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Hayes Grier - Inversed brother busted

Request: Can you do a brother busted but with Hayes instead of Nash?

Original Brother busted (with Nash)


“Are you sleepy, baby?” Hayes asked kissing my forehead. We were watching a movie, but I was so tired, I barely could keep my eyes open. I nodded my head yes. “Come on, let’s take a nap,” he suggested taking me into his arms and carrying me upstairs.

I would have just went home and sleep a bit, but Hayes just got back from LA and I just wanted to be with him as much as I could.

We had been together for like nine months, and it was hard, because he travelled a lot, but I was very happy with him.

He put me down when we got into his room and I took out one of his shirt to change into it. In the meanwhile, he put out all the clothes that were on his bed, and when we both were ready, we climbed under the sheets.

I made myself comfortable, when I felt something spiky under my back. I sat up examining what it was, and I was quite surprised, when I saw the condom wrapping on the sheet.

“Hayes, I think you left something there,” I said holding it up in front of his face. The last time we were together like that was a bit long time ago, so I was sure it wasn’t from us. I was interested in his answer.

“What the…” At first he looked clueless, but then he took it from me jumping onto his feet. “I’m gonna fucking kill Nash,” he groaned and rushed over to his brother’s room.

I followed him quickly and found him yelling at Nash.

“Are you fucking out of your mind? Did you just fuck your girlfriend in my bed?” he shouted throwing the wrapping at him.

“Bro, I don’t know what you are talking about,” Nash tried, but I could tell he was lying.

“Oh, don’t bullshit me. I’m pretty sure it’s not mine!”

Knowing he would never win this argument, Nash gave up.

“I’m sorry, Hayes, it was a stupid idea, okay?” he sighed.

“Fuck you, Nash!” Hayes spat at him angrily, and then rushed out of his room. Nash looked at me apologizing.

“Y/N, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you would find out.”

“Yeah, it’s kinda gross, you know,” I said thinking of him with a naked girl in the bed we spend so much time with Hayes.

“Yes, now I can see that it was a bad idea. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, just don’t do it again,” I said smiling at him. He nodded in confirmation. “Alright, I’ll go and talk to Hayes.”

I walked back to Hayes’ room, finding him vigorously tossing his sheets to the ground.

“Baby, will you please calm down?” I said softly.

“No, what the fuck, they fucked in my bed, that’s disgusting!”

“I know, it is, but you need to calm down. Let’s talk, okay?”

“We can talk after I burnt these!” he stated taking the sheets into his hands and he made his way out of his room, but I stopped.

“I have a better idea, okay? Let me wash these, so they will get clean again, and let’s take new sheets out.”

I took the sheets out of his hands tossing it to the side, planning on taking care of them later. I put my arms around his waist and looked up at him with puppy eyes.

“I’m super tired, can we just forget about it and cuddle?” I kissed his chin and then trailed more kisses up on his face finally reaching his lips.

“I just want to punch him in the face,” he groaned into my lips, but his hands were already on my back, holding me close to him.

“Leave it for tomorrow. I need my man in the bed right now,” I said knowing he would forget about it by tomorrow.

“That sounded so sexy, oh my God,” he murmured kissing me passionately. I laughed as he lifted me up to his arms and carried me to his bed. He put me down and then went to his closet getting out some fresh sheets and crawled on top of the bed next to me, pulling the cover to us.

“Take a nap, baby, and then I have plans with you,” he said kissing my cheek and pulling my back to his chest.

“Plans like what?” I asked turning my head towards him.

“Plans like Nash had in my bed,” he muttered. I laughed at his gross joke, but I was glad he could make a joke out of it already.

I kissed him one more time and then drifted to sleep gladly.

Text: Phia
  • Ryland: I spent three hours trying to work "Mad" by Ne-yo into a country acoustic cover and I'm pretty sure I'm going to get myself kicked out of Nash.
  • Ryland: Hey beautiful. How's your day?
Caught || Hayes Grier ||

    "Oh shit Hayes" I say as his hands slip under the waist band of my shorts and start to pull them down, he took off his shirt and threw it across the room. His eyes were full of lust and hunger as he came down on me and pressed his lips on mine but I pushed him away.

     "Boy we cant be doin this, what if Jack comes home he will kill you and kick my ass.“ I said trying to push Hayes off of me but he wouldnt budge, he pushed me down and whispered into my ear "Baby girl dont worry your brother wont be home for a long tome you heard him hes going to a party with Johnson and he left like an hour ago dont worry baby." He finished, it sent a chill through my body.

     Hayes pressed his lips back onto mine then removed his lips from mine to take off his shorts. He slid back on top of me and began to kiss down my neck, little moans escaping my mouth every now and then. "What the fuck is this!” I heard from behind me and I jumped out of my fucking skin because I knew exactly who it was my big brother Jack. 

     Hayes flew off of me and was on the other side of the couch in the snap of a finger "Im pretty sure you know whats going on since youve fucked half of Omaha.“ I retorted to Jack sitting up finding my shorts and slipping them on. If there was one thing I could do good it was flip the heat off of me and flip it on Jack, but I wasnt sure if it would work this time I mean he had caught me and Hayes in action. And he had Johnson as a witness who was now standing behind Jack snickering behind his hand.

     "Were you guys going to do anything?” Jack said sounding like a dad instead of a brother "No Jack we were just messing around.“ I said before Hayes would blurt out something stupid that would piss Jack off. "Just messing around, Jesus (Y/N) are you kidding your 16.” Jack said still sounding like an old man rather than my brother who was only 2 years older than me. "Yes Jack only messing around, Hayes and I are 16 and we havent done any sexual shit just messing around and if I remember correctly when you were 16 you and Leigh were fucking 24/7, so I think you need to take 2 steps back.“ I said trying not to think about all the times I had walked in on Jack and Leigh fucking, and how horrifying it was. 

     Jacks face got red, "That doesn't matter (Y/N), your my little sister and I dont want you doing that kind of shit.” Jack said sounding like he was 60 years old. I rolled my eyes so hard im pretty sure Jack could hear it "As for you Hayes, im going to call Nash and let him figure all this shit out because I think im sick.“ Jack said walking into his room and slamming the door behind him "Practice safe sex kids.” Johnson teased walking into the kitchen to raid the fridge.

     "Well damn that didnt go as I thought it would.“ Hayes said looking at me "Sorry, we shouldnt be messing around anyways Jack is right."  Hayes said acting like a saint all the sudden "No babe its all good I do what I want to fuck Jack.” I said pecking him on the lips.

     "I think I should leave.“ Hayes said grabbing his phone "Love you.” He said before walking out of the door "Love you to.“  I said closing the door.

-1- Only Street Lights Notice me (Glass house)

      I sat on my bed trying to be quiet, drowning out the sound of my crying by biting my hand as hard as I could. He did it again, my dad. His voice rang in my head as a memory,

       “Honestly, you’re such a disappointment. I want you gone, I can’t afford a basket case anymore.” He told me, not a trace of regret in his voice. I squeezed my eyes shut, allowing tears to roll down my cheeks. He does this all the time, and I let him. My mom died a few years ago, he blames me. She used to defend me, but now she can’t and I’m wide open for him to hit and yell at. A sudden surge of anger hit me. I angrily threw a bag on my bed, throwing all my clothes inside it. My dad barged into my room.

       “What do you think you’re doing!?” He screamed, lurching to stop me from packing.

       “Leaving!” I screamed, grabbing all the clothes I could get before he practiacally laid down on my bed.”

       “Conor Claire Mabry you are not going anywhere!” He sternly spat.

