pretty sweet!

-Zenya from Sweet Pool-

Ohkay, can I just fangirl a bit how fantastic this obscure bl visual novel is? 👀 Bittersweet story, horror atmosphere, supernatural parasites, crazy cult, a bit of gore, gorgeous characters, load of feels, the art style and music are just superb~ Got so many nostalgic feels with this…Oh, and from the creators of DmmD. Man… It’s such a delight to see more mature looking characters and tbh I think… If you like Silent Hill and Killing Stalking, then this might be for you too. ;D

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I told ya I was gonna hug Toon Henry. He… doesn’t seem incredibly pleased but I hope he appreciates it nonetheless. Added the squeaky-toy noise for effect.

Also I’m like 5'11" (2 inches taller than normal Henry), so drawing this reminded me of this one time when I was in a dollar store and a little kid said to my face “she’s too big!” …which prompted his mom to give him a smack upside the head. Henry’s probably thinking that right about now, lol!

It’s Thanksgiving, and I love Swedish pancakes, so of course I’d get the idea to pair them with cranberry sauce this year for a nice seasonal touch.

Also known as, now I know how Yuri feels in that one Tales of Gekijou short after Reid and Leon rope him into make more crepes.  At least in this case, everyone had plenty to eat and no one got stuck as the Leon, lol.

“My job for the next hour and a little bit is to entertain you. Your job is to do whatever it is that makes you the most happy in the world. If you wanna do whatever you wanna do, be whoever you wanna be, do it here in this room.”

Harry talking to the crowd in Boston tonight 9.30.17