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What Is The Shape Of Your Monster? – Get Out and Thought-out Horror

Get out.

No, I’m dead serious. If you haven’t already seen Jordan Peele’s Get Out yet, I need you to do me a massive favor. I need you to bookmark this page, close this page, and absolutely do not read this page— or any other essay or article on Get Out— until you’ve finished watching it.

I’m not just saying this because this essay will contain major spoilers for a movie that is best enjoyed going in knowing as little as possible— I mean, yes, it will— but most of all I just want as many people to see this movie as possible. It is by far the most socially relevant American movie to come out this year, at time of writing, if not one of the most socially relevant pieces of American art of the past decade.

It’s also just a very good movie.


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Wore Me Down

Lin x Reader

Word Count- 5,273

Warnings- Nothing much really, mild angst I suppose and some heated moments.

A/N- This is quite a long one that I wrote with @beabravo10 a while ago, but it’s taken a while to edit down. And in typical me style, it’s a really long one-shot. One day I will write something under 3,000 words, but today is not that day! I hope you enjoy!

@plamspringsdancingontables @nesthemonster

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Bucky x OFC

Summary:  He doesn’t talk to anyone, until her. She doesn’t touch anyone, until him.

Warnings: language (i think that’s it????? what is this??????)

Word Count: 8.3k (it’s long af i’m sorry i just get too excited)

Author’s Note: guess what!!!!! it’s my birthday!!!! and so my gift to you is this new story that i’ve been writing for a few months as a break from Savior. it shouldn’t be too long, probably under 10 parts but we’ll see how i do. this is one of my favorites and the main female character has definitely been on of the funnest to write so i hope you all enjoy :) feedback is encouraged, love you all xx

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No Payne No Gain

TEXT: Paul Flynn


Last year LIAM PAYNE had a conversation with Justin Bieber. He doesn’t usually do this sort of thing. There’s a shop Liam frequents in Los Angeles. Whenever he sees one of Will Smith’s kids or a Kardashian he feels too self-conscious to introduce himself. “There’s still that little boy inside of me,” he says. With Bieber, it was different.

Like each of the select bands who go through their boy-to-man rite of passage in full public glare, Liam at 23 is a disarming mix of confidence, knowledge and conviviality wrapped up in a frightened canary let out of its cage. Sometimes he’s the boy at the bus stop. Sometimes drops in reflexive anecdotes about his dealings with Donald Trump. No one understands Bieber’s experiences with quite the same clarity on quite the same timeframe as Liam and his four One Direction buddies.

“Obviously [Bieber]’s struggled a lot through the way the world looked upon him,” Liam says. “I don’t feel sorry for him,” he continues, “he’s great guy, inside there’s a really good heart. I said, look, the difference between me and you is that I had four different boys going through the same thing to look to. He didn’t have that.” Quite out of character, Liam Payne reached out a hand to his peer. “I said to him, listen, take my number and any time you want to have a chat, let me know because I’m here and I understand exactly what you’re going through and I understand your world.”

It was a lovely thing to do. “He needs somebody like that and in that position,” he qualifies, placing himself deferentially into the third person. It’s sweet for other reasons, too. In Bieber there is something of the idiosyncratic otherworldliness of a Michael Jackson figure. Liam Payne, a pretty, straight talking lad from Wolverhampton appears at first not to be that thing at all. “There is that in all of us.” he avers, meaning not only Bieber but his fellow One Direction alumnus Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson. “We all have this chaotic side to us. You know, they say that anger breeds passion. I think that’s the same with a lot of us, that we let things get chaotic very quickly. We’re used to chaos.”

Liam is sitting in a quiet antechamber above the photo studio where today’s cover story has been shot. He says he likes interviews and honours the assurance in a quietly riveting half hour before he’s whisked magically away. It’s Friday evening. Liam has been working out with millennial precision to make sure he’s at top physical condition should he be required to lose his shirt during the shoot. He’s whippet slight flesh, definition counts.

Six years ago, One Direction came third on the national TV talent show, the X Factor. 1D was an assembly-line operation pieced together audition stages. Boys that barely knew one another, slotted seamlessly together in the kind of multi-demographic hit their boss Simon CowelI so adept at plugging into the national grid each year. That year, Liam and his bandmates Niall and Louis looked like they’d been schooled at a premium boyband academy. Each sported variants of Bieber’s early slideover haircut. It was easy to imagine any of them taking a stool in Westlife or learning to breakdance for Take That, had they been born in another time and place. Within the trio there was a safe place in which teenage girls and boys could measure their sexuality, whilst tapping their toes. That wheel still turned. Flanked at either edge of the three were genuinely new angles for the British boyband model; Harry Styles, Cheshire’s own reality-age Mick Jagger and Zayn Malik, a practising Muslim from Bradford and nonpareil physical work of art to whom supermodels have since flocked. The five together hit enough familiarity and newness to open up a global fame haul not touched since the heady days of Duran Duran, Culture Club and Wham back in the 80s. During the summer of their astronomical American takeover there was a plausible touch of Beatle-mania. They felt like an England football team winning the World Cup. Their records have sold in North Korea.

Liam and the boys were the first band to taste that fame level in the age of social media, making their story simultaneously that of the boys next door and untouchable messiahs. There was something refreshingly undone about them. Their best songs, ‘What Makes You Beautiful’, ‘Little Things’, ‘Steal My Girl’, even the precociously titled ‘Best Song Ever’ are undeniable additions to the Great British pop cannon. Liam says the 1D song that he’d buy above all others is 'Once In A Lifetime’, the little known track from their 2014 album, Four. “That’s my favourite song. Very Coldplay-esque. I wanted it to be a single but they just wouldn’t have it. It was very relaxed the way we chose our records and made things. It was really simple.” Someone else did it.

When 1D lost their X Factor trophy to semi-hot handyman Matt Cardie and were beaten to the silver medal podium by classy Scouse songbird Rebecca Ferguson, Liam was 16. He had auditioned for the show pre­viously, at 14, as a kind of minipops Michael Bublé, Wolverhampton’s hitherto unseen swing angle. On his first induction to the X Factor factory, he was instructed by producers to go home and rethink his shtick as the last 24 were whittled down on TV. He says it attuned him to the hard knocks of rejection. Such was the omnipotence of the show back then Liam’s audition storyline was enough to grant him a local working men’s club career where he honed his skill and paid his dues.

“I did pubs and clubs.” he says. “When I was a kid, I literally played old people’s homes.” His one taste of what was to come arrived when the Wolverhampton Wanderers FC invited Liam to sing before kick-off at the Manchester United fixture to 34,000 fans in the terraces. In honour of his local team’s squad colours he sang Sam Sparro’s 'Black and Gold’. “It’s funny that that’s where we ended up, playing stadiums,” he says, with pleasing air of pride and bemusement. “It was funny being stood in the middle again and thinking back on that 16 year old boy stood in the middle of a football pitch. My dad said to me, this is going to be the toughest gig you’re ever going to play. Football fans do not want to hear little boy singing. They’re not interested. You heard jeering from the crowd. But I got applause at the end. And my dad said, that is the best thing you could’ve got out of today.”

Liam says he can’t remember much of his time in the X Factor house second time around bar the tears. He was recently delighted to see fellow housemate Page Richardson, the contestant Louis Walsh immortalised as looking 'like a little Lenny Henry’ on account of nothing but his colour, in a Harry Potter film (“the one where it’s Dumbledore’s army. He’s actually in the army, which is amazing. I’m absolutely obsessed with Harry Potter. Fucking love Harry Potter.”). He nods as I mention some of the other names he shared his first home away from Wolverhampton with. Katie Waissel, Diva Fever, Wagner. “There were a lot of different strange characters and lovely people through that show. It was very rushed and strange.”