       “Wanna bet?” I yelled, running out the door with my clothes in my hand. I made it down the stairs before I heard his loud footsteps close behind me. Quickly, I ran to the counter and picked up my car keys.

       “Conor you better fucking stop or I’ll-“ He began. I stopped, my hand on the doorknob.

       “you’ll what? Hit me? Already done that one dad! I’m not scared of you. Goodbye.” I spat, opening the door and running to my car. I quickly got in, started it, and drove away from my house where my dad still stoof screaming at the street. The L.A summer sun hit my eyes as I drove, making it even harder to se through my tears. Still, I kept driving, praying I didn’t hit anyone.

       After a few hours of driving, I reached my destination, Grandma’s. I walked up the cobbler stone stairs to her porch and rang the doorbell. My grandfather answered the door, shock plastering her face as I tearfully asked if I could come in.

       “Please do come in Conor, What’s wrong?” He asked, his hands on my shoulders. He lead me to the couch and got me some tissues.

       “Thank you.” I said, accepting the tissue box. I took a tissue and blew my nose as he sat in the rocking chair in front of the couch.

       “He kicked me out.” I blankly stated.

       “He what?” My grandfather screamed, standing up.

       “He told me he couldn’t afford a ‘basket case’ anymore and that I was a dissapointment.” I told him, tears brimming my eyes once again.

       “Oh baby girl.” My grandpa sadly cooed, coming over to hug me.

       “What am I going to do?” I asked him, hugging him.

       “You can stay here until you figure it out.” He comforted me.

       “No, I know Grandma is sick. You need to be with her in the hospital.” I reminded him. My grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer a few weeks after my mom died, things weren’t looking good.

       “Then what are you going to do?” He asked.

       “I can’t go to his side of the family. I love them, but they’d probably call him.” I thought out loud. “I can call foster care.” I uncertainly suggested.

       “Just cause I’m not here doesn’t mean you can’t stay here.” My grandpa suggested.

       “You really want me to stay here?” I asked, tears of gratitude shining through my eyes.

       “Of course Conor bear.” He smiled, hugging me. “Now I’m gonna pack a bag. I’m staying at the hospital for a few days, she has a surgery coming up and I want to be there every second I can.” He kissed my head, walking to his room. I looked down to my phone to check what shift I’m working tomorrow. Mid-day and closing. So basically, I’ll be getting home at 1 am. At least they let me close by myself though. To be honest I find the silence of the store relaxing, it’s a good place to think.

       As night came I decided to go to bed at around midnight after dropping off my Grandpa at the hospital. I fell asleep almost instantly after putting my head on the pillow of my grandpas pillow, dreaming about everything that’s happened and what’s to come.

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Chapter Twenty one *Make Cameron Jealous*

Image for the chapter:

*Addi’s PoV*

Why the hell is it so hot in here. I get up from the bed and pull the tshirt off my head and throw it on the floor and I get a bandaeu from my bag and pull it over my bra. I walk back over to the bed and fall back asleep as soon as I hit the pillow.


*Cameron’s PoV*

I woke up from the light streaming into my room through the windows, that I had forgotten to close the blinds on last night. Probably because I thought it would be a nap, not going to bed for the night. Why didn’t Nash close them when he got in the room. Actually I didn’t hear him come in last night.

I look over at his bed and it was still made from when the cleaning people came in while we were all gone. What the hell? Where did he sleep? Where was he?

I grabbed my phone from the bed next to me to see if I had missed calls or texts from him. None. I checked Instagram to see if there was anything there. I saw a picture of Addi and him getting ice cream while the other boys and I were sleeping. I liked it and kept going to see if there was anything else. Nothing.

I sighed and rolled out of bed. Now I had to go find him or I would be worried. Nash, you are a little shit sometimes. I pull on some black knit shorts and a tshirt, putting on a hat to cover my hair if I had to go out of the hotel. I get out of the room and go right across the hall to ask Bryant if he knew where he was.

I knock on the door and it opens quickly. “Hey Cameron. I’m surprised you’re up.” he says. “The sun woke me up. Do you know where Nash is?” I ask. He shakes his head. “No, haven’t heard from him or seen anything from him since the picture of Addi and him on her Instagram last night. Why? Did he not sleep in your room last night?” he asks. I shake my head no. “No. I’m gonna go check some of the other boys rooms. I know Sam is up he posted a picture on Snapchat this morning. You can go check with him. Gilinsky is probably up.” he says. “Thanks.” I say, walking down the hall, checking Sams room first. I knock on the door.

The door opens and Sam is standing there. “You know where Nash is?” I ask. He shakes his head no. “Why?” he asks.

“He never got back in our room last night.” I say. “Oh. No idea where he is.” he says.  I decide to bypass Gilinskys room and just go right to Addis. Maybe she knew where he was, they were together last night. Maybe he was in her room.

I don’t even bother knocking on the door. I just use the key I had for her room and I let myself in. Upon walking in I don’t see anything that would lead to me thinking that Nash was in here. Just a disgarded tshirt of Addis on the floor, looked like it was thrown there. I shake my head as I walk farther into the room.

I turn the corner to see the beds and there they were. Nash and Addi. But wait…. Nash didn’t have clothes in here to change into. Addi’s shirt was on the floor. What the hell happened?

“ADDI NASH WHAT THE HELL?!?!” I say, loud. I wanted them to wake up, and I didn’t know what was going on. Both of their eyes shoot open and they both look at me and then each other. They both jump up from the bed.

“It’s not what it looks like.” Nash says fastly. “Cam, I know it looks bad. I didn’t sleep with Nash. Ok,well I did sleep with Nash. But that’s all we did. We slept. There was no fooling around.” Addi says getting closer to me.

“I believe you but upon walking in here and seeing the shirt thrown on the floor and Nashs jeans and tshirt throw on the floor also. And it looked like you weren’t wearing a shirt. It looked pretty bad.” I say, taking my hat off and running my hands through my thick brown hair. They both laugh. “Yeah, we can see why you thought what you thought. But it didn’t happen.” Addi says, sitting back down on the bed.

“Well, since I’m up. I’m gonna go get ready.” I say leaving the room.

*Addi’s PoV*

Cameron leaves and Nash and I both lay back on the bed. “That was an interesting wake up call.” he says. “Right, I would have rather not woken up to that.” I say, covering my face with my hands.

“Pretty sure he thinks we fucked twice now…” I say shaking my head. Nash laughs at my statement. “You don’t believe him when he said he believes us about this time?” he asks. “Not even for a second.” I say. “Really? I do. Why don’t you?” Nash says moving my hands from my face and putting them on the sides of my head on the bed, as he laid his face over mine own but his body going the opposite direction mine was.

“Because he already thinks it’s happened once. You stayed in here. There were no tweets. None of the guys knew you were in here. My shirt was thrown on the floor. I mean it makes sense that he thinks that.” I say. “True… does it bother you that he thinks that?” Nash asks, sitting up.

“No, not really. I mean I can do whatever and whoever I want to. I mean him as my best friend doesn’t get a say in who I do whatever I want with. Even if I do want him to be my boyfriend he isn’t so it doesn’t really matter.” I say. He nods his head. “Good reasoning.” Nash says, ending the conversation.

“So the party tonight..” I say, starting up a new conversation that doesn’t involve people thinking that Nash and I had sex.

“What about it?” he asks, his attention turning back to me.

“Do you know who is all gonna be there?” I ask.

“Well, me, you, Cam, Jack and Jack, Skate, Sam, Matt, Shawn, I think Taylor and Carter are going to be there. Wouldn’t surprise me if Hayes ended up at the party.” he says. I nod my head.

