Zephyr Art Update!!!

It’s been a long time coming, because frankly we got distracted many times and also our lives just keep making us crazy lol. But at long last I am pleased to tell you that the final 2 illustrations that @artbylexie did for Zephyr have been added to the chapters! Yay!! The plan always was to hold a couple pieces back and later add them to the fic, but I apologize because we definitely didn’t envision it to be quite this long. Anyway, they’re amazing of course because Lexie is the bestest. Please enjoy these illustrations and do give her some love for all the hard work! ❤️ 

Chapter 3-

Chapter 5-

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What's an adekan and what's it about

adekan is the name of the series created by nao tsukiji, it follows a really passionate police man and a laid back umbrella maker through a series of criminal cases. The story balances mystery and action with comedy and fanservice…..lots of fanservice ;)
so this series really have a lot to hook you up with, either with the stories, the fanservice or the gorgeous art ( i mean …look at it!!! is so frickin’ gorgeous )

real plot: please put some underwear


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“I swear…I won’t stop no matter what. I’ll keep on walking as long as I live!”
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