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No, listen….I have so many feels whenever I watch the pilot episode okay? I had them when I first saw it and that increased every time the new season would end because there would be bunch of additional information that upon rewatch adds so much context to the characters. That conversation on lanai of McGarrett house is one of the best moments of the pilot. It’s a short one but boy does it drag my feelings around.

Here’s the thing. Steve loved his father. And his father loved him. But at that point in time, he did not know the full story. He did not know that his mother’s car accident was no accident or that she faked her death. He did not know that his father proverbially drowned in the guilt over his wife’s death because of his work.

What he did know is that his father sent him and his sister away (and separated them along the way as well) while the grief was so very fresh and raw and that ‘McGarrett men do not show their feelings, that’s a weakness’. The family that suffered a devastating loss was fractured because his father ‘is the kind of a man who cannot walk away from a fight’ and put his need to do his job before his children.

And here he is, eighteen years later sitting on the lanai drinking a beer with his new partner (an odd but logical choice) who apparently hates the place Steve was born and raised in. Partner who is very loud and clear on that front. But he is here and determined to keep the ‘pineapple infested hellhole’ safe because this was his daughter’s home now.

Daniel ‘Danny’ Williams is very homesick and above all, everything John McGarrett taught his son not to be. He is very emotional, outspoken and hoo boy, very vocal. He is also a very good cop and has great empathy for the victims/victims’ families. But the thing that drags my feels when that particular scene comes along is probably in how Steve looks at Danny while he speaks. 

The realization that comes to Steve how strikingly different fathers John and Danny were/are. Whereas John sent his children away for their safety but he himself stayed behind, Danny left everything he knew/had behind because the thought of Grace not being in his life and vice versa was too scary to even contemplate. That she might get hurt because he wasn’t there to make sure the place she was living in was safe. 

So you know the previous scene I posted before, Danny’s first carlogue, might be amusing and Steve mentally making check marks on his ‘ideal life partner’ list but this scene ten minutes later in the episode has me whipping out my shipper glasses because fuck me but Steve is halfway in love with Danny.

Because I recently read this great post by @starsinursa and also because I made myself (and @tinkdw who might or might not be interested in this post?) cry with this musing I wanted to think more about how exactly Castiel perceives himself regarding the Winchesters and how much he thinks he actually means to them.

Because I feel that he doesn’t get it at all and I think that this might be due to the different concepts of expressing one’s love Dean and Castiel have (I’m also pretty sure there have already been metas written about it but I can’t find them right now! Urgh). Dean isn’t able (most of the time) to actually voice the feelings he has without masking them behind anger, worry, etc. and instead opts for spending quality time, but Cas doesn’t see it as the love declaration it tries to be. Now I want to put a disclaimer here and say that I don’t think that Dean (and Sam) don’t love Cas, not by a long shot, I just want to explain what I thinkCastiel may think.

But let’s start at the end of Season 11. Dean is going to die; he accepted this. And what does Cas say? “I could go with you” (I’m not crying, you’re crying). For him, this is the ultimate proof of his love: to follow Dean wherever he will go, even in death. But Dean can’t accept this – and basically rejects Castiel, instead giving him the order to look after his little brother.

And Cas, even though he’s rebelled against heaven, accepts that order without any question whatsoever. Because he is very focused on things he hears – and in heaven, orders were basically all they had. Quality time? Giving gifts? What is this? Cas doesn’t know this and doesn’t get it.

So now Cas has gotten his order and he fails to obey it. He gets banished, Sam gets kidnapped, and when Cas, Dean and Mary are working together to bring Sam back he’s very eager but it’s all very dog-like. Dean says (in regard to Dr. Marion) “Don’t hurt him. Not yet.”, Mary instead gives him the order to “Hurt him.”. And Cas obeys. No questions asked. He is very violent, which I feel is very un-cas-like behaviour. But he still does it because he wants to fix his mistakes.

When they finally find Sam and bring him back, Cas has his conversation with Mary about how he is still not sure he belongs there. Because yeah, they’ve told him he’s family, he’s their brother, but all Cas gets from this are orders. And of course, why wouldn’t he believe that this is what family is like because this is what he has experienced in heaven for millennia (I also think this is a reason why Cas is so willing to accept Mary into his family because she fits right in AND why I think that Cas being brothers-in-arms-like with the Winchesters doesn’t cut it because it doesn’t help him or offer him a new perspective).

After that, Cas leaves because he still hasn’t fix all of his mistakes. He wants to find Lucifer, and in extension later in the season Kelly and Jack, to finally fix his mistakes and “come back with a win” because he still feels that everything he does fails.

And how does Dean take that? Not well. Because, for him, spending quality time (giving him coffee, inviting him to breakfast knowing full well he doesn’t eat) is the ultimate love declaration and Cas in turns rejects that in order to leave. Urgh. But instead of telling him that and asking him to stay because he needs him and loves him and please just stay I have some free space on the bed (I’m sorry I got carried away) he is angry and instead talks about the topics he deems safe, not noticing how much further he rejects Cas along the way.

Just look at some conversations they had/things Dean said, for example in 12x10: “Gotta make sure you don’t do anything else stupid.” - which of course is not the reason why he wants to go on that mission but this is what Cas hears. He already knows he’s failed at everything, the thing he thought was right (killing Billie for them) get’s rejected too, and now the only reason they even are helping him is in order to see to it that he doesn’t fuck everything up again. How is that love, for him?

