pretty sure thats the ship's name

can we please just talk about these two losers right here and how cute they’re being w each other

akashi’s winking at hayama and im pretty positive that hayama is trying to wink back but cANT so he has to fucking hOLD HIS EYE OPEN



I've NEVER even watched Arrow and I ship Olicity.

Just because I see gifs of them on my dash all the time from people that I follow and they look adorable. I think that’s the right ship name, right? And I think they’re from Arrow I’m not even 100% sure XD  I just know there’s a pretty woman that wears glasses and I THINK her name is Felicity and there’s a guy that is shipped with her that I think is named….Oliver? And I think the guy on Arrow is named Oliver so I’m going with that.

There are no facts here. I’m such a noob. Is that even their ship name? I have no idea what I’m talking about right now. Oops.

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this is not a confession, I just think you shouldn't let your personal opinions step in on this blog... this is about confessions, you may have another HP blog to express your opinion but it's not fair you do this here.. you often indirectly or subtly make your preferences clear and this is not fair. I've seen it in the rumous page, in some of the posts you recently reblogged, etc. You're generous doing a service to all the fans, but because of this reason, you should be impartial here.

absolutely not. I am not going to lie to you followers, I am a person. I have opinions and I have feelings just like all of you. I post all confessions whether I agree with them or not, I do not show bias in that respect in any way. I do not treat people who think differently than me any different (if for some reason you think I am or see that I do PLEASE call me out on it. I am human. I err. sometimes i get a little peeved at anon messages that are really mean for no reason and snap at them in reply =\) so I don’t quite understand how this is not fair. If I post something pertaining to me then I say so, usually with the key words ‘in my opinion’ which you are all obviously free to disagree with.

I’m not going to pretend I don’t have personal opinions on here,

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Scenario: The Hobbit Cast Speed-dating
  • ________________Table 42
  • Thranduil: you wanna know what material my gowns are made of?
  • Bard: Um sure. I guess that would be satin and velvet?
  • Thranduil: Wrong... *whispers* 100% Boyfriend material.
  • Bard: Bruh. *crumples up the scorecard* That's it, I'm yours
  • Thranduil: Feren! Get my elk here.
  • Bard: [Thinking] Aw yusssss, jackpot baby! I'm getting some!
  • ________________Table 90
  • Bilbo: ..and yeah, that's pretty much what I do.
  • Thorin: Pardon me. What did you say? I didn't pay attention because I was thinking about our future and how cute your curls are.
  • Bilbo: Oh, that's cool and all but we just met.
  • Thorin: I know but I have already fallen for you and I will get us matching Mithril shirts and our ship name will b– What did you say was your name?
  • Bilbo: Bilbo. My name- is Bilbo. It's on my name tag.
  • ________________Table 13
  • Kili: May I ask you about your blood type?
  • Tauriel: Um...I'm a AB. Why? What type do I seem like?
  • Kili: *coughs* ideal type ;)
  • Tauriel: Oh you!<3
  • Kili: OUCH!! WHy the heck is there an angry blond Elf hiding under the table and why did he hit me????