pretty little liars hints

Spencer and wren

After watching the scene with Spencer and Wren, the Spencer twin theory seemed more convincing. First Spencer was dressed completely different wheres her coat? and it wasn’t even on her chair.

Secondly why did she seem scared that Ezra would tell someone she was with Wren? maybe because it would reveal her identity.

Ezra was going to meet someone at the airport.

Who’s the doctor Nicole’s parents don’t like? – WREN ?
Who was Ezra going to meet? WREN ?

But Spencer got to him first.

So Ezra and Wren played that little game “not knowing each other”.

What was/is Ezra up to?

Should Wren take care of Nicole and end her life?

These were the scenes Alex Drake insinuated herself into Spencer’s life.

701: Hanna “dreams” of Spencer giving her an idea of a way of escaping BUT, this is actually Alex trying to find out if Hanna knew who killed Charlotte. 

708: Spencer sits in her living room in an argyle sweater looking through her photo album, except this is actually Alex looking through the “perfect life her twin sister had.

710: Spencer visits Toby to say goodbye before he leaves Rosewood. This is in fact Alex, and there was a MAJOR clue we all missed. She is wearing the same argyle sweater from the ending of 708; the scene above this one. 

715: The famous airport scene. One of the biggest scenes that bought so many people on board the Twincer theory. Spencer was so unlike Spencer in the scene and there’s even a dead giveaway when Alex’s accent changes for a split second from American to British. 

718: Now THIS scene was one of the BIGGEST clues to Spencer having a twin and this being her twin. The way she was acting, it was so unlike Spencer. Toby even makes a comment along the lines of “That doesn’t sound like the Spencer I know.” We also posted about this scene here which you can check out. 

720: This scene was also Alex.

I promise you, if the show ends with ‘it was all a dream’ or with Addison and friends becoming the next victims and getting texts from ‘B’, I will swim to America, hit Marlene over the head with a rock and send myself to Radley.

AriA’s File

Okay, what is the deal with Aria’s file? What on earth could be her secret? A secret that would put EZRA in jail, and make him pick Nicole over her?

AD says the following to Aria:

“Jessica DiLaurentis kept excellent records. If Ezra knew what was in your file he would definitely choose Nicole, and she would be visiting him in jail.”

Why would something …

  • in ARIAs file 
  • put EZRA in jail 
  • AND have him pick Nicole


One thing we know for sure is it had to be something that happened BEFORE Jessica’s murder, since it is something Jessica found out.

This can be interpreted in two ways:

  1. Jessica DiLaurentis found something incriminating about Ezra that Aria has kept a secret. But…. why would Ezra hate Aria because of it? Why would Ezra blame Aria if this came out? What is she willing to keep secret about Ezra that she would go against her best friends for? Does Aria know a secret about Ezra that if it came out would put him in jail? Okay, there are a few possibilities here, but why would it make Ezra choose Nicole over Aria? Thats the part I just dont understand. Ezra could be upset that Jessica found out something about him, but why would it make him give up his love for Aria??? 
  2. Jessica found out something about Aria that would cause Ezra to hate her and to do something that would put him in jail….Is this signifying that Ezra would kill Aria if he found out this secret?

I feel like the following photo is significant. The 4 glasses represent the four main girls, Spencer, Hanna, Aria & Emily. 

By shattering a glass, it is a symbol that she is no longer one of them, that she is going against the group to protect whatever is in her file.

The girls have always stuck together, so it has to be something HUGE if she is willing to go over to the dArk side. 

(Side Note: I swear to GOD if Marlene messes this up and its something stupid Im going to jump off a cliff) 

There has always been something sketchy about Aria. I’ve written a million posts about it and don’t want to go through every little thing again because we’ll be here all day, but I do want to go over a few significant things.

  • Aria and Eddie Lamb

When Aria goes into Radley to get info on Bethany’s old roommate, Eddie Lamb recognizes her and says he feels like they have met before. Aria acts REALLY BIZARRE in this scene. She is obviously hiding something. She has some kind of connection to Radley Sanitarium. 