And then the infamous scene where Dean has to make the decision to banish Ishim and possibly kill Cas or put himself into danger. Of course he picks Cas because he loves him but what does Cas see, especially with the snippet of the conversation above in mind? Great, now I’m endangering Dean because I can’t do anything right.

(I get so angry and frustrated writing this post *makes frustrated noices*)

When they’re back in the bunker and everything’s as fine as can get, Dean gives him a beer (again, knowing full well he doesn’t actually need it) as a declaration of truth and he also goes as far as explaining that he’s not mad, he’s worried. Which is great, but what does he say when Cas says “I don’t regret what I did, even if it costs me my life”? The next thing Dean says is: “So what are you gonna do if you find Kelly and, uh, Lucifer Junior?” I mean, wow. Dean can’t deal with the fact that Cas may be willing to die so he wants to talk about safer things. And what does Cas probably get from this? I don’t care if you die, just tell me what you want to do about Kelly.

And Cas, subsequently, does everything he can about Kelly. Because he thinks this is what he’s supposed to do, it’s a safe topic for Dean, so he’s talked about it a lot, and Sam – well Sam likes Sam and cares for him a lot, but Sam is not the one who needs to have the rousing speech how he wants Cas to stay in the bunker.

I don’t want to talk about 12x12 because this has been meta’ed to death, but I want to talk about 12x19 in greater details (some stuff was already in the post I linked at the beginning). Cas comes back, and the first thing Dean does is scolding him for ignoring his phone calls and telling him he’s not glad he’s back. And why isn’t he glad he’s back? Because when they actually had an opportunity to kill Dagon, he wasn’t there. So what’s the use for him to now be back? Is what Cas gets from this. He failed again, wasn’t available to help the Winchesters when they wanted him to be (because this is all he’s good to do, he feels) and now he’s back without anything to offer, so…

Of course, this episode is also where Dean finally says something that resembles an actual, honest to god “I need/love you” declaration: “We will find a better way. (…) We. You, me, and Sam, we’re just better together.” And how sad is it that Cas still feels the need to leave because he feels like they won’t have a better shot at dealing with the baby than teaming up with heaven and killing the baby? He wants to spare Dean and Sam this, so he has to leave again.

And Dean, again, sees this as the rejection it isn’t because they just can’t seem to get their act together, tell each other that they love and care for each other and want the other one to stay and deal with everything together. Cas because he feels that this is not what Dean wants and because he wants to be of as much use for the Winchesters as he can (which often means leaving them and dealing with problems alone) and Dean because he feels that he’s not worthy of it and that Cas wouldn’t want to stay anyway.

*makes more frustrated noises* Ok I think I’m done.

Fic Rec

I have officially hit 300 followers, which means this fic rec will finally be coming out of the depths of my phone’s notes app! I tried to give a lot of information on the fics, more for my sanity than anything else, but it should give a pretty good overview of what’s up in them. I’m pretty sure there’s a good mix of shorter and longer fics and most of these are Lily-centric and pretty fluffy with a good sprinkle of angst. Some of these you’ve probably already read, but they are some of my absolute favorites so they might be worth a reread or a first read if you haven’t already! I do have a bunch of Percabeth fics that I think I’m saving for another milestone or smthn jsyk. Thank you all so much for 300 followers and I hope to continue posting my own fics soon! <3

sunshine in my eyes -

Author’s Summary - Mr. and Mrs. Evans are killed when Lily’s only a girl, and she’s supposed to go to a home with her sister. Instead, a relative they didn’t know they had comes to collect them, and introduces Lily to manners, magic, and a life that’s just the slightest bit different from the life she was supposed to live.

Or, an AU in which Minerva McGonagall raises Lily.

My opinions - This is so cute? It has baby Lily and James and also a lot of Petunia and Lily interaction which is v cute. Also McGonagall which I think might be part of what inspired my McGonagall post. Also Lily tying her hair up with ivy which is my Aesthetic. It gets more and more angsty the more to the end it gets, because it follows them out of school and everything but the tone of it is always cute. Like idk how else to describe it but cute. Cute and angsty. Not canon compliant, but in the best way.

Quality Quote  - “You are not a ship to be battered in a storm, or a sailor at dock, watching it rage, and waiting for it to pass.” Her eyes were bright, blazing. “You are the storm, my dear.”

the bakes of wrath -

Author’s Summary - Lily Evans and James Potter are contestants on the 2015 Great British Bake Off. Lily is determined to beat James. James is determined to win. And to make good cakes. Rivalries and Twitter wars ensue.

My opinions - Another cute one, except this one has basically zero angst. Like none. Also Twitter wars, which is a trope I can always get behind. Snape’s Twitter handle is @torturedgenius which is hilarious tbh. There’s a tiny, tiny bit of Wolfstar, and also Sirius has a cat. Overall v good and v fluffy and not one to read while you’re hungry.

Quality Quote  - “You fancy her.” Sirius said, pointing an accusing finger at his friend. “That’s your fancying a girl look. You fancy her!”

the road to 100 -

Author’s Summary - Lily Evans is stressed. Her sister has a fiancé, she’s overwhelmed by her Head Girl work, and James Potter won’t leave her alone. Although that last one may not be such a problem…

My Opinions - This is the most canon compliant fic on the list. Normally I hate the whole “Lily starts out hating James” thing but on this one the author pulled it off the best I think I’ve ever seen. It’s also pretty good about keeping you interested - a good mix of normal school life and then conflict. It’s got Lily being friends with all the boys, which I love, and also mom Lily, which is gr8. Oh! Also Lily that can handle pranks without internally combusting and has a couple of her own tricks up her sleeve. I think this might be the only one on this list that isn’t completed though, just as a warning.

