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so me and daf, @josteninski, have been talking all day long about our hopes for series 4 or 5 being about even, and one of the points raised was about the “mandatory 10% attendance” that’s been addressed on skam, that you need to have.

now, i think i’m pretty certain in saying that … i feel like even’s for sure gone above his 10% limit - even his 15%, as isak said, if the principal is nice to you and likes you. so does this mean that even doesn’t graduate this year then?

so if he doesn’t graduate this year, does this mean that he’ll have to redo his final year again, but with the current 2nd years this time, so that when he does graduate, he’ll be graduating with the current 2nd years? so with isak, and the entire squad?

/if/ that is the case, then, me and daf were saying how it would be pretty awesome, if say, series 4 wasn’t about even, but someone else, and how even would then get a whole series to develop on the side, forming and cementing some solid friendships, so that he /COULD/ potentially lead series 5 - the start of his final year that he’s had to redo twice before. but, 3rd time lucky, maybe?

also, there’s something that’s been on my mind. i may be OVER OVER reaching here - i probably am, tbh, but i need to get this off my chest - the 10% drugs sana gave back to isak last night, and how when even took them, isak snatched them away straight away, saying they’re not good for him. after analysing that, what i realised was, that this could also be said for even’s attendance this year - his attendance this year in school hasn’t been good, for obvious and valid reasons. 

even then goes onto say, that “neither is it good for you”, which was true when isak said to kollektivet that his attendence was already bad, and he couldn’t fuck up even more, to which isak said “no, it’s fine for me”, and i’m assuming isak’s attendance is okay, that he’s still not messed up majorly to the point where it’s undoable. 

and then they talk about how isak basically “is taking care of even”, and in some way, i feel like, if even did have to redo his final year again, then … maybe this time, he WILL graduate with the current 2nd years, because this time, he’ll have isak and all the squad as his friends, he won’t be alone. he’ll have a proper support system that will be there for him if he does stumble. but that in the end, he will graduate.

so based off that, series 5 being even’s would be IDEAL. series 4 would be great too, but series 5 would be prime for him then. because there, even will know that he /has/ to graduate now, and showing him face his struggles head on as he manages to make sure he does, is something that i think will be SO IMPORTANT to show. to show how mental illness can affect your education (because it did with mine, but also, it does, with several people) but how ultimately, it cannot control it, if you have the right network and support system with you. but also, its to see how even’s life is outside of isak, as a friend, a son, a student. a series dedicated to even would be so important to show him as so much more than just his relationship with isak, and to see how he navigates through life and finally does graduate. 

Layton 10th Anniversary Week 2017 Proposal

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Hello, my fellow Laytonites! Our favourite series will become 10-years-old at 15 February!

Since this year is special for us and the first time for me,can we hold something like the character week from past years, but in a MUCH bigger scale? I mean, maybe a massive fanart collaboration, a short voiced animated video that use 3D modelling program, or a fan-game based from this series? It may overkill for this fandom, but I’m pretty sure we can do it if we wanted to!


For the adorable @faecakes !!

The first picture is from the inside of the manga cover of Servamp #8 and the second picture is from Servamp #9, I’ll be getting Servamp #10 soon, so I might post it later ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

(My crappy) translation:
Picture 1
Tsurugi- haha,I was pretty sure I will be on the cover of Servamp #8 but I got hanged by Kuni-chan instead~ Kamiya Tsurugi 26 years old❤️ I have nothing to do now so I’ll introduce my self~ 170 cm tall, born on 31/8❤️, I like eating strawberries and my idol is Fukusawa Yukichi❤️ Peru Peru❤️ …Ah! Jeje-chan! Finished posing for the cover? Help me get downnn

Picture 2

~Servamp academy 4~

First Box:
Licht- The weather is pretty good, let’s go eat somewhere near the heavens (roof top), cause I’m an angel
Lawless- Licht!! STOP!!
Licht- What?
Lawless- You can’t!! If you go to the roof top, you will have to pay money!!
Mahiru- Pay money?

