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I’m thinking a lot about Old Married T’Pura. 

I think Nyota would be a semi-retired admiral who’s regularly called in to intimidate (read: terrify) anyone who’s giving the Federation a hard time. She strolls in, all five-and-a-half feet of her, uniform and gray hair immaculate, eyes hard as steel. Humans and aliens alike bend to her will with very little persuasion. 

T’Pring is still pretty young for a Vulcan but she has aged, long gray hair and soft skin. She has chosen to spend this period of her life mostly at rest, to be with her human bondmate as much as possible. While Nyota is at Headquarters T’Pring putters in her garden, which is huge and eclectic as only a botanist’s garden can be. 

When Nyota is home they work on the garden together, or head out to visit cultural institutions and nice restaurants. They spend hours at plant nurseries. They travel widely so Nyota can speak as many languages as possible. They visit Jim and Spock and chat about the old days. 

On warm San Francisco nights they curl up together on a lounger in the garden, not talking, just feeling each other in the bond. After a lifetime of achievement and constant activity, they’ve come to enjoy the quiet. 

I’m pretty sure this has been done but whatever but I was eating lemon cake with a spork and this happened

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Closed eyes (Mckirk / angst)

Jim Kirk has been in desperate situations before. I mean Tarsus was a bitch. Frank had been pretty shit. The whole Vulcan thing was a frigging mess from start to finish. Not to mention, you know, dying. But none of that compared to holding the person he held dearest, who was choking and spluttering on blood, as he died.

He’s cradled in his arms, the same position they have spent rare nights in their rooms, cradling each other as they watched a holo-movie. The position is familiar, and it’s muscle memory that has his arm pulling his lover tighter. The way his hair smells is the same as it’s always smelt.

But, he can’t fool himself. He can smell the acrid stench of blood. He can feel it drying uncomfortably on his skin. He can feel stuttered breath against his neck. He can feel it all. But he can’t see it. His eyes are squeezed so tight shut that he’s seeing pops of colour erupting behind them. He won’t open them. He hasn’t opened them since he took us this position. To open them is to accept the situation. He won’t ever do that.

Chekov has gone to get help. Spock will not stop until they are back aboard. Scotty will do everything he can to overcome the communication issues.

But he can not be captain. He can not be a leader, a fighter or anything else. All he can be is a desperate and terrified man. Because he knows- oh god he knows- that Bones is bleeding far too much, has been unresponsive for far too long, for everything to be alright. He knows that if he opens his eyes he has to accept the reality that Bones will never open his.

So he squeezes them tighter. He rocks. He pleads with whatever God is up there.

And he pretends he doesn’t notice when he can’t feel Bones’ breath on his neck.

I’m pretty sure Vulcan doesn’t have royalty… but then how do we explain that Sarek had Sybok with a Vulcan princess?? Is Vulcan a constitutional monarchy of sorts? Are the royals just public figureheads used to boost the tourist industry on Vulcan?


— I wouldn’t be surprised if the body belonged to the delivery man with the strange limp. You never did see him leave the house.
— What about the gardener? He was there too.
— Too tall. Even the primitive forensics of the mid-twentieth century would have determined that. 

i cant wait til that post about first contact being akin to a makeout dies the fuck out cuz its just really bad and lacks critical thinking. i know its trying to have fun but people take it way to seriously

vulcans “kiss” with the fingers in a very chaste specific kinda ritualized manner which is specifically probably telepathic because they are touch-telepaths so the important thing is the telepathic opening of mind not the physical contact. any intimacy of it comes from that. in essence the touch is a means to an end and not an especially horny one

to add on to that, vulcans are obsessed with privacy, its one of the central tenets of suraks philosophy, so they would never do something in public like sarek and amanda do that is even close to what humans would term a PDA which reinforces the chasteness of the finger-touching gesture.

as well, im pretty vulcans kiss with their lips like humans do, like thats been shown with spock and t’pol (and prolly others? tuvok probably kisses his wife at some point that i cant recall off the top of my head) multiple times even if its obvious that a lot of their intimacy is primarily psychic.

like their hands are the main way they interact with the world and other people just like humans. it would be crazily impractical to have any hand contact be a conduit of something so publically inappropriate to a vulcan.

while the vulcan ambassador was not familiar with shaking hands it could very easily been reasoned what it meant symbolically, just as the humans can ascertain that the traditional vulcan greeting is a greeting and sign of cooperation. cochrane just cant do it. any vulcan captain would be trained in encountering new species and learning their customs just as jim and picard are. and thats obviously whats going on here.

 and other vulcans are shown shaking hands so its easy to say this is just a human custom that isnt really invasive or hard to grasp by vulcans. tuvok specifically off the top of my head shakes hands multiple times.

like i dont wanna be all “no fun allowed” but like this post is way too popular and unquestioned