On account of a childhood kidney condition, he had not even been drunk by the time he left home, Dick Whittington style, to live in a shared London house with a bunch of strangers maniacally chasing their fame dream in real time. “The famous line my dad said was. don’t come home until Christmas, meaning don’t get thrown off it before the final. And after I said goodbye to him that day. I never really went home again.”

When 1D lost, Liam turned to his dad with a “we made it this far” face. His fellow band-mates. he says, were in pieces. He remembers first Harry, then Louis, Niall and Zayn bursting into tears. “A cameraman came over and said 'can I get you boys for an interview?’ and I looked at all the boys crying, in their mum’s arms and I was like, 'look, I’ll do the interview’ because I was the only one who was alright and so I went off to side and did the after-camera interview for us. I just left them because I wanted them to have their moment and the cameras didn’t need to see them like that. There was a real atmosphere. This followed throughout our career a lot of the time.”

In Cowell’s dressing room later than same evening, 1D were told that they would be signed to his label, Syco regardless of their position on the show. “Simon took us up to his dressing room to tell us he was to sign us and Harry literally burst into tears he was so happy.” Emotions run high in boyband land. “He told us. I’m going to sign you. That was the moment. That’s where it all began.” The wheels of the juggernaut had begun to turn. “It was like a bomb went off”, he notes.

There was a pearl of wisdom shared by Cowell that stuck with Liam from that high-stakes evening. “The first thing he said to us after signing us from X Factor was 'look, there are no angels here.’ Which is so true.” What does Liam think Cowell meant by that? “That we’re all people. We all people here.” He doesn’t think it was an invocation of mistrust in music industry, the smoke and mirrors world of real life fame? “No, no, no. It was a moment in a conversation. He said 'look, there are no angels here and I know that you’re all going to make mistakes’. That’s what he was saying. Just get on with what the show is, do your bit. do your business, go to work and be real. That’s what that comment meant. Don’t stress about it, it’ll all turn out alright in the end.”

In that moment, it sounds like Liam Payne made a pact with himself go for it regardless, at the top tier, to claim his moment. “Everyone strives to be the person that they want to be.” he says. “I try too much sometimes, I think. I overstep the mark a little bit sometimes. That’s why I’m such a perfectionist. But sometimes I think you have to believe that are no angels.” The first One Direction single, 'What Makes You Beautiful’ was released in 2011, on September 11th.

The second half of 2016 was an eventful time for Liam Payne, presaged by his signing a solo record deal with Sinatra’s old imprint Capitol Records on July 21st.

While in 1D, he says all five boys dabbled on their own material. Because boybands never break up anymore, 1D are officially on sab­batical. Whether that translates as a bit of genial respite or full scale hatred for one another is a matter that’s been carefully blended into their tale with just enough leaks of a hint to either. Zayn, who had already fled 1D’s nest a year earlier, missing their victory lap worldwide stadium tour released his solo album Mind of Mine last spring, reinventing him­self as the Frank Ocean for Unilad readers. Niall played to his Irish card with a forgettable busker-ish ballad for the Christmas market very much carved from the mould of Ed Sheeran and seasonal John Lewis adverts. From the snippet of it we heard. Liam’s song sounded like his ascent to manhood, touting him as a moody, roustabout lover-man in something of Drake’s lineage, complete with street lyrical touches (while writing, a picture appears on Liam’s Instagram feed of him with the Canadian don though it’s not specified whether he’s working or partying with his hero)

Whenever Liam talks about the 1D boys he has the exact same dad-ish air of concern, care, amazement and slight separation from the operation that Daddy Barlow has with Take That. Oh, that’s the other thing Liam had kicked off the year with a new belle, The X Factor’s Queen of Our Hearts, Cheryl Tweedy.

Liam brings up Cheryl, of course he does. The two live in Surrey, out of the city. When I make a joke about him being Lord of the Manor, he says that his sister bought him a plaque to denote his Lordship for his last birthday, a joke that doubled when it turned out Cheryl had been bought a similar gift by Simon Cowell during her tenure on X Factor. “So we’re Lord and Lady, which is hilarious.” To British suburbia, this is of course precisely what they represent, a self-selected aristocracy in which we’ve all played a part in the honours system.

He says things with Cheryl are working out well, becoming temporarily misty-eyed. “This is the thing. In a non-cliché way, it’s weird waking up every day and literally living out your dream. You wake up in the most beautiful places. Obviously I have the most beautiful girlfriend if the whole world and she’s absolutely amazing. She’s been my drean girl since I was younger. She’s so ace.” They are used to companionship. They have Liam’s dog, Watson, a Great Dane. “If I’m ever having a problem or I ever get a bit angsty about something that’s happening in life then I take the dog out for a walk and there’s just unconditional love from him. Anyway, I don’t want to go too much into that. I’m not like a weird dog person.”

“She is a wonderful, wonderful person and it’s amazing to have someone who can relate to so much of things, someone who’s taken greater steps than me. Her solo career was amazing. She’s been in the industry for fourteen years now. She fully supports me. We’re super happy. I appreciate you didn’t ask about it. It’s a very personal, precious time for us. I’m still learning. I’m only 23.”

Because he is the youngest of three, Liam inherited the bed that his big sister’s had slept in at home in Wolverhampton. He tried to paint a wall blue to put his own stamp on the room, still shaded by bunny rabbit curtains into his teenage years, and ran out of paint before finishing. “It was a total tip.” he says of the last bedroom he lived in before fame. “That bed was so old. The last time I went back and sat on it I couldn’t believe it was the bed I used to sleep on. I often think about how I used to sit on the windowsill and just look at the stars and wonder what this was all for. And I often used to think, there must be more to life than this.”

I ask if his parents kept the room the same as when he left. “Well,” he says, interrupting the nostalgia with a little sharp reality, “I bought my par­ents a house so I haven’t actually been back to that room in a long time. I’d like to.” The experiences of 1D made five men very rich, very young.

Liam knows exactly his financial worth. “I do,” he says, letting out a nerv­ous laugh. I ask if I would blush if I saw his bank account. 'Honestly, it is a very scary thought.’ he says. “It is not something that we were given it’s something we worked our asses off for. The way we went to work every day and the way we travelled the world and the way we conducted our business, with great management at the time and greater minds, it turned out great for everybody. But it was a long five years.”

On the last night of the last 1D tour, management presented all four remaining members with a plaque festooned with little badges for every single gig they’d played since their first. “It was a sombre night.” says Payne, who has started becoming more emotionally transparent in front of other people this last year. “To see every show we’ve ever done on a plaque?” he says, raising eyes to the sky. “Again, everybody was in tears. And I’m quite good at holding it together but I have got a lot worse of late. Adverts and things mate me cry. I think I’m getting more emotional as time goes by, especially with everything that’s happening in my life at the moment. It’s a very emotional time and time to reflect on a lot of things and the person that I am to be. Do you know what I mean? If that makes sense?” It makes perfect sense.

Beneath the extraordinary life he has lived so far, outweighing every one of his personal, societal and geographic expectations, there’s a deeply admirable humility and candour to Liam Payne. On the subject of his forthcoming record: “l’ll tell you the truth. The dream was to be able to get signed and release an album. That is every musician who’s on Youtube’s dream today. I’ve got the opportunity to work with a really great label, Capitol. The people I work with are absolutely amazing and to get a record deal and be able to release the album that I want to release is the most amazing thing ever.” He has no idea how it will fare. “Even if this went tits up, sideways, it’d still be step one that I got here.”