  • Aria and Jason

A part of me has always believed that Jason is A. I have written theories about it. He has always had a thing for Aria. The weirdest thing was when he had all of those close-up photos of her sleeping. He claimed Alison took them-but I just dont buy that. And later A had the same photos in his/her lair.

Then there is a very similar scene in later seasons, of Aria hanging up her creepy doll photographs in a dark room. It is a parallel to when Jason is in the darkroom with the pictures of her.

Its possible that whatever is in her file has something to do with Jason. This could lead in to why it would cause Ezra to choose Nicole over Aria.


  • Aria and Mona

What the hell did Aria whisper to Mona at this moment that had her running scared?????? Aria and Mona have always had an interesting relationship and suspicious conversations.


  • The Dollhouse 

Aria had the mannequin family framed in her Dollhouse bedroom. The look on her face seems to convey that she KNOWS SOMETHING. Who/why they were taken there.


There are so many crazy possibilities as to what is in Aria’s file. The last few episodes of the show have really depressed me. I’ve been majorly disappointed in the writing and reveals. I am really hoping they give us something shocking and amazing for Aria’s secret.

Fingers crossed. 


We all saw a different side of Aria in this episode. She said she learnt how to hack “this morning” but there is no way she learnt how to do all that hacking in one morning, plus she was distracted with Nicole on the news. And the way she pinned Nicole against the wall was pretty quick. I dont think she is A but i’m looking forward to see her reveal.  


Spencer’s outfits in 7x18

Police Station @2:53
Hotel room @8:17
Radley Hotel Lobby @12:13
Playground @15:16
Police Station @17:12
Radley Hotel Lobby @21:44
Ezra’s apartment @26:03
Toby’s cabin @31:55
Toby’s cabin @32:03 (no watch)
Spencer’s barn @35:48

The Spencer character changed her outfit 3 times within 24 hours.

Spencer's Bullet Wound/Scar

The way they showed it made me think that the bullet wound is going to be how we can differentiate between Spencer and her twin.. And now that we know Jenna didn’t shoot Spencer, since it wasn’t her gun, and Mary probably didn’t either (she’s had opportunities to kill her since then and she hasn’t) I honestly think that maybe the writers are paying homage to the book and the twin wanted Spencer dead so she could take her life. But when her twin failed she started the end game.

Guys!! I found this screenshot on my laptop and this just makes me believe even more that Charlotte and Sara were also being made to play a game by A.D.!!!

I guess Char tried to run away to skip a turn or even did something wrong and A.D. told on her

A.D. is  trying to expose the murder of Rollins to the police as well!

It’s the same punishment.


PLL 7x19

Ok so this episode gave us charlottes murderer, aria being allowed back into the squad, mona going full circle back to crazy, several arrests and a false confession. Sick.

So it’s starts with Aria, after finding dunhill in her boot and she is getting pulled over by a cop. She gets out of it when the cop gets distracted. But for some reason the guilt builds up inside of her and she decides to call it quits and confess to the murder. Sweet.

Caleb is all “mona is fucking A.D” and Ezra is all “yeah fuck you guys. You can’t just dump aria like that. Your all pretty terrible fucking people. Get over it” and they rest of the group is all “yeah fuck”

Ezra stops arias confession and she’s all “yeah but I got a dead guy in my car” Ezra isn’t even fazed and he’s all “I’ve got a lit degree I have the answer to everything” but before they can do anything the body is already gone. Obviously, this is PLL.

Spencer finds another note from Mary and finds her at the lost woods resort. Mary is all “im giving this to you and Ali cause your totally fucked now and your gonna need money to pay for lawyers. Lmao”

Mona finds that the game is gone and follows a note telling her to meet at a diner. Caleb, Hannah and spencer all follow her to the diner and then Caleb is all “yo wtf mona” and mona is all “there is someone else always following me. They keep stealing the damn game” then she fucks of through the bathroom window after receiving a note from A telling her to haul ass outta there.

