pretty sure they're staring at me

Watching the Ballie scenes
  • Bea and Allie in the showers
  • Bea giving Allie a haircut, Allie flirts by ‘‘Oh thanks, I’ve got a good hair dresser *smirk*’’ when Bea says, ‘’Hair looks good’’  to try and hide the fact that she was staring
  • Bea and Allie slot; rapping, making each other laugh, talking about Debbie
  • Allie saying that Bea is her strength
  • Bea calling her Alliecat
  • All the staring and heart eyes in the yard and cafeteria
  • Allie flirting, Bea blushing
  • Allie worried about Bea, caring for her cuts and be there for her
  • Allie giving Bea a cream for scarring
  • Allie applying said cream
  • Allie flirting again and Bea smiling, then ‘‘nothing’s gonna happen between us’’ sure jan!
  • Bea drawing Allie
  • Bea being protective abt Allie
  • The ‘‘You care about me’‘ scene
  • The kiss!!!

And pretty sure Bea is gonna be the one who suggest taking it forward in 4x08- well either way i’m gonna cry


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Lol no, Texas part 3 threw lucaya out of the window. Cant wait till they decide to act more sibling-like. I knew the writers wouldn't let go of Rucas because they're smart. They wouldn't stoop that low and all for a fanservice ship. Rucas forever

I’m not really sure how to respond to this, because I get the feeling you’re pretty rooted in your opinion, and that no matter what I say, I won’t convince you otherwise. And that’s fine. People are allowed to believe whatever they like. I will just say that I used to ship romantic Rucas too back in S1, but that once I rewatched the show (after Texas), I realized the evidence staring in front of me and changed courses. I thought Lucaya was cute in S1 originally, but did not ship them then because I didn’t seen any canon evidence for them at the time (rewatching in light of recent events showed me otherwise). And I don’t tend to ship crack ships (because I don’t like disappointment lol).

I would just like to say that even if you ship Rucas romantically (which again, is perfectly fine), that does not mean Lucaya are sibling like. Even when I was on the Rucas ship, I never saw Lucaya as siblings. Do some siblings tease each other? Sure (I tease the shit out of my siblings all the time), but not all do. And if you consider the manner of their teasing/game, you’ll see it’s not the kind of teasing you’d do with a sibling. “Ha-hurr”-ing right up in their face, putting a rose in their mouth, the whole scene in Rules, all the frequent touching, are not something that I would do with a sibling. And all of this is even before considering everything that went down in Texas. Even if you somehow (though I’m not sure how) felt that Lucaya was “sibling like”, I don’t see how the writers could go in a direction of “more sibling like” after the campfire scene in Texas. That was about the least sibling like you could possibly be….

I also don’t see Texas part 3 as “throwing Lucaya out the window”, but that’s a point that I’m pretty sure I will be unsuccessful in convincing you of, but if you’re interested, creep my “girl meets texas” tag (the posts are probably a little further back).

Honestly, both Rucas and Lucaya have had pretty big fan bases all along, so I’m not sure how just Lucaya is fanservice, but if that’s your opinion, you’re entitled to it and I can respect it even though I disagree.

Lastly, I’d like to say thanks for dropping by and leaving me an ask, you’re my first hardcore Rucas shipper to do so! I appreciate hearing from all sides!

Since you seem very adamant about romantic Rucas, I’d be curious to know what your reasons are for shipping them in a romantic sense. I personally hardcore ship them as BFFs, but I always like to hear what the other side has to say. One of the best things I think you can do in life is to be open to hearing multiple points of view :)

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Eek! I get to help again. So I'm pretty sure the fic they're looking for is actually inspired by devildoll's Contested. It's called Contested (or: Flowers in the Backseat) by ashley_ingenious. Complete with 5 chapters and a word count of 24280. archiveofourown(.)org/works/1236757/chapters/2538301

Ah, thank you! ericasuniverse linked this to me last night as well but I haven’t had a chance to read it, so those scenes weren’t familiar to me. Appreciate the help! :) 

Contested by DevilDoll

“So,” Stiles says, exhaling shakily. “Here I am.” He stares bleakly at Derek, suddenly looking small and broken, like someone who has had something vital to his happiness stripped away from him.

Contested (Flowers in the Backseat) by ashley_ingenious (E, 23k) 

Teetering on the edge of divorce, Stiles and Derek try to figure out if they really have what it takes to make their marriage work.