“Cool Cool.” I say.  "Was that not who you wanted to be there?“ he asks, squinting his icey blue eyes at me. "No, that’s fine. I was just wondering who I would see there tonight.” I say, looking at him.

“Are you excited to see anyone in particular?” he asks.

“Well Taylor and I always got along. And his cars and fucking amazing! And Hayes is cool. He’s like a little you. Except he’s not that much smaller then you.” I say. He squints his eyes at me as I say that Hayes was like a mini him.

“He is smaller then me. And we aren’t that much alike.” he says. “I never said he wasn’t smaller then you. I just said it wasn’t by much. And yes he is. He looks like you, and you talk the same.” I say. He shakes his head at me.

My phone starts to go off. I grab and it see that it was Madi back home.

“Hey.” I answer the call, putting it on speaker.

“Hey,” she says. “So you’re going to a party tonight?” he says.

“Yeah, how did you know that?” I ask,looking at Nash to see if he knew how she would know that. He shrugs his shoulders at me.

“Taylor tweeted something about going to a party with you tonight and the other guys.” she says. I nod my head. “Oh.” I say.

“So let’s cut to the chase. Has anything else happened with the Cam situation? And are you going to make any moves tonight at the party?” she asks. I laugh and Nash laughs and nods his head.

“No not really. It’s still the same. Just friends. And I might. Nash and I are probably going to make him jealous.” I say. “Good. Good.” she says.

“Nash you have any ideas for the party?” she asks.

“Well… I’ve got a few things I’m thinking about for the party tonight. But I’m gonna let them be a surprise for everyone, including Addi.” he says, a smirk playing on his lips. I look at him and squint. “Why can’t I know?” I ask. “Because.” he says. I roll my eyes at him.

“Well I have to go, just got the boyfriends house. But I expect pictures of all you looking hot.” she says. Nash and I both laugh. “Sounds good.” Nash says.

“Well talk to you later.” I say.

“BYEE!!” she says ending the call.

“I want to know what you’re planning for tonight.” I say to Nash. He just shakes his head.

“You’ll find out at the party.” he states. I sigh at him.

“What are you wearing tonight?” I ask.

“Not sure. Probably all black.” he says. I nod my head.

“When does the party start?” I ask. “I think Bryant said 8.” he says. “Got it.” I say, looking at the time. It was nearly 10, so I had plenty of time still.

“I think I’m gonna go hangout by the pool for a bit before we have to start getting ready.” I say. I knew the party was a few hours away, so we would have to leave at like 6ish. “Care if I join you?” Nash asks, as I get up from the bed. “I was hoping you would. Don’t want to be awkward single out by the pool.” I say. He laughs. “Meet you in my room when you’re ready?” he asks, getting up and heading towards the door. “Yup.” I say, walking over to my bag. I was going to go hard with the flirting with Nash today. I really needed to see if Cameron was ever going to think of me that way, or I was just wasting my breath. I needed to know if I should be looking for other guys more then I was. Maybe I would go after Nate a bit. Who knows?

I went into the bathroom and put some cover up that was water proof and called it good for the pool. I walk back over to my bag and I grab my Triangle brand pink and yellow bikini with the zipper front top. I put it on over my body and looked in the mirror to make sure that it looked okay. I slipped on a pair of shirts and a baggy white tanktop over top. I grabbed my room key and my phone and walked down the hall and to Cameron and Nash’s room.

I knocked on the door and Cameron answered the door.

“Hey.” he says, smiling at me. “You wanna go to the pool with Nash and I?” I ask. “Yeah sure.” he says. I smile as I walk into the room. The bathroom door was closed so I assumed that Nash was in the bathroom. Cameron grabbed his black swim trunks and waited on the bed for Nash to be done.

“So what did you and Nash end up doing last night?” he asks.

“We went and got icecream, then went shopping for the party tonight. I needed a dress. Then we came back here, ordered pizza, watched netflix and then we fell asleep.” I say, hoping to get across that we did nothing else.

“Sounds like a good night.” he says, smiling at me. The door opens and out walks Nash in his red swimming shorts. “You coming Cam?” he asks. “Yeah.” Cameron says getting up and going into the bathroom to change.

“Should we invite the rest of the guys?” Nashs asks. “Sure, I’ll text them.” I say. I send out a mass text to the guys and I get multiple replies that they’ll meet us down there.

“Yeah, they’re coming. They all said we could just go down and they would meet us down there.” I say.

Cameron comes out of the bathroom and he’s looking good. His V line visible at the the waist of his shorts, his abs defined.

“Addi want to play chicken when we get to the pool?” Cameron asks me. “Yeah sure.” I say.

“I get you this time.” Cameron says, draping his arm around my shoulders.

The three of us head out to the pool. Bryant is already out there by the pool.

“Can I get a picture of each of you with Addi on my Polaroid?” he asks. They both nod their heads. I take a picture of Nash first. We just smile at the camera while he puts his hand at my waist. Then it was Camerons turn. We both make kissy faces at the camera. “That was cute.” Bryant says, waiting for it to be done.

I slip off my clothes and walk into the pool. The water feeling good on my body. “Chicken?” I hear Nate yell. Cameron gets in the water and goes under the water on his knees so I could get on his shoulders. He comes back up. “Can you get the hair out of my face?” he asks, I lean over his head, my stomach and chest on his head to see his face. I brush the hair back out of his face. “Thanks.” he says. “That was a cute picture.” Bryant says. I smile.

We play chicken in the pool for a while, all taking turns going against each other.


We had been back from the pool for a few hours, I had showered and I was still in the process of deciding how to do my hair and makeup. And I was trying to figure out what Nash was going to to do tonight.

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Imagine: Road trip w/ Nash Grier

You and your best friend Nash were sitting in his apartment in LA when Nash looked up from his phone “Y/N!!!” “what’s up Nash?” “We should go camping or something!!!! That would be so much fun. Cruising up the California coast, windows down, sun shining, no plans, schedules, meetings or photoshoots, just you and me on an adventure!”. You blushed at the fact that Nash would choose you to be his companion on a trip like this. “Nash I’ve always wanted to do something like that, plus we haven’t really done anything adventurous lately, I’m down! Where would we go?” ” I don’t know, I could draw out a map or something, I’ll figure out a plan”.

*1 month later

You grabbed your phone charger and locked the front door to your flat. ‘I think that’s everything’ you thought to yourself. Picking up your bag you walked over to Nash’s car and packed your bag in the bag seat. You’d decided to wear light wash skinny jeans with rips on the legs, a white cotton top with a dream catcher on it and your white converse. “You ready to go Y/n?” “Yep! I’m pretty sure I’ve got everything”. Nash opened your door for you and you climbed in. As you started down the highway Nash put the radio on, “Dangit, there nothing good on. You always have good music y/n, get ready I’m about to pas you the AUX CORD!!!!” “Hahahahahahaha really Nash another aux cord joke” “uh yea lol I couldn’t pass up the opportunity”. You plugged in your phone and put your new playlist you just made called “road trip🚗💨” on shuffle and “Rather be” by clean bandit started playing. You both talked about various things, like how Nash managed to clear up his busy schedule In order to take this trip, and his plans for this summer. At one point, driving down the highway, you looked over at him, sun shining on his face, making his hair glow and illuminating his blue eyes, he laughed at something you said. You watched his head tilt back slightly and his jaw muscles relax completely, and it was the most beautiful sound you had heard. You looked away as soon as Nash caught you looking. Then your favorite song “Uma” by panama wedding came on and you started to dance in your seat and move your arms to the beat. As you sang along, pretty loudly, this time you caught Nash looking at you with a slight smile on his face and you wondered what he was thinking. “NASH KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD!” You shouted and He swerved the car a little but you were alright. ” Sorry” he said chuckling and you lightly punched his arm.