Whilst trying to find mona, Caleb reveals to spencer that he is married to Hannah and he’s all “sorry lmao” and spencer is all “yeah don’t be though. Like I’m fine. It was chill getting to bone you but now I got Toby back it’s all g”

Meanwhile in a car ride to meet up with the rest of the gang Ali is all “sorry aria. We acted like high schoolers it wasn’t cool” and aria is all “nah it’s chill”. Cool Ali fucking ran away for 4 years and made everyone think she was dead. Ali can literally never judge

Hannah fucks of back to rosewood. She notices petals falling from the church and chooses to investigate. Amazing idea. She finds mona all old school calling Hannah charlotte. Spencer is all “wtf happened” and mona is all “cece was fucking crazy the whole time. She was a total bitch and wanted to torture you all again. we got into a fight and I pushed her onto a metal piece sticking from the wall. Lmao. Whoops”
Ok so mona killed cece. But like, do I even care anymore?

Mona totally tries to kill Hannah tho (thinking she was cece) and the girls are all “she’s not ok. We can’t turn her in. She needs help. they send her to a pysch”

Because mona confessed, the rest of the gang get the last puzzle piece. They put it on the game. Which is now mysteriously in Ali’s house. It reveals eyes. Cool.

The game then tells them to dig up dunhills body at Ali’s aunts house. Why the fuck is there another damn dilaurentis fam member?

They all rush to dig up his grave but then aria is all “why the fuck are we even doing this. Let’s just ducking leave him. Legit like what do we get from this” and then the girls are like “yo shit. That actually makes sense”

Wow if only they thought of that like 10 years ago. It’s to late though cause the police show up and tanner is all “lmao I fucking told you I’d get you”.

The girls are totally fucked but then Mary is all “nah I did it, I killed Jessica and dunhill, lmao”
And the girls are all “fucking sick, another crime dodged”

But tanner is all “I know she didn’t kill dunhill you bitches” spencer tears up a bit watching Mary get hauled away.

The game is all congrats (cause mona admitted to killing cece) and shuts off. The girls are all “sick, now that’s over, the fuck do we do?” The episode ends with A.D driving into the sunset. Wtf. Why is this even a thing? 

Anyways only one more episode to go. Fuck yeah! 

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^^^^The girls when Mary confessed and they got to walk free

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^^^ tanner congratulating the fact that Mary’s bullshit confession lets the girls walk free, and she has to accept defeat once again 

This is one complicated web we call the Hastings/DiLaurentis/Drake Family Tree!

We thought we’d make this in case anyone was confused or needed it for their theories!

things I want, and more importantly need

  • A full run episode of the night Ali went missing. Who did what, who was where, where everyone was in the missing blanks.
  • Ezra’s book as an actual physical copy (written by the writers as Ezra) or Sara Shepard?
  • Another book with clue and hint explanations, each and every one, as many as they can explain (even theories, like why they used so many mirrors for Aria, the split personality, I mean if that answer doesn’t come to light by the end) + which “A”/A team member” did what jobs throughout the seasons.
  • Somehow, someway, re-shoot all the A ending scenes, but with A’s face/s. I want to know which A did what, and when, also why
  • Ali flashbacks from when she was on the run

I read a lot of books, mostly criminal mysteries. I have a bachelors degree in psychology. I’ve always loved to try to get into the mind of the killer, to understand from a psychological stand point why they do the things they do.

There are many different types of killers. One type that always interests me is the sociopathic serial killer who continuously kills the same person over and over again. Let me explain- a boy was sexually/physically/verbally abused by his mother as a child. His mother eventually dies. When this boy grows up he begins to kill women who remind him of his mother. Every time he rapes and kills a woman, in his mind he is killing his mother over and over again.

It’s been said that A’s motive lies in a tragic love story. 

The finale is called Til Death Do Us Part. 

  •  Ezra is A.
  • He has severe mental illness. 
  • He is a sociopath. 
  •  He was in love with a girl. 
  •  She went missing. 
  •  He searched for her. 
  •  He couldn’t find her. 
  •  She was dead. 
  •  He never got over it, it consumed him. 

  • Ezra now seeks his dead lover out in other women who in some way remind him of her. 
  • He falls in love with a new woman, but in his head it’s his dead lover. 
  • He orchestrates a plan to make her go missing. 
  • So that he can search for her and find her. 
  • So that he can finally get what he always wanted- he can find his lover. 
  • This time he would find her. 
  • This time she wouldn’t be dead. 

