VIXX Another Idol Likes You

anon asked:  VIXX’s reaction when another idol likes you? (I saw something similar you did for bts hehe)

A/N: When you have a private relationship with them and another idol repeatedly mentions you.

N – Hakyeon is a mixed bag of ego and insecurity. At first it wouldn’t bother him too much because, hey, he thinks you’re rather spiffy, so why wouldn’t others? And it’s him you spend your time with not that other guy. But it would plant a seed which would be watered every time he heard the idol bring you up. Although he’s usually a direct person he doesn’t want to look like he’s worried. So casually he’d toss out negative comments about the other idol or point out when he’s better at something. He’d want them to sound like throw away statements but it’d be pretty obvious to anyone he was miffed.

Leo – Scowls for days whenever it’s mentioned or he saw the other idol. Taekwoon would treat you like absolute royalty in a relationship but he’s also a little on the possessive side. He would find no fault with you, of course you’re attractive to other people. He thinks the sun rises and sets with you so that wouldn’t be surprising to him. But it’d make him feel defensive. Fully aware that whomever you’re with is your decision, he wouldn’t be able to help that instinct of wanting to keep you to himself from rearing its head. He’d be wary of the potential for anyone to ‘steal’ you away.    

Ken – The clandestine nature of your relationship would add some spice that Ken would enjoy. Make it fun. And he’d feel a little smug that others wanted you but you’re already taken. The only thing that might shake his resolve would be if you and the other idol had a lot of contact. Whether it was on air or too often crossing paths backstage, it would make him uneasy but not quite to the point of anxiousness. That would only happen if you started talking about the other idol, mentioning funny things they said or did. Then Ken would feel the need to talk about the situation.

Ravi – Wonsik doesn’t strike me as someone who’s particularly observant of what goes on around him. Usually he’s holed up somewhere writing or composing. That wouldn’t leave much time for monitoring other groups or rumors. So he’d be blissfully unaware. But if he was on some kind of program with the other idol he’d notice. Whatever he’d been doing, hearing your name would prick up his ears. At first he’d think he heard wrong, because that would take some nerve. But then fast on the heels of that thought would be the reminder you guys weren’t public. So he’d sit with a forced smile to hide his annoyance.  

Hongbin – Activate salty Bean! In the beginning he’d be ok. You’re a public figure so surely he wouldn’t be the only one to see your charms. But if the idea caught on with netizens (say something like the Monday Couple) or he saw you react in a positive way he’d be hurt and overly touchy about the slightest things. “Well if you don’t like the way I fold the towels maybe your new love interest can do better?” You’d reassure him that he was your guy which would calm him down but in the back of his mind the thought would always be an uncomfortable itch until the other idol stopped mentioning you.  

Hyuk – Would act like he’s joking about it but isn’t. He’d remain blasé about the subject in front of his other members and when alone with you he’d tease you. “Would you rather so-and-so gave you a back hug?” or “Do you think so-and-so can cook more than ramen?” His tone would be light but he’d also be watching your reaction to see if you seem flustered by the thought of the other idol. It’s not that Hyuk is the extremely jealous type, but he’s mentioned not wanting a lot of guys around his partner. So I think someone being so bold as to mention you repeatedly would make him twitchy.​

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I was fairly confident I'd seen pretty much every picture of Seb there was, but then I saw this post steverogersnotebook. tumblr. com/ post/ 153982590820/ sebs-is-so-skinny and have never seen the picture of him in the black vest with the metal pipe. Do you know where I might find the full size of it?

unfortunately it’s not hq but here’s the full size.

Getting a dog with Natasha would include...

• I think it’d be pretty spontaneous
• She probably brings them home after a mission with big eyes no one can say no to
• She’s secretly been wanting a puppy forever and knew you loves them
• “Look who I found.”
• You know instantly that sweet little baby was meant to be yours
• The cutest name/nicknames
• So many toys from Clint
• The Barton children love them
• He probably tries to smuggle the puppy inside his jacket at least three times
• Lots of pajamas/accesories
• She carries them around like her own baby
• Always says she loves them more than all the Avengers combined
• She introduces them to Fury as “the next best agent”
• She dresses them up as an agent every Halloween
• When she sees you holding them she comes up behind you and hugs the two of you
• Lots of cuddling
• Secretly loving when they bite Tony when they know he’s being sassy
• Commands in Russian
• Baby talk
• She makes sure when Clint babysits he gives them back
• The most adorable bubble baths where you two chase them around when they jump out of the tub
• Also I feel like she’d give them a lot of stuffed animals
• Especially ones that squeak
• You’ll catch her playing with their ears a lot
• At night they sleep between you two
• And of course bringing a toy to bed with them
• If they cry because they lost their favorite toy she’ll find it first
• She spoils them with treats
• And celebrates the tiniest things like them sitting when she says to or just being really really adorable
• Lots of pictures
• Like when you’re away she will send a selfie of them with the caption “We miss you! We love you!”
• Nat protects you and the baby furball with her life