Liam Payne never voted in a general election. “I’ve never been able to vote,” he explains, “because we’ve always been in different countries and I’ve never really understood it. I still feel like a 16 year old boy when it comes down to things like that and I wouldn’t know which way to go.” He steered clear of the EU referendum (“I kind of knew that we were going to Brexit. It was just a gambler’s feeling”) and doesn’t know how his parents voted in it.

Do you want to know his Donald Trump tale? Of course you do. 'Oh. here’s a story,“ he says, rubbing his hands. “Trump actually kicked us out of his hotel once.” It gets better. “You wouldn’t believe it. It was about [meeting] his daughter. He phoned up our manager and we were asleep. He said 'well, wake them up’ and I was like 'no’ and then he wouldn’t let us use the underground garage. Obviously in New York we can’t really go outside. New York is ruthless for us. So he was like, 'OK. then I don’t want you in my hotel’. So we had to leave.”

He’s seen a lot of life, has Liam. That he retains himself amid it’s spectacular credit to those around him and the man himself. “Now he’s President,” he says, perhaps for a moment reflecting on the opportunities life affords the most unusual candidates. “I just hope he doesn’t kick me out the country.” He’s laughing now. “I hope he lets me stay.”

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A Playbutton or This?

You remember how you said you wanted a YouTuber AU for Captive Prince.
I have been thinking.

I can hear the fandom declaring Laurent as a fashion vlogger, beauty guru type person, because he’s got the face for it, and the holier-than-thou attitude that you might expect from a model, and to them I say what book series have you been reading. If anyone is going to be gently judging other people’s clothes for a living, it’s gonna be Damen. 

Therefore, I declare Damen a beauty guru who focuses primarily on clothes (though if you don’t think he has Things To Say on other stuff, you should watch search through his channel for a series he calls The War of Makeups). Everyone assumes that he is, at first glance, some online fitness instructor, or at a stretch maybe a DIY person. Someone who wears a lot of flannel and films himself as he hikes around swinging axes impressively at trees.

Everyone is wrong, and Damen kind of really enjoys the double-take everyone always does when he introduces himself. Because, like, his channel name is pretty recognizable. CaptiveDamnen (he is so proud of that channel name you have no idea) is a big deal in the community, it’s just the person that no one is expecting.

Laurent, on the other hand, is definitely a sketch comedian. Probably writes and performs everything himself, very clinical, very professional. He’s a competent video editor, because he’d never enter into a project without at the very least understanding every aspect of it, but he also probably hires a film major named Jord to help him shoot and edit so that it looks perfect. Whenever he shows up to meet and greets he manages to leave without a hair out of place.

Damen spends like half a live show the night after a big YouTube event trying to answer people’s questions about what products Laurent must use to be able to mingle with literally a thousand fans and still look like he’s ready for a professional photo shoot.

Damen, on the other hand, is very home-grown YouTube. Not that it’s shittily done, not at all, but it doesn’t have the slightly unrealistic veneer that Laurent has all over his videos. He shoots and edits himself ninety nine percent of the time.

While Laurent does excel at playing every single part himself, he also has a common costar by the name of Nicaise. No one quite knows why, because while Nicaise is a good actor and quite frankly stunning to look at, he’s probably the most evil person in the world in real life, and he makes absolutely no attempt to hide it. Fans have spent years trying to figure out the puzzle that is Nicaise and Laurent’s relationship, ever since Nicaise appeared in one of the earliest videos as a tiny, angelic looking, extraordinarily bratty child of nine. He’s not related, Laurent has never made any mention of any sort of deal between them, and Nicaise was there from the beginning so he can’t possibly have been looking to ride on Laurent’s coattails, because that was long before Laurent, and indeed the YouTube platform, had any pull anywhere.

Damen, on the other hand, most often collaborates with a fellow YouTuber, a-


Shit. Dude. Shit. Like, the sketch comedy thing makes sense because Laurent is, like, the king of wearing a different face, but I’ve already written an actor AU, and, like, Laurent would also totally be a gamer.

Like, he doesn’t look the type at all, but he is absolutely 100% the kind of person who would adore the competitive, strategic world of online gaming and he would kill as a cool, sarcastic commentator navigating his way flawlessly through level after level of the most complicated, mind-fucky games.

He still edits everything with surgical precision, his entire setup is always crystal clear and perfect, and he still gets an obvious professional to edit the videos. Nicaise is still his incredibly bratty occasional costar who nobody can figure out the purpose of, other than to look pretty and call Laurent names and purposefully get him killed.



Damen most often collaborates with a DIY YouTuber, Nikandros, who helps Damen out with the more crafty projects that require equipment that Damen doesn’t really want to go out and buy, in exchange for Damen going through Nik’s closet and finding him good date outfits while Nik stares bewilderedly at Damen’s back and very clearly does not absorb a single tip Damen gives him. Their combined audiences apparently adore watching him quietly putting a pillow over his head and giving up in abject defeat while in the background Damen keeps up a light patter of information about how it’s not his closet that’s wrong, it’s the way he’s pairing his clothes.

Damen claims that he’s an expert strategist, which is why he’s able to work the magic that he does. He says that it’s not so much an inborn “girly” knowledge of what colors suit each other as it is understanding the component parts of an outfit and how they all play together.

Damen says this at a YouTube event panel, where he and maybe fifteen other YouTubers with completely different channels have all been herded onto a stage to discuss the common links between them as members of the YouTube platform, rather than as individual creators. Nik is sitting beside him, and makes furious cutting off motions as Damen declares himself a strategist, to the amusement of the whole crowd, leaving Damen to let his sentence trail off in confusion as he looks left at his friend and doesn’t notice the icy glare coming from his right from the probably rightfully proclaimed king of strategy himself, Laurent of the channel PrinceVere.

He keeps on not noticing until Laurent leans into the microphone and says, “Expert strategist?” with enough polite poison in his voice to make the entire audience go OOOooooooooooooo as one.

Damen turns around, still so incredibly confused, and says, “Yes, I am a strategist,” and then, looking rather derisively at Laurent’s clothing choice, “You might not think of clothing as a winnable venture, but I do.”

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Adam Driver: Snickers took ‘a big risk’ hiring him for live Super Bowl ad

Adam Driver is teaming up with Snickers this Sunday for something that has never been done before: the first-ever live Super Bowl commercial.

Created by BBDO New York, the 30-second Western-themed commercial will air during the third quarter of the football game and will feature a horse, “other less famous actors,” and a showdown, all of which was revealed in teasers released this week. Apart from that, not much else is known about the content of the ad. Ahead of the big day, EW spoke to the Girls and Star Wars: The Force Awakens star, who was in the middle of rehearsals, about why he wanted to do the commercial and why the horses of the world will like the commercial.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So, why did you decide to participate in this live Super Bowl commercial? 
ADAM DRIVER:  the Snickers commercials were hilarious that I had seen before and just the fact that the stakes are really high in that it’s during the Super Bowl and it’s live. It seemed like an interesting challenge.

Do you generally thrive off of high stakes situations like this?
Well, I mean I definitely like being scared. I don’t know that I necessarily thrive, but doing something that scares you is always a good thing to do.

Two days out, how are you feeling about it? Nervous? Excited? A mixture of both?
Yeah, I mean they’re really smart, really funny writers, really great crew, and the director is really great. I’m really kind of having a blast.

How much input have you had on the content of the TV spot?
I’ve been surprised. They’re kind of open to any suggestions, anything that you kind of want to throw out. I guess this has been going for a couple months now — conference calls back-and-forth — but they had a really strong idea that was totally theirs, and I think it’s really funny. It’s really just a good group of people, so I’m really having a ball, even though my voice doesn’t sound like it.