Ezra has done this multiple times. 

  1. He meets Alison and falls in love with her. 
  2. He sends her A texts to scare her into running away. 
  3. He dedicates his entire existence in trying to find her; including stalking her best friends
  4. He writes a book about it. 

He gets side tracked when he believes Alison may be dead. 

  1. He meets Aria and falls in love with her. 
  2. He builds the dollhouse and locks her up inside.
  3. He helps the cops find the dollhouse. 
  4. He finds and saves her. 

 Things don’t work out.

  1. He meets Nicole and falls in love with her. 
  2. He orchestrates a plan to get her captured overseas.
  3. He relentlessly searches for her 
  4. He finds her and does everything he can to help her, including blowing Aria off and not telling her he is engaged to someone else.
  5. He writes a book about it.

He continuously lives out this sequence of events. 

He has an overwhelming need to finally find the woman he loved, the woman who he searched for but couldn’t find, the woman who died. 

Til Death Do They Part

This was a subtle clue that Ezra is A, black hoodie, and his helper has been Red Coat. Together they are AD.



Mona at the bell tower isn’t a flashback!
       We just saw her in 7x18.
               But it could be Mona’s last aerial silk dance.

I’m sad right now.

ET LIVE with Sasha and Marlene.

So I’ve watched the video and thought I’d make note of all the important things that were said/revealed during this interview (check out the video here).

- Marlene didn’t know who the “he” was that was coming for Ali in the flash forward scene previewed at the end of 6A. It was a last minute decision to include the scene after the Charlotte reveal, and was turned into a “nightmare”. 

- Alison DiLaurentis-Fields is an easter egg, most likely a clue that Ali and Emily will get married in the finale. 

- Mona didn’t intend on killing Charlotte, she only wanted to scare her because she knew she never got well and was going to start playing the game again. Mona’s intention was to scare Charlotte into not playing again for her own and the girls safety. 

- Melissa’s suitcase handle has nothing to do with anything, and whoever tried to run down Emily to get the handle was most likely AD themselves chasing a lead because they were too after Charlotte’s killer.

- There have been other people looking for AD/the identity of AD, and in the finale we will get a bit of a look at who else has been looking for this person. 

- Quote Marlene; “Aria does not have multiple personalities” in reference to her talking to Archer’s dead body in 719. She was just regulating and calming herself down. 

- Jason will not be in the finale. There were a few actors who could not come back for the last episodes for legal reasons. 

- Ali got her bloody lip (Season 3) from a bunch of older kids she was hanging around with (in order to make the girls jealous), the same bunch of teens who pushed the girl at the frat party down the stairs (although Noel pushed her as confirmed in early Season 7…)

- The NAT Club is not going to be revisited. Marlene described them as a group of peeping toms spying on people for kicks, and that’s the end of that.

- Emison has the most shocking scene in the finale. 

- We will find out who the father is of Em and Ali’s baby. 

- Toby is the most changed in the finale after the one year time jump. 

- The final scene of the show is a “full circle moment” as describe by MK. “Although this show ends, the world continues.” The mythology of the town will always go on, hint hint possible spin off.

- Mona staged Charlotte’s death as a suicide. 

- The Perfectionists (Marlene’s next project) will most likely be set in the same universe as Pretty Little Liars, and when asked if Emison could be in a spin-off, Marlene and Sasha both smirked at one another. 

- Mary Drake is stabbing Spencer in the promo. Aria also says “marry” not “bury” in the promo.

- There is going to be very realistic masks in the finale: “Atleast 1, maybe 2.” 

- “Everybody is interwoven but as one story ends another one begins.” Confirming AD only started the game when Charlotte died, not before, but AD is a character who has been on the show and is interwoven in the mystery that has been happening for the past several years. 

- Marlene did not want to say whether or not Paige is going to be in the finale. 

- How the mums got out of the basement is discussed but not shown in the finale. 

- The actor who plays AD didn’t want Marlene telling anyone their identity because they didn’t want to affect any scenes in certain ways.