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Fragments - Part 9

Word Count: 5766

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Canon typical violence, Canon divergence 

A/N: Unbeta’d. Any mistakes are mine.

Comments and constructive feedback always welcome

Fragments Masterlist

Sam was normally the first one up every day, but today Dean and you were in the kitchen at the table way before Sam. Dean was playing Words With Friends with Mary while you were infatuated with sending snaps to Donna. “Dean!” You grabbed Dean and pulled him over, holding your phone out to take a selfie. “Flower crowns! Strike a pose!”

“Y/N.” Dean groaned but posed with you anyway. He secretly loved it, not that he’d ever admit it. “How did you even find out about Snapchat?”

“Donna downloaded it for me.”

“Remind me to kill her next time we see her.”

“Sure thing. Except you love it.” You smiled and batted your eyelashes. “Don’t think I haven’t seen you checking yourself out in the filters on my phone. You make an excellent duck face by the way.”

“Shut up.” Dean abruptly turned back to his game and laughed, sending a message to Mary. You peered over his shoulder, seeing that he played the word twerking.

“How are you gonna play a word that didn’t even exist when she was alive? That’s cheating.”

“It’s in the dictionary.” Dean shrugged. You scoffed and went back to playing with Snapchat filters, moving on from the flower crown to the puppy face.

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anonymous asked:

Can you tell us a paranormal experience you have encountered?? *Gets comfy by fireplace and snuggles up with blanket*

sure! jeez, this one must have been like almost 10 years ago, but a few friends and i went up to a local haunt in some haunted woods. some of us had been there before, some hadn’t. now, let me tell you about my old friend emily. she had really bad anxiety, like, wasn’t a fan of being home alone, didn’t like horror films, kind of afraid of the dark. she was pretty reluctant to come with us in the first place and i don’t even remember how we convinced her to go. anyways, we get there and checked out the house and such, everything was fine. across the street was a big red barn where a few kids were hung, so we ended up in there. after who knows how long we head back to the car and realize emily was missing. remember i told y'all how she was really scared to be there and wasn’t a person who would put herself in this type of situation. so me and another chick went back into the barn and were like wtf? this is really weird? i shined the flashlight through the barn and she was like, standing in the dark in a corner of the barn facing the wall. when we called to her, she turned around and.started walking towards us like, laughing and giggling. but, it def wasn’t her voice comin out of her it was one of the scariest things. then she just passed out on the floor and we brought her back to the car and she came to, having absolutely zero idea why she had just woken up in the car on the way home 😈

zeldafanartyasilly  asked:

Hello! A bout a month ago I sent an ask about whether or not you think that Sebastian's contract with our Ciel would be void in anyway, since our Ciel isn't the real Ciel Phantomhive. Do you have any thoughts on that? (tumblr may have eaten the ask, and I know you get a lot of them)

Hi there! Sorry for my late reply^^;

I don’t think the fact that our Ciel was using real Ciel’s name would affect the contract. It is very likely that Sebastian knew from the beginning that our Ciel wasn’t “Ciel Phantomhive” who he claimed to be.

This is Sebastian’s reaction right after our Ciel said his name. The line “I see. Very well” (alternative translation: “I see. As you wish”) sounds to me like he immediately saw through Ciel’s lie but let it ‘pass’ because he was amused by it. Also he called our Ciel a “liar” in this scene

probably referring to our Ciel’s line “As ‘Ciel Phantomhive’ ….”. So I’m pretty sure that Sebastian knew all along that “Ciel” wasn’t our Ciel’s real name. And judging from the fact that Sebastian didn’t care about our Ciel’s lie, I guess telling the demon a false name doesn’t affect the contract at all (Also, I don’t think a 100+ year-old demon like Sebastian gets tricked by a 10-year-old child so easily^^; ). 