Apart from being live, how will this commercial be different from Snickers’ most recent Super Bowl commercials?
Well, I can’t say without giving it away. Obviously, the biggest thing, it being live is a big risk on their part. Hiring me was a big risk on their part, but apart from that, I don’t want to give away what happens. There’s a horse in this one, which there wasn’t in any of them before. The equestrians out there will love it.

Are you drawing on your past theater experience to help you prepare for this?
For sure. I like things that are like unconventional. I’ve always been interested in live things, basically going back to theater — the potential threat of it not going right, or that it’s just kind of more dangerous. It’s live and people know it. I think that just adds a level of excitement and challenge that makes it feel more alive. There’s no safety net at all and I think that’s always kind of a fascinating thing to be a part of and an interesting thing to watch. And, to do it on such a broad scale at the Super Bowl, the stakes couldn’t be higher — I mean, as far as stakes compared to open heart surgery. Those stakes are pretty high, but I guess in the commercial world and as an actor, you always kind of hope for things that come along that are very different. Who would’ve thought I would get this opportunity to be in a Super Bowl commercial? That’s not something I had on my agenda to do.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the most comparable thing you’ve done to this is when hosting Saturday Night Live, which gets done in that week leading to the live show, right?
Sure, everything is at a rapid speed. You have to kind of stay focused in the midst of a lot of chaos, which is really a challenge. As you said, there aren’t a lot of opportunities that you get to do that. Theater is for sure one of them, but if you kind of get it wrong one time, you get the next day to do it for three or four months. This time, it’s like a part of film — well, not film, digital — and that’s it. You get one shot and that’s all you get. Where, for me, I get so used to doing things in film and television where you get a lot of options to try it again. But, there’s something about having something that’s final that is really thrilling and terrifying. But, yeah, I would say SNL is the closest thing to compare it to because you’re making changes all the way up to the minute — well, in my case, you’re making changes to the monologue or the skits or scenes that you maybe get to do once, so it doesn’t really leave you room to be precious or hold back or play it safe. You kind of just have to go with it and not overthink it all. I’ll overthink the way I eat a sandwich, is my habit. But with this, you have no time but just to react, which is always kind of good.

What has the rehearsal schedule been like?
We’re kind of here all day. I came in yesterday for kind of just a talk and walk-through. As I said before, we’ve been kind of talking about it on-and-off for about a month or two. I think there’s more work on it tomorrow and then we just kind of do it on the day. I guess it seems at the time like a lot, but there’s actually a lot of moving piece. Given that, it’s not a lot of time, which is part of the thrill of it.

You mentioned you guys have a horse. Is this your first time working with a horse, or live animal in general?
No. I mean — apart from the actors, the live animal part of it — working with animals is the best because you never know what they’re going to do. They’re very unpredictable and here we have one that’s very unpredictable in a live commercial. Kids and dogs are always the best actors, because you never know what they’re going to do. At any minute, either of them can just pee.

Has the horse had any accidents during rehearsals?
We’ve had a pee accident, but so far no one was injured. It is kind of amazing how much horses do pee. We had a horse pee like a river and it covered up all of the marks, so everyone had to get ankle deep and throw on more sand.

Super Bowl LI coverage begins Sunday, Feb. 5 at 6:30 p.m. ET on Fox.

The Fairest Possible Review I can Give the Fox Rocky Horror Remake

So I’m gonna start by saying I don’t resent Fox’s Rocky Horror for existing, as a lot of people criticizing it seem to. I didn’t go in expecting something that would stand toe-to-toe with the original, because I don’t think that’s possible in a modern context. I went in thinking of it like a tribute more than an attempt to capture that lightning in a bottle again.

Anyway this whole thing ended up being forever long, so it’s gonna live under a cut.

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K05/302: Gamera

The amazing thing about the very first Gamera movie is that they meant it.  By the time it died in 1971, the original Gamera franchise had become a joke even to its makers.  The lack of budget and effort were visible on screen, and the inclusion of things like Guiron, or Gamera playing his theme song on Zigra’s back, suggest that nobody was taking any of this very seriously anymore.  But five years earlier (only five years) when they made Gamera, they weren’t kidding at all.  They really wanted to make a scary kaiju film, and put everything they had into doing so.

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(Summary)Soraru and Mafumafu’s Onsen Trip DVD (Clock Crest Story)

Hi everyone! This is my summary/translation post covering the entire Soramafu Onsen Vacation DVD. This DVD was the bonus that came with the limited edition of Clock Crest Story when you purchased from the store Animate. If you’d like to purchase the DVD, please see the guide I wrote here for how to do that. Please consider supporting Soraru and Mafumafu’s hard work by buying the album!^^

A few notes first:
-The whole video is 25 minutes long
-Soraru and Mafumafu never fully show their faces in the video. They’re being filmed by separate cameramen, who either keep the camera angled so that we can only see from their mouths and below, or Soraru and Mafumafu are wearing masks that cover their jaws/mouths/noses. Also at some points, even while wearing a mask, Mafumafu’s eyes are blurred out (but at other times they’re totally visible. I couldn’t quite figure out why they blurred it at times and didn’t at others *shrugs*)
-I won’t be posting screencaps or videos in this summary, or providing them privately to anyone who asks either. Sorry!
-Normally for summary posts, I really only write a “summary.” But because I love this DVD so much, it’s going to be more of a direct play-by-play of everything that happens :P As a result, it’s VERY VERY long. Sorry!!


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fic rec!!!

ok so as some of u may know the 80% of my time spent on the internet is dedicated to reading fics (bts ashame..) and now that my ass has bookmarked more than 30 fics i thought it was time to do a fic rec :))) all of these fics are yooNMIN bc i hate myself but there are a couple with namjin and taekook, and taekook appears as a side pairing in some of the yoonmin ones. all of the links will take u to ao3 bc thats where i keep them saved more easily but i invite u to check my recs page where i have reblogged some awesome fics u cant find in ao3!! lastly almost all of them are fluffy!!!! bc angst makes me crY. also i would love if u guys could rec me fics u have loved n want me to read!!! thank u

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(00)Q in SPECTRE: An Addendum on the Gun Scene

I got the idea to do this from a conversation thread on one of my other posts (thank you, fagghaggg!), because whenever we talk about subtext, and particularly gay subtext, part of the fun is that there’s nearly always an argument to be made for or against it. One may raise the question of why certain scenes evoke (homo)erotic tension very clearly while others don’t – and while that’s far too big a question for one short post, there’s no reason we can’t deal in particulars. What is it about Q’s gun grab in SPECTRE that seems so suggestive, other than the obvious Freudian implications? Shameless 00Q-ers (or at least Bond fans) that we are, let’s hunker down and shot-by-shot this sucker.

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Daredevil fic writers!

Want to write fic, but not totally clear on the New York details?  Fear not, my friends; here’s the relevant 411.

New York City consists of five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn (hi Steve!), the Bronx, Queens (hi Peter!), and Staten Island.

Manhattan is the long skinny island between New Jersey and Brooklyn.  It’s the heart of NYC and in fact was all of NYC until 1898 - the others were separate cities until then.  People in the outer boroughs still sometimes refer to Manhattan as “the city.”  But you don’t really have to worry about the other boroughs at all for fic purposes, because everything on the show takes place in Manhattan.

Hell’s Kitchen is a neighborhood in Manhattan.  It is not a separate borough, or city, or suburb.  It’s not even a very big neighborhood.  It’s located on the west side of the island, in Midtown, and stretches north-south from either 59th or 55th Street (depending on who you ask) to 34th Street and east-west from 8th Avenue to the Hudson River.  (See the red rectangle on the map below.). That’s about one square mile.  It’s small.