Second Box:
-Last Week-
Lawless- Ahhhh I don’t wanna learn! The trouble maker Lawless is here at the roof topー

Third Box:
Tsurugi- Thank you for coming! ❤️ (Tsurugi acts like he owns the roof top, so people need to pay him money for coming)

Forth Box:
Tsurugi- You can’t smoke in the teacher room so you come here right? If you want to use this place then pay up Touma sensei~ You can pay me by buying strawberry bread~
Touma- Don’t act like you own the roof top or I won’t help you cheat on the test again
Tsurugi- I’m sorry senseiiii~~~

That’s all for now! Sorry if I made any grammar mistakes ( ;∀;) And I hope everyone could appreciate how adorable Tsurugi is (*´﹃`*)


everyone’s like: KYAHHH THEY’RE ALL SO HOT while meanwhile i just got the game because i was pretty curious about it since it showed up a lot on my dash. needless to say, i’d probably get a bad end for all of them.

Introducing: me!

Hello!! I’ve been thinking of turning this blog into a studyblr for a while now to motivate me with my studies,,, so year 10 came around and I thought I better get off my ass and actually do something.

About me:

- You can call me Kay or Cae! 

- I’m 15, currently in year 10 ( as mentioned above )

- I’m Australian!

- I’m not sure how other schools in different countries work, but I’m not studying anything particular at the moment, just regular classes like math, english, humanities and science

- However, Visual Arts and Music are my elective subjects! 

- I love music, art and graphic design, and pretty much any art form!

- I’m a huge fan of video games,,, ( not helpful ik lmao ) 

- Specifically Ace Attorney, Fire Emblem, Overwatch, and Pokemon!. along with others, mostly NIntendo and PC games.

- I like most genres of music, but my personal favourites are Electo/Electro House, Video game OSTs, R&B and orchestral.

- I draw alot! my art blog is @kaycorvus and here is my twitter

- Please check them out I am Suffering

- My dream job would be concept design/graphic design in the gaming or film industry!

Thankyou to @tbhstudying, @studyign, @studie-s, @aescademic, @mielkie-studies, @obsidianstudy and @studeity for inspiring me! 

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Top 10 male celebrity crushes, go! I'll tell you mine because I'm extra af :p Chris Evans Riz Ahmed Michael b Jordan Aaron Taylor Johnson Jason Momoa Tom hardy John Bernthal Matt Bomer Henry Cavill Alfred Enoch ^ I just realised I sound like a 10 year old girl but I'm a grown woman just curious to know your celebrity crushes😂 don't mind my nosy ass

If you’re not the same anon from the previous question, it’s super random that I got these asks back to back, haha. Also, good list! And thank you for putting Alfred Enoch on yours, because I totally would’ve forgotten him.

Not really in order, although I’d definitely leave my husband for any of the first five 👀:

Jesse Williams
Andrew Lincoln
Chris Evans
Kofi Siriboe
Steven Yeun
Idris Elba
Riz Ahmed
Lance Gross
Kit Harington
Alfred Enoch

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I'm an INFJ and unlike the stereotypes I cannot stand ENTPs. One of my friends is an ENTP but he's mainly just overwhelming. He's overly loud and has hardcore depression and has been in college for 5-6 years because he has no motivation to do his work. Pretty sure the only reason we're friends is because I like spending all my time counselling/tutoring people and we're both leftists. He invites me to "chill" parties but they're not chill at all it's like 10 people (some strangers) all being loud

That makes sense though. As for me, INFJs can REALLY get on my nerves sometimes, but that’s to be expected with such different personalities between us! Especially if the guy you’re talking about has all those issues.
Try finding some other ENTPs around before you cast your final judgment though–we’re pretty cool and we generally like you guys ;)

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Do you know the timeframe that Kakashi was Hokage? It seems like he was Hokage for a short period but I don't know for sure??

I can’t remember for sure but I think he assumed the title directly following the war and then remained Hokage for like 10-15 years before passing the role on to Naruto. I know Himawari was already born by the time Naruto came into office so it would have been some time later. 

  • April: On the Chinese Calendar, Casey is a rat like me: quick witted, resourceful and versatile.
  • Casey: No, I'm pretty sure I'm a pig. I remember because I'm compassionate, easy-going and ambitious.
  • April: Casey, we're 1996. We're rats.
  • Casey: I was born in '95.
  • Donnie: Then you were born 17 years ago.
  • Casey: Which would make me 16? Because everyone is 10 for 2 years? Because 5th grade is hard for everyone..? DAD, HOW MANY LIES HAVE I BEEN LIVING!?