Quality Quote - “Oh, I’m just joking.” Lily held aside a tapestry that hid a secret corridor. She only knew about it from following James Potter and Peter Pettigrew after one of their midnight jaunts to the kitchens. It was an educational stalk, she had reasoned. Learning the location of the kitchens could definitely come in handy later.

just stay here tonight -

Author Summary - AU. Lily Evans isn’t a witch.

My Opinions - basically Lily isn’t a witch but Petunia is. It’s pretty similar to Sunshine In My Eyes but much shorter and it pretty much dives straight into the angst. Also in Lily’s view, which I actually think all these fics are at least partly in. Also includes an Aunty Petunia. And a pretty good amount of sister interaction. And Lily the mom, which is always adorable. And the classic Harry in a reindeer costume trope that I will always get hyped for. Great characterization and a great AU and overall a good fic to read when you’re at the “one more before bed” stage.

Quality Quote - She laughs, and he asks her what her opinion on deer is. “Specifically, stags.”

in fields of poppies -

Author Summary - Her grandfather’s war and her father’s war were fought with metal and manpower. Hers was done with magic.

My opinions - This fic is the most Lily centric I think, but I kinda appreciate it. Also she smokes in this, which normally I hate (i have a lot of cancer and asthma and general deaths due to smoking in my family), but the way it’s presented and used as kind of a plot device is really interesting. This fic generally is very well written and has really good imagery and other such nice things. It’s not really AU per say but the way it’s written and the discussion of Lily’s family is original and very well thought out. Another fic where Lily knows Exactly what she’s doing and I love it. A good kinda short read with a lot of character insight and non forced Jily interaction.

Quality Quote - She fought because this was a war entirely to do with her: her rights, her status, her entire life. Doing nothing had never been an option; her integrity would not allow it. It was always her war to win.

3 Things You Actually Need to Take Good Notes in College

One of the ways to succeed in college is to take good notes. By good notes, I mean not pretty and perfect note, but the notes that help you study and understand the material you learned in class. To achieve this goal, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on cute stationery. In this post, I want to talk about the essentials that a freshman needs to take effective notes.  

1.      Something to write on and with

The tricky part here is to determine how you like to take your notes. You might or might not learn it from high school. If you already know what you prefer that’s great! Just bring it with you to college. If you’re not sure what you really like, here’re some ideas

  • A Notebook

The most convenient notebooks have college-ruled, good quality paper, they’re pretty large in size, and they have pockets for handouts.

             a)   A Five Subject Notebook

My personal favorite is notebooks with 5 sections inside. It makes your life easier because you don’t need to memorize your schedule from the first day and think what notebooks you need to put in your backpack every morning, and it definitely saves you an extra trip back to your dorm room in case you forgot one. It also has nice pockets that you can put your syllables and handouts.

              b)   A Normal Notebook

If you don’t want to get a five-classes-in-one notebook you can definitely get a separate one for every class.

  • A binder

It’s customizable. You can just bring papers to school and then put them together into the binder at home. You can also insert the handouts and printed PowerPoints inside. You can choose how many sections you what if any at all.

  • A pen or A pencil?

It’s up to you. I always used the cheapest pencils ever at it’s never affected my notes.

  • A Laptop

More and more students use laptops to take their notes. Even though your notes will look perfect and you can change anything you want at any given time, laptops have a quite big disadvantage.

Multiple studies showed that students who type their note perform worse than students who write their notes by hand. The reason is that when students type the lecture, they automatically try to type it word by word without thinking about what they’re writing. Students who take notes with a pen are forced to paraphrase and simplify the lecture because they don’t have enough time to do it verbatim. The difference between these two is that the process of writing down the notes makes the brain analyze the information that the student is writing.

So if you choose the laptop as your way of taking notes in class, please, rewrite them at home!

  • iPad Pro with Apple Pencil or Windows Tablet with a Stylus

We’re the first generation that can use this brilliant piece of technology. It’s a hybrid of paper notes and typing. Amazing!

In my opinion, it’s the best option for students and I do have and love an iPad Pro with Apple pencil. However, it’s very pricey and you don’t need it in order to succeed in college. You can use options above and perform your best.  

2.      Highlighters

Highlighters are so important. They help to organize and color code the notes. They also help to study for the exams and incorporate active learning.

The only advice I can give here is to choose the colors that you like and that are not too dark to cover up the writing. The rest is your preference.

3.      Sticky Notes

They’re helpful to mark pages and to add some info in the notes.

I like to mark every chapter with sticky bookmarks and add some illustrations and side notes using square ones.

And that’s it! You don’t need to spend tons of money on adorable stationary to succeed in college. Shocking, right? That’s all I used during first two years in college (before I switched to iPad Pro), and I got and get into President’s List pretty regularly. Don’t overthink this. Just get the essentials, and you’ll be college ready in no time.


Sherlock & Tumblr Textposts…2 of ?

P.S. If any of you want to be tagged whenever I make these kind of posts, please send an ask to my inbox (it can be to this blog, my personal blog, or even my twitter)

But I’m pretty sure some of these MIGHT have been done already sooo…if ever any of these ideas closely match yours, just ask (politely pls) and I’ll take it down.