winter with jimin
  • him dancing to instrumentals and it turns into this really beautiful contemporary-esque performance and you have to clutch your chest bc w o w you’re tearing up and he’d get all shy
  • make ornaments together and he draws the faces of bangtan on them and they’re so cute and you’d have to make sure to tell him that
  • baking cookies together and they’d come out perfect and he’d make sure to save some for tae
  • he’d want to try ice skating but he’d be kinda nervous and the two of you would probably fall a few times before you’d get the hang of and he’d be pretty great at it but like his movements would still be a bit wobbly but he’d have a lot of potential
  • look at the polaroids he took and laughing at how wild the rest of bangtan is and he’d hold the one of you to his heart and it’s so cute
  • put together a scrapbook and it has a section with all of the photos you took during the holidays
  • buying cute little matching sweaters and beanies and he’d look so adorable wearing them and he’d get all blushy when you tell him that and there’s his eye smile :’) and holding hands bc his wittle hands are so warm and soft
  • shopping for presents for the rest of bangtan and he’d try to be sneaky with yours but you’d end up seeing it and he’d get all pouty and you’d have to reassure him that it’s okay
  • then he’d decide to make something for you too bc he knows gifts like that come from the heart aww and whatever it is that he makes would be so cute and you wouldn’t be able to stop smiling
  • he’d also make something for tae since his bday is right after christmas aww and he’d ask you every now and then if you thought tae would like it when tae would love literally anything that jimin got him bc 95z :’)
  • you two and the rest of bangtan would throw a surprise party for tae and their friendship is just the cutest thing ever and tae’s smile wouldn’t waver
  • winter with jimin is so cute and soft and wonderful bc he’s such a sweetheart with an eye smile that you always have to see. it doesn’t really matter what the two of you do during the winter bc anything is enough for him
Fic: Inheritance (Chapter 31)

Fic: Inheritance
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Five years after leaving town to see the world, a death in the family forces Belle French back to Storybrooke to deal with the estate. Never intending to stay very long, she nevertheless soon finds herself drawn back into old friendships, old dreams, and an old love that’s not as finished as once she had hoped. Belle might be back in her hometown, but after five years away from the wreckage she left behind, is it possible to ever really come home?

A/N: Lovely banner courtesy of @rowofstars, isn’t it pretty? :D

A/N2: And now, as a reward for anyone who suffered through this mess, a whole chapter of happy smut! I can’t believe the very last chapter is going up on Thursday, it’s a bit of a milestone!

On AO3 | All chapters

Chapter 31

Three weeks later

Belle was going to arrive any minute.

Gold tried not to fuss too much, but it was difficult when he’d put time and care and preparation into tonight. It was their one-month anniversary since they’d truly reunited, and restarted their relationship. One month of family dinners at the diner or his home, of movie nights with Bae, of walks around town and holding hands and relearning one another.

She’d come with him to Bae’s school’s Christmas Eve play, and Bae had proudly given them a tour of the sets he’d so lovingly painted. When he came on as part of the chorus, dressed as the sweetest Christmas star Gold had ever seen, Belle had applauded, waving and beaming like a lunatic until Bae saw her. Bae’s face had lit up the whole stage, and he’d held her hand all the way home, refusing to let go even when she was trying to place the huge pile of gifts she’d brought for them under the tree.

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Out of Mercy // Cleaned up my Verse page, added verses for FFXV

Now that I have beaten the game, here are (spoiler-free) versions of my two verses for the game. I have one with Kingsglaive and the other where Seifer serves the Empire. Take your pick. :P

If someone could look them over, make sure the information is accurate, please let me know.

I know I’ve said before I never really want to keep a giant snake

but man

my dream project right now: at some point in the far future, have one wall of my office be a Peruvian biotope display with a male green anaconda

This’ll probably never happen, but it’d be pretty amazing if I could make it happen


This Day in Trek

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Premiered December 06, 1991 (X)

I offer a toast. The undiscovered country … The future.

Note to the galley. Romulan ale no longer to be served at diplomatic functions.

Doctor McCoy, would you be so good as to tell me your current medical status?
Aside from a touch of arthritis, I’d say pretty good!