So @therealjacksepticeye I need to say thank you with everyone else.
You might not get to see my little package of notes, and the little presents/note I have wrapped inside as well, for a little while so I’m trying my best.
Thank you so much,
It was a wonderful experience and it was the first time I’ve ever seen you in person (and unfortunately might be the last because I can’t often afford tickets or rides to places). But let me tell you, you made it worth it. You made standing in line for 6 hours worth every minute and second. The moment I saw you I had a smile 10 miles wide and I haven’t smiled like that for a good year or so. Your joy translates through videos pretty well but when I’m sitting 3 feet from you it was absolutely, overwhelmingly contagious. The show ran so well, even as the very first one! You did so good, Jack, and I’m sure every person who saw your show in Chicago will agree.
Also I only cried like the whole time no big deal. The themes and pacing of the show where well plotted out, the ideas where executed amazingly. (I feel a little bad for Vernon, that was a lot of hands and I think I saw fear on his face for a moment but he did great too) I lost my voice from how much talking I did before the show and the amount of screaming I did during. Teach me your ways, from one leprechaun to another (I have the vocal speed down at least).
As you warned there was a little bits of technical errors and a little fumbling but you never failed to make it funny. Your improv was wonderful and the combined effort from everyone on your team to make the show great payed off to wrap everything to the theme.
I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next, Jack, you’ve done great things and I’m sure you will do more.
Ps, all those little notes in the bag are from people who stood in line to see you that day, from everyone. You mean a lot to all of us Jack, thank you again on their behalf.

sweggylee’s not so conspiracy tea whatever idk

anyways i’ll start it by saying @andrewinghart was right on the nose of what i was thinking and i also predicted the winners right as well so go read her post for more on that because it is very very evident to me from watching everything and also i’ve attended the dance awards 5 times  

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a/n: This is a quick idea I had and needed to get out of my system, there will be a second part so dont worry too much

@beautifulramblingbrains @frecklefaceb @feminamortem @anditcametopass @dauntlessmetalmom @pathybo @mimigemrose @ag-delights @abfoster1s @sparklemichele @murmelinchen @jojuarez26 @purple-puddin @audreyfulquard @sharknadoslut [if you wanna be on the list hmu]

Warnings: Just Boomer getting a little too handsy, basically he goes to a dinner party and flirts with Luce, a girl he probably shouldn’t be flirting with…

Digger “Captain Boomerang” Harkness X OFC // Suicide Squad

word count: 2,163

1. The Party

“Finally,” Anita sighed as Luce pushed through the screen door, her arms full with a bag of groceries.

“I bought all the spaghetti they had at the store,” Luce stated as she set the shopping bag on the table. She reached into the brown paper, pulling out a large can of Guinness and crossed to the living room, handing it off to her uncle who occupied the recliner in the corner, his old hound dog curled up at his feet. He was a bitter old man but the one thing that made him smile without fail, was a cold beer.

“You’re a God send,” he stated, cracking the seal and taking a drink.

“No problem, Manny,” Luce replied with a smile. Though she referred to the man as her uncle they were not technically related. “Guess who I ran into on the way back,” she began, returning to the kitchen to empty the rest of the shopping bag’s contents.

“Big Foot,” Her sister-in-law replied. It was obvious by Anita’s tone that she had no patience for Luce, preoccupied with slicing tomatoes.

“Remember last week, Eddie was talking about meeting that guy from Australia at the bar?” Luce leaned against the counter as she spoke, “I met them on my way home.”

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The Last Page

Sam Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 1193 

Warnings: embarrassment (reader), mild angst (only the very slightest), fluff.

A/N: Like I said earlier, this idea just came to me. I know it’s not super original, but I thought it was cute. I need to show Sam some love. Sorry this is kind of cheesy and ridiculous. Anywhos, enjoy.

(Not my GIF)

The light from your computer screen seared your eyes as you read the 45th news article you found today. You had been at it for at least eight hours, maybe longer, and your body was slowly shutting down. The strong coffee Sam made a few hours back was now doing little to help the situation, so you decided to head back to your room.

You smiled at Sam, who sat across the library table from you, his face buried in a book. “I’m heading in. Night, Sammy,” you saluted as you gathered your things. You piled your numerous books on top of your laptop and picked up the heavy pile with both arms.

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anonymous asked:

hi! first of all i love your art and i've been super inspired by your animations!! i'm an animation student too and i'd like to know more about your school if you don't mind? it's in denmark right? what is the level for entering? the cost? i just have one year left to get my bachelors degree in 2d/3d animation and im looking for 2d oriented schools... otherwise, how is it going for you? (sorry if im asking too much! i'm very lost)

Hi! Thank you! and yeah sure!

