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Most Underrated TC x SC / Age Gap Relationship Movies of All Time


•Daydream Nation (ultimate fave teacher-student movie of all time, steamy scenes, pretty hot english teacher, student seduces teacher…watch to find out if she’s successful ;) *not on netflix anymore* however if you find it somewhere else somehow, WORTH a watch)
•Liberal Arts (sophomore college student seduces a 35 yr old who also used to attend her same college; he is blinded by nostalgia and she makes him feel young again)

Update: Daydream Nation can be streamed free via Youtube! Thanks lovely person for pointing this out! 😇

So my school got a Christmas tree…

Finally It’s Christmas

Christmas Calendar 2016 » December the 23rd:
Epilogue: The Math Teacher - Finally It’s Christmas 

A/N: I guess this one speak for itself, but oh my fucking god I brought back another epilogue and this time The Math Teacher was the lucky one! I miss this story so much and I know a few of you do too so I hope this satisfiy your old feels from the fanfiction! :D

Pairing: Student!Y/N/Teacher!Luke (Previously)

Words: 8.000+

Summary: Y/N rushes home to Luke after getting off from College, preparing herself for nothing else but relax on a Friday night but that changes when Luke has decided they’re going to make cookies for a holiday party. Little didn’t they know that they both are horrible bakers, ends up burning every batch of cookies and have to argue in a cookie aisle at the only store open

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If I were an award-giving body but thank goodness I’m not

1. Best Intro Scene / Opening Credits
2. Most Realistic Medical Drama in K-Drama History—Squirting Blood And All
3. Best Open-Mouthed Kiss With Epic Background Music
4. Most Daring Move: Kiss In The First Episode – Kang Dong-Joo + Park Seo-Jun In The Supplies Room
5. Most Daring Line In Any Drama: “I Like you, sunbae. I want to sleep with you.”
6. Most Fast-Paced Drama Every Damn Episode Is Worth It Award
7. Best Wrapped – Up Ending in K-Drama
8. Best Squad Walk Scene

1. Favorite Fusion Sageuk – Fantasy Drama of 2016
2. Freaking Tearjerker Drama of the Year
3. Drama With The Most Subbed Versions In K-Drama History
4. Best Fandom Award
5. Drama With The Most Close-Up Views
6. Drama With The Most Ridiculously Obvious Editing Mistakes But Who Cares Award
7. Drama With The Best Couple “Spot”
8. Best Soundtrack Including The Instrumentals Award

GOBLIN Awards:
1. Drama With The Most Slo-Mo Scenes Ever
2. Snail Turtle Sloth Award: Story Development
3. Drama With The Most Cars Destroyed
4. Unique Plot Awards
5. Breathtaking Cinematography Award

1. Drama With The Most Disasters
2. Best Unplanned Confession Award
3. Most Military Equipment Being Abused Award

1. Drama With The Most Beautiful Youth Cast Award
2. Best Shower Scene Award
3. Most Beautiful King of Fusion Saguek.

1. Best Second Male Lead Scene Stealer Award
2. Creepiest Male Lead But He Is Hot AF Award

1. Most Creative Kiss Award: Kissing Off Froth From SO Lips
2. Longest Kiss In Front Of People In A Party Award: 40 Seconds

Special Awards:

“Crybaby of the year Award:”
Hwarang: The Beginning (Ah Ro/Go Ara)
Another Miss Oh (Oh Hae-Young/Seo Hyun-Jin)

“Most Lovable Villains:”
Joseon Gunman (Choi Won-shin/ Yu Oh-Seong)
The K2 (Choi Yoo Jin/Song Yoon Ah)
Scholar Who Walks The Night (Gwi/Lee Soo-Hyuk)

“Best Office Setting:”
She Was Pretty (THE MOST Magazine)
The Witch’s Romance (THE TROUBLEMAKER Magazine)

“Most Demented Mothers in K-Drama:”
Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (Empress Yoo/Park Ji-Young)
Hwarang: The Beginning (Kim Ji-soo/Queen Jiso)
Uncontrollably Fond (Shin Young-ok/Jin Kyung)

“He Is Everywhere Award:”
Sung Dong-il
(Hwarang: The Beginning)
(Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)
(Legend of the Blue Sea)
(The K2) cameo
(Dear My Friends)
(Reply 1988)
(Pied Piper) cameo

There are so many things I wanna draw but I went with this one because it’s the quickest and I need SLEEP.

So. MP100 Wing AU again. Enjoooooy.

The problem is everybody treat teenagers like their idiots
—  Johnny Depp

phoenix  asked:

She lost me at "I won't say I'll enforce the law, because I don't know what they are!" That's level one basic interview question, and they would say "Thank you, we'll be in touch"!!

for real. she makes me FURIOUS as someone about to become a Real Educator ™ because the hoops I, and everyone around me, have to jump through to become a teacher are staggering and here she is…knowing NOTHING and about to RUN?? THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION??? 

for people who don’t know, this is what I had to do just to get to student teaching

  • pass the test of academic proficiency (TAP) or >22 on the ACT 
  • pass a content area exam (over 150 questions) for my chosen grade level (early childhood) 
  • complete a minimum of 100 hours of field experience in classrooms (I’ve done 200 to cover my minor) 
  • complete a comprehensive portfolio of lesson plans, reflections, theory analysis, and classroom management plans
    • requiring memorization and constant reference to things devos doesn’t even remember LIKE THE FACT THAT THE INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES EDUCATION IMPROVEMENT ACT (IDEA) IS A FEDERAL LAW AND CAN’T BE MANDATED BY STATES 
  • get approximately 8 trillion background checks done real number is 2 at $55 EACH, go through mandated reporter training for both the state and district, get vaccinations for just about everything out-of-pocket 

this is just to step foot into my student teaching placement. to become an actual educator I have to survive the next 5 months and pass a grueling licensure exam. includes submission of recordings of me teaching, 10 billion pages explaining my lesson plans and assessment choices as well as rationale based in educational theory and research. this is all a part of a push to put “highly qualified teachers” into schools.  

but betsy devos, a woman who has has never spent a day in a public school and doesn’t carry an education degree, might be confirmed to run the most important department in the cabinet (in relation to our future generations). where are my “highly qualified legislators”?  

i’m more qualified and so is literally every teacher in america but they’re here to hire someone who donated $9.5 million dollars to the trump campaign…

…and who supports allowing states and locales to choose if guns are allowed in schools – EVEN ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS – because some school in wyoming has to defend against grizzly bears. god I wish I was fucking kidding 

I need a drink 

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