It was going to be getting dark soon and you were still on the road because you hadn’t found any place to stay for the night. You could tell Nash was getting tired so you suggested that he pull down a little dirt road you could see coming up. You drove down the little road an parked nearby a little meadow. Nash opened the tailgate of the back of his truck and laid out the sleeping bags and blankets and pillows. It looked pretty cosy to you. You sat on the end of the tailgate and ate the sandwiches Nash had made for the both of you. Sipping lemonade you both watched the sunset. “That’s the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen” he said. ” you know why I think that?” “No why?” “Because I get to watch it with my best friend” he said as looked into your eyes. He quickly looked away after stealing a glance at your lips. “Nash” “yeah” “look at me Nash” he looked at you, “you can kiss me if you want”. “Oh I want” he said as you both leaned in. His lips were so soft you felt like you were walking on clouds. It was dark now and you both got into your sleeping bags and snuggled together. He put his arms around you and you looked up at the stars, I think this trip is gonna be a success.

My first imagine:)

Imagine: Nash teasing you for being short for mhoney11023
I reached up to grab a box of pop tarts from the cabinet, but it wasn’t working out. I’m 5'1, and I’m pretty sure Nash was the one that put the food up in the cabinets since they were so high up in the cabinet. I don’t know if Cameron could even reach it. I jumped up to try to grab it but just ended up pushing it further into the cabinet. “Fuck.” I groaned, just as I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist from behind, which could only be Nash. “You need some help there small fry.” He teased then easily reached up and grabbed the box of pop tarts for me. “Thanks babe.” I reply then turn around and quickly peck him before walking to the toaster to put my pop tarts in. “Well, I do it for the shorties.” He continued teasing making me turn around and throw a hot pop tart straight at his face, so strawberry filling was on his cheek, which I knew was hot. “(Y/N)! Are you fucking kidding me?!” He exclaimed, and all I could was laugh. The minute I saw him charge towards me I quickly took off up the stairs to any room with a lock.

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Forgive Me- Sam Wilkinson Imagine Part 2

Part 1 incase you haven’t read it!

Two months later~

 “Sorry Jack, but I’m not going” I exclaimed with the phone on one hand as I poured apple juice in a glass with the other one.

“Why not?” he asked

“You know very good why Gilinsky”

“Oh come on, you have to get over it, over him” he said and I was so sure he had rolled his eyes.

“I am over him”

“Sure you are” he added sarcastically. I gave a sip to my juice while I headed towards the living room.

“I am, but we didn’t end up in really good terms and it will be really awkward to see him again. That’s all”

“Whatever, there will be a lot of people. You probably won’t even see him there. Plus, you are my best friend; you have to come bitch. I’ll go to your house and personally kick your ass if you don’t.”

I sighed, “Fine, I’ll go, but don’t expect me to stay all night Jack”

“That’s enough for me y/n. See you tonight” he hung up

I exhale all the air I’ve been holding. I lied. I didn’t get over Sam and the real reason I didn’t want to go to Jack’s party was because I was a hundred percent sure that if I saw him I would probably cry my heart out. And that was the last thing I needed right now. Plus, I’ve hurt him and he hated me so much, and that killed me inside. But I guessed Gilinsky was right, I probably wouldn’t see him. I just didn’t have to overthink things, right?

Since I broke up with Sam, I made myself a promise to stay clean again. I learned my lesson, and it wouldn’t happen again. I was proud to say that I didn’t have a single drop of alcohol in my organism in these whole two months. The first weeks were tough though; aside from the fact I had dropped into a deep, deep depression and I drowned myself with tears, I couldn’t take the bottles out of my mouth. But I was fine now, I guessed.

I got up form my comfy position in the sofa and headed to my room. After some long minutes looking at the mirror, I decided to wear a pair of jeans shorts and a white cut-off tank top. I put on a pair of vans and a red hoodie. I sighed once more as I stared at my reflection. It was going to be a difficult night.

The lights were out and some color reflectors flicked repeatedly illuminating the room. The music was so loud, my head started to hurt slightly. The house was full with voices and laughs; I had no idea Jack knew so many people. I made myself through the mass of teenagers until I reached Jack, who was talking to Johnson and Nash.

“Hi guys” I mumbled stuffing my hands in my hoodie pockets.

“Y/n! I was starting to think you weren’t coming” Gilinsky said hugging me.

“You know Sam is here, right?” Johnson asked. I just nodded and looked down; I felt this strong pain striking in my chest. But I wouldn’t show any sign of that, not here, not now.

“Yeah, it’s not like it’s a big deal, though” I exclaimed laughing.

“Are you sure? You had a pretty bad time after the break up” Nash added

“Nah, I’m fine.”

“You sure you are over Sam, right?” Jack asked and I looked at him weirdly.

“Yeah… why?” I grinned.

He scratched his neck and both Jack Johnson and Nash looked at him slightly annoyed.

“You didn’t tell her dude?”

“And you made her come here without knowing? Jeez”

Jack G swallowed hard and whispered almost inaudible, “I forgot”

I was so confused right now, what was I supposed to know?

“Guys could you please tell me what is going on, because I really don’t…” I was cut off when a shape appeared next to Nash and smiled widely. I froze completely; it was Sam. He was standing there, completely perfect as usual, only he was even more beautiful than I remembered. I was so stupid in drinking again, I couldn’t believe that stupid shit cost me so much, made me hurt the only person who really cared about me.

“y/n, hey! How are you? I didn’t know you were coming” he exclaimed smiling widely, like nothing ever happened. I was still not moving, he came closer and hugged me tightly. I didn’t know what to do, so I just hugged him back. His scent filled my nose and brought back a lot of memories. I looked at the boys over Sam’s shoulder and they gave a strange smile, like something bad was about to happen.

“Hey” I said pulling away. “I’m fine, how about you?” I asked shyly as I looked down.

“Really good” he said sweetly making me melt. I missed him so much. Saying I was over him was totally bullshit. I would never be over that.

I smiled back at him. The boys hadn’t say a single word since Sam arrived. They were only scratching their necks and arms uncomfortably and looking everywhere but Sam and I. It was really awkward. “So what were you guys talking about?” he asked enthusiastically but nobody answered.

Just then a girl came to where we were and stood next to Sam. She was tall, had straight light brown hair that fell to her waist and big brown hazel eyes. She was really pretty and very skinny. Who was she anyway? I’ve never seen her before; she was probably one of the Jacks and Sam’s school friend or something.

“Hi guys” she said smirking widely showing her white big smile. They all smiled back at her.

“Oh, Sierra, this is y/n, a friend…” Sam announced pointing at me. She waved at me and I copied her action. “Hi, I’m Sierra but you already know that” she giggled and I grinned awkwardly. She then did something I wasn’t quite expecting; actually I had never imagined it. She hugged Sam and quickly pecked his lips. I swallowed hard as tears started forming in my eyes. They way he smiled when she kissed him, the way he looked at her, like I wasn’t there. Like we had been nothing. It broke me.

Part 3 coming soon! :) ly

PART 3!!


Only a week - Tuesday - Nash Grier imagine

The beginning



I was lying on the couch the next day when Cameron entered the living room and plopped down beside me. "Are you ready for the dinner date?“, he asked and smiled mischievously. "Sure.”, I answered. 

