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Seventeen’s Official Colors in MVs: Rose Quartz & Serenity | insp

Little things from Seventeen's first win

•Hoshi had the mic but he was too overwhelmed to put words together so jeonghan was whispering in his ear what to say

•Minghao hugging literally everybody.  Like he just kept popping up when someone was crying to comfort them UPDATE I counted I’ve got Seungcheol, Seokmin, jihoon, jeonghan, HOSHI, dino, and josh

•Jeonghan where the hell are you going.  Right after all the others had cleared offstage he kind of walked away from the group for a sec to reflect or some shit. You do you boo
UPDATE he said in the v app it’s cause he was crying and now I’m crying

•THE DK MINGYU HUG.  I don’t know why no one is talking about this, it’s kind of in the background but its like the tightest happiest longest hug you’ve ever seen. They’re just kinda barreling all over the stage

•We’re not going to talk about the dk woozi hug k bye

•Gentle giants chinaline enveloping jihoon in a beautiful sandwich hug guaranteed to make you cry

•Brief jihan hand hold at the beginning

•Wonwoo literally did half the singing in the encore (cause he was the only one who had his shit together lol) you can hear him singing different members parts bless his soul

•While speeches were still happening dk was playing with his ring and that just really hit me in the feels