pretty sure this was scripted tho

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i'm pretty sure deh doesn't have a book?? like it's not based on a book? unless that anon was referring to the script book

YEAH THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT WHEN THE FIRST ANON ROLLED AROUND?? i googled it and couldnt find anything but the script book……..i assumed the second anon was referring to an actual book tho but if its just the script book i would b Dishearted but Unsurprised

Not SW related rant, feel free to ignore it, I just need to get it off my chest.

RAS should hire me to write for Riverdale. I have literally zero experience, English isn’t even my first language and yet I’m pretty sure I’d deliver better script than what I’ve seen so far this season. What’s the point in having more episodes if you have no idea how to pace your fucking story? I don’t even remember last time a tv show felt this rushed and this dragged-out at once. And don’t even get me started on inconsistent characters (or the fact that we’re somehow in the summertime now? I don’t even… Would them wearing winter coats ruin the ~aesthetic?). Or the sheer idiocy of every “mystery” this season. Suspension of disbelief, my arse. Same goes for choppy, poor editing. This is some “first time playing with Windows Movie Maker circa 2002″ level of shit.

I’m gonna do a HDTGM comment but is Riverdale actually a Jacob’s Ladder scenario? Is it all just dying Jughead’s blurry-nonsensical-all mixed up memories playing out? He just remembers certain events and fills in the blanks w/ whatever comes to his decaying mind?

And finally when I hoped for Friends like evolution of Bughead I meant Monica/Chandler, not fucking Ross/Rachel.

ETA: ok apparently I need to add this as it’s not clear for some. While I admit I’m extremely underwhelmed by how Bughead is handled this season, my rage comes primarily from the pacing of this season and the quality of its writing. Shorter seasons generally mean tighter storylines. Longer seasons should let the writers explore deeper the characters they’ve created. Both are great. It’s a different way of approaching a story. My problem with Riverdale as it currently stands is how instead of actually focusing on a mystery introduced in S1 finale, it has managed to toss in a dozen of other subplots that add absolutely nothing of value to the narrative. It’s heavy-handed. It’s amateurish. It’s micromanaging of a story that could’ve flowed naturally if kept a bit simpler. The characters can’t evolve within this storyline because we’re constantly flip-flopping between newly introduced issues. Dark!Archie? Cool. Give him rightfully so PTSD. You can explore it beautifully without cringe-worthy jerk circles that lead nowhere anyway. Introducing Sugarman? Cool. Could be an interesting villain. How about you don’t introduce him for all of 25 minutes and wrap it w/ a character nobody gaf about. Want Bughead angst? Cool. There are literally dozen potential conflicts that could tear them apart (and for longer than one lousy episode). There’s no need to go for the laziest one. Last season we had Jason’s murder. Literally every dramatic subplot was directly linked to it. This season? We have a serial killer, rival gangs, drugs, class wars, attempted rape, car races, etc. Choose your fucking focus point, show. Your characters don’t grow within this many criss-crossing storylines. They’re muddled and distorted instead.

@locustfarms thanks man!! Ive got a LOT of random ideas for the overall world/setting, and I’m starting to develop a serious plot. I’ve got a pretty good idea of how I want the first small chapter of the story to go (introductions, introductions. Walking/O’Byrne meets the other main character) and I’ve roughly scripted the first segment.

God knows when I can start making pages, but maybe at some point next year. I want to make sure I script and plan this thing really well before I dive in so I don’t make the same mistakes I did with the original Loose Skin pages :P

Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]

I love that second cap.  I love it so much.  The look on Jane’s face is the same look I had when getting a look at the horror that is Loki’s hair in this scene.  Seriously, tho.  Sometimes he is such a pretty little shit and other times… just… wtf happened to you, pretty baby?

Okay, so the “Loki of Jotunheim” line.  I have mixed feelings on it, actually. While I’m glad they mentioned Jotunheim at all, it’s clearly such a throwaway line, meant to be all wink-wink-nudge-nudge and I’m pretty sure this whole conversation wasn’t scripted between Thor and Loki, it was more, “Make him think you’re betraying us and offering us up to him.  Wing it from there.”, so he pulled out the first thing he could think of, it doesn’t actually mean anything that Loki says he’s of Jotunheim.

Because there’s no way in hell that would actually consider himself of Jotunheim—beyond the first reveal of it and how it crumbles his self-identity, Loki really doesn’t address the whole Frost Giant thing, so much as he’s really, really pissed off about the adopted thing.  Aside from this one mention and the ice beast when they’re realm hopping, Jotunheim isn’t referenced anywhere in the movie.

Part of me is disappointed with that—they made so much other fanon into canon!  Why not deal with that, too??  Except canon Loki really, really is shoving the whole Frost Giant thing away from himself as HARD AS HE CAN, he doesn’t want to be associated with it at all—this is why “Loki Laufeyson” for movie!Loki doesn’t work for me at all, because he so clearly hates everything to do with the Jotnar and he especially fucking loathed Laufey—and focusing instead on the adopted part of the reveal.

But part of me is also glad about it, because I’m pretty sure I don’t trust the MCU to actually go anywhere interesting with Jotunn!Loki, not in the amount of time they would have or the direction they would take.  Better to leave it to fic than to try to cram it into a Thor movie.

That said, I’m still a little sad faced about not getting to see Jotunn!Loki, even though a) Loki would rather die than shift to Jotunn form and b) I know it’s a pain in the ass to get that makeup put on.  Whatever, I WANTED JOTUNN!LOKI JUST FOR A MOMENT.

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Do all uniq members speak English?

No, not all of them :)
from some radio shows, especially Arirang Super K-pop 150504 and Music Access 150506, i’m now pretty sure that all of the uniq members can understand English well except for Yibo… When the other members all responded when the DJ was speaking English, Yibo had no clue..he responded after the translations. and even the 4 members helped translate for him.

We haven’t heard much English from Sungjoo (i mean not scripted English). i think he can handle simple conversations

Yixuan learned dancing in Australia. he can understand English well, but he’s not very fluent in speaking it, and he got some slight Chinese accent.

Wenhan studied in America. he spoke some English in another show earlier and on Music Access, it sounds pretty good.

Seungyoun mentioned in Super K-pop that he lived in LA for some time. and he blurted out his answer to the DJ’s question in English.

on Music Access, Wenhan and Seungyoun communicated with the DJ in English for a pretty long while without much problem.

That script has to be fake. I’m not saying that as a stydia shipper, i’m saying that as a logical person. Let’s be honest: It’s the finale, i’m pretty sure they’ll do anything to make sure it doesn’t get leaked. Also, i’m sure no one of the scripts were leaked before the episode aired (correct me if i’m wrong tho). It just makes no sense.