“We made the reservation for 7 pm. Be ready by then.”, Cameron said. I simply nodded and turned my attention back to the TV. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to the dinner date. Nash would probably just ignore me all night long, make stupid comments on the way my hair looked and tell me that I ate way too much. "You’re not excited about it, are you?“, Cameron suddenly asked as if he read my mind. I slowly shook my head. Cameron poked my side. "Oh, come on! Just try to have a good time. You know, I’m pretty sure Nash and you will have a lot of fun.”, he said, trying to cheer me up. I gave him a small smile. "I’ll try my best.“, I said and stood up. "I’ll probably get ready know.” I went upstairs to my room and closed the door behind me. What was I going to wear? I positioned myself in front of my closet and looked through my clothes. I slightly smiled when I saw the amazing little black dress that I had never worn before. It was so pretty, but I never had an occasion to wear it. Maybe tonight was the night? I took it out of the closet and had a long close look at it. Suddenly I snapped out of my thoughts. What was I doing? Why was I putting such effort in finding something nice to wear? It was just a dinner date with Nash. The Nash that hated me. It didn’t even matter what I was wearing, he would make a stupid comment anyway. Right? I knew that wasn’t true. I knew I wanted to look pretty for the dinner. Deep down inside me there was the urge to look gorgeous for the dinner. For Nash. I didn’t want to admit it, but it was undeniable. I shook my head and looked at the dress once again. It was perfect. I had to wear it tonight. I gently laid it down on my bed and went to the bathroom. I hopped in the shower and washed my body and hair with my favorite body wash and shampoo. It smelt like coconuts. I got out of the shower, toweled myself and wrapped the towel around my body, letting my wet hair down. I blow-dried it and put some hair oil in it. After that I did my make up. Concealer, powder, mascara and eyeliner. A little bit of blush and lip gloss to finish it off. I smiled at my reflection in the mirror. I had to admit that I didn’t look that bad. Pretty good, actually. I quickly glanced at my phone. 6:30 pm already! I walked back to my bedroom, dropped the towel and put the dress on. I smoothed it out and looked in the mirror. The dress was so pretty. It was tight enough to show I’m a woman, but loose enough to show I’m a lady. God, I loved this quote from Marilyn Monroe. And I loved this dress. I slipped into my black heels and spun around in front of the mirror. Yeah, I could go on the date like that. 

“(Y/N)! ARE YOU READY? NASH IS ALREADY WAITING!”, Cameron suddenly shouted from downstairs. "I’LL BE DOWNSTAIRS IN A SECOND!“, I yelled back and quickly grabbed my purse from the nightstand and put my phone in it. Ready. I made my way downstairs and saw Nash standing at the end of the stairs. He was wearing a black suit. I had never seen him wearing a suit. He looked good. Really good. I gave him a small smile and he put his hands in his pockets. "You… you look pretty.”, he mumbled and I furrowed my brow. Did I just hear that right? Did he just call me pretty? "Th-thanks.“, I muttered. He looked around nervously. "Er… yeah… I think we should go.” Nash opened the door for me and I stepped outside. A taxi was waiting in the driveway. "They didn’t call a taxi, did they?“, I said laughing. Nash chuckled. "They did. Let’s go.” The ride to the restaurant was quiet. I looked out of the window and Nash did the same. I still couldn’t believe he had called me pretty. Had Cameron forced him to say that to me? Probably. The taxi driver stopped the car and we got out. Jesus, the restaurant looked pretty expensive! 

“Good evening! Mr. and Mrs. Grier, right?”, a woman behind the reception said and I cringed. Mr. and Mrs. Grier? Oh my god. Nash flinched. "Er.. actually, we’re not…“, he trailed off, but the woman was way too energetic to wait for him to finish his sentence. "I’ll show you your table.”, she said, smiling widely and gestured towards the other side of the restaurant. We followed her quietly through the rows of tables. “Here it is. Your waiter will be here soon.”, she said kindly and walked away. We sat down. 

“Mr. and Mrs. Grier.”, Nash mumbled and shook his head in disbelief. Our waiter came and we ordered our food. After that it was only us. I cleared my throat. "So…um… don’t you have anything to say about my hair? My make up? Any insults?“, I asked him. Nash tilted his head and looked at me. "That’s the challenge. We have to be nice to each other.”, he said. I nodded. That was the challenge. “Besides, there’s nothing bad to say about it.”, Nash added quietly, probably not wanting me to hear it. I heard it though. And I blushed. "So…do you…er…do you want to tell me something about you?“, Nash asked all of a sudden and looked down awkwardly. I was surprised that he actually wanted to know something about me. It was weird though. We had known one another for such a long time, but since we never really talked to each other, unless it contained some sort of insult, I didn’t know much about him and he didn’t know much about me. "Well..”, I started. "I like spending time with the boys. My favorite TV show is Friends, I could eat a ton of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, yeah, I just love food in general. Except for ketchup. I love the beach and long walks. And I like rainy nights.“ Nash had looked at me throughout my entire recital and I gave him a small smile after I finished. "What about you?”, I asked him. He shook his head slightly. "Exactly the same things.“, he said. My eyes widened in surprise. The exact same things? I actually thought that we had like zero things in common. Nash looked at me with an expression I couldn’t explain. Before one of us could say something else our waiter brought our food. We ate in silence. No words were said. It wasn’t bad though. I actually liked spending time with Nash without insulting each other. After we had finished, Nash paid with the money the boys had given us and we walked back to our taxi. The ride back home was quiet again, but when we got out of the taxi and walked up to the front door, Nash smiled at me. It was a real smile. Not a forced one. "I’ve never thought that we had so much in common. That’s cool.” Not waiting for my respond he quickly walked upstairs. I stood in the hallway and couldn’t believe what I just heard. I smiled to myself and took off my shoes. The dinner went better than I had thought. 

So this is what happens on the dinner date :) The next part will be about the date at the movies! Hope you like it <3 

I don’t know about you, but i’m just going to assume that Maura and Jane got married a while ago.. somewhere in between the scene where they left Bass on the zoo and the scene when they returned Jo Friday to her owners. I’m almost sure that it was after the scene when they showed us what did they do with Jane’s tortoise and the scene when they explained why Frankie is all the time on the homicide department. Oh and they probably went to their honeymoon in Maura’s invisible Prius after that scene when they showed us what happened with the motorcycle that Maura bought for Jane. Because this is how things work with these writers.

Magcon Preference #12

Secret Talent (4/10)


  • It was the last class of the day, and you were ninety-nine percent positive that it was impossible to be any more bored than you were right now. Looking at the clock, you sighed and subtly opened up your sketchpad on your desk. Muting the teacher’s droning voice, you began doodling randomly until the shrill bell brought you back into reality. You grabbed your stuff and made a beeline for the door, but as soon as you took one step outside, someone behind you accidentally pushed you a little too hard and you lost your balance, spilling your books everywhere. Cursing under your breath, you struggled to grab everything when someone began to help you.

    You looked up to see the blue eyes boy who sat next to you in class – Nash was his name, you were pretty sure – who you had had the occasion conversation with. He busied himself by picking up the books when he noticed your sketchbook laying open on the ground. His mouth fell open. “Y/N, did you draw these?”

    You nodded absentmindedly as he continued to gape. “Holy shit, these are really good! I can barely draw a straight line.” He handed the last of your books to you.

    You laughed. “Thanks Nash.”


  • You were going with Matt to the gym like nay other day. Except this gym was different, their was a recreational gymnastics floor. He noticed how excited you were when you saw it. When he started to work out, you stretched and approached the floor. You hadn’t done gymnastic in about 5 years but you trusted your muscle memory. You started at one corner and ran. Twisting and flipping your body. Round off, back handspring, back layout. Perfect. When you stuck it, you heard clapping. Matt stood near the edge of the floor completely awestruck. “Ta-da” you ran toward him. “I didn’t know you did gymnastics, Babe that was sick.” He cheered. “Do it again, I want to video you and send it to the boys.”