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Croix’s Unhealthy Eating Habits

Croix eats lots and lots of ramen, which I’m pretty sure is a joke about the voice actress, Junko Takeuchi, whom also did the voice for Naruto Uzumaki. But, after watching episode 23, which delved deeper into the past of why Chariot disappeared and Croix’s involvement, I felt like there was just a little connection I needed to point out.
If somebody already made a post over this, feel free to call me out, I need to catch up with the fandom.

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For those of us who will be working or on our way home from work (me) when we’re trying to get #PickUpPitch to trend on Twitter today, it might be worth it to maybe think about writing out a couple (or more) of tweets now so you can post them easily later. I’m pretty sure @pitchstreetteam has already suggested this, but it’s worth repeating. 

I realized it’s going to be a little harder for me to contribute consistently today so I’ve written out some tweets that I can send off before I leave work and when I get home so that I can participate without having to worry about tweeting while driving or getting in trouble at work. 

ColdAtom Masquerade/Cinderella AU

((inspired by this one scene in the music video for Mariah Carey’s We Belong Together. Because apparently Wentworth was cast in it???? Holy shit. Please watch it.))

Ray is the son of the hosts and he’s trying to be nice but he’s getting tired of people trying to befriend him for his parents.

Len didn’t even want to be there he’s just there to make sure Lisa makes it through the night and back home safely.

Ray escapes his post and tries to blend in with the other guests but it’s not really working because he’s tall and handsome and easy to find.

Len sees Ray being harassed and saves him mostly out of pity.

But Ray is grateful and somehow one thing leads to another and he’s asking Len to dance.

Len stares at him before figuring what the hell he’s already here might as well enjoy himself besides he’s got a mask and the guy looks pretty cute.

And because Len is a drama queen as the party ends he does the thing with the flowers (the scene from that music video that spurred this whole thing in the first place) before he leaves, wanting to leave a lasting impression since hey while this was fun it’s not like they’re going to see each other again.


Thing is Len didn’t even know that the guy with the puppy eyes that he danced with was the hosts’ son and when Lisa tells him that he’s like. Ok. Well now it’s even less likely they’ll meet again. They live in completely different parts of the city and the only reason he went was as Lisa’s plus one and the only reason Lisa was invited was because of Cisco who is friends with Ray.

But then three weeks later the doorbell rings and standing there is Ray, all shy and proud at the same time somehow and wearing way too expensive clothes for this part of the neighborhood. What the fuck.

Len lets him in largely because he’s sure Ray will get mugged within 5 minutes if he stays out any longer.

Ray brought flowers. Because “just thought I’d return the favor”. Len rolls his eyes and tells him that he’s doing it out of order because Len’s an asshole cat who doesn’t know how to accept gifts without trying to have the last laugh.

This prompts Ray to plead for one more dance. Just one. Come on. Please. Promise only one.

No one can stand the puppy eyes and Len decides it isn’t fair but he finally nods, puts on some music, and accepts Ray’s outstretched hand.

Like last time, even tho it was Ray who instigated the dance it’s Len who ends up leading, and without a mask between them Ray just finds himself falling harder for him.

The dance ends but Ray doesn’t want to let go and he selfishly doesn’t move or talk for a few seconds, staring at Len who’s staring back. Then he sees Len roll his eyes and suddenly he’s being pushed against the wall and Len’s lips are on his and- wow.

They only break apart when there’s a blinding flash and Lisa is standing in the doorway with her phone in her hands and the biggest smile on her face. Len’s pretty sure the picture’s already been sent to half the people on her contacts list.

Thoughts on Baekhyun’s Sexuality

[gifs aren’t loading and I hope it’s already fixed]

My answer to “this” question. The gifs won’t fcking load when I post it in the answer no matter how many times I try tho, so here it is~

I’ve briefly discussed what I think abt homo/bisexuality in the K-POP industry “here”. You can not read it, but I suggest you do bc I don’t plan on explaining what I’ve already said in that post of mine bc I’m pretty sure ppl won’t like repetitiveness xD

This is MY opinion. So some of you might not agree and I’m cool with it. I’m not gonna warn you any further. Just know that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Including you, and me.

Now, there are times (quite a lot actually) when I thought: “His [Bh] sexuality is as straight as Chen’s poodle hair.” (which is one of the farthest things from straight tbh)

When and Why? Simple. His actions, mannerism, facial expressions, just Bh’s whole attitude when he’s with other guys.

wtf Bh, Sehun was talking. U r rood.

I wish the gif was longer so I could’ve seen how Kai reacted.

Ok enough. Bruh. I don’t think it’s that common for straight men to kiss his guy friends just for the hell of it.

I’m not crossing out the fact that some men do it with their other guy friends and only see it as something friendly…but they don’t do it usually unlike Bh now do they?

I didn’t watch the drama so what did Sehun and Bh do in the drama that they usually do? :D

Oh I s–

wAit a minute wAHT?

I don’t think I need to explain.

The amount of thirst that Bh has for Sehun tho…But I understand. Who wouldn’t want the sebooty?

look at Bh being all fabulous. Which leads us to another reason why I think Bh is not 100% straight…

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This is pretty much why I have trouble taking any SJ-based writing advice seriously at this point.

Honestly I am pretty sure someone will yell at me about how I write about my OWN marginalization pretty soon.