Columbia University is also in Manhattan, in a neighborhood called Morningside Heights.  It’s also on the west side, about three miles from Hell’s Kitchen (the avocado on the map), just south of Harlem.  It’s about a 30 minute trip by subway.

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bradicai  asked:

Hey, I just found your blog and it made me remember and rediscover my love for Fury Road, so thanks for that! I was wondering what your opinion was on the old Mad Max trilogy? I never saw them until after seeing FR, and I really disliked them unfortunately. I couldn't care about the characters, or the plot, or be impressed by the effects(not that that last one's the film's fault, it's just aged). Any reviews that I see view it as an epic, and I just can't see it so was wondering what you thought

Hey! Glad you like the blog. :-)

Regarding the first three Mad Max movies…honestly, I love them. But I love them more as film artifacts than as something I’d sit down and watch a hundred times over like Fury Road. They’re just so delightfully weird and absurd and different from so many other action movies. They definitely show their age at times, but I think there are really interesting things about all three of them.

(This got long so I’m putting the rest under the cut.)

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anonymous asked:

minpuffs(.)tumblr(.)com/post/142590218978/au-where-photography-major-jeon-jungkook-comes have you seen this? I thought it could inspire you since I saw this and the first thing I thought of was my favourite writer which is you ♥♥

((i tried my best. it’s kinda unfinished but i thought it would be best to leave it that way idk))

((link to ming’s thing))

the way you move 

“What kind of a theme is ‘beauty’ anyways?” Jungkook grumbles. Yoongi hops up onto the raised ledge of the water fountain.

“I’d say it’s a good one,” Yoongi says. “It’s versatile. You can take pictures of the sky, of flowers, of puppies, whatever the fuck you want.”

“That’s too mainstream,” Jungkook says. “That’s what she doesn’t want me to take pictures of. It’s a trick, hyung.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes. “Okay, genius photographer Jeon Jungkook. What do you propose is not mainstream and worthy of your camera?”

Jungkook sighs. “That’s the problem. I have no idea.” He slumps and Yoongi stops.

“Hey,” he says carefully, pulling Jungkook to sit on the fountain next to him. “You’re too young to have already burnt out. It’s just a block. You’ll find something.”

“I haven’t taken anything good in weeks,” Jungkook says forlornly.

“Aren’t you still getting straight As? You even won that photography competition award a few weeks ago.”

“Technically, my pictures are fine, hyung. Golden ratio, rule of thirds, leading lines, whatever. But nothing speaks to me, hyung. Everything I photograph is so…boring.” Jungkook scrubs roughly at his face with his hands. “It’s my final project, hyung. And I don’t even know what I’m doing.”

And that’s a feeling Jungkook hates. Especially since he hasn’t had it since he’d picked up his grandfather’s DSLR in his tiny hands when he was seven years old, struggling to fit his tiny fingers over its body to find the shutter.

“Look kid,” Yoongi says. “No use worrying right now. You’ve got time to find some inspiration.”

“I guess,” Jungkook mumbles, hands fiddling over the camera hanging around his neck, smoothing careful fingers over the black finish.

“C’mon, no use moping,” Yoongi says. “I’m going to go see a friend. Why don’t you come with me?”


“Where’s the hyung attached to that, you lil brat.”

“I’ll call you hyung when you stop being cute.”

“Being what? I’ll cut you, Jung Hoseok, don’t test me.”

“Yes, yes. Ooh! Who’s this?”

Jungkook swallows under the other boy’s curious stare. “I’m uh…”

“It’s Jungkook. The kid I’ve been telling you about. He’s also a photography major.”

“Ohhh. The genius one?”

“Yeah. But don’t say it to his face. Punks shouldn’t get big egos so soon.” Yoongi shoots Jungkook a lopsided grin that says he hadn’t meant it.

“I’m Jung Hoseok,” the boy tells him. “Dance major, emphasis in hip hop and street dance. Nice to meet you. Welcome to the dance part of the school of arts.”

“Ah…thanks…glad…to be here?”

“Oh he’s cute,” Hoseok half-says, half-squeals. “You should’ve introduced us sooner, Yoongi!”

“It’s hyung. And I wasn’t gonna introduce you because you’re always so – “

Jungkook tunes out as the two get lost in conversation. Instead, he looks around. The dance studio they found Hoseok in is incredibly large, enough for groups of dancers to work on their routines in different parts of the room without bothering another group. He watches a group of boys practice break dancing and winces when one of them attempts a move only to crash down.

Maybe if his theme had been endurance, he thinks, as he watches the boy get back up and try again.

Endurance or sacrifice or passion or –


He’s in the middle of a pirouette when Jungkook sees him. Body elongated, soft but firm, strong but delicate. Jungkook licks his lips and reaches for his camera. God, he should really get a test shot first. What kind of exposure? What lens? What focus? But there’s no time for that, he’s gotta get it now, now, now before the feeling fades away, that urge to take a picture because he wants to keep the image forever, preserve it like a little time capsule on film.

It’s with shaking fingers, from excitement and god Jungkook has not felt this in a while, that Jungkook lifts his camera to his face, eye finding the viewfinder and –


He’s got it. He’s got it, he’s got it, he’s got it. Jungkook lowers the camera to check the screen. It’s perfect. He’s caught the dancer mid-turn, hair flowing around him like a soft orange halo, leg extended, the delicacy, the elegance, the –

Jungkook looks up only to see that the dancer has stopped.

And is staring.




Jungkook stares back, a flush already building up across his neck as he opens his mouth soundlessly. To say what? An apology, an explanation, what?

“Jungkook, are you listening?” A hand comes down heavily upon his shoulder and Jungkook startles violently, dropping his camera which bumps into his chest, still strapped around his neck. It’s what it’s there for because Jungkook’s easily skittish.

“Wh-What?” Jungkook asks quickly, eyes turning to Yoongi, grateful for an excuse to break eye contact with the dancer. Yoongi gives him a weird look.

“I was telling Hoseok about your theme and he says if you want, that you could do it on a dance major maybe. They’re always looking for people to record them or photograph them for their portfolios.”

“A dancer?” Jungkook echoes.

“Yeah,” Hoseok grins. “I mean Yoongi was telling me about how nature’s beauty is too mainstream for you so maybe dancers are a bit too mainstream for you too but –

“No!” Jungkook blurts and Hoseok stops mid-sentence, blinking at him. Yoongi’s giving him a weird look too. “I mean – dancers. Yeah. Sounds good.”

“Who are you and what have you done with Jeon Jungkook?” Yoongi asks suspiciously. “I thought I’d have to convince you way more than this. You hate taking ideas from other people.”

“No I don’t,” Jungkook defends even though Yoongi’s absolutely right. Jungkook is terrible at taking suggestions, always wanting to go his own way. The way Yoongi is looking at him tells him that Yoongi isn’t taking any of his bullshit. “I mean – “

“Oh Jiminnie! C’mere!”

Jungkook turns just in time to see Hoseok pull a head of fluffy orange hair into a headlock.

Orange hair?

“Hyung, stop it!” The dancer whines, squirming in Hoseok’s hold. Hoseok gives him one more hair ruffle before letting him go and the dancer straightens with a huff, lips pushing into a pout. When he looks up though, he locks eyes with Jungkook whose breath hitches because god, he’s gorgeous. “You,” he says and his voice is soft and slightly confused. “You took a picture of me.”

“He did?” Yoongi asks incredulously. He turns to Jungkook. “You. Jeon Jungkook. Decided to lift your camera.” Yoongi’s look turns to one of teasing as he surveys Jungkook who touches his ear before wincing. Like Yoongi hadn’t already picked up on that nervous habit years ago. “Interesting.”