  • When he slipped into your house one day, he heard a piano from somewhere in your house. Not knowing where to look, he followed the sound to a room that he’d never been in before, seeing you sitting at a piano bench, with your fingers lightly pressing down on the keys. “That sounds great,” he said as you finished your song. You jumped, not knowing he was behind you, accidentally hitting a few keys. As their sound faded away, he came to sit next to you. “I didn’t know you played.” You blushed. “Just a bit.” He chuckled. “That didn’t sound like you played ‘just a bit’. Play me something else,” he said, looking through your sheet music and finally picking a song that you knew well.


  • You went with Carter to the boys rehearsal and noticed how frustrated Carter was becoming. They had to learn a new dance that they were to perform tomorrow. “I can’t do it.” Carter whined. He had most of it down. It was just a certain step that he couldn’t do because it was a quick one and involved quite a bit of movement. “You can do it Carter.” you encouraged. He tried and tried, but couldn’t get it. You didn’t want to watch your boyfriend struggle anymore so you decided to help him. “Here babe. Like this.” you showed him each step in slow motion before speeding up. “You’ve only been watching and you’re already better than me. And you’re a clumsy one.” he laughed. “Actually, she’s  a really good dancer.” Cameron said. Carter looked confused. “She taught me everything I know.” Cameron laughed. “You know how to dance? How did I not know?” Carter asked. “Well, I have been dancing since I was seven. And you never asked.” you laughed. “Well then."Carter said in a mocking sass voice. You just laughed. "So help me!” Carter jokingly got on both knees and begged. “Alright, alright.” you laughed. “Thank you.” he replied getting up and kissing you before you spent the rest of the afternoon going over the dance.
Cameron Dallas Imagine for Anon PART 3

~ This turned out to be really really long, so I apologize in advance. 



The anticipation starts to rise as she studies you carefully. Walking around her room, giving you the fakest smile ever. You kept standing still as you stare at your phone screen. He finally responded.

Nice going Nash…

Where are you?

You turn to Nikki as she kept her eyes on you. You text back quickly, responding with ‘Nikki’s room’.

Idk where that is lmao, but I’ll find ya

“So…your friends with Cameron.” She starts to say. “Yeah…” you say ignoring the eye contact. “Sorry to say he’s my boyfriend.” She speaks louder. “Huh?”

“I know what your plan is, y/n.” she walks closer to you. “You’ve had years to have him to yourself…now he’s mine.” she smirks at you evilly as you stare down to the ground. She was right. “Listen, Nikki…I’m not trying to start anything.” you say backing up. “You think you can get away with my boyfriend…in my room. You’re not so clever ya know.” She crosses her arms. You didn’t really know what to say. You were getting weaker by the minute as she taunted you to the core. “Face it, you’re just a friend. Nothing more, so leave us alone before you ruin our relationship.”

You felt your fists clench together, knowing it would turn white sooner or later. You furrowed your eyebrows together as you looked into her dark eyes, the eyes were full of hatred. “Things were better for him before you came along.” You dare to say as her eyes start to widen. “Are you kidding me? Please.” She laughs. “I’m the best thing that ever happened to him, ask him yourself princess.” She adds as you roll your eyes.

“You know, I feel bad for Cameron. I mean, he lost some friends, and he’s dating a psychotic bitch.” You say walking closer to her, finally saying to her face. “Take that back.” She stares at you angrily. “It’s the truth, Nikki.”

“Everything about your relationship is fake. You’re using Cameron just for his popularity.” You say hoping Nash’s facts were right. She fake laughs as she fixes her hair. “Once I dump his ass, I’ll still have the popularity.” She says as you stop in thought. Did she really just say that?

“Like I said…you’re a psychotic bitch who needs to pull your head out of your ass.” You say feeling a sense of fear. You felt the anger in her eyes as you feel a blow of wind coming across your face. Her hand slapped against your cheek as you pull back. Having no time to recover, you watch as she grabs your shoulders, throwing you to the ground.

“No one loves you, not even Cam, so stop trying.” She keeps taunting on and on as she tries to hit for your head once more. You grabbed onto her hair, full of long extensions. “YOU BITCH.” She starts to scream which almost sounded the whole house. You both kept pushing each other until you felt familiar arms around your waist. “Stop, stop.” You then hear. You turn seeing Cameron and Nash.

“Nash, get Nikki.” Cameron points as he uses his force pulling you back. You stopped fighting as you watch her attacking Nash. A smile appeared across of his face on how silly she looked. “Cameron let go of me.” You push him off as he readjusted his arms. “Keep her in here.” Cameron orders Nash as he brings you to another room.

You felt your arms slip away from his hold as he closed the door. “What the hell was that?” he asks. He wasn’t angry or anything, he was calm but worried. “Your fucking girlfriend attacked me.” You say feeling the hatred grow in your eyes.

Before he could say anything, you pull away, staring straight at him. “I’m fine, ok?” you say harshly staring at him.  

“Why would she do that?”

“Um I don’t know she’s either mental or on drugs.” You say wanting nothing to do with Cameron. You knew you were wasting both his and your time. You pull out your phone, attempting to text Nash, until he stops you. His hand over yours, as gentle as he could be; the spark was still there.

For a split second, you thought…what was his next move? “Tell me what’s wrong.” He says. “I didn’t want to lose you…that’s all.” You say quietly, you take a step back feeling your tears form. “You’re never going to lose me, y/n.”

“I did though…when you started dating her, everything changed.”

“No it di…”

“Don’t lie Cam…you know it’s true.” You say looking down. “Whatever she said to you, it wasn’t true…”

You kept replaying the things she said to you, ignoring Cameron. “What did she say?” he asks. You don’t respond. You shake your head feeling the pain rush to your head. “What did she say?” he repeats. “That you’ll never love me.”

You knew she was secretly right, maybe even everything she said was the truth. “Do you really believe that?”

“I don’t know what to believe anymore.” You shake your head finally dropping to the ground. As Cameron lowers his body next to you, he moves closer. Your head lay on his chest, as you feel his steady heart beat. He strokes your hair as you start to think about everything; how things used to be before Nikki, even how it was during. “She’s using you, Cameron.” You whisper as he stays still. “I know.” He coos as you look up to him. “How?”

“I never really said anything…I just felt it.”

He shrugs his shoulders hopelessly as he looks into your eyes. “I’ve loved you, the day I met you.”

You laugh to yourself. You knew Cameron ever since freshman year of high school. “I still do.” He lets out as he touches your chin with his thumb. He peers down to your lips, carefully studying them. “I do too…” you say as you move in closer to him. Your lips were inches away from each other, feeling the small breaths between. You shut your eyes close, waiting for the tension to disappear. You feel his soft lips brush against yours, finally looking steadily in your eyes. You smile as he finally presses his against yours. You move them both in sync, as you feel his thumb against your cheek. He wiped away the last tear that fell down. You pulled away, knowing everything was wrong.

You get up, followed by Cameron. “Y/n, what’s wrong?” he asks. “You have a girlfriend. I can’t do this.”

“Nikki, is nothing to me…you are.” He gives you one last reassuring kiss before you both leave the room. As you cross the hallway, you see Nash and Nikki. “Oh thank god, you guys are back.” He says walking up to you two. “She fucking bit me.” He says showing the bite mark that was on his arm. “Cameron…” she says lifting her body from her bed. Cameron held your hand tightly behind his back as she walked up to him. She wrapped her arms around him as you look away. “No, Nikki…we’re done.” He says taking a step back. “No…you can’t do that…Cameron.”