First of all, here is a link to the schools website:

It is in Denmark, Viborg. To enter you must have finished high school (or our nordic equivalent gymnasium), you have to prepare a portfolio according to the requirements on the website, write a personal letter. Then, if you pass the first round, you have to do a test and an interview (the test can be done here or via skype).

In Nordic countries, tutition is not a thing, I don’t pay anything. We do have a material fee, which includes programs, computer at school, drawing tablet, pens, sketchbooks, papers, school trips etc. It is 2200 danish kr/month.

I don’t know how it works if you come from outside Eu, if you have to pay, but I’m pretty sure you don’t (since we do have a couple of students that are, and I’ve never heard them mentioning it)

The school is not 2d oriented though. 1st year is 2d only, 2nd year is 3d only (though the last couple of assignments can be in 2d if you ask nicely), 3rd year is dedicated to creating the bachelor film in teams of around 10 people, and you choose which film you want to work on yourself. 4th year is internship.

The character animation program is a Bachelor, with 3 years + at least 3 months internship, graduating january your 4th year.

For me it’s going okay! I like 2d better, I don’t think I can…. live? Without drawing? so 3d can be fun but I just can’t love it the same way.

Dialogue Prompts

1. “Do you ever wear a shirt?”

2. “I swear to god if you keep playing that song I’m going to decapitate myself.”

3. “Wait you like me? As in like like me?” “Oh my god you’re such a four year old, yes I like like you.”

4. “Let’s say hypothetically, if I’m in jail right now, would you pay my bail?”

5. “Rumour has it you’re in love with me…” “Babe we’ve been together for years…?”

6. “I’m gonna keep using stupid pick up lines until you agree to go out with me.”

7. “I only come over to play with your dog.”

8. “Do you ever think about every time we go to space we’re sorta invading the aliens territory and we’re probably pissing them off.” “Oh god, why are you like this?” “Hey, I’m just trying to prevent an alien invasion.”

9. “Stop calling me by me that stupid nickname, I’m pretty sure everyone thinks that’s my name.”

10. “Pardon my French, but I think I"m in love with you.”

isn’t enough time apart? Part II (Zach Dempsey x Reader)

I’ve finally ended the part two of this imagine. i thought that two parts was going to be enough but i couldn’t so im alredy working on part III, let me know if you liked it or i should just drop it. thank you for reading and I hope you like it. 

Resume: Zach and the reader found themselves working together after 10 years since their break up when they’re fully professionals - Part I 

Warnings: This is too long and i’m sorry I tried to cut it. And english is not my mother lenguage. ive spent so much time reading and re reading this but please let me know if you find some mistakes so I can fix them 

Words: 2674

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Actual online Star Wars experience

Me: (blah blah reasons, evidence, blah blah) and thats why I think Reylo would be such an epic and interesting way for this trilogy’s story to go in, not to mention all the set up I feel was present in TFA for something more substantial to develop in ep 8 and 9

Other Star Wars fan: Hm I guess the whole light and dark side romance would be pretty cool, kinda like Bastilla and Revan! But what about the age gap? Isn’t Kylo like 30 and rey’s only 19 wouldn’t he be robbing the cradle hard, not sure Disney would do that lmao

Me: well interesting you brought that up. Leia was 19 in ANH, like Rey was in TFA , and Han was 29 at that time, like Kylo in TFA. Han and Leia have the exact same age gap it really wouldn’t be the first time in the saga there was a 10 year age difference between characters in a relationship.

Other Star Wars fan: is that so, huh, you got me there I suppose. I would be a bit of a hypocrite if I disliked the Reylo theory because of the age difference but still loved the Han/Leia romance, maybe Kylo and Rey will get to-

Anti who staggers into our conversation: TWINS, Rey and Kylo could be twins, in fact they definitely are don’t you remember in the EU Han and Leia had twins, Rey and Kylo will be exactly like Jaina and Jacen, so obvious #incest ship, THATS GROSS, when will Reylo end y'all nasty


Originally posted by gameraboy

Our past is still a part of us ch.1

I have never posted any of writings so this should be interesting.  English is not my first language so be aware of my mistakes.

Warnings:Bad Writing, Language, Panic(?) and Negative Thoughts, Possible Spoilers(!)