Course heading, Captain?
Second star to the right. And straight on ‘til morning.

“I’m with you till the end of the line.” :D

Pretty satisfied with my Steve & Bucky collection so far. I didn’t include my Cap Nendoroid coz GSC has no heart and refused to make Bucky. I also didn’t include my Hot Toys Rescue Cap coz my custom Azzano Bucky is far from finished. ^^ I’ll post another pic once my Hot Toys CW Cap and Buck are here.

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and just on account of how I like freckles.

but no, my boy is perfection as he is <3

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Your blog is simply amazing. Who are your must follows?

Thank you! :D

Pretty much everyone I follow is amazing and you should just follow them all. But if I had to pick a handful of favorites (and it’s a mix of fandoms) I’d say @justleavemebreathless, @robertssofttouchxaaronssoftlad, @apositivelifeaffirmingway, @itwasjustmisplaced@rossbarton, @dingleautomotives@momecat@felysmoak, @raeviyn, @bobbimorxe, @carlwritesbadsmut@fuckstruckswan, @cptsaralance@amandaseyfried, @sugdensquad, @isabellaofparma, @aaronwozere, and @killiansjjones <3

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Do you know about how much money Victor makes? Asking for science.

This feels so intrusive. Viktor, I’m so sorry.

No idea, but he’s probably doing fairly well with his success record. Obviously, he can afford to move to Japan and coach Yuri for free indefinitely (though I would assume he’s not paying to stay with the Katsukis). Going off the fact he’s been depicted as a superstar and the poster boy of skating, there are a lot of other things to factor in, too: endorsements, sponsors, etc., all of which he’s probably had for a long time. As long as he isn’t a huge spender (or at least not a huge spender frequently), I think he’d be pretty comfortable. His apartment looked nice but minimal, too, so I don’t think he’s the kind to bite off more than he can chew financially.

It’s kind of hard to gage since I don’t have a good idea of numbers outside of the U.S. and know next to nothing about skating. As far as I know, there’s no such thing as a set salary or anything like it for skaters, even at his level. 

I’m guessing this is going back to my comment about those bags–those could be from sponsors (which isn’t unusual) or even just later on when the prices lowered. I was just making an observation in comparison with all the designer stuff in the official art. I don’t think any of it’s meant to be a reference to wealth, but rather to his star factor.

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Any advice for a (practically) brand new writing blog?

So, this is kind of old and I apologize for the wait. Here’s what my advice was for the last ask about a writing blog.

Um, I don’t really have a lot of advice for how to become popular? I don’t have a writing blog, so  my knowledge is pretty limited.

I’d say just focus on having fun. There’s really not point to it if you’re not enjoying yourself.

Next I’d say, just try to make it really inclusive, I guess? Just encourage interaction from your readers, ask for writing tips and meta and criticisms and their thoughts.

Also try to be open to criticisms and tips. 

If you’re writing something on an experience you don’t know personally, listen to the people who tell you what it was like for them and what they think about it.

Oh, and tags. Just make sure to tag your writing properly and that might get you some revenue.

Anyway, sorry my advice is so shit. But good luck!

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7, 14, and 19 for OTP ask. Lancaster ofc.

Oh yess.

7. Which one constantly wears the other’s clothes?

RUBY. RUBY. RUBYYYY. Whenever she gets the chance she will steal Jaune’s hoodie. And probably any other clothing he owns.

14. Which one keeps accidentally using the other’s last name instead of their own?

Probably Ruby. Whenever she’s with Jaune I can totally see her going:

“Um…Ruby Arc – er…Rose!”

19. How good would your OTP be at parenting?

They’d be pretty good parents. :) Not the best, but pretty good. I know Ruby would try to be the “super mom” that Summer was for her children and Jaune would try to be “super dad”. Things would be a little crazy in the Arc household, but I know Ruby and Jaune would try to let their kids have a normal and happy childhood as much as possible. Especially since Ruby lost Summer at an early age.

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13, 22, 43, 78, 93 (😉), 101, enjoy xx

Okay a, why are you awake? And b, thank god you are 😃

13. Do you think relationships are hard? Yes yes so hard. So so so hard.

22. Is the last person you kissed gay? Don’t know, but that would explain a lot ;)

43. How well do you know the last female you texted? Pretty well, I’d say!

78. What are your initials? Same as my babyyy RM :)

93. …Had sex in a car? Umm, does oral sex count? ;)

101. Have you ever had a pregnancy scare? Didn’t think I’d be thinking about this today, but yes :P