Hell, it might have already happened, if you count that one person who didn’t like me writing a butch woman character who had dysphoria…

Under Control

Summary: You are ordered as a mentor for Dean Winchester, a criminal who just got out of prison. Now it’s your job to keep him in line and little did you know about what Dean was feeling for you.
Requested by @netflixandcastiellll

Words: 2579

Pairing: Mentor!Reader x Ex-Criminal!Softie!Dean Winchester

Originally posted by bringmesomepie56

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex, oral sex

A/N: This is was supposed to be for Smut appreciation day, but I thought why not post it for Dean’s birthday already? Also, this is kind of au’ish? Dean is pretty smiley and blushy and stuff in here just so you know. It might not be Dean’s birthday where you are, but it is for me so yeah :P

“Are you sure you can handle this guy? He seems like one of the really hard ones. He has been known for criminal activity before, but only got arrested a while ago and now he’s going to be on free foot again. We understand if you want to give this case to someone else,” Mr. Hannigan asked as he led you to the room where you would meet your new mentee, Dean Winchester.

“Mister Hennigan, I don’t know how many times I have to tell you, but yes I am sure. This wouldn’t be the first hard guy for me to handle so just let me do my thing,” you said and then entered the room, where Dean was sat at a table, his very green eyes meeting you as soon as you were inside.

“Hello Mister Winchester, my name is Y/N Y/L/N and I’m your new mentor and will help you get back on the road to a better life,” you smiled kindly at him as you held out your hand.

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anonymous asked:

About the bookshop AU answer you just posted. I'm pretty sure that the line should be "That's my papa/papá." Because Cassian is not a daddy, he is a papá and his children speak spanish. There is something right about hearing your kids speaking your language.

Well, in this AU at least, Liam already calls his grandfather, Galen, “Papa,” so calling Cassian that, too, might be confusing. Also, Cassian is a dual language speaker (and does most of his fiction writing in English) so “daddy” paired with “mummy” would be fine–whatever Liam would be most comfortable doing. (Also, as a person who grew up with speaking two languages, I spoke both languages at home but still referred to both my parents as mommy and daddy, though I called my grandparents the names in my other language.)

about the admins

so before we edit the blog theme and pages, may and i decided to do a post about ourselves because a) may is still new to the blog and i’m sure most of you’d like to get to know her better, b) we’ve gotten a lot of new followers who might want to know more since they haven’t had a chance to really interact with us and, c) because the FAQs page is already long and it would keep it a little more succinct to just link you to this post

myka (or rather, may, my admin name)

  • nickname(s): i go by myk, myks, or mok. since my name is just four letters, it’s pretty hard to come up with a lot of nicknames. give me some more tho, i am t h i r s t y for them!!!
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  • mbti: ENFJ-T. my friends say i’m really extroverted and make friends easily, but i think i’m just an outgoing introvert. if i meet someone new in a group setting i’ll probably talk to them, so there’s no awkward air. if i deem you my friend, prepare for all the puns.
  • it’s been… 8 years? since i delved into writing, when i was in my 1st year of high school. i discovered fan fiction in my 3rd year, and started writing some of my own a little later.
  • right now, i am working as a full-time gender and development researcher for the city government.
  • i don’t really know what i wanna do with my life, but i still wanna make it big in hollywood and go on dancing with the stars. i’m already practicing what i’m gonna say in the packages, picking out my most memorable year, and the dance style that i really wanna do, but haven’t yet.
  • hobbies: writing (lol), jamming out to musical theatre songs or anime songs or harry styles’s new album, ballroom dancing and belly dancing, and binge-watching my fave shows (like haikyuu. season 3.)
  • i don’t really have a haikyuu husband per se, but a boyfriend is probably–oH WAIT, I KNOW! I HAVE ONE! IT’S THE DORKY KUROO TETSUROU!!!!1!!!11
  • BUT! I also love tsukishima, ushijima, futakuchi, and asahi. i mean, i love all of them, but these guys just take the cake
  • non-haikyuu husbands: tsubasa hiiragi (starmyu) (i literally scream whenever he comes on screen), kai fuduki (tsukiuta) (holy shit your voice sends chills down my spine spare me pls), makoto tachibana (free!!), kiyoharu hyoudou (ballroom e youkoso)

rachel lauren

  • nickname(s): SO MANY!!! freefree, das, rachie, roochie, RL, rae, raerae/rae-rae, and diet binch are some, but people always coming up with new and unusual ones for me, so you can too!
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  • i’ve been writing seriously for ten years now. i started after discovering reader-insert fancfiction in seventh grade. since then, i’ve written original fiction, fanfiction, and poetry alike
  • i currently work for an educational publisher as a marketing assistant
  • about 1000% of the time, if i’m not thinking what to write next, i’m daydreaming about being a psuedo-celebrity competing on dancing with the stars
  • my favorite haikyuu!! character is the hot coach, ukai keishin aka my husband. i’m also very partial to asahi, akiteru, iwaizumi, bokuto, ennoshita, ushijima, and kuroo. i love all the characters from the series, but these guys are top tier for me 
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You Attend The Late Late Show With Him (Request)- Harry Styles

“Love, get out of this bed,” Harry says from above you, pulling the covers away gently from where you held them above your head. He had been dressed and ready for a well half hour, but couldn’t bring himself to wake you up, considering the night you had before.

“H, leave me the hell alone. I’m so exhausted,” you groan, turning over and covering your face with the pillow as your fiancé laughs.

“We’re going to miss the flight, and then the Boys are really going to ream our arses’. They still haven’t given up on the last time,” he says, taking the pillow and turning you over forcibly but gently, climbing on top of you and kissing your lips as your eyes open. “Mm, you awake now?” he asks, lips still red from the night before.