Jungkook pointedly avoids his gaze. The blush is beginning to come back full force. “I– I just – “

“Relax,” the dancer says. “I’m not mad. Just… a little surprised, is all.” He extends a hand to Jungkook. “I’m Park Jimin, dance major, emphasis in contemporary.”

Jungkook takes it with a sense of numbness and not-quite-processed-ness. “Jeon Jungkook,” he says, surprisingly calmly because all he can think of is how soft and small Jimin’s hand is. “Photography major.”

“Explains the camera and you taking a picture of me I guess,” Jimin says. “Well no,” Jimin amends after a moment. “It explains the camera. But why of me?”

Jungkook goes rigid. “It — it was just – a good shot. You looked good so I – wanted to take a picture.” He stares in embarrassed silence at Jimin who stares back at him for a moment before bursting into laughter.

The sound is so pretty. Jungkook’s fairly sure this is what fairies sound like when they laugh.

“Thank you,” Jimin giggles and he raises a hand to muffle them. Jungkook wishes he hadn’t. “May I see?” He moves closer but Jungkook takes a step back.

“No,” he says, and Jimin looks confused. “It’s – it’s not good.” That’s a lie. It is good. Jungkook’s seen it. The composition is there, the technique, the focus. The first time he’d seen it, all he’d thought was that it’d been perfect. Jungkook had taken the perfect picture. But now, seeing Jimin up close and personal, Jungkook realizes just how poor the photo is in comparison to the real thing. Only a mere shadow. Incomparable.

“It isn’t?” Yoongi asks dryly. Jungkook starts a bit, having forgotten he was still there. “The class’s most talented photographer Jeon Jungkook took the time to lift his camera, take a picture, and it’s not good?”

“Shut up,” Jungkook mumbles. He fiddles nervously with the lens. “It…it just isn’t.”

Yoongi seems to sense that Jungkook’s not in the mood for teasing and doesn’t push it.

“Most talented photographer?” Jimin asks, breaking the tense silence between Yoongi and Jungkook.

“It’s nothing,” Jungkook says quickly, giving Yoongi a look that says not to say anything. “I just get good grades in my classes, that’s all. I’m nothing special.” He licks his lips nervously. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Yoongi roll his eyes. “Would you – um – “ he grapples for his courage. “I need a model. For my project. And um – when you dance – um – you look –.” He tries to find the right words. Gorgeous? Amazing? Otherworldly? That feeling you get when the shutter clicks just right and the lines and the angles line up and perfect, perfect, perfect, you look perfect.

“Perfect?” Jimin mumbles, cheeks pinking, and it takes Jungkook a minute to realize he’d said it out loud. “No. I’m nowhere near perfect. Maybe it’s better you didn’t show me the pirouette picture. God, it must’ve been a mess. I think my passé was really off and I wobble a lot because after a few turns, my spotting gets off and –“

“It was perfect,” Jungkook says decisively and Jimin stops talking, looking at Jungkook with a mix of shyness and confusion. “I’d really like it if you’d be my model.”

Jimin’s cheeks pink even further and Jungkook has to clutch the fabric of his pants to keep them from picking up his camera and shooting another picture.

“Okay,” Jimin says. “I can do that.”

“Guess you finally found some inspiration for your project?” Yoongi asks as they trudge back from the studio after saying goodbye to Jimin and Hoseok. Jungkook doesn’t look up from where he’s thumbing through the photos on his camera to get to the most recent one. “Is that…dude.” Yoongi stops walking to peer over Jungkook’s arm. “Dude. That’s really good. Why did you tell Jimin it sucked?”

“It wasn’t good enough,” Jungkook says. Frustration leaks into his voice and Yoongi catches it, eyeing Jungkook warily.


“It’s nothing, hyung,” Jungkook says, sliding the camera screen closed. “Let’s go eat.”

“Sorry everything’s a bit hectic,” Jimin says apologetically. “This is one of the first rehearsals so you’re probably not going to get anything interesting. The choreography’s still…not in place just yet.”

Jungkook waves a hand. “Don’t worry,” he says. “I’ll figure it out.”

Jimin rubs his hair sheepishly. “I don’t know, I just feel kinda bad. Maybe I shouldn’t have – “

“I’ll find something to photograph,” Jungkook says firmly, cutting him off. He grins at Jimin. “I find you very photogenic.” It’s not a lie. Jungkook has itched to take pictures of everything Jimin’s done since the moment he’d stepped into the studio and Jimin had come up to him, practically glowing under the studio lights.

“I’m sure you will,” Jimin laughs. “I’m just gonna go stretch. Some of the more experienced dancers are over there pract – “

“I want to photograph you,” Jungkook says and Jimin stops mid-sentence, eyes widening at Jungkook before a faint blush appears across his cheeks. “I asked you to be my subject. Not them.” Jungkook isn’t interested, isn’t captivated by them like he is Jimin.

“R-right,” Jimin says, flustered. “Um. Well, okay. Um.”

“Relax,” Jungkook says, hefting his camera in one hand. Jimin still looks a bit unsure and Jungkook wraps his other hand around Jimin’s, rubbing circles along the knuckles. Jimin looks at him in surprise and back down to his hand in Jungkook’s but doesn’t pull away. “Just do what you normally do. Leave the rest to me.”

Jungkook returns home with three memory cards full of photos and a brain seared full of images of Jimin’s elegant limbs elongated in dance and Jimin’s sunshine-bright smile.

“Why won’t you let me see?” Jimin whines as he gets up on his tippy toes, trying to reach for the camera. As he does, his shirt rides up a bit, exposing an expanse of smooth tummy. Jungkook greedily drinks it in with his eyes. 

“No,” Jungkook says, eyes glinting with amusement as he holds the camera high out of Jimin’s reach. 

Jimin falls back onto his heels with a huff. “You know I know you’re taking like a million pictures of me all the time. Even when I’m not dancing. Why aren’t I allowed to see them?” 

“I have to sort through them and get them developed. The ones you see on the viewfinder will be low quality. I want you to see them when they’re at their best.”

“They’re just pictures,” Jimin grumbles. “I’m okay with seeing them in low quality.”

Jungkook shakes his head. “When you dance, Jimin, it’s amazing. So the pictures I show you of it have to be equally amazing.” 

Jimin bites his lip, a pleased flush rising to his cheeks even as he tries to play it cool. “Whatever. Fine. Don’t show me then.” 

Jungkook grins. “Great. You have rehearsal in an hour you said?”

“Mhmm,” Jimin says. The wind blows some hair into his eyes and he raises a hand to brush him away.

Jungkook reaches for his camera.


Jimin looks at him flatly. “Another one? I just brushed my hair out of my eyes. What’s so worthy of photographing there?”

Jungkook just grins at him. “I thought it was a good shot.”

Jimin rolls his eyes. “Everything is a good shot for you apparently.”

“No,” Jungkook says, clicking through the buttons on his camera. “Just you.”

“Y-you can’t just say things like that.”

Jungkook looks up. Jimin’s flushing, pink climbing delicately up his neck up to his cheeks.

“Why not?” He asks. Click.

Jimin doesn’t say anything this time, just lets Jungkook take pictures as he pleases.

“God, Professor Kim’s class is always nuts,” Yoongi groans as he and Jungkook walk back to Jungkook’s apartment to get some homework done.

“He just won’t let you sleep in class, hyung,” Jungkook teases and Yoongi huffs.

“Well, it’d help if his lectures weren’t – woah.”

“Hm?” Jungkook asks as he drops his bag in the corner and toes off his shoes. “You want anything to drink?”

Yoongi ignores his question. “How many pictures of Jimin do you have?”

Jungkook ducks back into the living room and sees Yoongi staring at the clotheslines strung across the room, clipped with rows upon rows of pictures. “Oh…um..” Jungkook scratches at his neck. “i think I’ve used up like 10 memory cards but I’m not sure. Maybe more.”

