pretty pleased w it

*watches entire kdrama within a day*

*googles lead and second lead and entire cast*

*searches for hashtag of said drama on tumblr*

*reblogs favorite moments for the rest of the life*

*watches every drama of pretty flower boy lead*




disclaimer:  you can call these theories, you can call these guesses, or whatever you want. i’ve been building a story in my head for months now and i’m finally executing it. if you think my theories are wrong, i would love to hear what you think. ultimately, i’m just trying to tell a good story.


from star dust you were born, and into the universe you will go. 💫 

A Stimulating Night (Calum smut)

Summary: ??????? Calum fucks you reaaaaal good. 

(there’s no plot it’s just…a lot of intense fucking…)

Word count: 3.1k

Warnings: THIS IS VERY NSFW! Includes the following: thigh riding, daddy kink, mild bondage, dirty talk, slight overstimulation, mild spanking and choking kink!

Requested? Yup. I combined the following five requests (you guys are kinky fuckers and I love it): If you’re still taking the smut requests please please please do a daddy calum one with like overstimulation pleASE. 💕 + Light bondage with Calum pls?!?! + cal and thigh riding has been a turn on of mine forever + Calum with daddy kink too 👌👌 + rough daddy kink cal w/ choking kink pretty please?¿

A/N: Wow I’m back with 5sos writing after about half a year. Sorry for the delay. I’m thinking about restanning Calum (and maybe Luke) but I’m not sure if anyone still wants to read my writing! Please let me know if you’d be interested in reading more 5sos from me? 

Get your holy water.

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“Holy shit, baby.”

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“Your plumage is so nice. It’s bright and cheerful, unlike mine.”
And it wasn’t just our coloration.
He was my opposite, in every way.
He was earnest, and smart.
He didn’t mumble when he talked.
But despite all that… He understood me, more than anyone else in the world.

Hatoful Boyfriend Ship Week Day 4: Dark/Light

Quails!! Pretty self explanatory, I wanted to play with power shifts.

(If you wanna join in, check out the details at @hatofulshipweek!)

anonymous asked:

c,k,o,w,x for dabi, aizawa, and shigaraki pretty please?


C (Cum) 

Will almost always want to finish on your face or inside of you. Dabi wants to hear you beg for him to shoot his load either on/in you, and hearing you call out for him in a whiny voice really gets him going. He also likes to watch you lick yourself clean, and he’ll probably get hard again in a second and wanna go for another round.

K (Kink) 

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O (Oral) 

Definitely prefers receiving oral over giving. He likes to guide your head up and down his cock, and wants to be in control of the situation. There’s definitely gonna be some hair-pulling and borderline face-fucking involved whenever your giving him a blowjob. Still, he also likes giving oral, and is really good at it. He always knows exactly where to tease you and make you moan out his name. 

W (Wild Card) 

He actually doesn’t have a stitched dick, but has considered getting it pierced before. If you’re on board with it, there’s definitely some kinkier stuff that Dabi’s wanting to delve into.

X (X-Ray)

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C (Cum)

Likes it when you swallow his cum after giving him a blowjob, but will usually finish inside of you during sex (if you let him). Knowing that his seed is filling you up just makes him even more horny. 

K (Kink) 

Aizawa actually really likes bondage—nothing too extreme, but he does enjoy tying you up with those cloths of his. He thinks it’s hot to be able to tease you while you whine out for him. Will also get really hard if you put on some cat-ears and do some dirty roleplay along those lines. 

O (Oral) 

Prefers giving over receiving, and is pretty much a pro at it. He’s an observant guy, and will learn your sweet spots almost immediately. Aizawa definitely likes to take his time while giving too; he just likes to spoil you and make you melt under his touch.

W (Wild Card) 

Aizawa knows it’s pretty indecent, but he kind of has a schoolgirl/teacher fetish. If you dress up for him in a skimpy uniform and tell him you need a “private lesson”, he’ll be on you in a second. Seriously, call him “sensei” during sex and he’ll nut right away.

X (X-Ray)

Slightly above-average length, pretty good thickness. He trims from time to time, but it’s usually a bit patchy since he’s much too lazy to really bother. Even though Aizawa isn’t huge or anything, he more than makes up for it through experience. 


C (Cum) 

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K (Kink) 

Found here

O (Oral) 

Shigaraki prefers receiving over giving, and will usually be carefully gripping you by the hair as he urges you to take more of him. Watching you with his cock in your mouth is the hottest thing he’s ever seen, and there’s gonna be tons of eye-contact (sometimes he’ll event grunt and make you look up into his eyes). He’s not the best at giving oral, but he’s willing to try for you. It’s just hard since he has to be so careful with his fingers for fear of hurting you if he ever slips up.

W (Wild Card) 

Shigaraki doesn’t wanna admit to it since he thinks he’ll sound like a total creep, but he secretly thinks it’d be super hot if you were to dress up as some skimpy-looking character from one of his video games. If you ever surprise him with something like this, he’ll be over the moon.

X (X-Ray) 

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Happy Easter/April Fools Day, from Plankton!! (A.K.A., your ONE and ONLY favorite Easter bunny!)

He decided to egg the Krusty Krab for his April Fools prank… Hoo boy


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Renegade Life: No time for haircuts

What’s Mine Is Yours, Tiger (Sweet Pea x Reader)

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@samanthaofanarchy​: So… I’m in love with Sweet Pea’s fluffy alphabet! And I really love the W about the proposal! Could you pretty please write out a full proposal imagine? It would be so cute!

@alliie-kat​: Heya!! Just loved the wedding part of the fluffy sweet pea alphabet!!! Would love to read how the proposal would go! 😉

@something-likee-this: A second part with a proposal is all I need after last ep… soooo pleassseee!!!!

Synopsis: There’s one question Sweet Pea never thought he’d ask… 

Pairing: Sweet Pea x Reader

Warning(s): Profanity

Word Count: 5125

Request Status: Open

A/N: I originally started working on this as part of a fluffy A-Z, and received a few requests (oh my god, I love you all) for an extended version with an actual ending. So, naturally, I rewrote the whole thing. Don’t say I never give you anything.

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