked:

Sleepy cuddles, holding hands, scented candles and neon lights (:

Oh! I’m sorry for the late answer, I must have missed your ask!!!

sleepy cuddles: lace or silk? nights in sheets with the one you love or afternoons hand-in-hand?
Both, and nights :3 lol

scented candles: do you enjoy reading? if so what’s your favourite book?
Oh yes I do!!! Although, sadly, I don’t read as much as I used to. I have several favorite books or books that I liked, I can never choose one. I believe I even talked about them here… BUT if you want some recommendations, recently I’ve finished Night Circus and loved that so much, and now I’m reading Misery by Stephen King and that’s also pretty cool so yeah :D

neon lights: describe what you’d do at 2am with your best friends
At this point probably animate because we’re all so late on school stuff :’))

holding hands answered here! Thanks for asking, love! ^^

aesthetic asks