“I just did.”

“You’re going to regret this.” She says looking hurt in her eyes. “Dick too bomb.” Nash jokes as you try not to laugh. You start to walk away with the boys as she yells out. “You weren’t even a good kisser!”

“Well, you weren’t even good in bed.” Cameron shots back as Nikki’s jaw dropped. “You had sex with her!” you whisper to him. “It was a one time thing, I swear.” He says as you start to walk down to Nash’s car.

“I’m pretty sure, she tried to hook up with me.” Nash says. You and Cameron give each other an unsure look. “I told her I didn’t want any sloppy seconds.” He laughs getting into the car. “You should get some rest.” Cameron says putting his arm on the car. You nod your head understandingly. “I’ll come over later.” He smiles as you peck him once again before hopping into the car. 


anonymous asked:

I'm new to this whole "Magcon" fandom so can you basically tell me what it is? them members, what they do, what magcon is, etc. I know its long but You look like you would know aha

Okay so I’m really not the best person to come to for this but I’ll explain so  Magcon stands for something mag= meet and greet and con= convention it literally means meet and greet convention. It’s sole purpose is for fans to meet the people they want to. The whole thing was created by one of Aaron Carpenter’s family friends. 

Enough background more details the people on the tour: Nash Grier, Hayes Grier, Cameron Dallas, Taylor Caniff, Matthew Espinosa, Carter Reynolds, Shawn Mendes, Aaron Carpenter, Jack Johnson, Jack Gilinsky, and Mahogany lox.

Starting with Mahogany she is the only girl on the tour and she is a youtuber famous for her singing and being a dj also I’m not positive but I’m pretty sure she is related to the guys in LMAFO

Next Nash and Hayes who are obviously brothers Nash is 16 and Hayes is 13. Both of them are vine famous. They also have blue eyes that will be the death of me. All jokes toward Nash and hair have to do with a video he made about what he liked in girls, don’t make those jokes because they were only funny for two days.

Cameron is the oldest at 18 he also is famous from vine. He was or is a model. He does some nice grind on me videos also he has recently been interested in dancing which is adorable and dangerous to the female population. Cam also has the power to look hot no matter what face he is making.

Now Taylor I’m not positive how old he is either 16 or 17 but him, unlike the other guys, was first famous from his youtube videos than later on vines. Another thing it’s very rare to see Taylor without a bandanna which no one really knows why he wears it but it shouldn’t matter because he likes it.

Matt will probably be the death of me he’s sixteen and famous from vine. He made a youtube video dedicated to his fans and if you haven’t seen it i dare you to watch it. I want all of his shirts, not just to have his shirts (which would also be pretty great) but they are all cool he wears beanies often lol because that’s what I thought was important.

Next Carter he is 16 and famous from vine. I find him most adorable when he wears his hipster glasses. I consider Carter the sass queen and you can’t tell me otherwise. Carter spends a lot of time giving back to his fans (the other guys do too of course!) through you nows and he even made a tumblr! He ate a leaf once that was pretty cool. Him and Matt’s friendship is my favorite.

Now Shawn is 15 but I still choose to refuse it because guys my age are never that hot. Shawn is Canadian and an amazing singer. For some strange reason he reminds me of a teddy bear. Other than his small vine covers his full length covers on youtube are amazing! He reminds me of Corey Moneith.

Aaron Carpenter is next he is more popular from his youtube videos. Aaron is only 15 also unbelievable. He is under appreciated in this fandom in my opinion. This boy is the reason magcon does exist so everyone bow down to the cutie. 

Lastly Jack and Jack they got famous through their vine account together. These two are both 17 and have been friends since kindergarten and if that isn’t cute I don’t know what is. Jack G sings like an angel while Jack J slightly sings but is more of a neat boxer. Their vines are really creative. They are my favorite bro-op. I think they both have girlfriends which isn’t surprising because they are perfect but again I’m not positive! Jack G’s eyebrow game is strong.

So that’s really it! I did this off of what I knew so feel free to tell me I’m wrong or add stuff

So according to Nash Grier, as a girl you have to be yourself but still:

  • got to have a personality (whatever that means)
  • got to have naturally weavy long hair
  • have to entertain him
  • have to be funny
  • have to be talkative
  • got to have clean and “perfect” teeth
  • have to shave all your body hair (probably except your hair on your head, your eyebrows, and eylashes)

I guess he’ll be all like “But ah! It’s all just a misunderstanding! It’s not like anybody’s perfect this is just like what I want!”

But I am pretty sure that Nash Grier is the one who misunderstands the purpose of Homo Sapiens and mother nature.

And if he did this ironically it is not funny.

Nash Grier Imagine

You and Nash both take a seat in front of your now fully set up camera. A lot of you guys fans had been requesting you two to do videos together, and finally, you decided to do it. You were doing a “My Boyfriend Does My Make Up” video and honestly, you were nervous.

“Hey guys!” You yell and smile big at the camera, waving.

“Hello!” Nash yells at the same time, which makes you both stop and start laughing.

“Ok so,” You clap your hands together and look at the camera, “Today me and this goofball will be making a video of him doing my make up.”

“Just so you guys know, I’m a professional at doing make up.” Nash says matter-of-factly and snaps his fingers.

You laugh and shake your head, “in your dreams, babe.”

Nash side-eyes you for about thirty seconds, giving you the blankest stare before laughing and leaning over to kiss your cheek.

You blush and continue to speak, “All of my make up is right here on this table as you can see,” You point down to your make up which is scattered all across the table and Nash looks at all of it in amazement.

“Don’t know why she uses this shit. So much more beautiful without it.” He says as he smiles so big his eyes squeeze close and you can’t help but to smile as well.

“He’s such a liar!” You yell and shake your head.

“Shut up.” He places his hand over your mouth and sticks his tongue out at you.

You lick his hand and he screams so high-pitched someone would have thought it was a little girl.

“I have Y/N cooties, ew!” He yells and wipes his hand on your shirt.

“Ok, fag, shut up. We’re never going to finish this.” You roll your eyes playfully and look at the camera, “Without further ado, let’s get started.”

Nash starts with some red lipstick and you take a deep breath. You already know this isn’t going to turn out well. He opens it and you turn to face him.

“Pucker up, babe,” He says and you do so, receiving a kiss from him before he puts a ton of lipstick on your lips, and spreading it across both of your cheeks.

“Oh my god, Nash,” You groan and instantly regret letting him do this.

“Chill, y/n, I got this!” He says and picks up your eyeliner.

Nash scans it carefully to figure out what it is and opens it.

“If you poke me in the eye, I swear to God,” You warn him, but all he does is laugh.

“Just shut up and open your eyes wide.”

You open your eyes wide and Nash attempts to apply eyeliner to your face. After poking you in the eye at least three times, he finally finishes.

“Thanks for almost causing me serious eye damage, you fag,” you laugh and look at the camera. “Pretty sure this looks terrible.”

Nash looks at your face and burst into laughter, quickly calming himself and picks up your blush. He opens it and picks up your brush to apply it. Nash dabs the brush so many times it’s all clumped together and you can actually see it. Shit.

He applies it to both of your cheeks and you can just feel your cheeks are glowing the brightest pink they could ever possible be. Why did you ever even think of letting him do your make up? Next he goes for the eye shadow.

“Try not to damage my eyes this time,” You jokingly say and laugh.

He mocks you and rolls his eyes before laughing as well. You close your eyes and he applies eye shadow to both of your eyes.. So much you can just tell it isn’t cute.

“Ok, this master is done.” He says and reaches over to grab the mirror and hand it to you.