Pairing: Mad Sweeney x reader/OC( could be read as reader insert)

Words: 2,500+

***Reader/OC is some sort of magical being. I thought of Valkyries while writing it but I feel like I didn’t do enough research***

I came home close to 10 PM, my body drained from all the stress I had to bear throughout the day, my headache slowly killing me and only getting worse as I turn on the TV to watch some stupid sitcom while ordering some pizza online. I am ready to put my phone away and turn it off for the night, when I get a call.

It’s Susan. We work in the same building, she’s a secretary for the management. I stare at the screen for a few seconds, contemplating on whether I should pick up or not, the loud voice surely only feeding the constant throb in my head.

“Hi there,I’ve got some news you’re probably super excited to hear!“,she squeaks, not giving me the time to answer, she bursts out,“There’s a gas leak in the 6th floor!“

I knit my brows in confusion.

“…and because of that everyone is free from work until the building is safe again! Isn’t that great? I think it’s just great! Fantastic even!“ Her voice breaks ever so slightly and I know that she will be balling her eyes out in mere seconds, meaning that I will have to calm her down. That’s just the kind of relationship Susan and I have. She apparently can’t handle change nor any kind of responsibility.

There’s a short silence until I hear the first sob. I’ve never actually seen her cry. It always happens over the phone. I clumsily attempt to comfort her with a couple of reassuring words. The pressure of her job really seems to get to her, and I hate myself for being such a cynic, but I can’t help to feel like she’s not made to work here. Or anywhere else.

“Listen, I-I really don’t want to ask you this but-… could you contact your boss about this so i don’t have to do it?”

There it is. I inaudibly groan. It always goes this way. Fuck, do I hate this way. I’ll give in anyway. Because that’s what I always do. I take the hit. I give up. I’m insufferable. I am weak.

I nod, shortly forgetting she can’t see me:”Of course Susan. Don’t worry about it. Tell me if there’s any notable changes.”

That’s not my thing Susan, That’s your thing. Just do, what you get paid for!

I’m such a bitch. No wonder I don’t have anyone. I keep telling myself that it’s to save me from the pain that comes with any kind of love or so called affection. In reality, it’s because I’m miserable and an awful person.

I force myself to smile even if nobody can see me at the moment, I feel obliged to.  

I end the call and sigh. Not again, I think to myself, clearly stressed out over the task I voluntarily took on. Not wanting to waste any more of my precious me-time, I move to the kitchen, taking the bottle of cheap red wine that I bought for the weekend, pour myself a glass and open my laptop that sits on the kitchen table, due to the lack of a desk in my small flat.

Just get it over with, I massage my forehead in attempt to soothe the increasingly painful pounding.

I hurriedly type a few halfhearted lines about the situation, hit send and sip on the truly unpleasantly tasting wine. I look at the screen for a few more minutes, just breathing, drinking and staring.

Only then I realize, I would be free from work for at least two days.

Chugging down another swig, I stand up to catch a breath of fresh air on the fire escape, climbing trough the window to reach the sweet, sweet city wind. I must have looked super unattractive while trying to coordinate my limbs without spilling the horrible but still precious alcohol.

What am I doing with my life?, that question always pops up in lonely nights like these.

Mostly I think nothing,nothing useful at least. And I know that doing so won’t bring me any further but at least it is an answer of some sort.

The wine leaves a bitter taste on my lips and I find it terribly suiting.

I just got rid of Mr. Wednesday about 10 years ago. I don’t miss him. I miss being someone though.

Since then I haven’t seen him and I’m happy about that even though I’m pretty sure he knows where I am, he just doesn’t give a fuck. I left because he didn’t really need me anyways. If he needed me, he would be here by now.

In all the long years of my existence I have always been loyal to the godfather but as time passed there grew a glint of madness in his gaze and I didn’t want to be a part of the crazy plan he was looking forward to carry out pretty soon.

I don’t know how long I was rapt in thoughts of my past, but the cold was starting to really bother me, causing me to drink the last drops left in my glass and clamber back inside the redeeming warmth of my apartment. I place the glass on the kitchen counter and fill it up again.

There was a knock on the door, that I thought to be the delivery guy with my long awaited dinner, as I opened the door however, I was surprised with the towering shadow of one very familiar, raging leprechaun. And with him came the piercing smell of death and the irritatingly loud buzzing of flies.      