“I guess so, but I might need another to truly wake up,” you smirk, looking up at him from your place on the bed, his shirt just barely covering your panties that you’d slipped on when you went to use the toilet after spending most of the night awake making love to your boyfriend. You thought he was leaving by himself to go to L.A. for The Late Late Show with James Corden, but he had already packed your suitcase and told management you would be joining him. “You know, we spent the whole night up, when we could’ve very well saved some for when we got to the hotel, but no, someone was a bit too excited, if I say so,” you laugh as he leans back down to kiss you, your arms wrapping around his neck, until he starts to tickle your sides, that when you jump out of the bed, swatting his arm and running to get in the shower. 

“We could just sleep on the plane and still have time at the hotel,” he says hurriedly, cursing at himself for not just containing himself a bit more the night before. He quickly makes up the bed, grabbing your suitcases and putting both by your bedroom door. He walks to the mirror, fixing his hair and putting on the rings by his nightstand, fixing his shirt and jeans before going to make you and himself a tiny breakfast.

You quickly get out of the shower, freshly bathed, shaven, and had used Harry’s favourite scent on your body. You pop in front of the bathroom mirror and sink, brushing your teeth and drying your hair with a towel, quickly tying it into a top knot and throwing the towels in the laundry bin. You walk into the wardrobe, putting on a matching hot pink bra and panties set, then throwing on black leggings, a black t-shirt, and a sweatshirt, one that you had stolen from Harry before he left for tour, but it was ironed and nice enough to wear out of the house. You sprayed perfume on yourself, another one of Harry’s favourites, and grab your converse before walking down the stairs to meet Harry in the kitchen. 

“Thanks, baby,” you say, placing a quick kiss to your fiancé’s lips and taking the toast and eggs from his hand. You both eat fairly quick, putting the pan in the sink and checking your carry-on to make sure that phone and computer chargers had been packed, alongside your phones and computer, itself. You hear a car beep outside the house, meaning that Niall had arrived to pick you up and drive all three of you to the aeroport together. Harry sets the house alarm, taking both suitcases behind you, whom carried the carry-on and made sure that the house was locked up afterwards.

“Look who made it on time,” Niall laughs from the driver’s spot, you sitting passenger, Harry insisting that he would sit in the back. Your left hand was laying on your lap and Harry couldn’t help but smile at the diamond sitting on your ring finger. You said yes, and you were going to marry him, and everyday Harry seems happier and happier just knowing that the three letter word was your answer. “Mate, you listening back ‘dere?” Niall asks, looking at Harry from his mirror.

“Yeah, yeah, what’s up?” Harry asks, drawing his attention back towards his best friend, who had been apparently trying to get his attention for the last few minutes.

“We ‘ave to go straight to ‘de hotel, and ‘den we only have like an hour before we ‘ave to head back to James’ studio,” Niall says, turning his attention back to the road. It was early in London, awfully early, but by the time you arrived in California, it’d be the night and time for another interview.

“Okay. Baby, do you want to just grab a bite to eat in the hotel, or meet up with the Boys at the studio and find something closer to there?” Harry asks, turning his attention towards you as you contemplate your answer. You have this little dimple, not one as deep as his own, but one that is visible and stuck out most when you were concentrating or laughing, and he could see it at this very moment and it made his heart flutter.

“Why don’ we just eat at the hotel, this way we can all leave together and we won’ have to worry about getting back to the studio,” you say, turning your body around and facing Harry. “What’re you smiling about, hmm?” you ask watching as he shrugs but the smile never fades. You grab his hand and squeeze it, before placing a small kiss to the back and letting it go.

“You two make me sick,” Niall says from next you, shaking his head and chuckling as you two both laugh at his commentary. “But if you two could hold on the loving-on-each-other, it’d be great so we can just get on this damn aeroplane.”

You laugh and get out of the car, taking your bag and the carry-on whilst the pilots load the luggage on board and you walk hand-in-hand with Harry to board. Harry sits across from you at first, but just long enough for you to take your phone out and quickly take a picture, before moving over to his side and snuggling against him. “I love you,” you say, taking your phone and editing the picture, readying it for you to post.

“I love you more. But I also love you in my clothes. And you’re wearing my favourite perfume. What’re you trying to do to me, love?” Harry says, head resting against your own, placing a few kisses there and then placing a lingering one on your lips.

“Okay, okay, you two. There are other people on this plane,” Louis jokes from the seat next to you, already putting in earphones and humming the melodies to the new songs off the album.

“What do you think James is goin’ to ask you ‘bout?” you ask, looking up at him and adjusting yourself so you could place your legs in his lap and head on the pillow.

“Probably ‘bout Zayn leaving, the new album, I think he might ask about that “No Control Project” the fans are doing, and possibly us. I know once we posted the pictures about us being engaged, people have been tweeting questions and I’m pretty sure he’ll take some of those,” he says looking down at you whilst drawing circles on the palm of your hand. “Do you wan’ me to answer the questions or just leave it private?” he asks, looking at you intently, waiting for your response. You both had been not completely private with your relationship, but did keep certain aspects away from all to see.

“I mean, we already posted the pictures online, so answering the questions can’t be too bad. Just don’t say too much about the proposal, I mean if it’s asked, you could talk about what you did, but what you said to me I want to be completely private. Your memory and my memory only. It was the best thing you have ever said to me and I want to cherish it all by myself,” you say, leaning back up to kiss him, smiling as he wraps his arms around your waist. “I love you.”

