Here’s the thing– hair burns really fast.

There’s a puff of smoke, and it shrivels away and is gone. Even with the patchy nature of Junkrat’s hair (clearly some has been lost along the way) he just can’t sustain this level of smouldering.

A proposition– Junkrat threads fuses into his hair, and lights them on fire before battle. This works to confuse and intimidate the enemy for those few moments before he blows them sky-high. You just don’t expect to see a man with his head on fire. It’s also convenient for him to have a source of flame in case he needs to light something up in the middle of a fight.

I imagine he’d be pretty proud of his innovation. When Roadhog sees him weaving fuses into his hair and goes “oh, like Blackbeard” he would be livid. Demanding to know what drongo was stealing his style. “Where is he? I’m going to blow him up and dance on his corpse!”

It takes a while for Roadhog to calm him down enough to explain that Blackbeard died a very long time ago.

Still, a surefire way to piss Junkrat off is to mention Blackbeard. Lit fuses is Junkrat’s style. Doesn’t matter if some crusty old pirate thought of it back in ancient times.

Two Months

In other, equally important news…Hana is two months old!

I honestly can’t believe this. Wasn’t she just born?! She’s already so much more alert and oriented. She still doesn’t like to be put down much, so I’m hoping to get my baby wearing technique down to pat soon.

(A look back at Luna’s two month update.)

The Numbers:

  • Height: 20.5 inches
  • Weight: 10.5 lbs
  • Sleeping: 16 hours per day

You Can:

  • Follow us with your eyes
  • Smile when spoken to
  • Drool all over your fingers

You’re Working On:

  • Getting a hold of those feet
  • Holding your head steady

Looking Forward To:

  • You getting more chatty! You’re pretty quiet and I’d like to hear you coo and giggle more. :)

Hana, you’ve grown so much already! Your mother, Luna, and I can’t wait to see the person you’ll grow into!

raindyedpastel  asked:

If you do Au's, how about pirate au headcanons for the RFA?

Ooh, this is great, I’m a ho for any type of AU tbh.

I could go on about this forever. Seriously, I encourage all AU requests, so I better get some more or I’ll probs cry.

•So, um, Seven would definitely be the one that everybody would think wasn’t actually doing anything (the people outside the RFA), but he’d be the one to control the ship, and expertly at that.

•Captain Jumin bc “I bought the ship, so I’m the captain” much to Zen disappointment.

•Zen would be the pretty boy that’d always get stuck with swabbing the deck because Jumin can’t help but be amused with how mad he would get.

•Yoosung would be the one that always challenges them to card games until they’re begging to stop, like he’d never leave them alone.

•Poor Jaehee, the only female stuck with all of the crew…until they run into a girl that’s led onto the ship by a stranger and nobody actually knew she was there until they had already left.



•Tbh he probably didn’t check just to disobey Jumin, and something ended up happening this time.

•After minutes of intense questioning, they let her stay, at least until the next stop…which would be at least another couple weeks.

•It would be ill-mannered to throw someone over-board!

•They get attached to her after the long time of being stuck on a ship together, and nobody actually wants her to leave once the next stop is up.

a long overdue UPDATE!

Hi friends! I’m not dead! it’s been a little bit over a month and I’ve already done so much and seen so many breathtaking things. I had hoped to post updates before now and be more active, but the internet at our first orientation camp was super minimal, and I’ve been actively trying to spend as much time as I could socializing and trying out new things. I gotta say it’s worked out pretty well so far :’D

Another reason is probably that I had no idea how to go about updating and arranging even parts of it into coherent posts but since I have a bit more free time on my hands now, I hope to post something from my experience so far here. I’m trying to get some art done as well, but it’s a lot harder without my setup back home. We’ll see though!!

Love you all so much thanks for sticking around, and you look fantastic today 

Adoption Days at Petsmart

Escaping a doomed timeline on your own at the young and tender age of 5 sweeps was pretty unheard of but being ape shit bananas with computers made it a bit easier. The first few attempts had left you stumbling and scared through timelines just as bad as your home, but finally you landed in the right one, peaceful and stable and nice, where everyone dressed like idiots but it didn’t matter.

This place wasn’t home though, technology was scarce and that left you with few options. The only option you had seemed to be the one that filled your pockets the most, pushing narcotics on street corners and dark alleys. The only thing that interested you more than the money, was the science behind it all. In the few months since you’d moved here you’d focused not only on selling your good but making them and you’d gotten pretty damn good and memorizing what all went into them

It had all been fun and games until The Midnight Crew showed up demanding who’d been pushing drugs on their streets.


anonymous asked:

Yo-yo, bro. Huge fan of TINR! I was wondering if it'd be cool if I made a sideblog called "relateable-farz-pics?" It'd pretty much just be pictures of Farz from your webcomic with some funny (at least... probably only to me because I find humor in the stupidest shit) captions. c: Thanks! ♥

Go nuts brodango! 

anonymous asked:

How would Witch!Cas feel after these two do so much to make him feel better?

I think at first he might be insecure, feeling like he’s putting a burden on Dean and Sam, but they are very adamant about helping him and shutting down any attempts of Cas to get out of their hair or repay their kindness with whatever he possesses. 

I think he’d be very grateful, maybe a bit shy and overwhelmed around them too, because he’s not used to people being so nice to him. 

(I’m pretty sure he’d also be a bit enamoured with Dean. ;D)

bisexualwookie  asked:

I hope I'm not too late for this buuuut if you were my girlfriend we would wear dark lipstick and go on dates at coffee shops and artsy bookstores and everyone would be intimidated by us but they would also instantly fall in love with us. It'd be pretty bomb.


anonymous asked:

Even if Yashiro did capture Satoru's soul how would he ever convince him to remove the barrier? Also what was their relationship before he pulled the coup? Has Yashiro's feelings/plans changed for Satoru in the void? (sorry for the mass of questions -blatant yashisato fan)

(Slightly word-y answer below the cut!)

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selfless1978  asked:

i heard Leo likes peeking in my window at night to watch me sleep.

“I’ll confess to checking in on you periodically at night, but as a precaution to ensure that you’re still safe and sound. Associating with me is dangerous in and of itself, after all.”

And he’d maybe only ever watched her sleep for a few minutes one time, specifically because of how pretty she’d looked with her hair splayed out across her pillows, the sight having made it hard to leave right away as he usually did.

He wasn’t blushing at all. Nope.

i look BEAU TI FUL in dresses

especally red o nes

i look fuckin fabulou s

you know wh at
imma wear a dress tomorrow in the best high heels i go t

and a pretty w  ig

imma d o it

anonymous asked:

Have you checked out the SuperMega subreddit yet?

yeah I have! I don’t check it as much as tumblr or twitter because I’m not a regular subreddit user, but it is pretty great! :D