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Most people hate la la land because it made a white dude set out to save jazz meanwhile the only black character of significance was seen as a sellout who didn't care about jazz as much as the white guy. also emma stone stole a role from an asian actress and we don't have short memories. there are incredibly valid reasons why most of us hate la la land and it's not because we're trying to be ~edgy~ contrarian kids.

Do you seriously want me to list all the honkeys that have played mixed roles in hollywood? It would take 8 years. I understand that this is a problem but it’s not going to change over night. I’m Native American, how many actual Native Americans have played Native roles in Hollywood film? Deadass like 7. 10 tops. (Also I’m pretty sure Emma stone didn’t play an Asian role she played a Hawaiian role.) I get that jazz was a deep south invention and that should have been acknowledged but literally almost every (modern day) musical genre has its roots in African American music. And THAT theory itself was acknowledged when Chazelle introduced the r&b/jazz genre fronted by John Legend. The white character was stuck in the past, not the black characters (which obvs were able to adapt their sound and appeal to a wider audience.) I agree, having a black musician in the role of the jazz pianist would have been more realistic, but take into account that Damien Chazelle is a very new (albeit popular) director, and having Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone as the lead roles in your 2nd film ever is a huge accomplishment and La La Land should be regarded among those merits alone

Thank you @books-nooks-and-cats  for tagging me! I haven’t done this before, but here it goes :)

Rules: Answer the questions in a new post and tag 10 blogs you would like to get to know better.

Nickname: Jula or Jay. Jay is what my friends call me.

Star sign: Cancer

Height: 5'8" (pretty sure I’ve stopped growing now, thank god)

Time right now: 10:55AM 

Favorite musicians: The Weeknd and Hans Zimmer :)

Last movie watched: I don’t watch movies often anymore. I think it was The Theory of Everything (loved it!)

Last tv show watched: tried Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix. A little creepy lol.

What are you wearing right now: Sweatpants and a t-shirt.

When did you make your blog: A couple years ago, not sure.

What do you post: Book pics are my main thing. I also write reviews, and reblog fanart.

Do you have any other blogs: Nope.

Why did you choose your url: I love books, and ghosts are cool (but bookghost was taken lol)

Gender: Cis female

Hogwarts house: Slytherin! 

Pokemon team: Not into Pokemon

Favorite color: Blue, Black, Purple…a different one for every day.

Average hours of sleep: 7-8

Favorite characters: I have probably like a hundred of them. Complex villains often top my list.

How many blankets do you sleep with: Two. They’re the fluffiest things ever <3

Dream job: A bestselling author. Always aim high.

I’ll tag a few people, but honestly, everyone who wants to should do it: @booksarehereforyou @b00kishfantasy @bookworm-of-camelot @bibliophelia @ace-diaries @adventure-is-out-there24 @kimbooklr @books-tea-and-magic @books-cupcakes @lets-bookit (also, don’t do it if you don’t want to :))

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Im pretty sure Ash buys one of those services where a bot likes and comments on random pictures. Some of the pictures she likes are from people with like 10 followers and no tags, no way she found them on her own and all of them are the same one word comments. She's desperate to be popular and "different" (which isn't as rare as she tries to make it sound), and she kinda reminds me of Juliet sometimes. She feeds on the attention of insecure 13 year olds and tries to be "omg so inspirational!1"

I know a lot of people who love her to death but she’s always been off putting to me. 

Honestly, the Voltron: LD time line kinda throws me. Lots of theories are floating about how Allura knew Lotor or how Keith’s mom piloted Blue to earth… 10,000 years ago.
But wait! I am pretty sure that Zarkon still being alive is an anomaly! Like he’s into some deep dark magic and science to not be dead yet! Haggar might be that old too, but I seriously think that everyone else should have normal life cycles. I don’t think that for Alteans or Galra that’s 10,000 years. I think Lotor and Keith’s mom are more recent within the timeline. Though it could be an interesting question : did she escape to earth recently? Or have generations of Galra been hiding on earth?