“I love you so much, babe. You don’ even understand. But c’mon, we need sleep before we get there, it’s goin’ to be a long night. And not just because of the reasons you think I’m thinking of,” he smirks, planting a kiss on your forehead before wrapping the blanket across your bodies, and laying his head on yours. You smile and quickly upload the picture to Instagram before closing your phone, cuddling into Harry, and falling asleep.

@Mrs.StylesOfficial: Look at my handsome man. Whatcha doin’ over there, H? #fiancé


“Baby, I’m sorry to do this to you, but the plane is landing. We got to get up to go to the hotel,” Harry whispers from beside you. He’d only woken up ten minutes ago when we heard the pilot’s voice on the intercom. He watched you for a few minutes, amazed that this sight was what he has to look forward to for the rest of his life, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. “My love, c’mon, we can go eat and then the interview and then go back and sleep,” he says, brushing stray hairs that had gotten loose from your bun, away from your face.

“Ugh,” you groan, wiping your face and opening your eyes, adjusting to the darker surroundings that you had arrived in. “I want a pizza,” you say, wrapping your arms back around his waist, trying to wake yourself up, and his cologne was surely doing the trick. It was your absolute favourite and got it for him every year, both as a selfish gift and non-selfish because you both completely loved it.

“Okay, babe, I’m sure I can arrange that,” he chuckles, rubbing circles on your back as he pulls his phone back out of his pocket, checking his mentions on both Instagram and Twitter, smiling at the new post you had uploaded whilst he was sleeping. He quickly responds to Twitter and leans back over to you. You had managed to get up from your seat and grab your carry-on and backpack. “I love you,” he whispers against your lips, kissing you multiple times before you could respond.

“I love you, too. Where’d that come from?” you giggle.

“I can’t just tell you that I love you?” he asks, hand interlocking yours as he hears the wheels meet the road beneath the plane.

“You can. Always. I love hearing you say it,” you say, leaning in to kiss him.

“I love to say it. But I also see that you changed your name already,” he smiles. You swear that the minute you said yes to his proposal, anytime you would speak his smile would grow larger and larger.

“I did, I did. You know we are getting married in six months, I think it’s time,” you laugh, standing up from your seat and grabbing Harry’ hand to interlock your fingers and you walk off the plane and into the car that waited to bring you all to the hotel.

The ride was quick compared to the 14-hour long plane trip. Once you got checked in to the hotel, everyone dispersed to their own rooms to drop off luggage and then went to wherever they wanted for the remaining hour-and-a-half before the car came back to take the crew to the studio. You and Harry stayed in the room, ordering a pizza, ready to just relax for the time you had.

You were laying on the bed, hands on your stomach as an unknown program played on the TV. Harry climbed on the bed, leaning over to turn the box off, and then pulled you to the middle of the bed. He climbed on top of you, kissing you deeply, running his hands down your sides as you hands attached themselves in his hair. He moaned as you pulled lightly on the hair, creating a massaging sensation, and as soon as he pulled off you shirt, already leaving love bites on your neck, there was a knock on the door, signalling the arrival of your food.

“Fuck,” he whispers whilst climbing off of you, “Stay right there.” He finds his wallet on the dresser, grabbing twenty dollars out. He opens the door, says ‘thank you’ to the delivery man, pays him, and shuts the door as fast as he possibly can. He walks back over to you, climbing back on top, kissing you again. “Killed the mood, didn’t it?” he says as you giggle from underneath him.

“Yeah, little bit,” you laugh, getting up, pushing Harry onto his bum as you pull your t-shirt back on. “Later, baby. Later on, when we get back, no one will interrupt us. Okay?” you say, giving him a quick kiss before going to eat the pizza that had just arrived.

You two made your way downstairs just in time to meet with the rest of the band and avoid any embarrassment. The car pulled up a few minutes after you all had gathered together, and everyone piled in, ready to just arrive at the studio. “I’m surprised we didn’t have to come up and get you,” Liam says, laughing alongside the other two members.

“Oh shut up, Liam,” Harry chuckles, knowing that that is exactly what happened the last time. 

As soon as you and Harry had your first time together on your one-year anniversary three years ago, it has been quite hard to keep your hands off each other. Especially on one occasion where Harry was almost late for sound check because you both had stayed at the hotel for a bit too long.

“C’mon, Liam, leave us alone for one night?” you ask, pretending to pout for a minute, and then everyone is laughing. The rest of the time was spent discussing bits of your wedding that is set in stone and fully prepared, and what else needed to be done in order to be ready for the wedding in November. 

In a mere ten minutes, the whole entourage was being ushered into the studio, the Boys going to meet James backstage whilst you, Lou, and Sophia stand around by the side where you would watch the show.

“There’s the better half,” James says, walking over to give you a hug.

“How’s it going, Cordo?” you ask after giggling, feeling Harry come up and wrap his arms around your waist from behind, resting his head on your shoulder.

“I’m well, and you? The wedding’s coming up soon, yeah? November, right?” he asks, taking a sip from his mug.

“Yeah, we only have a bit left before we’re done planning, as well,” you add, pressing a kiss to Harry’s cheek quickly, feeling his smile grow as he places a kiss to your shoulder.

You and James talk a bit more until he’s being called out, in order for him to start the show and introduce the Boys. You and the girls watch from the side, listening to the men talk about their fans and the new “No Control Project” and you swear you can see all of their faces light up. There are questions about Zayn and how the tension is between the five, quickly dismissing any rumours that there was fighting continuing, and other nonsense. But towards the end you hear James say your name, and you look over to see Harry’s smile grow as big as possible. 

“Harry, we’ve seen that you have a bride-to-be, if I’m correct?” James says, leaning forward to speak directly to your fiancé.

