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Just Wanna Feel Something (Anything Is Better)

In which ALL of Liv’s physical abilities need to be tested, Ravi has a crush, and cuteness ensues. Here there be smut // NSFW content. Btw, this is totally galfridian​‘s fault and I love her. (Full disclosure, I’ve only seen the first ep so far so… forgive me for whatever small characterization errors inevitably happen here.)

It’s been six months since Liv got this job. It’s been one month since Ravi officially figured out the whole zombie thing - he’s known for months, Liv can just tell, but he managed to hold out for a surprising length of time - and went from cute but annoying to cute but determined. He’s made a list of things that normal humans can do, and he’s decided to use their downtime to find out which ones she does differently. Objectively, it’s a pretty awesome idea… until they get to the final item on his list.

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