This can’t be real,what the hell does he want here, my mind is stumbling over itself and doing flips in the small space of my skull.

My knees are buckling and it’s hard to hold myself upright. The exact instant I catch sight of this incredibly painful reminder of my long repressed past, I feel nausea hit me like a truck.

My thoughts are racing with unanswered questions, anger and hurt, but I wouldn’t admit that out loud. Hell, I don’t even want to admit that to myself. I reach out for the door again in attempt to stabilize but fail to grasp it.

Sweeney’s glare burns my skin, I shake violently. He takes a step forward parting is bloodied lips in order to say something but I don’t let him. Because I know that as soon as my ears catch his damned, marvelously raspy voice I will be clinging on to every word he says, his accent luring me into believing the ridiculous lies he tells.

I cut him off right before it’s too late. I would’ve been doomed if I had waited just a second longer.

“ As long as you don’t have my pizza,I would strongly advise you to leave now”

I’ve not expected my voice to be this strong and controlled, my own brisk words waking me out of my shock-caused trance, this giving me the power to raise my shaking hand to the door and bang it shut with a crash. I lean against it once I have completely locked it. I can vaguely hear the way he swears under his breath.

I wish I could see his face again…

“Come on, lass. Thought you’d be happier to see me alive and well.”His voice booms even trough the massive door.

I wish I everything was back to how it was…

I can feel that I’m giving in. For the second time today. This is a new low for me. Not this time. Remember how hurt you were. Remember that feeling and grow from it.

I hear a woman speak up:”What the fuck, Ginger Minge! Didn’t you say she’d help me?”

“Fuck off”

Who is out there with him?, I need to know. There’s a weird tingly feeling that’s spreading out from under my rib cage all the way up to my already aching head, that I can’t exactly place nor explain.

I take a deep breath and position my left hand on the golden handle. I unlock and open the heavy wooden door as quiet as possible. They don’t notice my presence in the doorway, as I watch them bicker. My heart feels like it’s beating out of my chest and I wonder how they can’t hear the unsteady pounding. My whole body feels numb, when I see him. His face is covered in many tiny cuts and caked with partly dried blood. I’m too busy trying to calm my breath to realize his new hair cut or the worn out clothes he’s wearing.

Only as thinly clear my throat I see the slender woman’s face. Her eyes are milky and her skin looks almost transparent. I wince in surprise.

My breathing is painfully uneven and I know that they see it. I know the girl’s going to be freaked out, this is the first time we meet and I’m freaking out in front of her dead eyes.

I don’t even want to think about the hearty laugh Sweeney is going to share with the whole floor once he grasps on the panic written all over my quivering face and body.

“Wha-…What do you want?” My voice is merely a whisper and every syllable burns like fire as it passes my dry lips.

The tall man just studies me very intensely. His eyes grow big. He senses my discomfort, but he doesn’t laugh. He doesn’t make fun of me and it drives me into suspicion.

“See.. uhm- We need your help”His voice is raspy, the accent thicker than I remember.

“I heard that” I reply feeling utterly ridiculous.”What exactly do you need help with?”

It’s her. There’s no other reason why she could be with him. I’ve got something that he knows, she needs. And that in a time, where nobody knows me anymore.

He scratches the back of his neck, I only now actually see the freshly shaved sides. He didn’t have that the last time we met. I must admit that I like it. A lot.

“She is dead”,he blurts out  and points to the figure silently standing behind him like a shadow“you can do something against that, right?”

No. I can’t.

I look him deep in the eyes and they remind me of better times. Of happier times.

I then let my glance fall on the girl. She looks tough. The scars of an autopsy showing off from under the tank top she must have been wearing for quite some time now.

I avoid his question on purpose, simply because I can’t do anything about her being dead, and my weak ass doesn’t want him to leave again.

“I see that. She looks dead. She smells dead. How come she is here with you?”

During this statement I feel hate bubbling up inside my stomach. And I let it simmer under the surface.

I look at his face trying hard not to break. He grimaces.

“She’s got my coin”He admits.

I close my eyes shut and squeeze my lids together so hard I see colors dancing in my vision, hoping that once I stop, it turns out, that it has been a prank played on me the entire time.

Pressing my fingers into my already hurting forehead, I sigh:” And why an earth does she have your…and what the fuck does that have to do with her escaping death?”