“What the hell, Jungkook.”

“He’s the subject of my project, what’s wrong with that?”

“Yeah,” Yoongi said. “I thought you meant the beauty of his dancing. These pictures…most of them aren’t even of him dancing.” He tugs at a picture of Jimin eating, the exact moment he’d looked up from his burger at a joke Jungkook had cracked and grinned, eyes scrunching up into crescents, cheeks bunching up. It’s one of Jungkook’s favorites and it makes him smile just remembering.

“Huh, what did you say, hyung?” Jungkook asks, snapping out of it just in time to realize that Yoongi’s saying something.

Yoongi huffs but repeats himself and what he says makes Jungkook’s blood run cold. “This is turning out to be an exhibit on the beauty of Jimin. And that sounds dangerously close to love to me.”

Iwaizumi Hajime/IwaOi/Oikawa Tooru headcanons Part 3:

More general stuff and IwaOi in high school:

  • Iwaizumi loves summer (while Oikawa prefers winter) and enjoys the sun (while the latter adores the snow). Though Iwaizumi’s not the best at enduring the heats. It’s why he always rolls up his sleeves with his sport shirt or school uniform. And if occasion allowed, he’d simply go shirtless.
  • Iwaizumi can endure pretty low temperature (Oikawa called it unnecessary male pride). But, albeit his fast metabolism, Iwaizumi’s hands get cold comparatively fast. Oikawa’s mother knits both boys scarves and gloves and reminds Oikawa to bring them whenever the temperature drops. Iwaizumi’s mother would prepare stewed beef soup enough for two growing boys and pack it with Iwaizumi’s bento.
  • Oikawa is the human heater, so when the weather gets too cold, Iwaizumi could easily choose to walk close to Oikawa (shoulder to shoulder) to steal some warmth. (Iwaizumi and Oikawa have always been more comfortable with proximity with each other than average boys with their male friends far before they start dating.)
  • Iwaizumi loves James Bond movies and other spy/agent films while Oikawa loves science fictions. They share interests in animation films such as production from Studio Ghibli or Mamoru Hosoda. (And if there’s any tear shed during their movie watching, it stays within the room.)
  • Iwaizumi likes to keep his room clean and washes his clothes as often as possible because he loves the smell of laundry detergent mixed with sunshine. But he is not tidy. Iwaizumi leaves his stuff everywhere and always assumes he would remember where they are when he needs them.
  • (He doesn’t.)
  • (Oikawa somehow learns how to track and remembers what and where Iwaizumi has left his things. Oikawa even makes a small box written “Missing children of Iwa-chan’s” and put smaller or more important things, such as Iwaizumi’s earphones or student ID, in it.)
  • (Oikawa has a drawer spared just for the clothes Iwaizumi forgets to take back with him.)
  • (“Hey, Oikawa, did you-” “Yeah, you left it on my desk.” “Oh, thanks, can you bring-” “Yeah, yeah. Seriously, Iwa-chan, you are supposed to be the mom in this friendship.” “Huh?” “Sorry, sorry. Just kidding, Iwa-chan.”)
  • Oikawa’s room is always clean and tidy.

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Stiles- We’ve Got To Stop Meeting Like This

Request-  Hello! I was hoping to request a Stiles imagine where he goes to Comic Con as Batman and meets the reader as Cat Woman. And they are hella flirty, but when it ends she disappears and he’s upset. He finds out that she goes to his school in a happy accident. Super fluffy and flirty! I love you!

A/N- Thank you! Awesome prompt and Erica is the reader’s best friend because she honestly had so much potential as a character. Next up is an Aiden imagine.

You moved through the thick masses of people, tugging your friend Erica along with you as you walked through the convention center. Now that you thought about it, walked wouldn’t exactly be the right word, since the crowds had pretty much slowed to a crawl.
“God it’s so crowded in here,” you complained.
“I know,” Erica said. “Who would have thought that this many adults would want to come here just to walk through sweaty crowds and play dress up?”
“Hey!” you complained. “We’re not even adults yet and even if we were we would still have the right to do this.”
“Well it still doesn’t make us any less lame,” Erica muttered.
“Oh please,” you told her. “Like you’re not enjoying that Harley Quinn costume.”
You reached out to tug on one of her springy blonde pigtails, sending her a grin to which she just rolled her eyes. You looked back ahead of you and your eyes roamed over all the fans in brightly colored costumes. You saw the Flash, an Obi Wan Kenobi, and even several power rangers. Those were just some of the characters you could add to the list.
“Well I did only come to this thing for you, but at least I’m not wearing a skin tight leather suit,” Erica remarked.
“You could have if you wanted to,” you reminded her. “But come on, is there any other way to do Catwoman?”
“I guess not,” she told you with another roll of her eyes. “I just hope we don’t run into anyone we know.”
“Whatever,” you told her. “It’s not like we’re getting any more popular.”
“True,” she said with a sigh. “At least the crowds are breaking up.”
“Do you wanna see what panels we can go to?” you asked her, directing her to another hallway.
“After I go the bathroom,” she told you.
You watched Erica walk down the hall to your right, her hair swishing behind her as she pushed open the bathroom door. You leaned against the wall, crossing your arms over your chest and watching everyone else go by as you waited for her to finish up. You weren’t the most patient person and you hated waiting, so you pulled out your phone to try and pass the time.
As you leaned against the hallway, two guys were walking towards you, and one of them was talking incredibly loudly. You probably should have noticed them, but you were so engrossed in your phone that you didn’t even hear them coming.
“I bet you’re regretting not dressing up now,” Stiles was saying to Scott.
“Actually,” Scott said as he peered around at everyone around him. “I think I’m okay with it.”
“I dressed up,” Stiles told him. “And as my best friend you should support me. You could have been the perfect Robin.”
“Dude, I love you, and I’d die for you, but I’m never wearing tights for you,” Scott said as he looked painfully at some of the other guys around him.
“Well you’re missing out,” Stiles told him as he shot a look over his shoulder. “It’s so freeing not to wear pants. It’s like-WOAH!”
In Stiles’ haste to prove a point to Scott, he hadn’t been looking in front of him. Scott had been busy looking at all the other costumes and thanking his lucky stars that he hadn’t given into Stiles, so he had been distracted too. Neither of them had noticed you leaning against the wall, at least not fast enough for Stiles to stop himself from slamming into you and taking you to the floor.
You let out a shocked gasp as a boy dressed as Batman slammed into you, causing you both to spill onto the carpet. You rolled, basically landing on top of him to where you were resting on his chest.
“Oh my god,” Stiles choked. “I am so sorry! I-I wasn’t looking.”
You opened your mouth to say that it was fine, but that was when you realized that your position was almost exactly like the one on the rooftop from Batman Returns. Stiles realized it too, and he couldn’t help but laugh as he looked up at you. You grinned, not being able to resist the perfect moment.
“You’re catnip to a girl like me,” you remarked, repeating the exact lines from the film and causing Stiles to grin from beneath you. “Handsome, dazed and to die for.”
“Mistletoe can be deadly if you eat it,” Stiles replied.
“But a kiss can be even deadlier if you mean it,” you continued.
You laughed as your own ridiculousness, rolling off of him and holding out a hand to help him up. “Sorry if I made that weird, but I had to.”
“N-no,” Stiles sputtered, seemingly out of breath from you being on top of him. “That’s okay. It was awesome and totally not weird. I mean you could have licked my face, and that would have made it weird. Not that that was an offer or anything-”
A laugh escaped your lips at Batman’s awkwardness, and you found his sputtering incredibly adorable. Now that you weren’t actually on top of him, you saw that he was tall and a bit skinny, with bright brown eyes. He was pretty cute now that you thought about it, and you wouldn’t have minded getting to know him.
“I get it,” you told him with smile, cutting off his sputtering.
He nodded, shaking his head vigorously back and forth. “Oh. Good.”
You grinned and you were just about to open your mouth to ask his name when his friend tapped his shoulder. “Dude, my mom’s car broke down and she can’t get to work later tonight. She wants to know if we can drive back and get there in time to take her.”
Stiles sighed, but Scott’s mom was like his mom, and he couldn’t say no to that. “We’d have to leave now, but we’ll get there if the jeep doesn’t crap out on us.”
“Let’s go then,” Scott told him.
Stiles shot you a smiled, wishing he had more time to stay and talk with you. You were pretty and funny, and you looked about his age. He wished there was a girl in Beacon Hills like you, but he had yet to find one.
“I guess I’ll see you another time, Batman?” you asked him.
Stiles flashed you a smile. “Maybe next year Catwoman.”
Then just like that, before you could even ask for his name or his number, he was heading back into the crowd and disappearing with his friend in tow. You leaned back against the wall with a sigh, kicking yourself for not thinking faster.
“Hey,” Erica said as she exited the hallway to the bathroom. “Sorry I took so long, the line in there was crazy. Anything interesting happen?”
You grinned. “Oh, yeah. You won’t believe this…”