You look into the mirror and instantly laugh at your reflection. You had never seen someone do make up so horribly.

“You could so get somewhere doing people’s make up like this!” You say sarcastically and shake your head at Nash.

He wraps his arms around you and chuckles, “oh I know, my beautiful princess.”

“A princess with horrible make up.” You add on.

“Alright guys that’s it for this week’s video! We’ll probably be doing some more on Nash’s channel so be sure to subscribe to him as well. If you want to follow any of our social medias the links will be below. Also, if you think Nash could be a professional stylist/ makeup artist, comment below and give this video a big thumbs up even if you hated it.”

“And subscribe to her if you haven’t already because she’s really beautiful, and funny, and my girlfriend, and mine, so yeah.” Nash smiled big and kissed your cheek again.

“Love you guys, bye!” You smile big and wave bye to the camera before getting up to turn it off.

Lesson learned: Never let Nash do your make up.

Hayes Imagine for Adela

“Hayes stop” I yelled while laughing as he continued to tickle my sides. “Hayes I’m serious stop” I said trying to hold back my laughter as best I could. “Make Me” He replied. “Oh that just got really sexual really fast” Matt said from the floor he sat on with the other boys. Hayes stopped tickling me as soon as Matt said that and i looked away embarrassed.

“Aw look their embarrassed” Nash said giving us a smug grin. “Fuck off” Hayes replied throwing the pillow from the bed we were sitting on at him. “Language” Nash said attempting to be serious. “I’m 13 I can do what I want” Hayes replied folding his arms in protest which just made the boys laugh even more. 

“You’re all so annoying stop treating me like a kid! Come on let’s go” Hayes said taking my hand in his as he headed for the door. “Oh their holdings hands, that’s a pretty big step are you sure you’re ready for that commitment?” Nash teased causing Hayes to get even more irritated.

“Nash cut it out, he’s 13 he can do what he wants remember?” Matt said before he burst out laughing and so did the rest of the boys. “Screw you all” Hayes said dragging me out the door to the hallway.

When we got out Hayes let go of his grip of me and let out a big sigh running his fingers through his hair. “You okay?” I asked placing my hand on his shoulder trying to calm him down. “They’re just such dicks sometimes, just because I’m the youngest doesn’t mean they can treat me like that” He said getting more frustrated with every word.

“It was only a joke, I don’t think they actually meant to make you this mad” I said. He sighed loudly “I guess” He said beginning to calm down slightly. “You okay now?” I asked pushing him against the wall slightly.

He let out a sigh of relief “Yeah” He said smirking at me. I smirked back “Good” I said as i pushed my lips to his as i placed my hands on his chest. 

A Complicated Love Part25 (Nash Grier)


Spring break was finally here, but this time I was spending it away from home. Not to excited to be up at 6:30 in the morning on a Saturday and I wasn’t really all that excited to go in the first place but Nash is making me go so I don’t have much of a choice. I walked down the stairs with the last of my stuff to be met with Luke and Nash. I smiled and looked up at the two of them. “I’m all ready to go!” I said trying to act as excited as I could. “It’ll be fun.” Nash said grabbing one of my bags from my hand. I turned to Luke and we smiled at each other. “Be safe… please.” Luke said. “I’ll try my best.” I said and then gave him a hug. “Watch after her Nash.” Luke said as we pulled away. “Don’t worry, I will.” Nash said. We said goodbye to my brother and we went outside to put my stuff in the car. We were leaving for a week to go to first, Atlanta, Georgia then Orlando, Florida. “So you excited?” Nash asked pushing me playfully. “As excited as I can be.” I sighed. “Oh come on don’t be like that. It’s going to be really fun. Then when we come home Friday you can do whatever you want.” He said grabbing my hand. I rolled my eyes as we climbed into the back of the car. I sat in between Hayes and Nash on the way to the airport. I can’t believe I’m doing this. We pulled up to the airport and got out grabbing all of our stuff before rushing in. We eventually got to our gate and I saw all the guys standing around talking with each other. “Ready for Magcon?” Johnson asked as I walked up to him. “Do you think I’m ready for the event I’ve hated ever since it started?” I asked sarcastically. “Hey it’ll be fun. We have a lot of other stuff planned as well.” He said. I nodded and faked a smile. Part of me was telling me that this trip wasn’t going to be as fun as they say it would be.


Hours have passed and we finally got to the hotel in Atlanta. I was rooming with Nash so I didn’t have to be alone. Thank god. I think I’d hate this trip more if I was rooming alone. “You ready to meet the other guys?” Nash asked walking up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. “That’s the only part I’m ready for.” I laughed. “You’ll like them. They’re cool.” He said and turned me around. I smiled up at him and he leaned down connecting our lips together again. “I love you.” He said against my lips. “I love you too.” I said with the biggest smile ever. “Come on… let’s get downstairs, I have to rehearse.” He said grabbing my hand. I nodded and grabbed my phone before we walked out of our room. The walk felt very long. The venue felt far away. And my heart felt like it was beating a mile a minute. For some reason just being here was giving me some sort of anxiety. Me and Nash walked through the venue doors and I saw a ton of guys I didn’t know standing up on the stage. I tightened my grip on Nash’s hand as we walked across the room. “Nash you finally decided to make it down here.” One boy said. He was tall and he wore a bandana his smile covered with braces. “It’s called unpacking.” Nash said making all the other boys laugh. “So… this must be the famous Ally Hemmings we’ve heard so much about.” A tall brown haired boy said. He was Nash’s height and his light brown eyes sparkled with the lights hanging from the ceiling. “Ally, this is Shawn Mendes.” Nash said as Shawn walked closer to me. “Nice to meet you.” I said and shook his hand. “Then that’s Taylor Caniff, Dillon Rupp, Aaron Carpenter, and Carter Reynolds.” Nash said pointing to each of the boys. “Don’t forget about the queen.” Johnson said walking up behind me. “Oh ya then our DJ Mahogany LOX.” Nash said. I smiled at all of them and then saw Mahogany jump down from the stage. “You’ll be hanging out with me for the show. It’s so nice to actually meet you!” She said pulling me into a hug. She was super nice. “Wait im going to be on stage with you guys?” I asked. “Of course.” They all said. Great. I’d be up on stage… where all the fans could see me. Where all of the fans who hated on me for what I did to Nash can see me.

“They have to rehearse. You can come stand up with me if you want?” Mahogany suggested. “Ya sure.” I said and walked up with her. I watched as all the boys were talking but then Mahogany’s voice caught my attention. “So how are you and Nash?” She asked. “Oh you know… we’re pretty good.” I said not really sure on what to say. “I’m very surprised Nash could actually pick one girl to be with.” She laughed. “Ya… Me too.” I laughed and looked back at Nash. Our eyes connected and he winked at me. I smiled and then looked over towards the doors. Someone came running in and over to the boys. I saw Sam lifting up someone. Lilly. I jumped off and ran over to her. “Lilly what are you doing here?” I asked. “I’m joining you guys silly.” She said and hugged me. “I thought you could have your other best friend here with you.” Sam said and nudged my arm. “Oh shut up you did it for yourself.” I said and pushed him. He laughed and then I looked to Johnson by my side. “Now you’ll have someone to hangout with during the pictures tomorrow.” He said. I rolled my eyes and waited as Lilly was introduced to all the guys. They went back to practice as me and her went on stage with Mahogany. The three of us talked and got to know each other very well. Mahogany was a lot like me. Well before I started doing all the bad stuff. She was the old me. Maybe that’s why Nash wanted me to come on this trip? Maybe he knew that some of these people were just like my old self and maybe they would rub off on me and I’d become my old self again.

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