I let my hands fall and look up again. The girl rather aggressively makes her way from behind Sweeney up to the door frame and extends her hand for me to shake.

“I’m Laura”she exclaims and the way she squeezes my hand almost hurts, with the force that sits beneath it” Listen, I know you don’t know me,but-… I have to live again. I have something to complete. Can you please give this a shot, you’re my last hope. ”

I nod surprise written over my face. I step out of the way and motion for them to step inside.

Giving in once again. Strong move.

Laura gives me a small smile. I don’t smile back. Sweeney almost runs me over as he enters. I forgot how broad he is.

I can’t bring her back to life and Sweeney should be aware of that, if he didn’t completely forget who I am over the time that I was gone.

“..Make yourself at home” I rasp, my voice disobeying me, making my guests painfully aware of my dazed state, which only sends more waves of blazing anxiety wash over my system.

Laura takes deep breath and lets herself fall on the couch. It gives into her small weight easily and produces as satisfied creak. Sweeney leans against the wall, eyeing me from across the room. He already feels like he owns this place and everything decorating it so beautifully.

I don’t know what to say. Judging from the silence, that weighs heavy on top of our head, nobody really does. Both of the intruders not brave enough to just ask for what they came for, me to shy, perplexed and scared to speak up.

There are so many words waiting on the tip of my tongue, ready to slip, to change the atmosphere of the room completely, to do something against the awkward silence slowly suffocating the homey feeling of my room and exchanging it for a stone cold and hard dryness.

The inevitable smell of death seeps through the flat and eases its way into my lungs, leaving a sour taste in my mouth.

Get yourself together! Say something! Do something! Anything! Anything will do!

The feel of the sphere is tormenting and electrocuting, sending tiny stinging flashes through my hands. I clench them to fists. Small, anxious, shaking fists.

“Something to drink anybody?” I nervously giggle. I don’t giggle. The last time I giggled was probably four years ago, when I got shitfaced at a party in San Francisco.

Way to go.

“ No, thank you. I don’t drink or consume anything for that matter…” Fake friendliness is written all over her face an I despise her for that.

“ Oh okay” I awkwardly reply, having a hard time hiding the scoff that is threatening to slip past my wine tinted lips.

I don’t look at Sweeney. I am scared of his judgment. I am so utterly scared, that he will look at me the way that Laura looks at me right now, that he will disdain me. I leave the living room and enter the kitchen once again.

I have to do something or my thoughts will drive me insane and that will be the end of me. Everything that is keeping me alive by now is the fact that I can pride myself on being sane, in world that has lost its mind on the way. There’s nothing I have left and that’s because of him. Sweeney took it all and he unknowingly trashed it.

I look for support on the kitchen table, keep a death grip on the second-hand bench.

I never knew how hard it is, to remember to breathe. My lungs fill with air over and over again, yet no oxygen seems to reach my veins.

What in the world am I supposed to do?


                  Wow, I just don’t quite believe it myself, that we actually hit this big for all these years we have been around here. It has been a hella big rollercoaster, and I appreciate everyone who still bears with us even through hard and good times. It feels great that we’re so welcomed around here and that most of you all like the portrayal of my dork here. It has now been around 8 years ( 10 in general ) since I made Natsu and sure has it been A LONG RIDE for both him as me, good times, bad times, even times when I felt of giving up. But we had the support, we were seen, and that’s what made me stay and work on him. I have always loved Natsu to bits, and I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys have seen it through my squeals and posts about him here hehe.

I actually never believed we would reach this far, but well we did, and I’m happy for all the followers we have and still receive too!! As below there may be URL’s added, but if yours isn’t there, then don’t feel bad, WE LOVE YOU ALL GUYS, I SWEAR. And I really hope you all will stick around with us many more years forward !! :)

@starsfates  — Lanih, you really have got me feel so much better lately, and you really makes me smile a lot, I still can’t believe we had met before without knowing it and now when we are now here, many years later together like this, I just can’t stop thank the God for letting the fate bring us together. I’m glad that Lucy enjoys my Natsu as much as I enjoy you as my friend too. — I want you to know that you always has my back, and always my helping hand if you need it. You’re my Lucy, and I’m your silly Natsu, but together we’re a hella good team ♡  I love you girl