“I’m such an idiot,” Stiles told Scott as he walked down the hallway of the high school. “I mean, god, I didn’t even get her name!”
“Maybe you’ll see her next year,” Scott told him. “I’ll even go with you again.”
“But what if she’s not there next year?” Stiles asked him. “Or what is she finds a boyfriend by then? Someone a lot more qualified than me. Or what if she already has one?”
“Then you never had a chance in the first place,” Scott told him with a shrug.
“You know, you’re not exactly making me feel any better,” Stiles told him.
“What am I supposed to say dude? There’s nothing I can do to help you find your mystery cat girl.”
“Catwoman,” Stiles corrected. “She was Catwoman, and I’m pretty sure she was the love of my life, Scott.”
Scott rolled his eyes. “You also thought Lydia was the love of your life and-”
“In middle school!” Stiles protested. “But I’m a man now, Scott-”
“That’s debatable,” Scott told him.
When Stiles rolled his eyes at him, Scott just huffed. “I don’t know, dude. Ask Allison. She’s lived in a lot of places and not just California. Maybe she’ll know her from somewhere.”
Stiles huffed, shooting Scott an angry look as he stalked down the hall. Little did he know that his mystery Catwoman was right down the hall, walking side by side with Erica Reyes.
“He was so cute,” you told Erica. “I mean, I can’t believe I didn’t get his number.”
“I’m surprised you even said that to him,” Erica told you. “Neither of us have ever been the most outgoing when it comes to guys.”
“But Batman was different,” you insisted. “I don’t know, I just felt like I could tell him anything.”
“Well that’s great,” Erica told you, placing her hand on your shoulder. “But you know I’m a realist, and as your best friend I’m telling you you’re probably never going to see him again.”
“I know,” you told her with a huff as you turned the corner. “But it’s your job as my best friend to tell me I’ll live happily ever after.”
“Well then I suggest you find a new best friend,” she told you jokingly.
You gave her an annoyed look, turning the corner and slamming right into none other than Stiles. Just like at Comic Con, Stiles hadn’t been paying attention either and he didn’t even see you coming. You both hit the floor, but this time Stiles fell on top of you.
It took him only seconds to scramble off you, placing his arms on either side of your head and taking his weight off of you.
“Oh my god, I am so sor-”
Stile froze as he looked down at you, taking in your features and realizing that you were the girl he had been talking about non-stop for three days. “Catwoman?”
“Batman?” you asked, a grin breaking out across your face.“We’ve got to stop meeting like this.”
“I didn’t know you went to this school,” Stiles told you, his body nearly shaking with excitement. “I’ve never even seen you around!”
“Well, I’ve never seen you either,” you told him with a laugh. “I actually never even got your name.”
“Oh my god,” Erica remarked as she looked down at you and Stiles on the floor. “Stiles is your Batman?”
“What?” you asked, looking past Stiles and up at her. “You knew him?!”
“I guess so,” she remarked.
“And this is coming from the girl who said I’d never see him again,” you told her flatly.
Erica shrugged from where she stood beside Scott. “How was I supposed to know I knew him? I never even saw him!”
You rolled your eyes, looking back to Stiles to see that he was grinning down at you with adoration in his eyes. You blushed, and he blinked suddenly. “Oh! I should probably get off you. I think people are starting to stare.”
You smiled as he rose to his feet, holding out a hand to help you up. He scratched the back of his neck, looking over at you nervously. “So you know my name now, but I don’t know yours.”
“Y/n,” you told him with a smile. “It’s Y/n.”
“Pretty,” he remarked. “Like you.”
Stiles let out a nervous laugh and you blushed, which cause both Erica and Scott to roll their eyes.
“Oh get a room,” Erica remarked with a small smile.
“Erica!” you complained through gritted teeth. “Will you go find Boyd?”
She shook her head with a smile, hiking her bag up on her shoulder and playfully winking at you. “Have fun.”
She turned down the hall, and now Stiles had your full attention. “So uh, now that I actually know who you are, do you maybe wanna go on a date with me?”
You grinned. “I would love to, Batman.”


Okay, so, like, hypothetically, what if they were both from two completely opposite sides of the entertainment industry. They’ve both got a kind of family legacy in their own way, they’re really really good at what they’re doing, and suddenly something happens. Treachery strikes on both sides.

Laurent needed to distance himself from the empire that his family has built on the Broadway stage because he knew that his uncle was doing some really shady things to make money out of bombing shows, like maybe kind of sort of definitely abusing the actors that work under him, and raking Laurent’s name through the mud to cover most of it up, while Damen’s brother Kastor took control of the Emmy award winning TV show that they starred in together (let’s just say it’s a show about two brothers who hunt supernatural monsters that has been running for an unprecedentedly long time) and killed off Damen’s character, and then his new girlfriend, Damen’s on-again-off-again ex Jokaste, got a restraining order against him on false chargers so the media goes ballistic and he’s suddenly pretty unemployable in Hollywood.

Damen pours out his woes over a miserable Skype conversation to his old friend Auguste.

Auguste who was once a rising star in the industry before Damen met him and, in the middle of an innocent class on stage sword fights, accidentally made him realize that his true passion lies in writing novels, leading him to quit acting entirely, be summarily disowned by his family, and left entirely up to his own devices. He knew a little something about building yourself into a new person. While Damen’s lawyer tried to get the restraining order dropped, Auguste told him to start a new project, one entirely different from what he had been doing, so that people wouldn’t be left to associate him with being a violent maniac. Whether they win their case or not, Damen needed to change his image immediately, or he’d be forever branded a criminal in the eyes of the media and the public.

When Damen pointed out that his name had been blacklisted from every project in Hollywood, Auguste offeed to vouch for him to a friend, who was about to start filming a little indie project up in Canada and was looking for actors.

Damen had never done a movie, he’d never even considered working with someone who doesn’t know his name and his family’s name forwards, backwards, and sideways, and he’d certainly never done anything like what this role would require: playing opposite another man in a soft, gentle romance focusing on Plato’s concept of soulmates and something about the “limits of human consciousness,” whatever that meant. Auguste said the director was good, and the writing was way less shmoopy than it sounded on paper, and that he had it from an excellent source that Damen’s costar would be fantastic.

More than that he refused to say, and Damen ended up on a plane to Montreal with absolutely no clue what was in store. 

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