“You are, James,” he says coolly, trying not to let himself burst with every detail that he would like to share, just not particularly on camera.

“I’ve met your missus, she’s quite lovely,” James says, flipping through note cards, assumingly the ones that have his questions.

“Y/N is wonderful, she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me, besides One Direction,” he says, seeing a picture of you and him from Instagram appear on the screen.

“I have a few questions here from fans, and I am going to ask the more vague ones, this way you don’ have to give anything away that you don’ want to, okay?” James asks, looking intently at Harry waiting for his nod of approval. As soon as Harry nods his head, James starts to ask the questions. “When is the wedding exactly?”

“The wedding is the 16 of December. The day we met three years ago,” Harry answers, taking a quick peek at you on the side, mouthing ‘I love you’ before answering the next questions.

“Okay, here are two. How did you propose? And, I want to know, have you thought of letting me be the best man?” James asks, and Liam, Louis, and Niall shake their heads, laughing quietly.

“Well, Y/N and I don’t want to reveal too much about the proposal, but basically I did it when we were in a bit of a rift. She had no idea and the best part was that she was mildly irritated at me when I did it,” Harry says laughing. “My sister actually helped me pick out the ring, because her and Y/N are best friends and she knew what she wanted. I already had an idea, but that really helped. And for the second questions, no. I already have my best men.”

“Really? Are you sure? I would make a great best man,” James says, earning laughs from everyone in the room.

Harry just shakes his head, waiting for the final question to follow suit.

“Did you ever think that maybe you two were too young to get married right now, I mean you’re both in your twenties,” James says, sitting back in his seat and drinking from his mug.

“No, not at all. We love each other, and the people who love us, support our decisions completely,” Harry says, smiling and finishing the interview before walking off stage and sneaking up behind you, and hugging you tight.

“Hi, baby. You did great up there,” you say, leaning up to kiss him, your arms locking around his neck loosely.

“All because you were here,” he says, kissing you back, foreheads resting against each other. 

You had finished UNI within the first year of you and Harry dating, so ever since then you’d been on the road with the team. Management paid you in bits to just keep everything in check, seeing as though you basically acted like a mum to the group, even with Liam being the responsible one. It was really nice being able to spend time on the road with Harry and not have to be away for a long time.

“Alright you two, are going to come back to the hotel with us or not?” Louis asks, looking behind waiting for you to follow.

“Yes, yes, hold on,” Harry says, taking your hand and guiding you out to the car. The ride seems shorter back to the hotel and as soon as you were let out, both you and Harry walked straight up to your hotel room. 

You unlocked the door, feeling Harry push you in lightly, closing the door behind him and locking it. You quickly take off your sweatshirt and shoes, giggling when you feel Harry pull you up close to him.

“What do you want from me, mister? Is it was I think it is, hmm?” you ask, leaning up against his ear and kissing down his jaw and near his lips, but never touching your mouth to his.

“You know what I want, missus. Now stop teasing me,” he whines, grabbing your cheeks gently and connecting your lips to his. You two strip of your clothing and fall on the bed, spending the night professing your love to each other in more way than one.


“You know, I know we say it, but I can’t describe how happy you make me,” you whisper, fingers tracing the butterfly on his abdomen lightly.

“And I know I say it quite often, but I am so in love with you, that I can hear you breathe in the morning and I feel like I fall more in love with you,” he says, the pads of his fingers resting lights on your bare back. 

He’s so in love with not only you, but this moment. You’re both lying underneath the blanket, bare from making love just hours before, and now you’re professing your love for one another in whispers, as if you want no one else in the world to know why you are so deeply in love with each other.

The wedding was not too far off, and he couldn’t wait for moment where, this, right here, would become his forever.

Hello, darlings.

Here is another request. I am trying to get as many as I can done before I go to dance later on, and then once I get back, I will finish up.

Feel free to send in requests and I will respond back as soon as I can.

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twelvemonkeyswere  asked:

Your Eloise saga is absolutely wonderful! Will you really write the novella? Where could I get it? Thank you!

You’re so sweet! ^.^ Thank you!

Yes, I’m going to write the novella (and am pretty excited about it too). Unfortunately I already have two novels I’m finishing up this year (slated for publication October and end of November…though the second might get pushed back to January), so I’m not sure if I’ll have time to work on Eloise before November.

When it’s done, it’ll be available on Kobo, Kindle, and my publisher’s site. It may or may not be available as a print book (I won’t know if that’s possible until it’s finished). I’ll definitely post about it here on tumblr when the time comes, and probably will post teasers and what-not as I work on it.

All that said, I know people really like Eloise and crew (I do too), so I’ll try and write backstory, side pieces, character sketches, and maybe some art in the mean time. If there’s something specific you’d like to see, just send me a message :)

myidlehand  asked:

Hi. Sorry to bother you but since you write reader fics I was wondering if you know (or your followers) if there's a tumblr out there with a link to all the Bones/reader stories publish on tumblr? Or actually any of Karl's characterXreader)? I'm interested to make a masterlist but I don't want to step on someone's toes if it's been done already. I want to make things easier to find for people when you don't have to scroll the tags

Now *all* of them, I’m not to sure. Usually @yourtropegirl has a pretty fantastic list that she posts every Thursday.

That being said, there are several people who make up their own lists and recs, and its great because no one person can list every story! So someone might have something that someone else missed and thats what makes all these lists great. I’m sure no one would mind if you made up your own list of fics as wel :)