@angelic-sorano  — TJ ! My cookie crumble ! I’m so glad we have met and that you’re my friend for sure! You have so many ideas I can’t stop laugh and smile when I see you telling us all about them, you’re a good friend, and I never will regret being it either with you, keep on rocking girl

@ancientbled  — Aleea  Omg, Of course, you deserve to be talked about here too because damn you sure was a good support when I needed comfort, and I’m glad we’re friends, as much as I just adore our BROTP. I still can’t wait for more interact with you and never feel worried to send me an ask or two, or just talking with each other in OOC. I love you

@monarchus  — JEEEEENNYY ♡ Thank you for being there for me when I needed it, I just love our BROTP, and it just brings a smile upon my lips each time you talk about it with me too. I’ll always be here for you so don’t worry about coming to me when you need someone to talk to because you was there for me.

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10 Facts About Me Tag

So I was tagged by the lovely @lovingchenhun. Thanks! :)
And here are 10 facts that may or may not be interesting.

I hope you feel like you know me a little better afterwards.

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AD’s first night in her crib. Which is in her room. Which is across the house.

For the past 6 months, we have slept with the light on, careful not to move in our sleep.

Now it’s dark and my bed feels empty and I’m a mess. I want to go sleep on her floor but I really need actual sleep.

Like, really need actual sleep.

Hormones man. Today was rough rough rough. I cried from emotional stress twice. I cried because an 11 year old boy was playing so sweetly with AD my heart couldn’t handle it. And I’m crying again because my baby is growing up.

She doesn’t need me to sleep. She’s rolling everywhere. She has opinions and favorites. She laughs, like actually laughs. She knows what’s normal and what’s silly.


I’m sad tonight. Today was a bummer. On so many levels. And I’m sure it contributes…I’m on day 10 of this period from hell. I feel so tortured I’m pretty sure I’m going to get on birth control. I love birth control, I feel 100% normal while I’m on it and my periods are a breeze. And it makes my skin pretty. And it regulates my random cycles. And it can be beneficial for PCOSers as a pregnancy prep. We’ll see. I just want to feel normal again. It’s been almost two years since my first fertility treatment. Two years of heightened emotions and exhaustion and weight gain. I just want to feel like myself again.

anonymous asked:

isnt that age gap illegal? like when Toby was 11 Tim was 17 im pretty sure its illegal

I’m sure it would only be illegal if Toby was under the age on consent, which he isn’t. I would also like to say that the two started dating when Toby was like 18 or 19, so I’m sure that this is legal. Trust me I know a married couple that have a 10 year age gap. I’m sure this is fine.

New Studyblr~~

Hi everyone!! My name is Kara and I’ve been stalking studyblr for quite a while and recently made a studyblr as a sideblog and figured I should make an intro post!!

Facts About Me!!

~My name is Karaquantae but everyone calls me Kara

~I’m 16 years old and in 11th grade

~I’m genderfluid (they/them) and ace!!

~I’m Canadian

~I have a few mental illnesses that made life pretty rough for me for quite a bit so I have to re-do several courses so I’m not sure of my grad year

~I’m very disorganized but trying hard!!

~I’m an art student and like to work with charcoal mostly

~I’m lowkey trying to learn Finnish, French, ASL and Cree but I don’t really post my langblr posts on here

My Current Subjects!!

~Earth Science 11!!

~Planning 10!!

Learning Strategies!!

Social Justice 12!!

I’ll be taking dual credit art 12 next year and I’m super excited!!

Subjects I’ll Be Re-Doing/Need So I Can Grad

~Math 10

~Math 11

~Socials 11

~English 11

~English 12

I made a studyblr for the amazing masterposts and the incredibly supportive community I’ve been stalking lol. I don’t really have any plans after graduation other than volunteering for a year in Poland and learning enough Finnish to communicate semi-decently. I also have an insane love for the cheapest stationery I can find AKA dollar store products!!

Some Studyblrs I Admire!! @busystudyign @fuckstudy @dungeonstudy @procrastilate @obsidianstudy @memoirs-of-a-high-school-student

And literally any else I see in the studyblr community, you all look so nice and talented and put together ahh I can’t even sometimes

Thank you all for reading, please follow or reblog this post so I can find other amazing studyblrs and maybe a few can find me?? Haha