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Do you and xian like the same foods?

not really, i like pretty much everything but xan’s Super picky. it wont eat anything white or anything that’s been within 10 yards of a pickle, & im pretty sure it hasnt eaten a vegetable in 10 years lmao. but thats ok, hes just got more sensory issues than me i guess. sometimes i’ll eat w/o it tho & itll come back mid-meal & be like “what the fuck”

'Babygirl' part 2

Justin’s POV
It had been exactly 3 weeks since our breakup. The first week i managed to convince myself that i was glad that i was finally a free man, i could fuck whoever i wanted to whenever i wanted to and i did. The second week, i resorted to pettiness. I posted over 10 pictures of Hailey and i on vacation including the one were we kissed on New Years Eve. The worst thing though, is when we were on vacation and Jaxon and Jazzy kept asking me where y/n was, i honestly didn’t know what to say to them. This last week though, has been a completely different story. Ive punched so many walls I’m pretty sure my knuckles are broken, there are broken beer bottles and plates everywhere, i haven’t eaten anything, and i’m so sleep deprived the bags under my eyes look like deep black holes. Ive tried everything to make my princess mine again. I call and text her so many times a day i’m pretty sure she has already changed her number, i’ve even sent her gifts ranging from roses, bears and jewelry to even buying her a car. Every time she would send them back, i’m pretty sure i could hear my heart break a little more.

Few days later~
“Come on y/n, pleasee pick up” i said into my phone. I was calling her for the 10th time today “hello?” Oh shit somebody picked up. “Is a-anybody there?” My breath hitched, she picked up, my baby finally picked up the phone. “Hello, y/n. Y/n is that you?” “J-justin” she sounded out of breath. “Y/n finally you picked up omg you picked up” “J-Justin w-what do you- oh shit” “y/n are you okay, why are you so out of breath” “i-im fine, what do you want?” “Y/n i just wanted to say that im so sorry, your my babygirl, my princess. I never meant to hurt you” she didnt answer “y/n are you there” “mmhm” she started breathing hard again “omg jason that feels so good” she moaned. The same feeling of my chest caving in came back. I dropped my phone in realization, she was with another man, another man was making her feel like i used to make her feel. She fucking picked up the phone while another man was fucking her just to make me jealous. I dropped to my knees, i could barely breath, the tears streamed down my face. Getting up, i stumbled to the kitchen and grabbed a beer bottle out of the fridge, chugging it down quickly. Looking at the bottle in my hand i stared at it until i finally threw it against the wall. Sinking to the floor, i brought my knees up and rested my elbows on them to support my head. My vision was blurry, i could feel my face starting to turn red, my breath was heavy. Until i finally realized my worst nightmare had come true. My baby, my princess, my everything, wasn’t mine anymore. My baby girl belonged to another man now, and it was all my fault.

Wolfpupy. I’ve known Mr.Pupy for a rather strikingly long amount of time. At least 10 years now I think. Maybe longer. Pretty sure we met on a forum back in like 2003 or 2004.

Anyway a few years back, Col.Pupy asked me to paint him something. I’m not sure how old this painting is. 4, 5, maybe 6 years. Maybe more to be honest. The passage of time is a tricky one over here.

I think when I started this piece I originally was gonna try to make the puppy look super realistic and then I gave up halfway through. But it still came out amusing!

Anyway if you are unfamiliar with Pupy of the Wolf variety, I suggest you visit his tumblr or his twitter as both are quite hilarious.

Time for a story

Once, I was in class - it was Year 10 English, I still have nightmares - minding my own business when the boy next to me leaned over and asked, “Do you believe in gay people?” And when I blinked kind of wordlessly, just stunned, he waved his hands around and added, “Like, do you BELIEVE in them?”

I thought about it for a second. Then I answered evenly, “Well, I know there was a sighting back in the 30’s, but I’m pretty sure that was a hoax. I mean, that shadow could’ve been anything.” Then my brow furrowed. “Wait, no, I’m thinking of the Loch Ness Monster. Always get those two confused.”

He sat back, mouth hanging open, and the kid on my other side cracked up laughing. I turned around stiffly and pointedly focused on the front of the classroom.

He shut up after that.

  • Honey: On the Chinese Calendar, Wasabi is a horse like me: purposeful, self-possessed, and gregarious.
  • Wasabi: No, I'm pretty sure I'm a snake. I remember because I'm determined, self-possessed, and mendacious.
  • Honey: Wasabi, we're 1990. We're horses.
  • Wasabi: I was born in '89.
  • Tadashi: Then you were born 21 years ago.
  • Wasabi: Which would make me 20? Because everyone is 10 for 2 years? Because 5th grade is hard for everyone? MOM, HOW MANY LIES HAVE I BEEN LIVING!?